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2 years ago

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This thread will be used to talk about our private lives or other personal situations.   So chat away! 

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2 years ago
1 day ago

Yes tas I am still alive, but very tired to live in a group of 5 with so many problems they have.  The worst one is leaving this 5th of August.  Raining here today.  I went to bed earlier and am up earlier. I made a spagh sauce last night ate some and start watching tv, and finally was so tired I went to bed, slept 9 hours.

Hope everyone is fine without big problems.

Have a good one and it is Friday the 2nd of August.  Time past fast sometime no...  Dave emailed me last night saying that he will help me when back in Brklyn. lol... humm there is a woman with him...???!!!


2 years ago
1 day ago

Yes Vicky, he is a gentleman.  After one year of no substance, not sure his mind is clear...Not sure of nothing.  His help, is to help me to find a bachelor and so many other things.  I went to bed at 11:20 and awake after 2 hours.  I slept all yesterday afternoon.  I knew it will be like that.  I am eating a couple of toasts and will go back to bed.

Talk to you later.

Tas, I just deleted the group Fair sha... and the ones I don't need in my life.  Poor them.  With my open mind etc, I don't need them at all. 

Ciao,  if you can, I will appreciate to have the boat at sunset, I had problems with my Page I have to make kindof new one.

2 years ago
1 week ago

Vicky, did you look at the Dave Kane page profile, so many interesting...

By the way, I had two emails from him last night.  He is sick.  He had to go to hospital at 8:00 this morning :  'They will knock me out and put a tiny camera down my throat and have look for varices --  varicose veins --  an indication of what condition my likver is in.  It's all about my liver right now.  Monday I go in for a colonoscopy also odered by my liver doctor to see if I am in good enough shape to undergo the Interferon therapy.  Not even sure I will take the therapy.  It can have some pretty bad side effects.  Like nausea, vomiting, depression and suicide.  I'm not particularly fond of any of them,.  I'll play by ear.  I think I'll wait and see how Hep C with natural methods.  I think I'll wait and see how I can do with juicing and eating healthy.  My sister sent some vry good books on treating Hep C with natural methods.  Enemas, diet,supplements, vitamins, etc.


So now you know I'm alive and kicking.  Just super busy.   etc


I just want to copy,, not well copied, sorry but I know you will understand. 

I want you to know that maybe mostly sure I'll be homeless, they don't want to keep me here for maybe 1 month or 2, max.

I wrote to the group you know which one, Tas, that I will not going there anymore.  We can't say what we want, you know tas...

So this is my good news on this Saturday, the last of July 2013.   

2 years ago
1 week ago

aw tas, I am exausted.  Running from that house to the Library to avoid the NEGATIVITY of these women with so many problems, no need of it.  I don't know what will happen the 1st of August, no place to go.  My papers for my Income Taxes ar done but neee them here to send them to the Government lol... grrrrrrrrrr No, I didn't get the card too busy.... How I would like to be on a boat like yours.

great idea, Vicky
2 years ago

I wanted to do this, but didn't know how. 

Many kudos! 

2 years ago

you're quite welcome, TAS.   Sometimes I get off track too.  lol   I guess if we post indian stuff then we can say a sentence or 2 off topic within the post, huh?

All of your posts aren't in order Marie but they're here. :)
2 years ago

Hello June, and Sioux, and Vicky, I was unable to come to the library.  Here I am on this rainy Monday and humid.  I will move in a small apt close the Ocean the 26.  They asked me to leave, and it is okay.  I will make all by myself.  I will have to take the bus and should be there to visit.  Internet is furnished, to talk with you, my preferated ones is more than the furnitures I will have.  I will not be in Brklyn NY for the Fourth of July but I will make it my way hope to find some. 

Please and think about me.  You are my friends. 

Will maybe able to come back to the Library. On Monday they close at 21:00.

Hugs and Ciao

Marie with great Love for you all here. muahhhhhh

2 years ago

FM' yes Sioux, it could be so many things I am thinking in FM  Radio FM  'Modulated Frequency'  I don't have time to write more and for 2 days I was not here.

Love you and see ya soon.  Have to go to Vancouver to visit and shop before going back home to Brklyn,

Ciao xx


Aw ,,, Vicky -- dk is Dave Kane when he sign what he is doing artistic things. 

2 years ago
1 week ago

Hello all. 

Vicky, Dave has to go to hospital almost each day of the next week he is going back home there is a woman who is living there, she was at hospital where he went to day and visited her and she is back home with dk.

Not feeling good at all.  My kinda boat will push me in the deep of the Life Sea.  I can't take more.

Tas I need a boat and a man with lotta money like you.

2 years ago

I will not come back here thanks.

2 years ago

Huh?  To this thread or group, Marie?   If you are upset about me moving your posts here it is because Tasunka said the posts were off topic in her thread and I agreed.  It is an indian thread where we post pictures, poems, artifacts, etc.  We didn't want to delete your posts so I moved them here.   I'm sorry if that upset you but I opened this thread mainly for you so you could share with us about what's going on in your life.  If that offends you then I'm sorry you feel that way.

chat thread
2 years ago

honestly I kinda get sad (well, actually never), for there must have been something that caused Vicky to act ´cause I didn´t follow the whole, but in all cases, it´s a sad thing and it´s unfair that it´s now Vicky who has to pay for the good gesture she did by creating this additional thread so that Marie and everyone else in this group can use it without having to " constantly " make sure, they stay on topic and keep to the point, in cases being warned ( " nay possibly by a co host who stokes about in our midst because it makes them feel whole to patronize about, abusing their position " , as a main host suspected and complained in a group, ---now some time ago--- " , here not verbatim, but yes, I read that)...
----Marie, I could give you in writing that Vicky did it to please you and never because you once happened to post in the wrong place or be off topic...I can assure you, it´s not of Vicky, in other words, whatever caused her to open the thread, she opened it to the satisfaction of everybody, and again, certainly to please you, because she´s a very compassionate person, she never looks at trifles and am saying that without being behind sweets from her at all...again I don´t know what exactly happened so you decided to leave the group...
..but it´s true, let me add that, as members experienced, many a co host abused their position so good their intention may have been and probably was, i.e. ---over the sweet eight years--- now at Care2 and so seldom it was the case, it´s a stuffy and captious stance on things to patronize about and tell members to make sure they stay on topic to name but this, it was a stance that caused members to leave a group and in cases even Care2 on the web is not real life, is it ? sure a group has rules etc etc; only, how much of a problem is it to turn a blind eye on bagatelles ?...whatever...

2 years ago

Thank you Mongi for your input about the situation.  Nothing was done to hurt Marie or anyone and it shouldn't be taken that way.   Most threads have a minimum amount of chatting about things that are off topic or personal so that's the reason a lot of Marie's posts was brought here.   Here we can chat about anything and I'm sorry this has upset or offended wasn't meant to. 

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2 years ago

Marie, if you're still reading this

Blame me! 

Vicky was trying to help us. 

I know you are hurting, but we are trying to help not hurt. 

Vicky don't take it personally. 

Blame me!!!!!!!!!

2 years ago








2 years ago

Actually it's good to have a place where people can chat about whatever. Thanks for doing that Vicky.

I haven't been around much. I have been getting involved in what is going on in our world. I have attended meetings, been to the state capitol, went and listened to people who have been in the know for many years, and keep themselves involved inside and out, here and abroad, have documents that would cover the length of 3 football fields, as in one case, that implicates, really rather is proof,  certain orgaizations heavily in conspiring against our US and freedoms, our Constitution, and aren't the moderate, benign, civil organizations they push to portray theselves as, even in the literature they put out just for others here to see, ----watered down.  I may go to a meeting tonight, if my truck gets out of the shop by today.

Other than that, my son just came down here this last weekend, staying between us and my daughter. We've been running around trying to get things situated for him, and will soon be trying to help him find a place to move into. I still babysit my grandkids too.

If I wrote things in the past that implicated certain persons in politics and the way things are going, even concerning what our main threads are about, even if some don't like to hear  certain things about a person they may support, the truth of who they associate with, why they are appointed, whatever, should be brought to light, as it affects also what we are concerned about concerning the wild animals. 

Noone should be to blame here for starting a topic for chit chat. Most other groups have them that I know of,  as they are a separate place to discuss other matters, whatever they may be, than on one that has entirely to do with some other topic. 

I hope you are feeling better Marie. I went through a little bit of a scare a while back with my kidney readings being elevated, and that's a concern for me, as I carry the inherited blood disorder my mother had, but so far no symptoms, and this could have been an indication of having problems.  I did like I was supposed to for over a month, a big part having to stay away from foods that are normally healthy for a person, and my last blood test wass good. Ihope you are reading this, and don't take offense at anyone for this topic being started. There was no ill intention even being thought of, and I hope you see that and stay with us.

