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1 year ago

June sent me this link about this victory for the bison.   I am ecstatic with this decision.


National Wildlife Federation

Dear Friend of Wildlife,

Bison I'm thrilled to share with you that yesterday we achieved a significant victory in the fight to restore America's wild bison.

Over the past year, a group of ranchers and ranching organizations filed suit to prevent the movement of wild Yellowstone bison from the Fort Peck Reservation to the Fort Belknap Reservation in Montana.

The suit also blocked the movement of any wild bison in the state, whether to public or tribal lands, as well as our efforts to move bison to the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming.

Yesterday, we received a favorable decision from the Montana Supreme Court who turned down the suit against the movement of bison—allowing us to continue crucial work to restore wild bison in the West!

Over the past year, we've been able to report several key victories in advancing wild bison restoration—including returning wild bison to tribal lands for the first time in more than century, defeating 11 anti-bison bills in the Montana legislature, and advancing the planning for the restoration of bison to public lands, including the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge.

We couldn't have done any of this without the support and efforts of dedicated people like you.

Congratulations on this decisive victory, and thank you for all you did to help make it possible!

Anne SenftSincerely,
Anne Senft signature
Anne Senft
Vice President, Membership Programs
National Wildlife Federation

P.S. There's still important work to be done in the fight to restore wild bison to safe and suitable habitats in the West. 

1 year ago

To help continue these victories, our help is needed....both financially, phone calls, petition signing and maybe one day a sit in!      We ARE MAKING PROGRESS and must NOT give up.


Help continue crucial work to restore bison and many more wildlife by making a generous donation today.

For those of you who can donate it will be so appreciated
1 year ago

Help Give Bison and Other Wildlife
the Room They Need to Roam

Two centuries ago there were more than 30 million
majestic bison roaming North America. But by the turn of the 19th century there were less than a few hundred in the United States.
Today, Yellowstone National Park harbors the last remaining, free-roaming, genetically pure wild bison. But when these iconic animals wander beyond the protected borders of the park in search of food, the consequences can be tragic. Often the bison are held captive — or worse, killed — for fear that they’ll spread disease to livestock. We need your help to protect wildlife like the bison right away!

National Wildlife Federation, along with our partners, identified a common-sense strategy to ensure bison are disease-free and can be transferred safely to other landscapes. In fact, because of our efforts, 65 wild bison are being transferred to tribal lands in Montana this spring.

With your support, we can continue to work closely with Indian tribes, sportsmen, ranchers, state agencies and others to identify more tribal release opportunities, plan for effective ongoing bison management, and secure new acreage for bison to safely roam.

Please donate today to support these efforts to protect bison, and all of our nation’s treasured wildlife. Thank you for your caring support.

you found it,or should I say June did
1 year ago

thanks,I knew there was some good news that I was holding my breath to come true...

it's unusual to get good news from either the BFC,or the I put it somewhere intending to post it...then care2 started fiddling with the threads,and I became distracted.

Thank You, Junee............

saves me searching for the special place I left it...( a senior moment for a non senior)

does that even have a name  except  losing it??

....lakota for thanks( lila wopila icicapelo)

1 year ago

Couple of questions on this:


Over the past year, a group of ranchers and ranching organizations filed suit to prevent the movement of wild Yellowstone bison from the Fort Peck Reservation to the Fort Belknap Reservation in Montana.

Were the ranchers trying to prevent movement from one reservation to another?  Are there 2 Fort Belknaps?

The suit also blocked the movement of any wild bison in the state, whether to public or tribal lands, as well as our efforts to move bison to the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming.

Inotherwards, the cattle people don't want the bison anywhere but in Yellowstone, right?  I am so thrilled they were defeated.   I hope this lasts, but knowing them and their wealth to back them up, they won't give up harrassing our beloved buffalo.


1 year ago

I too question this. 

Ranchers are paranoid about the supposed disease that bison carry. 

I wonder how much is real, and how much is propaganda against the buffs?

1 year ago

I've read up on this bison brucelliosis myth for a few years, Tasunka.   Yes, there is brucellosis BUT the non native cattle are the ones that brought it here.   There is not one documented case of a bison giving brucellosis to cattle or any other animal.   The ranchers just want all the land for the cattle so more and more $$$$$ will go in their greedy pockets!   Thus, they have a 'reason' to keep the buffalo in small areas and not letting them migrate the paths of their ancestors.  

1 year ago

Oh, I see there are not 2 Forts.  I read it wrong; it's Fort Peck Reservation and Fort Belknap Reservation in Montana.   I could never understand why private land owners and indian reservations were not allowed to let the bison graze on their property even though they offered.  More and more of our freedoms are gone.....both areas are PRIVATE yet it seems that the BLM or other organizations control them!    Heck, they even overrode judge's decisions in certain rulings that were pro bison.   HOW did they get away with THAT?

1 year ago

again,Vicky the answer is always MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if they are monkeying with our rights,how can we trust them to protect the buffs?

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1 year ago

Yep, greed is a terrible thing, Tasunka.   But don't you think we (or the buffs I should say) are making headway?  

1 year ago

Unfortunately, I think the victory is not what I thought it was.   I will post a response I got from Stephany @ Buffalo Field Campaign.

1 year ago




1 year ago

You're right, Tasunka.   Even the governor and judge's have ruled in favor of the bison on certain issues, those issues have not been respected.  It seems the ranchers are indeed untouchable.  I haven't gotten around to posting the email I got plus there is another I want to write to her.   It seems like Stephany was saying that the few bison that will be 'restored' are the ones that have been in captivity on Ted Turner's ranch (in holding pens for years).   So does this mean that somehow they can/will mate with domestic buffalo thus making them mixed and not totally wild?  We must continue to fight to keep the wild ones wild!

1 year ago

Did I mention that i met Ted Turner when I was a kid.

Summer in Newport, r.i.

He was racing, and won an Americas cup race.his nickname was the mouth that roared. This was way before CNN. .and broadcasting. He was a playboy! 

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1 year ago

Fantastic news. 

Thanks Junee

1 year ago

You actually met him, Ted Tasunka?  How old were you?   A playboy huh?  lol  I actually don't know if the 'victory' is what we think it is.  I'm going to find the letter that Stephany @ BFC wrote me in answer to some of my question.

1 year ago

Saw this petition but didn't know were to put it? Sorry if I have the wrong thread.


Sponsored by: National Wildlife Federation
For America's wild bison to recover, the majestic species needs safe lands to roam. A new series of extreme bills in Montana threaten native safe habitat; some dangerous anti-bison bills would allow people to kill any that stray off protected lands. The bills could be passed by the Montana state legislature any day now.


Goal: 50,000 • Progress: 27,950

1 year ago

Thank you so much June for posting the petition for signatures.   I just signed.  


I think what I am going to do (so that petitions will get more attention quickly) is open a special thread for us to post our petition links. It will be called POST PETITIONS HERE.   That way whenever we have a petition we want signed, so that it doesn't get lost within the other threads, we will post it in there with any other petition anyone wants to post..   All petitions can go there and people will find them quicker.   Sound like a winner?   I am going to also copy yours and put it there, but I will also leave it here.

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