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1 year ago

Boy, our other thread sure did fill up fast....but that is good!   Means we have lots of posters.  


 photo wolfinforest_zps6533ff4e.jpg

from the closed thread
1 year ago
New Orleans and....

Vicki and Sherry, Thank you for the travel tips when we visit New Orleans.  We will be very careful and usually don't carry much money, use our ATM or credit card. Some of what we'll do will be with a tour company so that will help with the safety factor.

Tas, Yes, we've been to the Bitter End and Villa Tamar looks over to Branson's island, think it's Necker Island. One of my favorite places on VG was the Baths, we'd walk through to the beach at the other end and spend the day lazing around and snorkeling. Also liked to take a water taxi to Saba Rock for dinner.  The villa was so beautiful, think you can look it up online because the owners rent it out.  Maid service every day, they even emptied the dishwasher and we enjoyed chatting with them.  We were so spoiled it was hard to come home and have to do my own housework!

1 year ago
that's exactly right
4 hrs ago

except you didn't mention Saba Rock ,basically was right behind it,on the left side of the harbor across from the bitter end.

The beach across from Necker island, goat island is uninhabited,so that's where we always took our dogs, it had a view of his house.

We used to take people snorkeling and diving at the baths,and the HMS rhone

off salt island,you could see 90 feet underwater how ,many fingers someone was holding from the top of the water,it was that clear,when not swelly.

Last time I went to New orleans was in the 90's .I think,so only remember the french quarter and red lamp district,and the garden area was beautiful..

Sherry,I never really told you my favorite islands......

bequia,dutch west indies

and the azores,portuguese island out in the middle of the atlantic ( the Hawaii of the east,2000 miles from the us,1000 miles from portugal.)

Vicky,I think it's time for a new thread,this filled up so fast!!!

btw,marie,I'm a dog, my name means horse

the captain is a horse,and he can get scary,lol

a born leader!!

1 year ago

Hello everyone, thank you tas for telling me that your name means horse and that you are like Fyre, dog.  I don't know dogs in Chinese Astrology.  But I don't believe in it 100%, similarities.  A pic from google NY yesterday and cold... so we can go all inside, basement, to shop. all we need, there is a Health Store very interestibg. 

Thanks all for your good vibs.



and let me apologize again
1 year ago

Carlene,was a little tired and missed the part about Saba Rock, as opposed to the island Saba,across from St.Maarten.

Sorry, obviously you had a good tour of the island ( the fat virgin)virgin gorda

1 year ago

1 year ago

If I had the money right now,I would be so out of here.I like it here except winter,even though I have been living here since I was 5,I can not get use to winter.I actually get physically sick at times,it is razy.I hope you are all hot(in whatever way you want to be,lol!)Nice pic,Tasunka.

1 year ago

Hi TAS, Marie and Gabra.  Well I thought tonight was going to be warmer but Weatherbug says not til tomorrow night will it start warming up.   I love a few days of winter as long as I don't have to go out in it for long.   And I love looking at snow but don't want to be in it.   It's beautiful though.


Marie, that picture of NYC looks lovely with all the snowflakes falling.


TAS, your photo is such a contrast to Marie's frigid one.   Lying on a sailboat under the hot rays of the sun sounds good.   Then a nice dip into the beautiful warm, blue water.  


Gabra, sorry you get sick in the cold; maybe one day you'll be able to live or vacation where the temps are hot!  


Well, I'm just passing through but wanted to stop in and say 'hi'.  May each of you have a great evening or morning.


Isn't this little sloth adorable all dressed in his warm p.j.'s.


 photo Cute_zpsfb6da5e2.png

1 year ago

Brooklyn ny bridge with the cold we have for a couple of days, we do not have to get out, fire place is the way to take place, my friend has many friends and we have interesting conversations.  Not coming as ofter as before not neither write chapter, will be for my next book. Ciao

Be well,



1 year ago

I lost all my Page grrrrrrrrrrr went to bed last night and when back to my laptop, only one picture.  Very enough from the Care2 glitches, and I am not the only one.  This is where we live, not at this time of the year lol...  soon, and we have to think about the garden etc.

Ciao  am the only one here that is ...

1 year ago

I play on a group, it was my turn, so with the letter hum can't remember, so as you see it is a special bird. 

1 year ago

 everyone popping in to wish Vicky a Happy Birthday


Birthday Graphic #315

1 year ago

Thank you so much June, for my birthday wishes!   Adorable mouse! 


Nice pictures, Marie.  The bridge one looks soooo cold while the other one looks so warm & inviting sitting in the sun.   The bird is gorgeous!


1 year ago

Marie the bird reminded me of hand art.   Check out this video....they are so cool.  And some look soooo real.  Enjoy everybody.


1 year ago

Hey Vicky!  Sorry I'm a day short here!  Hope you had a fantastic birthday cuz!!!

1 year ago

I have to go get ready here, pretty soon.  We are driving to Shiner, TX for our friends funeral service.  My husband found out a little more yesterday from our friend. He had called my husband a half hour after he had gotten the news of his wife, so.. She did have colon polyps, but what she went in for first was a histerectomy, & that's when something happened shouldn't have.