2 years ago

Thank you for your support TAS and Sherry.  I read in the other thread where Marie explained what had happened and why she got upset.   I can related to that....lack of sleep and problems in your life can definitely affect what you do or say.  I hope she doesn't get mad again but I am thinking about bringing her last post from the same thread over here and delete the other.  Or should I not delete it TAS?   I don't want offend her in any way.  I will repost it in here anyway so we can reply in this thread.  


Sherry, I don't trust anything that is happening in our government today.   Half truths or watered down stuff that is very misleading to us and the news doesn't tell it like it is.   If any do, it's Fox8 news.   There is definitely organizations that do not mean well for our country at all.  Some organizatioins I've heard about but not real familiar is the Illuminati, Skull & Bones and the Freemasons.    I am glad your blood tests came back free of any kidney problems.  I hope you find can help find place for your son to live.  Where is he moving here from?

2 years ago

Yes, hard for me to understand lol,,,I am not upset at all... maybe you'll understand that I slept only 4 hours last night and it is 14:27 and up from 8:00.

I will not have money from Canada Government untill the end of the month.  They cut my pension halph and can't do nothing.  I need to sleep, always tired.  I don't want to complain.  But, if I am not resting I think you know what will going on...

Love ya.

Marie   I miss ya.

2 years ago

I'm glad you're feeling better Marie and I'm sorry they have cut your pension.   People can barely make it on what they get monthly as it is let alone if it is cut in half.   I've always said that I wish all those that make decisions concerning our income cuts would have to live on what we make for at least a year with no amenities to go with it.  (food stamps, welfare, etc.) Then maybe they would stop hurting poor people.  I hope you get some rest and that everything works out for you.  We'd hate not seeing you here anymore and letting us know how things are going.

2 years ago

Vicky, it will be ok.

Marie understands.

She is going through a rough patch. 

To put everyone in perspective, I will tell you that kaya and justice house burned to the ground

Last week. 

All 14 kids, 4 adults, and the puppy are alive and well and living in a shelter as well. 

No internet. 

There was so much heroism to this story.

Justice and kaya, saved everyones lives. 

An amazing experience. 

So much loss they've endured this year! 

True grit, as they say out west.

2 years ago

Oh my gosh!   How terrible for Kaya & Justice.  I wondered what happened to her.  Are Kaya & Justice related?  How awesome that they saved all those lives.  I feel so bad that they have lossed everything....but again you must look at it like all their lives were spared.   Many prayers for them all.

2 years ago

Thanks Tas

I am waiting 6:30 to have my meds. and hope I will sleep untill 14:30--

Poor Kaya & Justice.

I am very sick too.  It will come back, too much ... 

Love you

Thanks Vicky..


I don't blame nobody. 


Let It Be . . . thanks tas.

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2 years ago

They have been living together in Jamaica since I introduced them.

Justice went down to help kaya when she was in the hospital. 

And decided to stay..quickly moved her family and stuff down there before realizing she was pregnant. 

She had a baby last month.

There are five infants in the family now. 

Justice saved all five. 

Kaya's husband, now a care2 member, almost died trying to save the puppy. 

He was saved by Justices boyfriend Jesse. 

It's an amazing story, both girls say they were woken by the wakan in order to save the sleeping family.

Puts everything in perspective for me. 

They have had a bittersweet year, with gifts and losses.

The strongest women I've met since my mom died.

I'm glad you came back Marie, we all love and worry about you. ..

2 years ago

Marie, remember the good to talk thread that Judith had so much consternation over? 

Vicky is a sweetheart, so she thought of it by herself. 

All groups should have one so we can talk about our problems and successes without being off topic. 

Thanks for understanding

Long tight hugs for you, sweetie. 

2 years ago

Hi Marie & TAS.  How are you this fine day?   Marie, I'm so sorry you are sick and I pray that you will feel better soon.  It's hard to face problems in your life when you are sick, too.  Such an inspiring story, TAS about Justice, Kaya and Kaya's husband.   God was looking after them and He will get them through this.  They all are in my prayers.  Please keep us updated on their situation.  Have a blessed day ladies.


2 years ago



Thanks Vicky.  this is a very beautiful picture.  Hope Tas will give more info about Justice and Kaya.

Hugs and Peace,

Marie Every test is to find the golden path to Yahweh God who does care for you.



agreed,just like
2 years ago

me,whose friends are helping me move.

have been coming daily to help pack ,wow so much we've collected since moving here.

then the younger son, and his father,are going to drive it west.

what fun we've been having for the past week packing and reminiscing

saying goodbye,but haven't spent this much time with them for years

it's been great.TRUE FRIENDS

Haven't heard from Jamaica,there is no internet in the small town that took them,

14 kids all together,5 infants,and four adults, 18 people ,and they all got out alive

justice and kaya both said a powerful force woke them in time to save everyone.

2 years ago

Hello everyone.

I will PM you now. tas.


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2 years ago

Hi TAS and Marie.   Well we had lots and lots of rain yesterday but I had to go out in it to take my mom 1 1/2 hrs away for a 2nd opinion on her eyes.  I love staying home in an all day rain.  Oh well.  At least we got rain & we made it to the doctor's office and back home safely....that's what's important.


TAS I am so sorry that my short term memory is poor.  I knew you were going to move but I forget from where to where.  I'm glad you had friends helping you and that you got to reminisce with them.   That's always fun;   I am still praying for Kaya & Justice..


Marie, that is indeed a very beautiful tag and the quote too.  How are feeling?  I hope everything is working out for you in your situation.


Hello Mongi and Sherry wherever you are.   I hope you stop back in soon to chat.


Have a nice day everybody.    The prayer tag below is for Marie, Kaya and Justice.



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2 years ago

Good morning, afternoon, evening

I am safely back in California on the boat

The truck is slowly making it's way cross country

The news from Jamaica is not good

The husband is quite ill from smoke inhalation. Having trouble breathing

Also, justice told me that her new baby is also ill.They have nothing, having trouble feeding everyone. Justice is breast feeding five babies right now, as they cannot afford formula. is very tiring for her.

I think the shock has hit, and with losing everything, and dealing with family illnesses, I am begging them to tell me how to help. 

Marie is sick as well.

I'm glad they have someone (me)

Who they feel cares, so much sadness

Better times must be ahead for them I hope. 

2 years ago

Such sad news tonight TAS.   All the troubles that Justice, Kaya and their families have to endure at this time.   Does Jamaica not have any organizations that will help them with food and housing?   I can't imagine Justice having to breast feed 5 babies.   I have a Justice in my other group and I think of this Justice everytime she posts.  I'm glad you safely made it back to California.  How long until the truck arrives?  I know you'll be so happy when everything is unpacked and back to normal.   I hope Marie gets well soon.  That on top of all her other problems is not helping her to heal at all.   Well good night.   I made this looks like feathers.





2 years ago

I think that they are in a shelter of some sort, but still working full time. 

Kayas husband is working ill. 

I think that they have some type of habitation near the beach.

As far as me, I am staying on the boat while my life partner is meeting the truck in az, and friends there are set to help him unload. 

Don't really have space for much, but don't want the cabin in Vermont any longer, too far! , so it's on the market unfurnished, and the collection and other antique collections are going into storage, till we figure out what to do with it. 

Have a great night, Vicky

2 years ago

Thanks on the info on Kaya and Justice, TAS.   Hopefully things will get better for them each day.  It's a shame Kaya's husband has to work sick.   Don't you just love moving?   Eeks!   I bet the cabin in Vermont is beautiful; I bet it's nestled between all sorts of trees.     I bet your antiques are lovely.  You don't have a roll top desk do you?  I love them.  Have a great evening my friend.

2 years ago

he went to the hospital on Sunday,they diagnosed him with what everyone already knew

smoke inhalation poisoning,they have successfully treated him, I believe

he is going back to work in a day ...they really need the money.

He is the major income maker for the whole family,kaya and justice work ,but it's not the kind of pay,that he gets..

things are looking up,the babies are now alright ,as well

I hope that things continue to improve for them

kaya has not been on since her husband got sick,I guess that was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back for her,she succumbed to depression I think,she wants me to come down there,but I just put thousands of miles on this poor body,and it will have to be with my mind, somehow last time, that propelled me and fyre ( my irish setter) to her bedside,she still insists that I was there,

trying to pull off the same stunt,but I think it was an otherworldy meeting in the unseen world, and can only happen while I am sleeping,and dreaming of talking to her like last time

it just doesn't work whenever it is wanted,it has to be a near death experience..

luckilly no one is near death,,,and the worry is waning

thanks for caring Vicky,haven't heard from Marie for the weekend,did you?

