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Kalispell Montana
1 year ago

If you've never heard of this place,it is too bad.

It is a lake region in the northen most part of Montana, right next to Glacier National park, it gets a fair amount of tourism

well,it's land that belongs to the kalispell tribe, however since it is such a beautiful place, the Natives have been bribed to sell it to tourists wanting a lake house....displacing the tribe,and this is happening a lot.

Really too late as it's been happening since before I was there in 1990.

Anyone who is interested,and Glacier makes yellowstone look like a garden, look it up

Maybe I shouldn't put it here, but it was on mind.

1 year ago

I was in Great Falls when my brother-in-law, who is now passed, used to live there. I would love to see pics of Kalispell!  We went driving out on a wildlife refuge, and I tell ya, I got to see for the first time why Montana is so aptly called Big Sky Country! It's something hard to explain to someone, how the sky just seems to fill the atmosphere, everywhere. It's so noticeable there, that that is what it is- big sky country, even away from the places like where we went driving. 

1 year ago

That is so sad that the tribe can be bribed.   Some things mean more than money and I only wish everyone felt that way and preserved the beauty of the land.   Makes you wonder if they were bribed or given an ultimatum, TAS.  Sherry, for the past few years I have been wanting to go out west and see the big sky with all the stars and moon looking so close like you could reach out and touch them.   That's on my bucket list....I just wish it wasn't so far away or I'd go very soon.

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1 year ago

I only mention it to anyone who is going to travel west to yelowstone

while you're there,don't miss Big Sky, Glacier Natl park, the bitteroot mountains

and the lake region (kalispell)

it's gorgeous out there,too bad it's chock full of bigots of every kind,and against almost anything that isn't theirs or makes them money

the town i almost bougt that land in,had an agency that supplied props to movies like Dances with Wolves,mostly old guns,but also some fair native American costumes,nothing like Mine,lol

A view of Glacier Natl Park
1 year ago

1 year ago

Tas,that is BREATHTAKINGLY beautiful! I would LOVE to go there sometime.Part of the time with my family,and part of the time by myself.

1 year ago

Haven't been to Glacier, looks beautiful.  Would love to be floating on that lake right now ( in a boat) !

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