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1 year ago

* Update from the Field:  Prepare for Difficult Times

Photo by Tim Springer.  Click image for larger view.

As Buffalo Field Campaign volunteers, coordinators, and supporters embark upon our 17th season in the field, so much has already happened. Fifty-four wild buffalo have been killed by treaty and state hunters. Though they may not realize it, they are serving as the snipers for the state of Montana. More than half the buffalo that had migrated into Montana earlier this fall have been killed.

BFC learned shocking news at last week's IBMP meeting, news we never thought possible: Yellowstone National Park has contracted with the federally chartered InterTribal Buffalo Council (ITBC) and the Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes (CSKT) to transfer captured buffalo to these tribes for shipment to slaughter at tribal facilities. Broken hearts and heavy confusion has set in with the advent of this unthinkable news. Through BFC's investigation, which is still ongoing, we discovered that Yellowstone officials have been actively soliciting tribes, encouraging them to enter into such incongruent and odious agreements. The Nez Perce have stood strong by rejecting these reprehensible contracts. Yellowstone National Park has become a more active and willing participant in the harassment and slaughter of America's last wild bison, and this latest arrangement was craftily devised by Yellowstone in order to shift the blame for slaughtering buffalo by the hundreds (and in some cases by the thousands) away from themselves.

We also learned that the Montana Department of Livestock (DOL) intends to capture wild buffalo in the Hebgen Basin, west of Yellowstone National Park, directly following the end of Montana's state bison "hunt," which closes at sunset on February 15. The DOL plans to capture and vaccinate wild buffalo with RB51, an ineffective, experimental cattle vaccine that has not been approved for use in wild bison. First they will have to blood test them for exposure to brucellosis, and adult females will be violated to determine if they are pregnant. As you know, blood tests do not determine if a buffalo has brucellosis or resistance to it, but the DOL will no doubt slaughter buffalo that test blood-positive, killing the ones who have the antibodies. The USDA-Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service (the federal equivalent of the DOL) was the only IBMP partner to support this proposal, and will be using your tax dollars to fund the DOL's treachery. Discussions among the IBMP partners were extremely heated, and all other agencies and tribal representatives joined with the public in expressing strong opposition.

We realize this is intense and oppressive news to get during the holidays, but we also know you want to know. Look for a Special Alert from us very soon with more details and actions you can take.  Rest assured that BFC will not stand by idly.  We -- and the buffalo -- need you now more than ever.  For now, take a deep breath, strengthen your resolve, and share with us in Giving Thanks for the ability to be here fighting for wild buffalo!

Wild is the Way ~ Roam Free!


 photo Female-plains-bison-ssp-bison-with-two-calves_zpsea0cd33a.jpg

1 year ago

Just when we think we are making headway for these majestic animals, those scums come up with something new to harm the bison!!   They must be is unimaginable!!   WHY don't taxpayers have any say in these PUBLIC land matters?

1 year ago

Very sad that they seem to be doing all they can to get rid of the buffalo.  What underhanded and sneaky people run the park.  Will wait for the petition and hope this slaughter can be stopped.  You are right Vicki, it seems the taxpayers have no voice.

1 year ago

Carlene, I am opening another thread and even though it is from 11/14/13 we can still make calls, mail or email.   Please take a look and call or email.   I hope everyone will.  Thanks so much.

1 year ago

Certainly not surprised to hear of the USDA being involved.  They destroy people's self sustaining farms, even when they have some of the most beautiful veggies and meats that you'd not see in a store, more healthy for sure. Doing their Agenda 21 ops along with other agencies like EPA, when there is absolutely nothing wrong,  that they say there is.

1 year ago

Well you know the USDA/government got involved with farmer's growing vegetables and created seeds that do NOT reseed.  So every year they have to buy them again..  However there are some heirloom seeds you can buy online and of course you can use your own from your crops and dry out and long as the government doesn't find out.  They'll somehow figure out how to defeat you.  Yes, the poor farmer's with their beautiful crops and farms don't stand a chance when the USDA/Government stick their ugly noses in things!  Did you EVER think that we would be having these kinds of problems within the U.S.A.?

1 year ago

Remember when I said that there were two types of ndn?

Here's your proof!

Shame on the cooperating tribe that is in a secret conspiracy with yellowstone and montana, I'm disgusted by them"  and their "I want to hunt like my ancestors"attitudes

Going to do some
1 year ago

investigation into this ITBC,probably all rich casino indian in origin

I know they are the ones selling buff hides at $3,000 a piece

to make a tipi with 30 or more hides

the population of bison cannot support this "luxury"


1 year ago

Vicky, the big thing everyone it seems used to be for, is people who grew their own crops, raised their own food, lived off the land as much as possible, and they were all for it back when. The organic and healthy way of living and eating.  Now, this gov't wants everyone moved in, a dem politician has already been up there saying (I wish I had saved that video) it's selfish for people to want to live out. There are people involved in Agenda 21 who if people would listen to people who go to UN meetings, seen the people signing, -I have in person gone and listened,-- and quit writing them off as just anti this gov't. which is involved, they might learn something. It's not been just this guy in the WH, but when you learn of it, where do you say your time is up?! It's not any good that is planned for any of us. We got the EPA proclaiming wetlands, when it isn't, so people can't build there, USDA destroying people's self sutaining way of life,-it just happened not too long ago, again, claiming blight, and even carrying off things after destroying their crops, that wasn't food.

Yep, it's sad Tasunka. Like i say, I learned the Macaw in WA states intentions were to sell the whale meat to Japan, it wasn't anything about "getting back to their roots." They wanted to do that, they could do that, and live like that. Even to the point of disrespecting an elder because she was against it too, and kicked her out for a time. That made me have no respect for them whatsoever, plus I had seen on tv where some of the indians were rolling up their cuffs, getting in peaceful protesters face, and trying to egg them into a fight.  The whole thing and what transpired made me lose any respect for them, except the ones who were wiser and honest like the elder Macaw woman.

1 year ago

Not only that, but I had read that the Coast Guard had no jurisdiction in the waters there in WA state to stop Capt. Watsons boats from trying to stop the whale hunt. Not sure if that is true, but if so, they were told to do so anyway, and they did.

1 year ago

I'm sorry, but if I wanted to get back to my roots, I'd go live somewhere in the mountains, hunt, fish and trap, grow my own food, have no electricity, running water except for a river, no convenience stores, no car or gas staions, no ready made stores or malls, build fires to keep warm and cook with, and on and on. I take no stock in this "wanting to get back to our roots" thing, unless that's what you choose to do.

1 year ago

Not sure if I could live without some luxuries that I am used to (running water, a/c, electricity, etc) but a lot of things I could do without.  But I know (fear) that no matter what, the government would somehow come around and forbid this or that or tax those that are living 'in nature'.   It doesn't matter to them (government)'s all about control and money.

when I had that old hotel
1 year ago

in Maine,it was the only non primitive plumbing in town

people lived in the woods with no plumbing or running water

and made heat from woodstoves

in the winter had to snowshoe from their homes to get to town

sometimes as far as 3 miles from any road

they used to come once a week to use the hotel's bathrooms,showers and old payphones, when we took it over we built a health club ,so anyone from the bar could have their drinks delivered to a locked 10 jacuzzi spa room,with a sauna and a shower and steam bath, it became extremely popular with the townies who worked at the paper mill, in the winter they were so rude to the skiers who were staying at the hotel, we finally privatized it for guests only.

we didn't have many friends in there anymore,to put it mildly.

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