2 years ago

Hello tas,

I am here, only bad news, went to hospital last week, I don't believe in tradional medecine.  I believe in Holistic, soft medecine.  I have been with a Nathuropath wellknown around the world he is the fourth generation.  Yesterday went to see a nurse after they said it will be a Doc had to tall about my parents children etc do you think I can remember the dates I had this surgery or the other one.  I don't compare oranges and bananas, I don't compare nothing.  I learned in 72 years.  I went to University in 3 disciplines.  I have a IQ of 145. if you don't believe in IQ just forget it.  So, on the 22 I am going to the same clinic, I almost can't walk, and not sure that someone will bring me there.  They lye to me, and believe me I can see their stupidities against me.  I can't say more.  My sufferings can't endured more.

I am going to lay down.


PS  I don't believe in any religion.

I don't judge nobody. 

I am just myself and that bothers many. 

Luv you all.

I share the computer with 'mental' and it is enought to depress. one hour. but when there is nobody I come here.   I am living to myself.

Tas I miss the good time when we were to the other group.

Thanks all for everything.

2 years ago

marie,don't be disheartened,good times come and go

we were all lucky to have that good time,obviously the group host felt either left out

or incapable to have that much fun

I knew things would go downhill as soon as someone got grumpy about a silly pun about a penny,I'm sure you remember that,I got really upset that they were that petty...about little things that were just funny not hurtful.

we can have good times again,when you are feeling better I will send an invitation to my major group,it started out for the first 2 years as a dental group.

but we all escaped the other group to there for the Jamaican situation,and I expanded the scope of the group, for no prying eyes it is private,by invitation only.

when you feel better I will send an invitation, mind you,there is no censorship there,and we are free to talk about anything we want...

I too am not religious but have had too many psychic experiences starting with my mom,and my dogs not to believe in some other level of existence, call it nature,spirit,w/e

it is not religion!

please keep in touch,72 is NOT OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My bf is close to that,and he is more vibrant than ever!!!!

you just need someone to take care of you, and care for.Not love, just friendship

the people who you are stuck with sound awful...the more things change the more they stay the same, but,the more they stay the same,the more things change

I just turned my whole world upside down,moving for good away from my home and friends,family ,doctors, we are changing even more,looks like a whole new life in the middle of mine!and it was all done by someone close to your age, I believe in IQ

mine is 160, and my bf is even higher....I know how smart you are,I too don't trust doctors or are doing all the right things ,just need a hand.

wish I knew someone there to help....

keep on truckin" it's gotta get better

LONG TIGHT HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 years ago

Thanks tas,

I have to go to see the Dr after I saw the nurse yesterday, the one who is working now told me that I have to go to the hospital for a blood test againnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, nope can be to 2 places at the same time.  Nobody will come with me tomorrow, my feet feels like I have them on fire most of the time.  So... It hurts,,, whatever, I plan to go walking with my shopping cart and my purse.  A walker is prescribed to me from Montreal by a Dr and didn't need.  I just need money to take the bus,  it will be b etter than to walk... They are sick people the workers and all in that house.

Hope you will have a great birthday.

LONG TIGHT HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2 years ago

Happy Birthday
2 years ago

Wishing Tasunka a very Happy Birthday today!

2 years ago


Hi Marie, TAS, June an Carlene.  I did quite a lot of housework today (at least I think it was a lot.  lol) so I'm tired.   I have church tomorrow so I have to go get my shower in a few minutes.   I'm glad Care2 is working again.


TAS, I was going to open a birthday thread but didn't want to do it too soon so it crept up on me and I'm late.  I'm sorry.   I hope your day was special.


Marie, I'm sorry you are having all these medical issues and I hope the doctor can find out what's wrong and help you.  Here is a little information I found....don't know if you have any f these symptoms.


Burning feet is a common complaint among many groups of people, most commonly in the older group over 50 years of age. It has a multi-factorial etiology (many different causes for the formation of the symptom of burning feet). This symptom is most prevalent in diabetics who present with a symptom of mixed neuropathy with loss of sensation on the plantar aspect (bottom of the feet).

However, there are many other causes for this symptom. Alcohol is high on the index of suspicion for this complaint. Neuropathy and loss of sensation secondary to alcohol ingestion over long periods of time. Other causes include thyroid dysfunction and gastric restriction in morbid obesity produce symptoms of burning feet.

Some of the infectious diseases, such as leishmaniasis, a rarely reported neurologic change secondary to a bacteria, also cause these symptoms. Thrombocytopenia also produces this symptom. However, the most common denominator for burning foot syndrome is usually a diabetic who has been insulin dependent for many years, producing a variety of secondary complaints such as vitamin deficiency to include thiamin.

Mechanical causes include nerve entrapment syndrome such as tarsal tunnel syndrome, which causes compression of the never as it enters the foot from the ankle. Neuroma pain, a pinched nerve between the 3rd-4th toes has been implicated in the symptom of b

2 years ago

June, I love the birthday tag you made for Tasunka.




Remember me...???
2 years ago

...Hi Vicky...yes, sit down to steady is ME the "MIA" are you buffalo girl...haven't been to Care2 for about a couple of years, but as you can see, I'm still "alive and kicking" ...God bless you girl and all who remember me....xxxxx

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2 years ago


thanks for the birthday wishes,still a little groggy from the late night partying

Gorgeous pic, as usual June,you never disappoint

thanks Vicky,for the comment

I am a little wasted today,but had to thank everyone.

the concert,"toad the wet sprocket",was surprisingly good, although their fanbase were weirdos,lol


2 years ago

I ah happy with your tas. 

2 years ago

MARENA!!!!   Of course I remember you!   I wrote you a time or two over the last couple of years in hopes I would hear from you.   I know you had been ill the last time we had contact so when I didn't hear from you I figured you either left Care 2 or.......   I am so happy to see you again and hope you will visit regularly.  How have you been?  Care2 has changed so much it seems and so many people are gone although you will probably find them on Facebook.   Gosh, I'm so glad to know you are okay.  (((HUG))


Hi TAS and Marie.  TAS were you 'wasted' from celebrating your birthday or just tired?   Did you do anything special?


2 years ago


I'll be gone forever asap. Enough is enough.

luv ya tas.  No problem I will make it the same as so many others.


Will you please JUNE, mind your own business.

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2 years ago

Wait, what?????

2 years ago

2 more days the 28th I will have what I need.


2 years ago

Hi Marie, June, TAS, Carlene & Marena.  Well tomorrow I have 2 doctor's appointments and my Bible Study tomorrow night so I'm not sure if I'll be here or not.


Marie, I'm not sure if I am understanding what you wrote but I hope it's not what I think.  However you sound very despondent and I'm very concerned.  Do you need one of us to call you and talk to you about what's bothering you?  Maybe we can figure out a solution of some sort.   Please don't do anything rash.   What do you mean you will have everything you need on the 28th?   I love your kitty picture....he looks like  he's deep in thought.


I made this for you, Marie!   He wants to give you a big hug! 




2 years ago

Thank you a bunch Vicky .


I made many errors when I said mind your own business June it wasn't her.


They deleted on the only group I was going to ventout, and you didn't ~ Thanks Tas, dearest, I love you a lot, I am not in love with you this is a big difference.   I love people they Respect whatever their believing.  You are like that.


I am going to hospital to have that monitor for my heart that I will bring here at the shelter for maybe 24 hours. Kaya sent me a card but can't read any message, some add comment of Care2 friends, and what is a friend? I am alloud to only 1 hour at the computer. etc.

Can you say to Kaya to write here, the is the only place.

As I am not a believer, have thoughts and healing energies. Please and thanks.

Marie very upset of the quality of Care2 members.  Now this is the only group I can come.  Because you RESPECT,not all of you.  it is 21:52 hope to be able to come back and have support of tas and you dear Vicky.

Thanks again


2 years ago


I really have to go to bed at 3:57 am.  Nothing to do with call here, I will never have the message.  I son't have my cell they cut me the 4th, but I pass about 3 hours, what is very long and harrasent with the boss woman, no man here, and the other worker.  I will believe when I will have my money from Income Taxes, but it seems that okay, plus and plus.... First thing, hospital for about 1 hour and then back here.  plug with that monitor.  I am loosing memory but I was like that in other depressions.

Sorry for all the troubles I give to you.

Vicky I just read for the burning of feet etc, so I know it is from many of these things, but what to do.? 


