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(closed) WANT TO TALK IGNORANCE?? Can you believe this???
1 year ago

I am appalled at her rudeness, prejudice and stupidity!  This article is titled:




 photo Palin_zps185c3eeb.jpg


Silly Sarah
1 year ago

OMG, really not suprised at anything that comes out of her mouth.  She is a media whore, does anything for money and apparently says anything too.  She is a huge draw to the right-wing-nuts of our country, who think she's  wonderful.  They call her governor on faux noise, never mentioning she quit that job to make more money.  She has no qualms about killing animals for the thrill of it and having it filmed to boot.  Native Americans are in the situation they are in because of people that came and destroyed their homes and moved them to uninhabitable places. Typical of the Republican party who really don't give a damn about anyone but their corporate pimps.  If people are hungry, poor, uneducated, need medical asistance, housing, etc. they don't care and they especially don't care about Native Americans, they've made that quite clear.

1 year ago

That is the most heartless and racist comment I've heard.

Ship her ass back to whatever planet she fell to earth from. 

Stupid to think , retarded to say out loud, no offense to retarded people, I spent many years donating my time to a chariity for the severely blind and retarded, and they were sweeter by a hemisphere than this talking a-whole.

I'm really pissed off! !!!

1 year ago

I'm not saying it is or isn't true, till more is brought out. It doesn't surprise me the junk that comes out of a lot of politiciaans mouths, especially nowdays it seems, both sides!  Here is just one thing I found. I like to know if someone really did or said something, whoever they are. This is about the article above.

Analysis: Please note that the above article was originally published on a website called Free Wood Post. Please note, further, that Free Wood Post carries a disclaimer which says, in part:

"Free Wood Post is a news and political satire web publication, which may or may not use real names, often in semi-real or mostly fictitious ways. All news articles contained within are fiction, and presumably fake news."

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1 year ago

I am so sorry everyone.  I usually check Snopes but failed to do so this time and the article is FALSE.   Thanks Sherry on your link too.  


Should I go ahead and delete this thread?

Yes, delete
1 year ago

No problems Vicky, as she says stupid things all the time, it was very believable.

Doesn't change the way I feel about her one whit. 

1 year ago

I have been hearing off and on, honestly, about some things Snopes says. It has even been brought to their attention some false claims, by people I know, with proof, and the response they got back was saying they were not going to rectify it, but couldn't deny what was shown them either. Honestly, I've heard much more about Snopes than FactCheck. Not saying both are always on the up and up, just have heard more about Snopes, to where some people will not deal with them at all anymore.

1 year ago

I know a lot of people don't like Palin, but it just didn't sit right so easily, that she'd do this. You need to watch The Undefeated, and talk to people in Alaska who knew and know her, as to what happened with her being governor.

I take it she hunts, is pro 2nd amendment, and I'm very pro 2nd amendment, and I received info from people in Alaska who like wildlife too, but killing the wolves wasn't "for fun." I read two long articles, and listened to people who live there. They were killing off the other animals, too way too low, and becoming too more less scared. Others do depend on those other creatures for food too.  What I see is noone complaining much about all the immigrants being allowed over here,  not having to come legally, and our country becoming more and more and more populated, pushing out the animals, when we can't even take care of those here. We expect people to use birth control, be responsible, but we don't on so many coming here, or those religions who don't believe in it, and some of those are buying up lands everywhere for their communes, compounds, whatever the're called, in places that  are encroaching into lands that are hurting wildlife, even though they may not see it. With the mountain men, people who'd rather live way way out than in the cities, but you're living in wild creature territory, and they're pushed back, and get more aggressive to survive themselves. What do we do. Who do we really blame? We pick people who then nominate or appoint anti wild animal persons to offices that should be protecting animals like the wild horses, bison, but don't.  Well, I didn't vote for him, did my homework, but I will never go for the making people believe they are selfish if they don't live in the cities either. I won't get into why on that, however I do believe if you are going to live out, then don't kill just for the trophy, but because you are mainly surviving that way, and a lot of mountain people and families do, having their own gardens, utilizing the furs and meat, and probably work harder than a lot of city people can imagine. 

1 year ago

That is ok,I am not a real American either.  

1 year ago

...all the elections are Jamaica and America.

1 year ago

I'd without a doubt say we saw it here hugely, in two of the biggest elections.   I don't know about Jamaican politics.  But I don't doubt it one bit in a lot of city  county, state, city council elections here either.