Love everyone's pics. Vicky, I used to have that wolf picture. Love the scenery. My grandson's birthday is tomorrow. He'll be 7.

enjoy your birthday cake,this buff sure did
1 year ago


1 year ago

bison photo: Bison IMG_5808.jpg 


1 year ago

    It is a good vegetarian cake I made for you in my dreams.  I went to bed at 6:00 it is 5:23 ~ 

I am hungry and will eat for sure we will.  Have fun!!

PS  I love your video, Vicky...

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Nice looking cake
1 year ago

thanks I will definitely have a piece,if it's truly vegan

love the colors, So Naca tatanka Zuya,( and yes,you pronounced it right)

I hope you hade a great Birthday...

1 year ago


Have a piece, tas, in my dreams it is vegan. . .
1 year ago

  tas, love the colors too, I am making very beautiful paintings on my dreams this is the reflect of realty.  but true.

We don't go nowehre tonight just relaxing close the fireplace.  I am still sleepy,

-- dk use to say I was a sleepy head as the Puttytat.  His cat ...

okay have all fun, I guess,

Nice to see ya Kaya, hope you will unblock me if not, I am happy the same.



1 year ago

Darn....I just posted a long post and lost it.   So all I will say now is thank you all for my birthday wishes and adorable graphics!   I love the bison!  You all made my day happier.  (((HUG))


 photo Friendsclipboard_zps541590fb.gif

1 year ago

TAS you may have told me but my memory is bad.   What does Naca tatanka Zuya mean?

1 year ago

It is like a signature or a seal,I think.I may be wrong but I think so.Hello,friends.Love and hugs.

1 year ago

Chief Bison Warrior. like you wanted Vicky,lol

I really am your memory.

Hi Kaya,glad you are back in action...

I hope the new house pleases you and is big enough for all the kids...

miss you,tough about the no internet there,soon come?

1 year ago

How nice is everyone in this tas'group

1 year ago

Thanks for the explanation, TAS (and yes you're my memory lol).  I'll write it down this time and thank you for writing it in the native language...which is it?  Lakota?  Cheyenne?, etc.


Will be back tomorrow. 


 photo good-night-1033_zpscdd2c200.jpg

1 year ago

Good Night everyone!  Trying to go to bed earlier living early tomorrow for Quebec City to my daughter house.

Hi, hope everyone is well,,good night Buffs
1 year ago

1 year ago

Just fly by to say hi.

1 year ago

Well, good night!  Nice weather in Quebec City

1 year ago



1 year ago

I think I am losing my mind.  I know I came here last night or the other night and commented on Betty Boop and the bison pictures posted by Marie and TAS.  But my post is not here so maybe I'm out in left field somewhere.  lol   Wow, you're back in Canada, Marie?   I like the way you can come and go.  I'd probably get turned away from either Canada or U.S.  hahaha!  That's one strange looking cat....  Well, I'm going to go and watch some t.v.   Talk to you later.  Maybe some others will stop in later.


 photo hello_friendsfrmNance_zps664f7e61.gif

Greetings from Quebec City. . . Vicky you are not lost...
1 year ago

Hello everyone.  I am sure I told you or it is me who is somewhere in a field in the snow of Quebec City, brrrrr.  I will repeat:  I am living in Manhattan NY with a gentleman who is tour guide for 25 years, so we went to Mexico than at my daughter house in Quebec City to see the new baby of 3 weeks now.  Sorry for this picture it was for someone else, and I don't have more time before smoke outside lol, and then bed time.  All is fine, and copy my news, so you won't get lost dear Vicky.  You are maybe more than myself online.  Not a lot for me.  We will be back the 21, so next Tuesday.  Ciao.



1 year ago

Vicky ,care2 had a bad case of the glitches again..

plus they suspended Zen,if you haven't signed the petition,please do

1 year ago

I just got back from taking my grandkids home. There is a memorial being set up just a block down from where they live for a little 9 yr.old girl that my granddaughter knew, & Kens 5 was there.  She was killed by a hit and run driver yesterday morning,  on her way to school.  It just hits you, thinking that that could be your child, or your grandchild, and you feel so sorry for the family.  I hope to God they catch the person who did it. Hopefully they will, as the truck has to have damage done to the front end. 

1 year ago

I knew by a member woman that all  you said to Vicky.  I didn't sign and have good reasons.

When you are a dictator, this is what happen.

Good Night eveyone and by the same time

1 year ago

Really? Okay.  Are you trying to say something I said in private to someone & stand by, was spread, Marie? This was nothing to sign, but it's not showing up.  It was an article about a young girl my granddaughter  knew, who was killed by a hit and run driver a couple days ago here.  Have a good day.

1 year ago

Marie, you talking about me or signing for Zen? I don't know Zen, but I'm confused here, as you posted under me, which the link in my post wasn't anything to sign, but to read. I'll try again.

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1 year ago

Nothing about you these members are not here,

Sherry, thanks and good night!


1 year ago

Sadly I heard about Zen, TAS.  A rotten shame.  I didn't know there was a petition but I will gladly sign it.  Where is it?  How is your leg?


Sherry, that is so very sad about that little girl.  Her family and friends are in my prayers.  Such heartache.   I haven't gone to your link yet but if it's possible I will definitely post it on Facebook.  How is your granddaughter taking it?  Oh, Marie was talking about Zen. 