Big Bissssssssssssous xx

To everyone of this wonderful group.
2 years ago

Thank you tas for the green star, I will leave for hospital for my monitor and all they will put on my body at 14:00 then will be plug on this monitor here in my bedroom for maybe 24 hours, without moving? I need you, prayers, thoughts, healing energies.

With love to everyone here in this group.  I believe in you, whoever you are.  Not judging. 


PS  I have green stars and can't see who sent these.  See only tas,


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2 years ago

Hi Marie & group!   Marie, I'm so glad you made it back to us.   The pictures you posted are gorgeous!  Be sure to let us know how it goes with the monitor, Marie.  You are in my prayers.  It seems that your mood has lifted some and I am so happy to see that.   Sometimes I get overwhelmed with things and I feel down and depressed.  It is not a good way to feel....I know that.   At least you know you have friends here.   (((HUG))



I am back with the Catholic Roman Church
2 years ago

Thank you Vicky and everyone on the group.  Yes I am back with the church where I am borned, and I hope that you will love me the same.  I phone a mission of about 25 around the world, in Vancouver, the woman I talked when back from the hospital this afternoon, phoned.  So I phoned her back and she will send me a French Bible, (3 years in Theology I studied) and my beliefs are there, Catholic Roman.  This is my way. 


The monitor is so small, and I am happy about everything.  I am not alone with God and all what I know about this church. 


I don't know when I will come back, but you are my only group.

Love you all,

God bless you all.



PS  This the priest I worked 7 years in Quebec City, with the poor or the poorest.  I still have him in my contacts.  He is now Archibishop . . .

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2 years ago

Mgr Pierre-Andre Fournier ~ June 2013



2 years ago

Blessings from the Archibishop Pierre-Andre Fournier. 

2 years ago


Mgr Fournier said that the demission of the Pope Benedict XVl was one of 'Sagesse' !  I don't judge nobody and I pray for all. 

Marie +


PS  I sent an email to Mgr Fournier.  He always answered to me.

I am very lucky to know that holy priest.  He is very wellknowed around the world.  Thanks be to God and all the saints. 

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2 years ago

I do not know much about catholic.My aunt is 7 day adventist,my uncle was a rasta.I adopt some beliefs form both faiths,plus some of my own.Educating myself about my Native American heritage,which I rejected for a while.If catholic helps you find Almighty,more power to you.Love and hugs to vicky,marie,siouxze,and every one else.I see things,I know too much and have seen too much to be atheist.Almighty is there,He helps me.

2 years ago

Have been thinking before posting. 

I will never tell anyone how to think or believe, especially if it helps them. 

My opinions and beliefs may differ, but we all know that some supernatural force, be it "god", or nature, it is all good! 

Organized religion can be good or bad, as in the missionary work that went horribly wrong, or the crusades.We all have our own way of life, and I would never take someone's faith and call it wrong..sometimes it's all we have! 

It doesn't matter what I believe, I am happy that you have found some comfort. ..Good people exist in all walks of life. It is an individual choice, and no 2 religions are exactly the same, but it is only important to have faith or better yet, a Good idea. .it is called ideology after all! 

Have a great day, as the Dalai llama says, don't dwell on the past or the future, live for the moment. .doesn't mean don't make plans or remember good times, but each minute is fleeting and we need to live that moment to the fullest before it is gone forever. HUGS,SWEET KAYA,MARIE, VICKY, JUNE (So sorry you were accused of being a busybody, nothing could be further from the truth), and anyone who I might have missed. 

2 years ago

2 years ago

That is for every one.

Hello everyone
2 years ago

2 years ago

Thanks Junee. Impressed by all your extraordinary graphics. 

You have a great eye for quality images. 

I think it's an art form in itself. 

And fulfills the Native American practice of surrounding yourself with beauty! 

PILAMAYE, (may you walk in beauty) ALWAYS


One of the biggest hearts around. ..

2 years ago

 thank you Tasunka  for your very kind words 

2 years ago

Hi June, Kaya, Marie (what happened to your profile pic?) and TAS.   Today is sunny and beautiful....who could ask for anything more?


June, TAS is always post such extraordinaary images.  The one above looks so peaceful and of course beautiful.


Kaya, how are things going for you?  I hope you all are getting your situation under control and have help in starting over.  You are still in my prayerss.


Marie, whether it's organized religion or just reading your Bible, saying prayers and getting closer to God in your own way, I am so happy that He is in your life.   I am not familiar with Catholicism but just being back in the family of God to me is the most wondrous thing.   It sounds like the monitor is doing it's job for you; being small is a plus I would think.  I'm not sure what your plans are, Marie but I hope you are back soon.   The best to you my friend.


TAS, is your move over and you're settled in now?   I know you will be happy when it's done.   I don't like the actual moving part but I love arranging things in my new home.  




2 years ago

Vicky,wasn't moving anywhere new

just giving up a place that was a hassle to keep

Have no idea where I am going to put all that stuff,just too many places

will be a west coaster now,only

no more east coast for me,just cut my last ties,well until it all sells ,I haven't cut them completely,but hopefully soon

Back on my true home, the ocean, on the boat!!!

thanks Vicky,I am your short term memory,lol

1 year ago

Thanks for the link June.  I loved the pix of Yellowstone's animals.  The quad bear cubs, the 1 hour old elk and lastly I hope the Bull Moose made it away from the wolf pack.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend doing something you like. 

1 year ago

Thank you so much June for the link to the animals in Yellowstone.   They are beautiful and the notes underneath the photos are educational!

1 year ago

1 year ago

I tried to post petitions 2 days ago but Care2 was acting up and wouldn't let me.   I'll try to post some news tomorrow.   I love your picture June. 


1 year ago

Yoo hoo, Marie!   I'm waitiing for you.  :)   

1 year ago

I'm here Vicky have no place to sleep tonight, it is not funny, and slept only 2 hours last night,,, I am at the same café and they close at midnight and will continue on a bench in the mall and they close at 1:oo after that... well...



Tas js right with all he said about religion, I don't believe anymore in nothing
. Feel better like that. have to go to the bench,
Hi Kaya and all.

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1 year ago

+I will be outside and it is very cold.
Ciao and hope to talk to you all tomorrow it is tomorrow at 12:12 the 19th.
love you all

1 year ago

Good night OR? LOVE YOU ALL.

1 year ago


1 year ago

Marie, there has to be something else that you can do

Horrible being homeless at this stage of your life. 

I kinda didn't want to tell you that you might not be brainwashable at your age. 

The only benefit from them might have been some home to go to. 

Without this, it is a waste of your time. 

You can find holiness on your own. 

Sorry they turned out to be what I was afraid of, ,,hypocrites, who offer nothing.

They have no answers because they themselves are clueless. 

Hoping things improve, how long can you suffer before totally losing it?

Maybe France is looking better? 

We are linked now, message me..


1 year ago

 Marie lots of for you

1 year ago

Hi dear Marie.   Sorry I wasn't here when you came last night but I was so tired.  I waited a while and then I signed off.   It's awful that you are going through homelessness and everything else that you are experiencing.   Are there no offices you can go to that will give you info on where to go for at least a bed to sleep in at night?   I hope there is a soup kitchen near where you can get meals.  I will keep you in my prayers; you mustn't lose hope.  I hate that you are out in the makes me so sad.   I wish I could help in some way.  Don't forget we all care fo you.   (((HUG))



1 year ago

 photo forMarie_zpse3145b73.gif

Hello Marie
1 year ago

Hii Marie, I don't really know you but am saddened for the situation you are in.  I  hope you can find a place to stay soon, out of the cold and with plenty of food and comfort. 

1 year ago


Ouffffffffffff I lost a long message.  geez.  Thanks dear and sweet Kaya for s  dear Tas, I agree with all you say.  yes that's what they are hypocrites and more.  How can you let a woman my age on the street when cold anyway you don't let someone on the street, neither an animal.  So, last night I phoned around 2:00 and asked one nice staff of two at night, and yes come Marie I slept on a mattress about 2 inches, OUCH OUCH EVERYWHERE, I was so tired of my day going by subway to buy a cell phone and a cord to plug my laptop.  All long stairs walk a lot, the positive is that I met a guy I know, he went for the cord, he knows a lot about these electronics, I save some energies by walking to the store.  Good news, I just talked to the staff of the weekend and I will sleep there untill Monday and she will have a meeting as usual and will talk to the one in charge kindof boss, that I can stay there untill my money from my Income Taxes of 4 years arrive in about 6 weeks they told me.  I have to go to WC and pack everything with me.  Will probably come back here.

Luv you so much.  the of Tas when I met her here at Care2. lol...