The whole
1 year ago

caribbean is corrupt as can be, i know many examples of millions in aid that went into the pockets of elected officials,all the way from the Bahamas, British Virgins

Antigua, trinidad,and Jamaica

But pale in comparison to haiti and the D.republic

America in my honest opinion is becoming a third world country,I've lived in those from most of my adult life,and it is becoming as bad!!

1 year ago

My friend,Holly from the states sayed she felt as if the last election was like being asked if you want to be kicked in your a$$ or punched in the stomach.......

Kind of like here.Polititians are worse thugs than street least they admit who and what they are.BABYLONIANS IN THEIR IVORY TOWERS!!!!!!!!!!

1 year ago

I used to live next door is some apartments in Louisiana for a little while, to one of the sweetest, most kind hearted, honest lady, that used to be a nun (till she couldn't take the butt kissing and attitudes of the Mother Superior and other sisters, aftter 17 years). She had been overseas herself, used to give to these charitable organizations through them, for kids and all, and she could tell you where most of that money given was really going.  So SAD.  It broke her heart, but she quit, as she was not going to fill the pockets of the Catholic people involved in supposing to make sure the right thing was done with the monies, but were stuffing their own pockets. She found out enough that she quit altogether, and a nun is all she had ever wanted to be all her life. But a totally honest, straightforward one.

1 year ago

Our country in the last election broke the constitution by allowing illegals in this country to VOTE!!   Can you believe that?  How come no one objected?  We all sat back like little mice.   I would never, ever have thought that are constitution would be broken like that.   I definitely think America is becoming a third world country, TAS....soon to be a one world government.  We're getting closer and closer to end times.  And TAS I know how appalling it is that people donate, in good faith, and out of love to those who experience tragedies like hurricanes, typhoons, etc. and have their money go into politician's pockets or if not them....someone.  I still give even though I don't know if it will get to the victims but I would feel so guilty if I didn't even try.  I scrutinize and check on Charity Navigator to see the rating of the organization I donate to.  That's the best I can do and I can only pray it gets to the people.

1 year ago

Why do you think Obama wanted and wants them here illegally.  I figure you already know.  Not out of the goodness of his bleeding heart! Votes and to help drag our country down.  He hasn't got a heart if I had to guess.  Busloads of Somalies were bussed in and told who to vote for, illegals voted, seceral people have already admitted to voting more than once, or a few times in fact, they found pet names, dead peoples names, and illegals voted. People were given cigarettes, alcohol, whatever and told who to vote for and driven to the polls. I and many did object!  If you want to know the truth, Vicky, I totally believe we have an illegal sitting in our WH.  Too many individual groups have showed detail by minute detail the fake BC he showed, & didn't he try twice?! He has spent so much money it would choke a horse to keep them hidden, before he came out with that BS, just as he does anything about himself, school records, all. This coming from what he said would be the most transparent administration ever. He nominates communists to the Supreme Court, has 6 MB in sensitive positions, and he doesn't give a rat's about the Constitution.  Thinks it's outdated. He's gone against the Constitution when it suits him. He thinks he's Lord, and unfortunately I read too many comments by others and how they defend him, and see they see him as such whether they admit or not themselves.

1 year ago


politic,,, what???

1 year ago

Ever since I heard that we will be in Afghanistan till 2024

my respect for Barry O has diminished

along with  his aca lie

and the federal busts that he promised Colorado and California would NOT happen

Never trust ANY POLITICIAN,the profession only attracts liars

even kennedy had many secrets, and he was supposedly our best!

1 year ago

I read the post about Obama yesterday and felt it was time I chime in.  In particular to Sherry.  Sorry Sherry but you are so badly misinformed about Obama, his birth certificate, his schooling, how he won 2 elections, I could go on and on. Can you please explain his fake birth certificate then?  Please explain to me how the newspapers in Hawaii had his birth listed in the paper if it is a fake.  Are you saying the newspapers were in cohoots back then knowing he would run for President in 2008?  Why is he illegal?  His mother was a citizen when he was born, explain that.  There were no Somali's voting illegally.  Maybe living in TX, you are led to believe all that stuff but take some time to educate yourself first.  His college degrees are verified.  Is there a hint of racism I am feeling from you? What are "6 MBs" anyway? 


As to the ACA, I do not believe he lied at all.  I think he was badly misinformednd and I put the blame squarely on his administrative staff. I don't beleive he said what he said about keeping your doctors unless he truly beleived it.  I voted for him both times, made calls, drove people to the polls and rejoiced when a Republican lost and rejoiced that the awful Bush was, at last, history.

