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BFC Attends IBMP Meeting, Forecast for Gloomy Winter
1 year ago

A cow buffalo shows her snowy face, looking up from "cratering" through the snow for the life-giving grass beneath.  If the IBMP agencies have their way, Winter, though challenging enough, could be the least of the buffalos' worries this season.  BFC file photo by Stephany.  Click photo for larger image.

The Interagency Bison Management Plan (IBMP) cohorts met in Polson, Montana on July 31, to discuss their ill-fated intentions for wild buffalo this coming winter, and future winters.  BFC's Mike Mease attended and documented the meeting, and during the small window for public comments, spoke strongly for the buffalo and laid heavy, well-deserved criticism on the parties responsible, who wax injustice with their continued war against the gentle giants.  What Mike learned is that we are in for a potentially gloomy winter.  The agencies, tribes, and a federally chartered tribal organization involved with the IBMP intend to continue to grossly mishandle this special population -- all to serve livestock interests -- by managing for the minimum population of this ecologically extinct wildlife species.  Currently, as of June, Yellowstone National Park estimates the bison population to be around 4,600 animals.  This is all that remains of America's wild bison.  Sadly, the agencies want to reduce the populations even further, to 3,000-3,500 animals, and keep it there, through harvest (so-called hunting) and slaughter. 

In a document ironically titled "Managing the Abundance of Yellowstone Bison, Winter 2014" Yellowstone National Park biologists recommended to their IBMP partners, "the removal of 600 bison, including 300 females (45 yearlings, 255 adults), 165 males (25 yearlings, 140 adults), and 135 calves from the northern management area [the Gardiner Basin] during each of the next three winters..."  BFC vehemently opposes Yellowstone's recommendations to the IBMP cohorts; the IBMP exists to cater to livestock interests and fails to benefit wild buffalo in any way. Earlier in the same document, they mention that with no hunting or culling, the last wild bison populations could make a small rebound to 6,000 animals by 2016.  But, they say it as if that were a bad thing, something to fear. 

BFC and other wild bison advocates celebrate the possibility of a tiny leap to 6,000 wild bison!  Even that number is far too low for them to realize their evolutionary potential or fulfill their ecological role.   BFC fully, absolutely supports the populations growing to and far beyond 6,000 animals, growing and growing, and migrating through the lands that have suffered in their absence of over 150 years.  Let the buffalo reclaim their sovereignty on the landscape, heal the wounded land with true abundance, until we again have millions of wild, free-roaming buffalo filling up the Plains.  

Please visit our Take Action Page to send an assortment of letters to a variety of decision-makers to make your voice heard for our last wild herds!  Watch this space for more news from these meetings.  Please see "Last Words" (below) for a very intense poem that just might be the public comment wild buffalo would make, should they have a chance to say words to their killers and oppressors, and those who betray them.  TAKE ACTION link below:

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1 year ago

Tasunka, I am totally confused.   The article says (in pink') that tribes and tribal organization are siding with the livestock interests!  WHY?   I thought all the tribes were in favor of the bison and trying to get them to be allowed on their lands!  

1 year ago

Vicky, remember it is and will forever be about money.

Also, certain Indians, which I call ndn want to hunt the buffalo and skin them

For tipi making. 

I said there were 2 types of native American. 

They are the other kind than me, a conservationist

1 year ago

Oh yes I think I do remember you saying that before, TAS.   thank you.   What does NDN mean?

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1 year ago

acronym....just sound it out N-D-N,indian,lol


1 year ago

hahahaha!  Makes sense! 

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