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1 year ago


Here I am again.  June thank you dear maybe you will never know how is my soul now with this .  Vicky  I don't remember if I thank you for this great tag you made for me from my friends, I have little tear drops.  This is my fragility, one of.  I know you love me the way I am.  I was listening to Let it Be by Paul McCartey the tas video... did you?  and I listened to Bono and made a little concert.  When in British Columbia, I went to a cheep Pow Wow, was hot weather, and long way from where I was staying taking the bus and the sky train and sea bus and walk a lot, and some omg.... I am smoking cigarettes, but never on computer, when I will be out of the mall I will have one.  I asked one member who was my friend for 2007 the year I came at Care2, and no answer, and the group I was but it is like that, I am upset.  Not sure I have the right words and hoping you understand, my memory is missing sometimes.   I was long time ago on a postpartum depression and it was kindof like that. 

Okay for now.  I am waiting for the tas boat to add to my Page.  It is not easy to start a new everything at Care2.  I have an idea of a member who didn't answer she should have complained because I say what I want to say, I am myself and that bothers some, isn't that right dear tas? At the Cafe it is Bob Marley they know that I like him and a lot of other music.  I have to write on my Profile Page too.  Hope to see you soon everyone.  Oops I signed petitions from a good friend that mind her own business.  One thing at the time.

Asta La Vista.


Oh la la, Carlene thank you sweetie, you are so cute. 






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1 year ago

Marie,do not turn away from Almighty just because some people who say they represent Him are a****les,ok.Hugs to you,and to every one.

1 year ago

Hello sweet ,caring wonderful people

I knew we had great friends,but the outpouring for marie is heartening.

Thanks Friends (kola is friend in lakota)

Yes,Marie,wisdom is knowing when to act at any cost, and when to let it be.

the saying about keeping your head when all others are losing theirs,etc

I don't have access to that picture,unless it's still in the art group,will look for it

Feather,my boat is a symbol of peace and freedom

I am happy that it pleases you,will try to get a hold of it for your new page

think of it as a clean palatte,you can have fun, it's all a matter of attitude.

Holiness is only as good as the person spouting it, you can find it within you.

Boatload of hugs to everyone, Marie take it slow, the answer may be waiting in a place you haven't looked yet,because it is there, I assure you.

Stay open maybe it will come to you,if you were in a home,I would say smudge for the answer,don't know if that's possible, you need a warm body to hold you....imagine it

and maybe you'll feel the hugs!!!

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1 year ago

ahugforyou.jpg picture by kiddos11Marie

1 year ago

Just A Hug.


Carlene, this is another hug and need more, as say tas, I need a warm body to hold me, imagine it... I imagine this one, and as I used to say what I am thinking I need a woman body I think.  Once I walked the Pride Gay Parade and was feeling so great with the bisexual ones, the women in particularly.  Whe writing this, I am thinking I will loose you all here, and it is said.  Whatever happen my past is like that, I always risk, whatever will happen, without thinking, this is me.  And I have great difficulty to explain in English.  But I don't like the French Canadians at all, they are copiers on Europeans or .  They think they are great, they never had a life, gee, not easy to exprime what I want to say.  I love tas, do you understand? and as the great song of the great Jacques Brel:  To dream an impossible dream etc.  I am living that way, and ,,,, See, I think I am alone, with many experiments with men and women, now 72 of age, and alone alone alone... in a country I hate. 

Enough for now.

Hope to have answers or what you think about it.

With all my love of a hurted woman.

I need 2,500$ to be able to go back to my only   I have how many years to live again?  I only wish to have money to go back to and then to meet my friends from here, Care2.




PS  Please no hesitation to question me, I will answer to anything you want to know.  You are so important to me.  This is my way.



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1 year ago

Marie I am so happy that you now have a place to stay.  That makes me feel so much better.  It seems like things may start changing for you, and in a good way.   As for your friend not responding to you, it's very possible that she is no longer with Care2.   So many people have gone....sad but true.   I've found a lot of them on Facebook so thank goodness I haven't lost contact.   I'm glad you like the tag I made for you from all of us.  "Let it be" = awesome song.   What a sweet little penguin above; it looks like he's waving.     Where are you getting your meals?   I hope you are eating.


Hi Kaya, June and TAS....what are your plans for this weekend?   TAS that was a beautiful (and true) message you posted to Marie....full of wisdom and hope. 


Well ladies I will chat with you all brother's wedding is tomorrow.   He will be wed on the beach; please pray the rain will hold off until after the nuptials.  


No graphic tonight....Photobucket doing maintenance.



1 year ago

Thanks Vicky, tas knows very well how to say real things with truth and from her heart.

I am eating there, it is the same as where I stayed 1 year. 

Happy with you for the wedding of your bro tomorrow, and on the beach that I miss so much, there are nothing in Montreal.  !!!!!!! ........

Hope to see you all tomorrow SUNDAE for me now.  I can't believe.  I let peeps pray for me. 

I will be at the Cafe untill 1:00, and then go back to that kindof of hell.

Hell is others say Jean-Paul Sartre.


With that love I have and I need for you my friends of this group.


June and Carlene

Ciao Kaya ~ 

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1 year ago

Hi,Marie,Vicky,Souxze,June,every one.Love to all.


1 year ago


I knew after i said the truth, everyone will leave me.

1 year ago

Kaya, don't talk to me about nothing religious, please.

Respect that I don't believe in nothing.


I miss all who welcomed me but now they know, good bye Marie.

People are nombrilist, selfish, Me Myself and I.  I can see it one more time.

Marie and am discouraged. 

ps the third person mix all.  

Hi Marie
1 year ago

Hello Marie,

 I hope you are warm and well fed tonight, fall is in the air.  Do not worry about me feeling different since you spoke how you feel.  It is fine, as long as you are at peace with yourself, believe in yourself, that is spiritual too.  It does not matter who you love or want to love either, you just be your own person and make yourself happy, if others don't like it you don't need them in your life, that is my personal opinion but hope it helps.  I think everyone on this thread cares about you and what happens to you and it doesn't matter what you believe in or who you love.  You take care and try to keep a smile on  your face OK!

Hi Vicki
1 year ago

Forgot to tell you I hope your brothers wedding went off with any rain. 


Also, I don't send any pictures/graphics as I don't know how and when I did try a few months ago, it came up blank so all I have is a smile for all of you! 

1 year ago

Thanks Carlene.  You are the only one who talks to me like that and you RESPECT toorrow morning I will have to face that I have to go nowhere, it is awful.  I ask to not awake, or go suddently.  But you give me hope.  If I am on the street tomorrow, it is very cold here in Montreal.  I am exhausted.  I can't believe people are like that.  tp sleep on a mattres on the floor almost is sure better than outside but ...

Hope to see you here tomorrow, don't know if tas is okay...

love you Carlene,



love all in that group
1 year ago

yes carlene not an easy life i had i can't suffer more.  sitting in a bench with my laptop on my shopping cart all my body hurts what is life  



am not ignoring anyone
1 year ago

But there is a life threatening problem with a close/family friend.

am working to help save her life.

Do not take it personally Marie, there are others in dire need as well.

No one deserves to "not make it" at 31...

so I am pressed in many directions ,none very cheerful.

As is my normal nature to be optimistic, just torn up right now..

Kaya knows what I mean!

1 year ago

TAS, I'm sorry that your close friend/family member is going through such a serious problem and  how wonderful that you are there for her during this dire situation.   I pray things all work out for the good.   I hope you get through this too as I'm sure it is hard on you.  It is very understandable why you are not your usual optimistic self.


Marie, no one is judging you or your life's choices....we are all your friends here and you can be free with us and know that we are accepting.   All of us want you safe, warm and fed, and of course off the cold, dangerous streets.  We all care about you.


Carlene, you sure summed up what I think we all feel about Marie, in your post to her.  You are so wise.  The rain stopped for my brother's wedding although they moved it from the beach to under the gazebo in case a shower or two would return.   I was disappointed in a way but the wedding was lovely none the less.   Thank you for asking.   Oh, your graphics came up blank because you didn't have them saved to a photo editing program like Photobucket.  After saving there you can post them and they'll show up just fine.


June, how are you tonight?   I'm sure you'll pop in when you can.



1 year ago

tas, I can't talk more you are wise woman, with lots of money, I just want to go back to usa not to see the one who almost kill me not by hitting me but mentally was so cruel.  I try to join one of my daughter I just wrote to her by email.  Her phone # is confidential.. I am scare that someone can read anything here.  I don't say all.  I know Care2, people as 'friend' they are so nice when you arrived at care2 but as I have a very open mind and I am saying all, they just leave you like a stone.  No good life is possible for me on that planet, I know one here who is going to group I think tasunka that we left.  So, no privacy.  I have so enough. 

