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SPECIAL ALERT!!! Please read & take action.
1 year ago

Even though this is from November 18, 2013, I'm sure it's not too late to call, mail or email.  PLEASE DO...time is of the essence!   Thank you so much.

November 18, 2013

The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee will be considering a bill this week that will have a devastating impact on western public lands, native wildlife and especially wild buffalo.

The “Grazing Improvement Act,” S. 258, is a nightmare for wild buffalo. As many of you already know, one of the primary reasons wild buffalo aren't allowed to migrate beyond Yellowstone's borders is that much of the National Forest land is leased to private ranchers to graze cattle. The ranchers simply don't want competition for the grass on our federal public lands. Wild buffalo have a natural right to migrate and graze, but the welfare ranchers stand in the way. Now, with the so-called “Grazing Improvement Act” they want to keep the public from even being involved in the decisions about how our public lands are managed and to exempt those decisions from environmental review as currently required under the National Environmental Policy Act. As if this wasn't bad enough, the bill would also extend grazing permits from 10 years to 20 years! 

TAKE ACTION: CALL SENATOR WYDEN TODAY!  The Committee will hold a business meeting to consider this legislation first thing Thursday morning.  Please take the time right now to contact the Committee Chair, Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon, and tell him not to support this destructive bill. Public lands ranchers already have a sweetheart deal. They certainly don't need more special treatment.

Within Oregon:  Call Senator Wyden at (202) 224-5244 in Washington, DC, or (503) 326-7525 in Portland Oregon.  Phone calls are going to have more of an impact, but Oregon residents may also choose to use this email form.
Outside of Oregon:  Call Senator Wyden at (202) 224-5244 in Washington, DC, or (503) 326-7525 in Portland Oregon.   And if your Senator is on the Committee, please also let him/her know that the public has a right to be involved in how our public lands are managed. 

More Helpful Points to Raise:  The “Grazing Improvement Act” is a huge giveaway to the livestock industry coming at a time when many of our western public lands are in dire condition. With the impacts of climate change becoming more apparent every year, the situation is only going to worsen at the expense of native wildlife, clean water, and healthy ecosystems. The last thing we need is to further entrench one of the most destructive activities taking place on our public lands.

The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee needs to hear from you!  Please dial the number and have your voice heard for wild lands and wildlife!



Buffalo Field Campaign
P.O. Box 957
West Yellowstone, MT 59758

Will do
1 year ago

Thanks Vicky.

1 year ago

thank you.

1 year ago

TO confront the tribes that are in cahoots with the state and ranchers

if they back out ,the federal part of the blm has nowhere to go but to the voters,they are using the exemptions for Native people to have freedom over the bison as a smokescreen,no pun intended

they need re-education,to what it means to be Native American,and on the medicine path.

they are the stereotypical reservation indians who become addicted to alcohol drugs and gambling,I'm sure of it!!!!!!!


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1 year ago

I don't remember what leader-Nez Perce? - that warned the people against white man's liquor, saying they could not handle it.

And sadly, I had seen where a lot do become easily addicted it seems to alcohol and drugs.  I think the Chief back then had more intelligence, was wise,  more foresight,  and he unfortunately wasn't listened to enough.

1 year ago

Unfortunately I've read about a lot of bad things that happen when the Native people consume alcohol.   Of course bad things happen when whites do too; it's such a shame that alcohol does this to people and yet people continue to drink it in excess.

1 year ago

Yes. My brother-in-law was a heavy drinker. His dad tried to help him for years, or get him to get help. He even offered a few times to help him start his own business, as he was a very talented cabinet, hutch, table, door maker, and anything like that out of wood he was top knotch. But he wouldn't. Worked at places like that, made them for other people. He was tasked with making a secret wall in a wall for a person to hide all their guns. It was tricky where the guy wanted it, but he figured it out, and you couldn't tell there was anything but a regular wall there. He did beautiful work.  But drink and then diabetes ended up getting him. He just wouldn't take care of himself, and he was found on the floor of his trailer by a neighbor when it was windy one day, and they saw papers flying around with the door partially open, and it was cold. He died. 

1 year ago

The gambling is getting just as bad.

They continue to live in poverty , even with a massive amount to money being divided by the tribe, and then they blow it all on the very substance that made it. 

I HATE THAT WE ARE NOW SYNONYMOUS WITH CASINOS...almost as bad as reservations, but toyed with by the money that they squander! Casino ndns are the greediest of all tribes, including the ones complicit in buffalo hunting, for these "rich" Casino ndns buy the buff hides and horns for ornaments!

1 year ago

Alchohol ruins so many families,I do not know why so many people even bother.It does not even feel that good,and it is soooooo destructive.Better to get yourself some good ganja,boom draw,not the cheap stuff.It works great,and is not dangerous.

1 year ago

On that note, Gabra, it does not make many feel nauseous, but better, more comfortable, unlike so many western meds, of which many take, that does make them feel nauseous, sick, and who needs that on top of what they already suffer from, and from what they have to take on top of that?  I've read reports of people, combat soldiers who came back injured, and the difference it makes for them, but yet they are not legally allowed it.  I would ssay depending on the grade, what else may or not be laced with it, that it might not be a better idea to get and out drive on it anymore than alcohol, but for the most part, I think people are more cautious on it, than they think they are on alcohol.   It's not the kind of think you want to mix with things like amphetamines and other stuff, and drive, but if at home for a medical condition, and it helps with what you have wrong, versus a western med, or helps you so don't have to take as much of some western med, or helps keep down the bad effects of some western RX drug, then for heavens sake, it's about the person being able to get through what ever is wrong, easier and more comfortably than what they're being subjected to!  It was a part of my aunts plan, when she had gotten down to 89 lbs., 1 a Harvard doctor, the other 2 thinking she had Parkinsons, and they were in fact killing her with all the meds they were giving her. She did die once, but was brought back. My cousin and OMD in CA in his 3rd trip to come see her, asked her if she was ready to go.-she happened to be coherent that time.  He took over her care, got her out of there, decided after looking at her records,to take her off all those meds, used Marijuana in her food, it increased her appetite, badly needed, and she felt better, kept her on IV for awhile till she got back in her 120's, and used the natural herbs he is expert in. Just talked to her 2 days ago again.   Still no more shaking of the face and hands out of the blue like I had witnessed several times, no having to help take her arm to walk her to a door somewhere, or get a wheelchair, no more dull monotone speech and attempt at a laugh.  We're talking about a 180 degree turn around here, that would floor you if you saw her today, to what she was then, under western medical doctors care, Period. She was on her way out, and almost made it there, if it hadn't been for her will to live, and my cousin's being ther when she was awake, & then taking over her care. Period!

THese western meds can so many supposed to be good for one thing, but end up harming so much other stuff in our bodies, that  it just causes more you have to take now, because of what that one caused! And so on.  Marijuana should never have been considered a Schedule 1 drug. Doesn't even come close. They were just afraid of something that could undermine their lucrative business of other drugs.  Personally from my younger years up, I would rather be around a person who is high off just marijuana, than drunk on alcohol. More plesant and fun by far.

1 year ago

Hahaha!!!Fun! YAH MON!!!!!!! SO IRIE!!!!!

Sorry,I had to......I am only teasing you.

King Solomon had herb on his throne.Almighty had given him wisdom,the herb helps concentration.

Herb helps cancer,heart ,diabetes,and from the age of 6,I have maintained my bipolar myself,with the herb.I do NOT subscribe to babylonian medicine,it keeps you sick so pharma makes more money.

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