Marie, how beautiful is your granddaughter?   I know you fell in love with her.   You don't have to repeat that you live in Manhattan, Marie.  I just know you have been talking about 3 different places so I wasn't sure if you were living in Quebec or just visiting.  Pretty graphic.


Well I guess Carlene, Gabra and Kaya are around somewhere.  Oops, it's Friday...maybe they are out having a good time.  


 photo happyweekendfromdaria_zpsbc7b075d.jpg

1 year ago

Just ask tas your memory, if you are lost.

1 year ago

In otherwords, it's getting hard to keep up with where Marie is going! LOL Just kidding. It would be wonderful to be able to travel like that, and it 's neat getting to hear about all the places.

I don't know what happened w/your friend getting kicked off Tas & Vicky, but I know I have seen it many times where someone wasn't honest with or about thyemselves,  or the person they went crying about, & got them kicked off just for childish spite.

My husband told me that yesterday they found the truck that hit the little girl. They were busy then trying to trace back. It was found on the south side, & the hit and run took place on the north central side, not far from us, just down the road from my daughters.

1 year ago

From what I've heard, Zen was suspended for something she said to Eric regarding Care2.  The petiton to bring her back has been removed.  People are usually suspended for inappropraite language or threats made to another poster and are usually temporary.  In Zen's case we'll have to wait and see if she decides to return after her suspension is lifted.

To the ones are lost
1 year ago
I thank you very much Carlene.  So misunderstanding here and everywhere. I kow very well the story of Zen, not the first time, she didn't want to help me once for Ok have to eat with urfrieds.
I respect Zen
1 year ago

For her unwavering diligence in helping people, she's helped me a few times. 

I actually thought she was too serious, she actually told me once that my humor was innapropite, , I cannot think of a more mature poster.


1 year ago

Seems  not. I've seen people complain about someone who gave their opinion ot thoughts, no threats, no vile words, very true to what the person was doing, while that person or people could be obnoxious, sexually slanderous even, to the hilt, yet gang up and get someone banned, when they themselves are the ones who should have been banned.  It's just ridiculous. Or, make something out of something posted, they know is not what they are trying to make it out to be, but then sound like a kid running with it, that it is. 

Being banned
1 year ago

Up to Care2 who and why people are banned. Most are reinstated after being "punished".  Many are trolls and others are Passive-Aggressive, the poor little me type who feels put upon.

1 year ago

Hi everybody.  Well the Zen thread was deleted.  I don't think people should be banned/suspended for a small gripe or a disagreement with Care2.   Others with 'I'm so superior' comments stay while helpful people are suspended.  I heard she can read posts and give green stars, she just can't post or open threads.  Oh well...we'll see how this plays out.   Zen has always been a friend and very helpful to me.


Pretty Indian graphic and quote Marie.  Not sure what "Just ask tas your memory, if you are lost." means


Carlene, Sherry, Marie and TAS how was your weekend?   I see Gabra and Kaya are still absent.  I hope they are  okay.


 photo dogquote_zpsff5549c0.jpg


1 year ago

Cute puppy dog. My weekend was fairly busy. Friday I picked up Grandson from school, he stayed the night, & next morning we drove to a place that makes great Kolaches, & indulged LOL, then we went to a coffee shop, but got him a juice drink. After that, he, myself, and my son went to the park for awhile, let him play, and then we tossed football for awhile. After that, I spent quite a bit of time cleaning house, as we had company coming over to watch the football game Sunday-6 people.  My husband prepared ribs to cook for Sunday. Sunday, I made appetizers, had other food put out, & everyone ended up bringing something anyway, so there was plenty, plus plenty of pounds to gain LOL One friend stayed for the 2nd game, as he lives not far away, & he wanted to see the Seahawks play, because he's from the San Juans & Bellingham areas of WA state. The last couple of days here have been phenomenol weather wise, & today is good too. In fact I'm about to go out & give my dog a bath before temps start going back down. She doesn't like anything to do with water really, never has, unless it's to be drank. But she does enjoy the treats afterward. 

Well, time for me to go get in grunges for her bath, as she does like to shake all over me!

How was everyone else's weekend?  I'll be back after doggy bathtime, which will require my own afterwards.

1 year ago

I feel better now. I'm sure Kayla does too. I know she smells better! It was nice and warm out here again, and she got a nice flat short rib beef bone to gnaw on. I discovered we're out of peanut butter dog biscuits, which she likes, and no veggie ones left either, or jerky, so trip to the store tomorrow, but she grabbed that bone up straight away!

1 year ago

Fyre had an indoor bath last week before my leg went kablooie, he really needed it. 

The captain helped me, he calms him and especially since he's almost 90 pounds, can seriously hurt me, and I can't bend over or keep him still myself. could say we tag teamed him, and because of the weather, I blew him dry till damp, and wrapped a big towel around him....he still has lung scars from the valley fever, and can develop into pneumonia if not careful, he takes a long time to dry! 

Still laid up.

Buff hugs, miss you all! 