Yesterday I didn't come here for WiFi cause one of the 'boss' asked to meet me.  I open my heart to her with all my problems and as I am exhausted, can't do nothing, she asked me to meet a responsable that I choose, first meeting at a table for two and all the other women protituted etc was there yelling and screaming.  I was so pissed off.  This is why I can't stay there sleeping almost on the floor in the cold, no heat, if only I was able to... see the Paradise I heard about, I will take my ticket, but not sure.  Every one who are here are very smart. So you can read between the line.

Tas I love ya and please write something sweet to me here i know we are not supposed but,   waiting for anyone who will have the gots to write.  Tas is my preferated one.  But I love you all. Please Please Please


ps the boss kindof asked me to go to bed at 22:00 to be up at 6:00 geez  I am crying  now....

I am sure Fire your dog is treaedt better than me ... Human being first  lol

I will not enter there and be in mattress for 22:00 I will be there around 1:15 after the mall close.  I will go to the Cafe I use to when the Security close that part here in front of the fountain.
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1 year ago

Hi Marie.   Terrible what you are having to endure to be able to lay your head down in a room off the streets.   I hope you and your daughter can make arrangements for you to join her.    Please try to stay warm and keep us updated on your situation.   Don't lose hope even though things look hopeless.   


 photo oie_heartsglitter_zps47c68f88.gif

1 year ago


I know many and do others have to be 'suspicious celebrity to overdose? Nope.

I love you Tas Sioux.  22:38 

1 year ago



tas tas tas tassssssssssssssssssss

please talk talk talkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk i have only untill 1:00 --

1 year ago

buju banton-boom bye bye

1 year ago

Hi Siouxze,Marie,Vicky and every one.

1 year ago

you sound obsessed...please calm down

I prefer you do not make assumptions about my bank account .

I can only help one person at a time, and am overwhelmed at the moment.

Many of my close friends are in need.

My dog is well fed and loved, please,he is innocent of being loved.

do not compare yourself to him.

I understand your fragility, but am unable to help with your beliefs constantly changing.

I hope you find what you are looking for, I am your friend for better or worse, but my private life is private, I told Vicky i was paranoid about sharing it,for this very reason.

Only trying to share not one up anyone,or brag about my life.

seriously, do NOT know why you compare yourself to Fyre,it's unsettling.

Hugs, please take this as a friend not badly,only showing you that it is not healthy to think like that.

Morning, Vicky,KK, Junee,Carlene,and whoever may pass this way after me.

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1 year ago

Good afternoon TAS, Kaya, Marie and June & Carlene if they stop in.   I'm not understanding a lot of what is being said or what's going on but then again I don't need to know.  It is between 2 friends sharing....which is good.       Kaya, again I am not understanding the video although I like the beat of it.    Marie, is today better for you?   I hope so.   TAS how is the threatening situation with your friend/family member?  I pray there is improvment in that area.  Kaya, how are things going with you and your family?   I pray you all are getting all the help you need to begin again.   Well I gotta run to my mom's so I will talk to you nice ladies later.


Have a blessed evening everybody!


 photo beehappy_zps5573eaab.jpg

1 year ago

Hello everyone
1 year ago

Like Vicki I don't know what is going on and no reason I should.  I've just been following this thread and hoping everyone can work out any issues they may be having no matter what it is.  Tas, of course I hope your friend is better and Marie, again a warm place to sleep tonight with full tummy and hope for tomorrow.  We've all got "stuff", everyone does, some more than others but just to let you all know I care about each of you and always hope for the best.  Chin up and all that...

1 year ago

Like Carlene,I hope a warm place for you Marie

am not angry

just confused about your post comparing yourself to my dog

i cannot understand it,

Hope your feeling more upbeat than when you posted that.

thanks all for not commenting, I really don't understand much of it myself

just have a friend in the hospital who almost died,very busy

hugs to all

tas and to all the sneakers of that group ...
1 year ago

I knew you were talking with Vicky, you can't make your own opinion by yourself, no need of nobody to decide what I feel for, and again you are a smart cookie so, I don't have to talk a lot. O dear tas, OCD no I am not.  I feel you more than anybody.

Love ya, only waiting for my pension cheque and will buy what I need to be sure that I will not be here anymore, and without any suffering, I am SURE OF IT.  You never had the sufferings I have, for sure and not compare nothing.  I just know like that, I am borned like that.  It is19:55 and Friday the 27 I will have this small amount of money, just enough to let people take care of all concerns the death of someone, it is the person who is not anymore that there is no prolem, only for the ones who are still alive are the problems and they forget very fast. 

Love ya it is my way...

You never had to feel to know that you are alone on the planet earth, only if so you would understand,  okay nothing else.  I learned how to make an olograph testimonial at the University when I was in Theology.  I will make it and most people still alived will probably do my wills, plus the Archibishop I worked with 7 years.   They will make it the way i will write it.  I have one but havee to change things.

What is a friend?

Some are coming here only to know what is going on. 

So, this is all.  I will maybe wait to have the goverment money for 4 years of Income Taxes.  I smoke pot each night after I quite the Mall, and feel so good.  one joint is enough it is good one.  There is nobody on the streets or sidewalks I am not afraid of nothing. 

So, I will have time to come again to see how great are my supposed friends here.  Oh la la ...

I was working for Suicide ... on the phone, I quite.  Some had my phone#  ? one night a woman called me saying she wants to kill herself I told her good idea, just tell me where and at what time?  she hang up the phone, 


I did it my way.  Tasunka Sioux from planet earth ... doing her best to save the world.  There are saviors and the contrary,  I just love you the way you are... 


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1 year ago

Do you know David Icke if not and if you are my 'friend' read about him. 

I don't read insignifiant ones.

People without Ignorance bugs me.


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1 year ago


David Ice the agenda of the reptilians -

1 year ago


Why people attempt suicide?

1 year ago


where are all my friends>>

1 year ago

1 year ago

Hi Marie.  How are you doing this evening?  TAS in probably with her friend that is in a bad situation right  now.   I'm sure she'll be around when she can.  Not sure where the rest of the ladies are but they will stop in when they can.  Have a good evening.

1 year ago


you talk with tas online for sure you know more than me. 

1 year ago

have all a good night or... be happy.......stress is a killer.


how we deal with stress
1 year ago

defines us as people

I have not had an easy life,no one has a patent on being alone.

and loneliness I think is a bigger killer

I will just chalk your statements up to sheer panic and loneliness

don;t want to further compete on who is in more need

things on my end are going very slowly, first day that they might be looking up

long road ahead,will be taking some of my time up

Marie,please don't talk about suicide,do not understand why you bring it up?

Don't you have 6 children,where are they

I am childless,and have no parents or siblings for a long time now.

I know what it is to be alone in the world, lucky I have a man who loves me

when something happens to him ,as he is quite a bit older than me,I will be all alone

which is why I have an extended family that I have been building and they all assure me I will not have to worry about that.

I would love to see you happy again, whatever that takes...try to reach your kids???

we never discussed them,or why you are alone,so I ask.

1 year ago

tas, I had 6 children, 3 were adopted before they borned if there was healthy, lol, how can you know they are healty.  I found them by a tv program the same night.  I don't know where they are.  I know one who came yesterday from Quebec City we went to a restaurant of my choice, but Where I was at the shelter today the 26, one came to me or she was yelling in the dining room What's up Marie, It is a jungle of prostituted and drugs in all.  the police, ambulance and fireman are there almost each day.  She asked me to leave at 2:00 at 1:30 I left with my shopping cart and my pills, I outta here.  I think to phone the evening shelter at 4:00 there is one the more long time working ther as intervenant, she use to be ok,  But??/ I am on the street,tas.  I know you can't do nothing. At 3:00 a man will call me back here at the Mall, I was unable to talk where I was.  It is for my waiver and all I want is to go back to -- hope to talk to you later.

Marie your friend forever for the best and the worst

Sorry if I talk about suicide.


1 year ago

Hi every one.

Vicky,glad you like the song.  That song caused this man to be put in prison for a crime he never committed.

I appreciate how sweet,encouragement you are to every one,Vicky.

Marie,whether on line or off line,you do have people who care about you.You get hurt in your heart because you have unrealistic expectations,and you do not see how people try to show you they care.I see it,and I can not even read the PM people send you.Sucide never is the answer,because no matter haow much hell you endure in this world,do not go to hell for the escape from there.start seeing how people here show they care about you,ok.

Siouxze,the person you speak of has many people who loe her,and knows you do too.Some times a greater need is hard to see.Even though we all though death in imminent,she was at peace.