As for voter fraud, at less than 1% Obama still would have won, hands down.  As for money Obama has spent, much of it has had to be spent to pay for Bush's lying us into war at a cost of thousands of innocent people not to mention our own service people killed and maimed. Also, what Communist has Obama put on the Supreme Court?  You think Roberts, Thomas and Alito are lilly white?  Heck no they're not! So my comment to you is this, you are railing against him with no apparent verifiable context to what you are charging him with.


That said, we can certainly agree to disagree on this thread.  I will still wish you well, Vicky and Tas too, but the vitrol from yesterday got under my skin and I wanted you to know where I am coming from. 

1 year ago

Good morning. I haven't slep well, as I was groggy after my deep gum cleaning and stitches yesterday, from the sedative they gave me, and kind of sickish later on.  I fell asleep early, woke up too early, so may try and go lay back down here in a bit.

Carlene, yes we can agree to disagree, and I wish you well, the same.  First though, you call it vitriol. It is what I believe, and the rest is there to find out. I  find more vitriol in the hint of racism from you, no matter how you worded it, it's there.   It's usage is old hat, usually followed by calling black people Uncle Tom's, when a non racist wishes someone like Allen West, Ben Carson, even Herman Cain, was our president, such as myself, and the racist card loses credibility.  Anyone of these fine men I would have voted for over Romney. It would have been my dream to do so. I would be skeptical of a few men that said they didn't cheat, but I do believe Mr. Cain was set up. Besides, I think everyone knows Obama is not just black.

There are many articles out there contradicting each other on Obama's BC. Berg, a liberal & lifelong democrat filed a lawsuit to have him show it as well.  The DNC fought it. He says Obama's grandmother, 1/2 brother & 1/2 sister say he was born in Kenya, the grandmother says she was in the delievery room.  Nes reports from that say his Grandmother stated Ann went back to HI after his birth, and why, and his birth was registered in public records there, then his own sister in reports, stated 2 different hospitals where he was born. And there was quite a bit about that.

The Somalies I believe, was in OH. You are going to believe what you will, as will I, after having watched videos from people who worked at voting tables, and detailed videos on is BC.

Sotomayer and Kagan are the two I refer-associate judges of the Supreme Court. Maybe more socialist, but that's a step under. MB is the Muslim Brotherhood. Do I think any of those you mentioned are lily-white? NO. Not even Bush.  No more than I do Chris Christie.

I used to vote mostly democrat at one time.  I stopped it well before I moved to Texas.

Vicky, I agree with you on the immigration and the rest of what you said.  And respectfully, that's where I'm coming from.

Carlene, Sherry
1 year ago

No one has touched upon the fact that we are in afghanistan for an extra ten years,after being told we would be out in 2014?

I don't believe all the birther stuff, a marketing ploy

not that concerned with aca

but the soldiers???they cannot leave!!

1 year ago

Sherry, I hope you are feeling better from your gum cleaning.  My sister had to have that and it was quite painful for her with changes in her daily dental routine from that point on.