1 year ago

How'd you bum your leg, Tas? My dog wouldn't keep a towel or blanket on herself at all, so I just give her an outside bath when it's warm or hot outside, and let her jog & walk herself dry in the sunshine. She's short haired, so it doesn't take as long.  You can always tell she feels better after a bath, she just doesn't like getting one. I have to put a spiral stake in the ground, & attach a chain or her dog leash to her collar hook, cause she keeps trying to get away, & sometimes I have to keep following her around in circles to finish the job. Some dogs love water, baths, bodies of water, but she never has, & only will get in a stream a little up past her feet, about her forearm area.

1 year ago

Love you,Siouxze,please get better.Your dog weighs almost as much as me.The little kids were playing with my dog when I leave for work this morning.He still hates me,but at least we get him to not biting people.We let the kids go to the same school,we work in Kingston any way.Hi Vickie and every one.Hugs to you.Going to check for petitions.

fyre was really dirty!
1 year ago

I usually do him in the back yard, but it's too cold, takes him so long to dry.

about my leg, I am puzzled¿

Starting out with a foot cramp in the middle of the night, in the morning couldn't walk! Sitting is the worst thing to do! 

So  either working thru exercise, or lying down. ..

I think it's a muscle knot, but after having surgery for the other legs pinched nerve, I'm nervous about seeing a new doctor, the ones here out west, including dentists have to be fully researched, so many quacks! 

Your leg
1 year ago

Been busy this week.  I should  be doing Rain Dances here in  California.  Beautiful weather, yesterday was 75 degrees, but not what we want or need.  We need rain and lots of it.  I hear the Pope is even praying for California to get rain. Latest weather report shows lots of sun and not a drop of rain for at least 10 days out.

Tas, sorry about your leg.  Sounds like sciatica maybe?  Maybe if you stretch your foot is will release the muscle in your leg? 

Hiking on Mt Diablo this morning, gotta get ready.  Take care everyone!

1 year ago

Hello,sorry I was off for so long. Just wanted to say hi to everyone,sign any petitions I can find.Glad to see Kaya has been here.She pm me as well.I knew she moved.She sent me a cool pic too.Have a good more ice cream offers from,anyone?I am sharing the pic Kaya sent.

Peter Tosh-I wish he was my

1 year ago

Hi ladies!  Well it's a very damp, cool day today and the lows tonight will be around 23 degrees.  BRRRRR!  


Sherry, it got in the 70's for a couple of days but I am leery of giving my dogs baths outside until the summer.  People say they can get distemper but I'm not sure.  My dogs are big so I'm glad my son bathes them.  Sounds like you had a great time w ith your grandson.  They keep you busy don't they?    Boy, it sounds like you had a real spread for the football game.  I love barbecued ribs.  Are you planning to do anything for the Super Bowl?


Kaya, that's a shame your dog hates you...maybe one day he will change his mind.  What kind of dog do you have?  90 pounds?  Wow although my dog Bear may be close to that.   Angel is around 60 pounds.


TAS, I hope you find out what's wrong with your leg, that's terrible that you don't know what's wrong with it.   Hopefully it's something minor and that you find out soon how to fix it.   You're right....there a lot of quacks out there.


Carlene, I hope you get rain soon.  California & Texas seem to be states that get very little rain.   Forest fires in California, and animals dying of thirst in Texas.  But that won't happen til the heat of the summer.


Gabra, good to see you!  I love the picture of Peter Tosh...he is quite handsome.  I know you're glad Kaya sent it to you.    Thanks for the pizza offer but right now I think I would like ice cream.  lol


Talk to you later everyone.


 photo HUGS_zps237cedc1.jpg


1 year ago

It's going to bee cold tonight!  It was cold earlier today. We had to cover our orange tree and banana tree. Windy and cold. Log on the fire tonight. Yippeeee!

Possible sleet in the morning, and possibly getting down to between 28-30 degrees in the night. I am glad I gave Kayla a bath when it was 77 degrees out & sunny, really nice, otherwise it would have been getting too cold. Current conditions is 34 degrees, feeling like 25 degrees, and thru the night we could have ice pellets and rain mix. 

Tas, don't lay too long in the same position in bed, stretching like Carlene says, & wear supportive shoes. Sometime too much heat, I've heard can be a contributor. But I would do your research for a doctor, in case you need one, because it can mean other symptoms too, or deficiency of certain minerals. I hope you get better soon. I had something happen to me when we lived in WA state, I had no answer for. Still don't. I started feeling stiff and uncomfortable, and got to where I could hardly move, hurt, w/my husband trying to get me to go to the doctor. I should have listened. Woke up in the early hours one morning, couple days later,  & he had to help walk me to the truck to go to emergency, I hurt so bad. Doctor took xrays, couldn't find anything, even w/cat scan the next day.  While in emergency, he had given me a shot, I don't even know for sure what it was, but eventually, it loosened up whatever the problem was, & it didn't come back. A couple times since, I was scared it was, as I started feeling the same way, but it went away, instead of progressing. it can be frustrating hunting for a new doctor, but sometimes you luck out right off. Been through that, & hating to lose a doctor I had, when My husband's company went through changing insurance companies, more than once. I hope you get better soon.

Possibility I could be a Grandma again this weekend. I'm just still anxious because of the one artery in the umbilical cord, instead of two, so I will be on pins & needles when my daughter goes into labor. If not this weekend, then probably early next week.