Love to you all.You too Marie,you are loved and cared about.Start to see that,ok.

1 year ago

 marie, do Not talk to Kaya like that!!!!!!!!!!!

she has every right to say whatever she wants.

I cannot tolerate you talking to June or Kaya like you have

no matter what you think, be civil to other people trying to be nice to you

you act nasty when they do, you deserve nothing more from anyone!

I deleted it, it doesn't belong here,you are shooting yourself in the foot for friends when you act that way,why would anyone want to be caring to someone with such a lack of manners.

I leave it at that,  very disappointed in you.

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1 year ago

How special and strange you are sweet tas.  I will not take bad words to me from anyone here.

Thanks -- Maybe you need more glasses.

Hugs the same and a wow


I will for sure as I just read you tas, I will. *cryinginbig*


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1 year ago

"From tas"


I didn't answer I see what I am doing almost all day.  And today is the worst one. cry cry and cry.

Tell me what u c said tas,,, go for it...



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I AM FURIOUS!!!   I just lost my LONG post because Firefox crashed!    I'm beginning to really hate Firefox.   I'm sorry but this time my post will be pretty short.


Marie, I didn't see your post that TAS deleted but I'm sure it must have been mean towards Kaya for her to do that.   A while back you were mean to June.   All of us are sympathetic to your cause but you seem to think we are saying things against you.   We are not...the truth has been spoken (and in a kind way) and I'm sorry you don't see it.   Please do not take your circumstances out on us....we care about what you are going through.   I like your eye graphic and the one with John Lennon.


Kaya, I think your words to Marie are very straightforward and honest.   That's what friends are for.  I see nothing wrong with what you said.   Oh, you mentioned Siouxze and then you said 'she was at peace'.    Has anything happened to her?   I hope not.   You mean the man in the video went to prison because he made that video?   How sad.


TAS, how is your friend doing?  You are such a good friend and I know how much it hurts you to see him/her in their bad situation.   I hope all works out for the good.


Well, hopefully I won't lose this post.  Good night all.




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Hi Marie & group!   Marie, I'm so glad you made it back to us.   The pictures you posted are gorgeous!  Be sure to let us know how it goes with the monitor, Marie.  You are in my prayers.  It seems that your mood has lifted some and I am so happy to see that.   Sometimes I get overwhelmed with things and I feel down and depressed.  It is not a good way to feel....I know that.   At least you know you have friends here.   (((HUG))


1 year ago

the picture is from tas not from me at all.

1 year ago

I'm drinking a smoothie, manque banana etcetera and yogurt. Yummy.  I am coffing every night at the same time, and I smoke a joint before enter where I am staying and my coffing quite me.  Bizarre.  So, the Cafe is open untill 1:00 on Friday and Saturday.  it is 11:48.  I can't adjust the right time here... so many things I don't know.  -- dk was helping me...I thought I forgot him but not at all.  we talked again on emails.  He told me to have faith on me and have hope.  Easy to say but he doesn't know all my health problems.  He is at his sister in Jersey.  He use his sister husband pc in his bedroom, as he doesn't want to bug him, he doesn't write long time like me.  I miss him, I miss the , this is the big part of my illnesses.  To me to live alone after 3 years we shared together, it is really tough, but to go back in   I have to pay a lawyer for my Waiver.  If I didn't tell you I went in prison in 1976 because after my divorce, I made cheques with my husband name and  paid in prison not easy way.  My heart is broken, okay enough for now.  luv you all. Hope to see ya tomorrow.  I have to met a woman staff to work with me with my docs papers etc,, I feel my head growing all around, lol.  Sorry for my maladress to all of you.  Whatever...



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1 year ago

Marie,I did not mean for what I was saying to be mean,but to be helpful.If I hurt your feelings,I am sorry.At times,when we care about some one,we say what needs to be sayed to help them,not to hurt,but some times,like medicein,help can hurt.

Siouxze,it is ok,I saw the post before it was deleted in my email,but I am not offended.I know it is a person who is hurt and needs help,and I hope will accept help when it does come.Not offended.

Vicky,I can explain in pm about the song if you like,but this man was gave false charges for his beleifs and values,so he can be put in prison,for the (certain groups of people)that he offended to rape him and hurt him.There is a petition on here,but barely any one signed it.He was in solitary confinement because he gave some of his food to another inmate who sayed he is hungry.

Any way,pray for him,pray for all who need it-pray,or what ever you do for your belliefs.

Please,no one be mad for any one for any thing.ONE LOVE!!!!!

1 year ago

'I am sorry, sometimes and very often I can't understand almost nothing.  I am not talking like your aunt anymore!! as in Fair Share,  I wish you never have the problems of health I have and all I have to do about it.


If I am not a believer it is my my affair, don't you think?  You can't force nobody to believe.


and don't worry be happy.

Don't try to help me, you can't.

Ciao and Flower Power.  Bob Marley Bob Mcferin etc

Good Night )

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1 year ago

Hi Vicky hope all is well with you.....

1 year ago

Hi Sue!!!   Good to see you here....are you enjoying your weekend?   Today we had such beautiful weather.  


Marie, how did my old post get there?   You said TAS did it but it's in your box.   I am unable to understand that.   Are you happy to be talking to D.K. again?   Is he alone at his mom's house?   I hope your health is well or improving.  That Smoothie looks delicious.  


Kaya, have you tried posting the petition for the man in prison on Facebook?   Maybe it will get more coverage and it will be easier to send to your friends and friends of friends, etc. How sad that he was put in solitary for being a kind person and sharing his food.   That is something I could never do either....let someone go hungry.   Not if it's within my power to feed him/her/them.  No one should be hungry.  I've said a prayer for him.


TAS, Carlene and June (I hope I didn't leave anyone out) I hope you all have a blessed weekend.

1 year ago

lol Vicky Smoothie was yesterday, afte I felt I had an Expresso double or in French Allonge,

Are you Okay, omg Vicky,  I know you are okay.  Maybe some don't know you.   that is fine. and Good night my friend.


Hello Everybody
1 year ago

Larger Image

1 year ago

Hi Marie & June.  I was thanking God today for the absolutely beautiful day He gave us.   I would love to bottle it and save it for any day I want.


Marie, not sure if I could drink an might be too strong for me and make me run around like crazy.  lol


June, what a beautiful graphic. has just disappeared on me.   What is going on?  I'm really beginning to hate computers.   Grrrrr!   All it says in place of the graphic is 'Larger Image'. 


1 year ago

Your picture is back, June.   I guess I'm going crazy tonight.  hahahaha!

1 year ago

Hi June,Siouxe,and every one.

Thank you for your prayers,Vicky.I have no facebook,it would put me in danger for my private info to be there.

Marie,I share mi beliefs,but,as you sayed,it is up to you to accept it or reject it.I do not force any one.

Have a good week every one.

1 year ago

Brooklyn Bridge Park JULY 2013

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1 year ago

Brooklyn Bridge NY USA. 

Thanks for asking Vicky re -- dk I am very happy to hear from him.  He is 'mon ami' he wrote in Frenc, my friendl.  He will be happy that one day I moove there.  He is not at the same place.

I will I hope have my place to another shelter for one month, the answer tomorrow.  I will have surgery of my 2 knees one at a time. and have many apointments, and when I will have my money from the Goverment I will pay my lawyer and in short time I'll be in Bkrlyn NY.  We need each one. 

The Cafe close and will continue untill 1:00 in the Mall, and then will go and not big like that... I will continue on the bench 

1 year ago

Here  I am, this is the fountain, it is small, after you travel a lot, and I saw it each night and 2 times today.  My back is better today, but not my feet.  Coffee of the other night was to awake me from my ,,, felt.   So this is it for now at 12:19.  Have some other writings. 


Good Night.



1 year ago

Thanks for the blank answer oh la la

1 year ago


How is every one?Just popping in to say hello.Hugs,have a good after noon.


1 year ago

Hey,I am bored!Where's Marie?

I guess
1 year ago

I've let it all go,and can start fresh.

Hope everyone is doing well,I leave for Mexico next week..I think this time just me and d and fyre...unless my friend Annie comes from Florida,her mom just turned 90,so it's questionable.

Anyway,will come back 10.30 to hear the Moody Blues Concert,but I will also be coming back to Az from Mexico after about a week.

Whole messy house waiting to be arranged.

I hope everything is looking up for each and every one here.

My end is getting better all of life's problems, they come on fast and last forever.

1 year ago


 Sorry,JJ's fault.......

Hi,every one.......

