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1 year ago

There is so much interesting information contained in the Yellowstone Country Wild Bison calendars that I thought I'd share some of it here.   It's from the 2013 calendar; I can't wait to receive my 2014 one.  Great pictures, too.  If you have any other things about either Yellowstone or the bison that you'd like to post, please do.  


 photo bison-in-snow_zps731acc7e.jpg


1 year ago

Yellowstone territory, habitat of the last wild Buffalo Nation, is sacred ground...The Buffalo Nation has confirmed this fact by where they have ended up, continuing to survive in their natural migration, struggling to live in a peaceful manner.  ~ Chief Arvol Looking Horse



It would have been as easy to count or to estmate the number of leaves in a forest as to calculaate the number of buffaloes living at any given time during the history of the species previous to 1870.  
~ William Hornaday, 1889




Winter temperatures in the Yellowstone area sometimes plummet below -60 degrees F, making the climate uninhabitable to many species.


Bison are build to survive in such extremes.  Their windpipes, proportionately longer than those of other large mammals, warm the frigid air as it travels toward their lungs.


With 10x as many hairs per square inch as domestic cattle, a bison's coat provides near perfect insulation.  A downy inner layer of under-fur traps body heat while a thick, wooly outer layer blocks water, ice and wind.  Bison grow this thick outer coat every fall and shed it in the spring.




Here is a link for anyone wanting to order the 2014 Calendar.  You won't be sorry and the proceeds help the BFC, the only group out there monitoring the buffalo.   I've ordered these calendars for years and they are truly wonderful.

1 year ago

I actually thought that Yellowstone Park was a friend of the buffalo and that they were safe there.   Sadly, I see they're not.


1 year ago

Here is the link to the didn't post properly in I.E.

1 year ago

I just ordered by beautiful 2014 Buffalo calendar!   Order yours won't be sorry.   So many awesome pictures of the bison and such intriguing information.  



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