I think it may be starting to drizzle now, as we just let Kayla back in from a potty run,  & you could barely feel the wet on her, very light, but there. They say with the temps it could turn to sleet or snow.  I would love to see snow here! I missed the only icicles that formed on our eaves, which was 2007, when I was back in WA state for the birth of my grandson.  Would have never believed it, if my husband hadn't taken pics. But I did have a ball having snowball fights with my granddaughter & neighborhood kids, & building a snowman when I was back up home at that time.  LOL

1 year ago

Sherry, we had icicles and sleet most of the day yesterday and our temps have been around 20 degrees (or colder) at night.  My pray my satsuma and lemon trees make it although the leaves on my lemon look shrivelled.  But I think as long as the roots didn't freeze that they will be okay.   Unfortunately there was a 17 car pileup in my town and a father, mother and child got killed.  That's so sad but at least they are together.   Another accident had to medivac a child to a hospital.  Heartbreaking.  I see you posted an advisory about the bad weather in the bison thread and I thank you very much for you concern and caring.  But I will move your post to this thread as more people will probably see it here as I don't see many going in my threads or commenting. 

1 year ago

Hi Vicky. Just a real quick advisory here, for anyone who may not have heard, living around here in San Antonio, TX-- I just heard they are working on 199 accidents all over around here, due to the weather and road conditions. So, I'm sure that's not all reported yet. They are advising people to not get out and drive till noon. Schools are closed too

1 year ago

Thanks Vicky. That is so sad about the family and the child!  I hope the child will be alright. It's devastating to think otherwise. I hadn't been listening to hear if there were deaths with all the accidents here, I don't think I want to. It seems it would be unavoidable with that many.

I have a petition here that is being passed around. If you want to move it, I'm not sure.  It isn't to do with animals, except that is potentially dangerous processed meat, and  it does concern our health & safety, our kids health & safety, in the schools as well, grandkids health & safety, and so on. We all need to be aware. 

Please Sign Petition!!  & forward.

1 year ago

No country of origin or labeling required is just WRONG.  No USDA oversight is just WRONG. I don't trust the USDA much as it is, but at least there would be someone to come back on if someone got sick or died.

@ Carlene
1 year ago

that is my fear,another sciatic nerve problem

although it has gotten better,it still bothers me,especially at night

sleeping is elusive right now,so probably one of the reasons,I am not around

too foggy to be online,maybe I should be

but the cycladic rhythms need darkness to kick in,a catch 22

or I would be up all night either online or watching late night cartoons

but,my significant othere sleeps like a baby,and is a morning person

so I am so skrewed!!!!!!!!!!!

Sherry,signed,the country bar didn't work so it says I live in afghanistan,lol

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1 year ago

Hi.Vivien,my dog is an irish setter,mixed with some thing else,IDK what else.He hates me me-bit my ass and my foot.Bit Lorenzo's butt too,but now he likes Lorenzo....still hates me.Usually children and animales love me,but my own dog hates me.WTF!!!!No matter,I am happy this morning because ZIGGY MARLEY won a grammy!!!!!I sayed in another group that it not about babylonian praise ,but at least Reggae artists are getting the recognition they deserve,most music today is techno-crap,with no Spiritual significance and no real talent needed to create it.Glad to see real talent be recognized and not just a popularity contest.  I love you all a lot,wish you a safe and happy week,LOVE AND PRAISE TO YAHWEH!!!!!Need to check for any petitions now.

1 year ago

...sherry I signed your petition.We do not eat meat.signed for others.

1 year ago

I will check out your petition too,sherri. I hope you all do not freeze or break any bones on the ice.Man! I swear,I have fallen on this ice about 4 times in the past week!I think I should put a pillow in my pants to cushion the falls,lol!!!!Anyone old or disabled,or who might injure yourself if you do fall,please be careful!!!!I will be so happy when spring comes here.I envy those in nicer climates.Later!

1 year ago

1 year ago

Beautiful quote, Gabra!   How terrible that you've fallen so many times....too bad they don't make shoes with soles made out of sandpaper or something like it.   Maybe it would grip the ice. 


Sherry, I'm like you, I don't like to read about deaths either....especially children.   Be very careful as the cold, sleet and snow is returning in so many areas.   Sleet and ice here....I think the news said maybe snow.  Sherry, I am going to sign your petition.   thanks for posting the link.


TAS, so sorry about your nerve problem...I can't even imagine how painful that is for you.  And lack of sleep on top of that.  


Kaya, that is so odd that your dog doesn't like you.   I think I'd steer clear of him.  How did Lorenzo get him to like him?   I like Reggae music...congrats to Ziggy Marley for his win.  Who is he to Bob?


Well gotta run.....later my friends.   Has anyone seen or heard from Marie?   Aren't these the cutest little things?   I nicknamed them 'Fatty, Chubby and Chunky'.   I borrowed the pic frm the internet.


 photo 3adorablepups_zps3fbbb3c3.jpg



1 year ago

Bob Marley's son is Ziggy-his real name is David Nesta Marley.Oldest son of Bob  and Rita Marley.Bob had 12 children with 7 women....that we know of....I had 11 with 5.He has me beat,lol....But all of his are living.Man,I sound like the orange,sorry....had to interview ppl yoday,brain hurts!!!!

the orange
1 year ago

has been travelling like a boss
I think she's in the seychelle islands off of africa
wow,Hawaii,Mexico,ny,Vancouver,she's been making up for lost time
wonder who is footing the bills?
as i have learned after a while you get weary of travelling,,I sure have
now that I only have to go between az,ca,and mexico,am not missing all the miles of flying
and the caribbean, don't even miss it
my back could never survive the 3 days of travelling, ( 2 flying,1 on ferries)
it was always a long move,why we stayed 6 months at a time or longer
From rags to riches for marie,lol
a twist of fate!!!Lucky girl!