1 year ago



Thanks tas -- going to dr tomorrow re my knees surgery one at a time

Have a wonderful trip,

1 year ago


I am going to my Doc tomorrow at 11:15 re my knees first and etc... think about me.

I don't believe in nothing but on me.  As my love mon ami dave.

1 year ago


VICKY, any more petitions?


1 year ago

Hi ladies!  Sorry I haven't been here in a few days but there's so many groups and sometimes I just don't make it to all.   But I am always thinking of you.


Marie, I hope all goes well when you get your knee operation.   How will you get around?   Will the operation be done in the U.S.?   I love the picture you posted of the bridge with the buildings and lights around it at night.  Very pretty.


TAS, so you're on the road again, huh?   A shorter trip this time though.   My mom has a small plot of land in Bizbee, AZ that her mom left her and she's never seen it.  She is wanting to go but she is 85 yrs old and it's a long way for just her and I to travel alone so maybe I can talk my brother and his new wife to go in a few months.   I used to love the Moody Blues back in the 70's.   Such good memories.


Kaya, is it 'hi; or 'HIGH'?  hahahaha!   I will post some more bison news soon.   I keep saying I'm going to then I get turned around.   I am not getting reports as much now....maybe in the winter. 


Well good night folks.  Have a blessed weekend.


 photo happyweekendfromdaria_zpsbc7b075d.jpg

1 year ago

Gee,Vicky you think maybe this stupid shutdown has raised many new problems. 

We'll hear SOON. 


1 year ago

TAS our government gets worse instead of better.  I wish we could just remove all of them from office and let U.S. citizens run this country.  


Marie, I hope your fall didn't incapacitate you.  My mom is 85 and fell in the Dollar General a few months ago and thank God she didn't break anything but she's not felt as good as before.  Sadly.

1 year ago

The U.S. govt needs to over throw ALL  the current people,a complete over haul,and put all new people in there-NO CAREER POLITITIANS!!!!!!!! DO IT BY FRCE IF NECASSARY!!!!!!!! The Jamaican govt is no better,BABYLONIANS,ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 year ago

............sorry for your mom falling,vicky.send her a hug from me.epsom salt baths,and massages may help,try it.When I was in a car accidentmassage was very helpful.

1 year ago


Hey gang what's up?  3 days withouth withouth ... coming here or at Care2.

Vicky first I am not in it will come and good news no surgery, just bandage when it hurts to much.  no stairs, no bus, no metro,  but going to my dentist tomorrow, I didn't count the stairs I will climb outside but leaving by the back so 2 stairs, and the Dr is so cute, but I can look never I went with another one in 4 years, and I am with -- dk for 7.  Good bye to you and you and you,

oops I will receive a treatment calling? energies from a beautiful lady where I am staying at 14:30.  Then the bus. stairs are everywhere in a city like here. Ciao.

A to you You. tas. oxooxox

1 year ago

....boom bye bye........

Hi,every one.Have a great day.

1 year ago

Kaya, thanks for the well wishes for my mom and the suggestion of epsom salts and massage.   I will tell her you sent her a hug.  


Marie, I'm glad you don't have to have surgery.   So the dentist is cute, huh?   Are you still having to use a bandage?   I hope all improves for you,


Night ladies!



1 year ago

I just miss you Vicky,,,    well, sorry for your mom, hope she is better.  I didn't go to the dentist because when I went to WC 1st floor, it was emergency I let my wallet in my purse as usual but no more wallet and I was in shock a lot of money in but this morning the maintenance woman found it in the garbage can at a WC and some money was missing but all the rest as cards etc was there.  I phoned last night for my Bank cards and I went today to fix all.  I ate at the mall, and I am at the Coffee from 19:00 and it is 23:06 and I still have other groups of friends to write.   I will leave at 1:00 from the bench in the mall.  Smoko.  And a 20 minutes walk.  It was like summer this afternoon, but cold just right at night.  I want to look for my genealogy after here.  Good group.  

Be well.



1 year ago

Vicky, hope your mom is feeling better by now.  At that age healing takes longer that's for sure. Glad you got your wallet back Marie and hope you didn't lose too much money. Here in California we are having beautiful fall weather, warm sunny days and cool nights, I love fall weather.  Leaving today to visit with friends who live in Reno, NV.  Hope everyone has a very nice weekend doing something you like to do.   

1 year ago

Seems everyone is traveling or thinking of it. 

I leave at first light for Mexico. 

Next posting will be from south of the border

Have a wonderful weekend

So glad you're feeling better, Marie

Knowing someone is waiting for you must be such a comfort. 


1 year ago

happyfriday.gif picture by katndave2000

1 year ago


Thanks all for all.


1 year ago

Good evening June, TAS, Marie, Carlene and Kaya.   I'm tired tonight but I wanted to stop in and say 'hi'.   So sorry someone took your wallet Marie; God was looking out for you as it was found with your cards in it and I believe some money, too.   That doesn't happen very often.    Your blessings tag and the last one are very nice.   June your little sunflower is adorable, and I snagged it!  Well TAS I guess you are either in Mexico now or close to it.   Be safe my friend!  Carlene, thanks for asking about my mom.      Your weather sounds lovely.  We had a couple of days and nights like that a few days ago but now it has heated up again.   Spring and fall are my favorite seasons.   Kaya, how are you doing my friend?   Got any plans for the weekend?


 photo HUGS_zps4ec9be6c.gif

To My Friends --
1 year ago

Thank you Vicky for all your patience;  I am not good, and it is part of my life, I had a VERY turbulent life -- I phoned where I am staying earlier and a staff almost affirmed that I was like the ones who take lithium ?  No I am not.  I am alone waiting for almost four (4) years to go back with the one I shared 3 years  in Brklyn NY USA --  I have to say it to someone, not at the other group, where tas left and kaya I think.  I am suffering a lot right now and was thinking aw, will I write to them, here or not, I hesitated long.  And it is me now not saying what to say.  I want to talk but I am afraid, cz I don't want loose YOU, everyone here.  I don't have other friends, and what is a friend?  It is not only a word.  Yes, tas, to know that someone is waiting for me is great.  Now it is hard for me to say the truth, -- dk is staying with a roomate Lady R... in a 2 bedrooms apt.  and he told me one week ago in the same email that  yes he will help me to find an apt. or a share.  So, now you can understand my feelings.  I lost the one I love.  I was thinging of it before he told me.  Plus she has 8 cats, and he left her lovely Puttytat to his sister. 

I love you all.  and it is normal that I am depressed.  Thanks again to everyone..


Marie. photo forMarie_zpse3145b73.gif






1 year ago


Is it okay here??

1 year ago

Nobody read my post of 2 days it is very important that you know.


1 year ago

Hi Marie...that is a beautiful purple stone and it is the Chit Chat thread so any picture is okay.   I see you posted your tag I made you.  I'm glad you like it.     Why is that staff member talking to you about being like a lithium patient?   In what way does she mean that?   I'm sorry that you are sad about is hard for you to know he is with someone else but it's nice that he offered to help you.   But I know you want more than that so I know how your depression feels. 


Have a good night everyone.   I'm tired,

To everyone
1 year ago


Peekaboo --  from Dave gallery


Hello Vicky.  Thanks-  I was not here last night at the Cafe.  I was sick, liver I think,  sometimes I ate a special chocolate cake or cheese cake and that's it.   All my left head plus my eyes was hurting so much.  An herborist staff gave me something to drink 'La Reine des Pres' was feeling better and add again this late morning.  I am okay now.  The bibolar .... nope, I thking she is tired, she left untill Saturday cz an aunt passed away and she will by the same time visit her mom who is 92 at the hospital, she said she doesn't thing she has for long.  She is the best worker there.  I have to go to order something.  cz it is to pay my place lol at the Cafe. it is 21:31, they close at midnight.  It is raining I don't care I came by inside tunnel... and it will be closed when I will go back.  Rain, I like it.  Dave wrote to me last night but read it only tonight.  He is still looking for me he talks to others and he said and have faith etc.  So, I feel better.  It is a real true love story, I know I will see him again.  Cz many of my things as an aisel all for painting clothes are there if he didn't put all in garbage.   Okay I am tired too. 






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1 year ago

Marie, I adore the squirrel pic you posted.  So precious!   I hope you and Dave do meet up again and I personally don't think he threw your things out.   I hope the worker that is the best one comes back soon and that her mom is okay.  I love rain, too but please, because of your health problems, try not to go out in it and get wet.   Well I am going to watch my new U Verse television.   It's pretty cool.   Good night or morning.


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1 year ago

Time for a new and improved chit chat thread methinks. 

Vicky, if you don't mind, I'm going to close this one, and start another. It's a chore getting to post here. 

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