Continuing on Obama - First of all, I am in no way racist.  I worked on the Obama campaign, both elections, worked the phone banks here in CA,  marched in Concord in support of he and the ACA.  Please don't go there with me, I won't tolerate from you or anyone else.   I felt being you mentioned the Somalies voting,  can't stand Obama and now understand what MB (Muslim Brotherhood) is,  I felt the racist undertone coming from you.   If I am wrong I apologize and stand corrected.  To continue to try and prove President Obama was not born here is a futile attempt by Tea Baggers to discredit him.  Again to repeat, his birth announcement was printed in the Hawaiian newspapers, this information is gathered FROM hospital records of births and deaths for particular dates.  There is no way the newspaper printed erroneous information regarding the birth of a baby boy (Obama) knowing he would run for President of the US one day.  I have been working on my family history with my niece for about 10 years.  My grandfather first came to Hawaii from Portugal, I had aunts and cousins born there with some relatives still living there.  Most of their births were reported in the Hawaiian newspapers and I am very familiar with this process. To continue to dispute that fact is a waste of air and even many prominent Republicans have stopped.
There is a contingent of Tea Baggers, whom I feel vote against their best interests and are for the most part misinformed.  Many of them don't want more government but like collecting their SS and using Medicare.  Hippocrites?  Hell yes! Please don't tell me about Baggers, we have very close friends of over 40 yrs who are Baggers and I know exactly where they are coming from.  No government, no taxes, no abortion, no gay marriage, no welfare, no food stamps,  on and on and on. Of course these same people like to drive on safe roads and bridges and want protection from police and fire and of course in our airports.  Politicans like McConnell, Boehner, Cantor, DeMint (he who had the nerve to call Obama a lair during his speech) and the rest of them who spend their time trying to defeat Obama instead of working for the good of our country are nothing but cowards being run by Tea Party donors. They are whores for big corporations,  coal polluters, oil companies, drug companies, you name it.  Where you live, the medical care is one of othe worst in our nation, only Mississippi is worse than TX.  Does your governor care?  What has Perry done for the people of TX to offer them affordable health coverage?  He's closed abortion clinics, that I know.  So these same people who don't want government in their lives, feel it perfectly OK to force government into a woman's life.  Also, as Perry's sister is a officer on the board of a large corporation owning sugery centers in TX, closing the abortion clinics and thus making women go to these surgery centers, puts more money in the pockets of the Perry family. 
I'll close by saying I think Obama is doing the absolute best job he can with a obstructionist Congress, one with the lowest rating on record,  and in spite of their opposition to anything he wants to do, he has overcome them and is slowing winning.  No more Iraq war, although we'll pay for that for many years to come. Of course the Republicans don't like mentioning their past leader took us there on a lie.   Closing down our government at a cost of 24 billion by the grandstanding of Cruz, well that didn't work either,  the ACA is still rolling out and I hope it works for the betterment of all. Just this morning the CBO (Congressional Budget Office which is non-political) stated that medical costs are down and heading lower.  The Republicans won't like this bit of news and I'm sure faux noise will have one of their hourly Fox News Alerts saying just the opposite and Fox watchers will sit and belive that lie like they do the rest.   Bin Laden is gone and we are working for peace with Iran. War Hawks that they are, the Republicans are against working with Iran.   The stock market has recovered at a outstanding pace this year. No, it's not perfect and yes Tas, we'll be in Afghanistan longer, no one likes it but those making millions off the war.  I'm fully behind Obama and will remain so.

1 year ago

I'm just on my way out the door with my daughter, so have to make this short.

Hope all are haveing a good morning. I will be very busy the nxt few day, cleaning, arranging, getting last inute items for a baby shower for my younger daughter, I'm having here.

Carlene, you will believe for whatever reason, Obama is fine.  I, after studying him for a while, too much to go into now, do not trust him one bit.  There looks like there will always be back and forth on whomshut down the government, but things Obama did during that time were disgraceful.

I have to go, but Carlene, do you know what you are saying about Tea Party people when you call the Tea Baggers?  That is a sexually sick description.  Sounds like you have been heavily listening to some wrong things about TP people. Neither are they racist. There are, and it's known, groups and people who their very sole purpose is to enter TP groups to try and ruin them.  That is childish.  Tea Bagger, whether you knew it or not, is a sick, childish, petty, sexually descriptive word of what other types are more into.

Gotta go.

Tea Baggers
1 year ago

Sherry, I will not get into a pissing contest with you and further feel this has gone on long enough.  You think what you think I'll know what I know.  I am very much aware of what I use the term Tea Bagger for, a right-wing party against more taxes and what they think is government intrusion.  I will not respond to your "sick, childish, petty, sexually descriptive" insinuations of what I meant.  Case closed on my part. 

1 year ago

I like ice cream!Do you like ice cream?Who likes ice cream?Let's go out for ice cream,everyone!My treat,ok?

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ice cream
1 year ago

Yes, let's go!  My favorite is jamocha almond fudge, triple scoop please and thanks!

thanks Gabra
1 year ago

do they have probiotic or soy?

 will take pomegranite, or sorbet .

Btw,very diplomatic,just like Vicky

I am loving this, keep it up

About Obama, I am still with his side,cannot tolerate the tea party

or anyone who won't listen and only wants to talk,and shout

If a person doesn't want to learn you cannot teach them, if they want to learn you cannot stop them.

Happy ice cream and friendship bonding!!!Thank You Gabra,you should be a bomb disposal expert,lol

like this ,lmao
1 year ago

1 year ago

Cute pic TAS and I love the ice cream, Gabra!    Thank you.  


I am closing this thread as it has taken a nasty turn.   Some believe in Obama and some do not so we'll let it stand at that and hope there are no hard feelings on either side.


I am closing this thread and hopefully we'll leave politics and religion out of our threads.  I probably should have never opened this can of worms.  lol  Sorry.

This topic is closed