1 year ago

If I could afford to travel and see many more places in our world, it would be right up my alley. There are so many places I wish I could whisk off too & get to see, be in, explore. I hope Marie is enjoying every minute of it. Sounds like she is.

BTW, the new grandbaby girl is here. She was born Jan. 26th, Sunday, 7 lbs. 4 oz., 20".   Everything seems to be working good!  I was worried because of the one artery in the umbilical cord, instead of 2, having to do two opposite jobs. It could have caused a few complications.  I am so happy it doesn't look like there will be anything wrong.

Her name is Tatum MaeLynn.  Mae is my Mother's middle name, and Tatum was born on her birthday. My Mom would have loved that too.  She was born w/the most pretty even skin tone, & has a little darker hair all over her head. I may be going over later and watching her for a little bit, so Mom can get some rest. Don't know yet.

I tried posting some pics elsewhere, but am having trouble. I can see them on my end, but noone else can. & the Insert/Edit link above the post reply box isn't working. We tried something else, didn't work. My husband may, I hope, have time later on today, to try and figure it out. He's swamped right now w/a project from work. When/if I can get it figured out, I will post some pics. 

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Tas, I do hope your back is better today and that you've found a comfortable way to sleep so you can get some rest.

Sherry, Congrats on new baby Tatum and I'm glad she is OK and nothing wrong.

Kaya, 11 kids!  I am impressed beyond words.

Gabra, love the Cherokee Prayer post.

 Vicki, the puppies are adorable.  One of my favorite things - puppy breath and those fat little tummies too.

Marie, Oh la la, you're finally enjoying your life, very happy for you!

I'm house bound with a bad cold and have been getting losts of rest cause I don't feel like doing anything! Had to turn down our little grandson, Tycen, this morning, he called and wanted to come over here and play.  I think he kind of understands that grandma is sick right now.  We may finally get some much needed rain.  It hasn't rained since Dec 7th, according to the news.  It won't be much but at least something.  Hope you are all having a nice evening or morning, depending on where you are. 

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I admit my leg is better, it's afraid of seeing the doctor

still get night cramps

I have a sleeping reaction to the muscle relaxants, but the captain is trying to keep me from addiction,so it's tenuous ..

puppy breath is so yummy, fyre just had another titer blood test to confirm he has beaten valley fever, the vet just called  NEGATIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TWICE NOW!!!!!!!!, they had been getting false negatives so we had to be sure.

reason to celebrate, also my dental appt, was my best ever, great report card

gum disease stabilized!!!!!!!!!!!

so really without my leg acting up,i would be in paradise

it's in the mid seventies here during the day (this year,lol)

at night it goes down 40 still cold enough to need heat .

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I tried to pray for Fyre but come back he does not need it.He was ok,or what ever reason it was not needed.Be careful,Siouxze,ok.You do need prayers,IDK why.I will pray,and if I can help tell me,I care,ok.Love you all.Hugs.

kk my sweet little sis
1 year ago

I don't know about praying

I am not saying

that it doesn't ever work

I appreciate your love.that's a perk

whatever you do, I love you dearly

that's not even close not nearly

for the love I have for you is strong and true

and I will always be here for you.


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I love you too,and am grateful for yours.Hugs . Hugs for every one else too.Hope if it is cold where you are that you are warm.

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a lucky red horse to share
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Hi ladies, sorry I wasn't around last night or  much the night before but I have been sick.   If you don't see me much in the next day or 2 that is why.  Beautiful red horse, TAS.  Great news about your gums and Frye and thanks for the Chinese New Year greeting....cute Friday puppy.   I love puppy breath, too.    Sherry, congrats on your new grandbaby...she sounds beautiful and I love the name Tatum.  Mae is very pretty, too and how awesome that your mom's namesack was born on her birthday.   Kaya, thanks for the explanation about Ziggy and Bob.  11 kids?  Wow!   You have a handful, huh?  lol    Gabra, that sure is a pretty Cherokee Prayer and I love dreamcatchers.   Carlene, I'm sorry you have been sick and your grandson couldn't visit.  I'm sure he was disappointed too.  I'm glad you like the fat pups I posted, I love puppy breath, too.  I hope you start feeling better.   I'm so glad Marie's circumstances have chanced....what a difference a day makes, huh?   What's happening is like a fairy tale.   Well our weather went from in the 20's and 30's (daytime) temps to 60-70's.   Crazy weather!  May everyone has a great weekend.

  photo sick5_zpsb4b49c82.png

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Thanks to all for signing the petition. Someone else had brought it to my attention, and I brought it here.   I cannot understand why they would even consider food processed under such low standards, probably none, sent back here for us to consume, and our kids. As I said, I do not & haven't for years, really trusted the USDA anyway, and I still read things they've done, that do nothing to change that mistrust.

How is your leg doing Tas? I never heard of Valley Fever. What is it, & do you know what causes it?

Hope you get feeling better real soon, Vicky & Carlene. I woke up twice in the early morn hours the other night, blowing my nose off, being clogged on one side, then sneezing, was that way all day.  That night I took some nightime Nyquil, & the next morning, it was like I had had nothing at all. I guess just a 24 hour bug thing, but there is several different  viruses I hear, going around.

Gabra, I think that pillow thing sounds like a good idea for you! LOL I do fear falling if there is ice anywhere, but just because of my back & getting older. Didn't used to think about it too much.

I hear ya Kaya, when you say so much of the music out today, has really nothing to do with any real talent. Some of the singers are nothing but stupid so called showmanship, trying to do something weirder than the next person, just to try and keep on top. Some of them are downright just sickening, even some of the ones who's names are more in the limelight.

Marie must be having a great time, wherever she is now. Good she's getting to see a little of the world.

Hey, I thought I had put up a pic of my daughter and new grandbaby, but don't see it here. I'll go fetch one. Got it finally.  Then I'm going to go relax before hitting the hay. Had a little of a long day starting with taking daughter and new grandbaby to baby's first checkup this morning,  going to a yard sale of a coworker of my husbands, then we went to lunch with another one, then I had to get both grandkids from their different schools, take them home, then I got a long distance phone call, on there forever, or so it seemed. Hope all have a great evening, & everyone gets over being sick & hurting!  Going to fetch pics. Take care all!


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My daughter Tiffany, and Tatum MaeLynn.  Tatum was born on my Mother's birthday, Jan.26th, and Mae was my Mother's middle name.

Displaying P1260190.JPG

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I'm posting again, because the first pic was one I had tried before & didn't show. This one should.

Daughter And new baby

1 year ago
Tatum MaeLynn is tired
New Grandbaby
1 year ago

There is a little goop on her one eye, you can see in the 1st two pics, they had on there for a little while, for some reason-can't remember now. She is not a loud crying baby at all.  Just as content, and let's you know when she wants something by starting to fuss just a little. 

Tatum MaeLynn bedtime
New Grandbaby
1 year ago

Oh my Sherry, Tatum is so beautiful (and so is her mom).   I love the bow in her hair and yes that big yawn indicates she was definitely tired.  lol   I hope her cries stay soft as she grows older but once she develops her lungs more then.....teehee!   Try not to spoil her too much.  Sounds like you had a very busy day with the grandkids, yard sale, lunch, taking Tatum to the doctor, etc.   I'm glad your cold didn't stick around long.  Mine was mostly a head cold, too.


Well I guess the other girls will wander in later.


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valley fever
1 year ago

Named for the san Joaquin valley, is a fatal disease in people and animals who come into contact with the fungal spores living in the ground. ..Arizona is epidemic with it...people are dying, even indoor cats who don't breathe in the spores outside are contracting it...there is a fungal medicine called fluconazol for it, it used to cost $12  for 100 pills...The price jumped recently to 200 $ a bottle. ..people have to choose between eating and curing their pet! Turns out that the factory that made it went out of business, and they are scrambling to find more. ..I know of people who have had it, beat it...also know ones that died, and lots of sick dogs and cats. 

So my cure was to take fyre out of the state for 7months. 

It obviously worked, he couldn't walk when we left.

his right lung was completely filled with the fungus. 

The worst part
1 year ago

Arizona won't admit that there is a problem, dogs and people who have visited here contract it and don't know what it is! 

Sherry, Tatum is a beautiful baby! ♥♡♥

my broken toe is acting up, I'm starting to think the muscle knot is related, maybe a badly healed compound fracture. 

Have a wonderful weekend Buffs, hugs to you Vicky. 

1 year ago

TAS, that's horrible about the valley fever and that Arizona won't admit there's a problem!   Pills up from $12/bottle to $200.00.   That's rape pure and simple.   Doctor's, hospitals, drug companies, etc don't give a hoot about people or animals....they thrive on making a buck at anybody's expense!  Sad that people's health dictates how much they will raise the cost of meds.   If it's an urgent situation then up, up, up goes the cost of the medicine to cure!   I'm glad you got Frye out in time and that he's okay.   Sorry about your toe...I hope it heals soon.

1 year ago

I hate to hear that Tas! Nothing like keeping in the dark on purpose, huh? My father-in-law lives in Black Canyon City, AZ. I'll have to see if he's heard anything about it & inform him, because he goes driving a Rino (not sure if that's w/ an h or not) a lot, up in the desert, and it's a lot of desert around there & dry ground.

THAT is HIGHWAY ROBBERY!!!!-$200.00 for 12 tablets!  I bet they wouldn't cost that much from a vet over here by me. Just guessing, but his costs are known to be down from a lot of vets, and he's the first one I've seen who, if treatment runs a few hundred dollars or so, and you may have a hard time paying, will let you give him post dated checks for $10.00 per month, for amount of bill. And everyone I've met in there talks about him being a good vet.

It seems prices are going up about everywhere, Vicky. Thank you for the compliment on daughter & baby.  I suspect you're right- those developing lungs will show up sooner than later! LOL  But I went in Payless Shoe store today, looking for grandson a pair of shoes, and I thought: This isn't pay less anymore, but pay more!  I walked out, & will see if I can find something cheaper somewhere else. Shoes you might have paid $5-15 before say, depending on shoe, were marked today, all of them except for 2 pair, for $22.99,  plus higher ones. It's getting ridiculous. A pair of shoes I found in my size,  just plain canvas slip on ones, $12.99. No way. But I don't doubt we'll be seeing that at what we consider less cost stores, elsewhere. 

Hope your toe gets better Tas. I off and on, get where my foot & toes on one foot, starts to go stiff & cramp, out of the blue. Have to start trying to rub it out immediately. 

1 year ago

Vicky, your weather sounds like what ours was doing. One extreme to the other the next day sometimes.

Happy Chinese Year 2014 ~
1 year ago

Happy Chinese New Year!!  No chinese here I think?  But was a great parade in Manhattan , I slept all day,  when I was flight attendant to travel almost each day didn't bother me I was 20, now I'm 72 1/2, I was exausted when went to bed alone this morning at 6:00.  He stayed in Montreal for the funerals of his cousin and as I don't know nobody in his family we decided that I can go back home alone, and I went to have our dog, and now feeling good.  I ate and ready for the kickout or off lol for the Superbowl.  I bought good pop corn and it is traditional to have beer with it but doesn't drink only   MarieJane is much healthier.  I can read that everyone is happy, but tas, take care oh la la, didn't know about Arizona, geez.  Be well tas, a special big to ya.  Sending you healing hands you'll be better on Monday, you'll see, dear one.  He will be back on the 4th.  I am lost in that large Penthouse with stairs, sometimes I don't take the right door   so this is all for now.  I wish you all good health and prosprerity as the Chinese say for their New Year.  I have to phone in Montreal and Quebec to my daughter.

PS  No worry for the bills, he is tour guide for more than 25 years and worked for Goverment, to fly cost almost nothing, so I don't remember who looks .... about the bills, lol, I never had so many and gifts, my year of snake ended but I am still a snake.  He is Horse.  Good couple. 

Good luck for the ones who watch Super Bowl.  Nobody talks about it.  But here everyone talks about it.  Hugs.



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Oh Marie. It looks like you are having so much fun. How wonderful to be able to get to go to all these places & see different things. A Penthouse! Lucky gal! LOL Sounds nice.

I'm not a big sports fan, but we have a friend coming over today for the game.  I'll watch a few minutes here and there, & be the rest of the time on the puter probably. I would love to go to another Monster Truck show though. My first one was in WA state, when The Gravedigger made history. The whole stadium was on their feet, & they replayed it on a big screen. Yep, the Gravedigger went over cars, and it would seem gravity impossible, but it did go just a few inches from falling flat on it's side, & somehow he got it back upright. Noone ever saw anything like it. That's my favorite Monster truck.

The Winter Olympics is what I'm waiting for, mostly for the ice skating routines, but I like some of the other ones too.

To everyone have a great evening, will try to cath the Super Bowl now and feed the dog.
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Pete Seegerete_Seeger2_-_6-16-07_Photo_by_Anthony_Pepitone.jpg" rel="nofollow" >Pete Seeger2 - 6-16-07 Photo by Anthony Pepitone.jpg
Seeger at the Clearwater Festival in June 2007
Background informationBirth namePeter SeegerBorn(1919-05-03)May 3, 1919
New York City, New York, U.S.DiedJanuary 27, 2014(2014-01-27) (aged 94)
New York City, New York, U.S.GenresAmerican folk music, Protest music, AmericanaOccupationsMusician, songwriter, activist, television hostInstrumentsBanjo, guitar,

Well, I saw this on tv when watching SNL last night Pete died January 27, 2014.  Thank you Sherry, yes this is about time for me to have all this, but my true love is -- dk.  I missed the Kick off I think, just got up,

1 year ago

Hi Marie!   Good to see you stop in and I'm glad you are enjoying yourself immensely.  About time, huh?  I love the picture of the Chinese reminds me of a scene from What's Up Doc starring Barbra Streisand and Ryan O'Neal back in the 70's.   Such a funny movie.   I'm so sorry to hear that Pete Seeger has passed away.


Sherry, yep prices are getting ridiculous.  I refuse to buy things whose prices are outrageous.   Even food.....I have left so many things I love on the shelves or in the freezer because of what I feel is taking advantage of it's customers.   Don't stores get it or do they just not care about people struggling nowadays?   I will buy a food I want even if it's expensive but ONLY once in a great while.   Like a treat.   Really sucks!


Hi Gabra, Kaya, Carlene & TAS.   I hope everyone is okay.   Gotta run for now.


 photo blessedlordsdayfrmjnet.jpg

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1 year ago

Hello Vicky, yes, all cost a lot and as we eat organic I know for long before -- dk I knew.  But I am lucky after all these years.  I knew what it was to live with money. But I had to experiment new things, we are all learning each day.

I have to go to bed after my smoke.

Talk to you later.

Be well everyone, try only positivism.

My eyes start to be tired.

Checking in
1 year ago

So many topics here -

Sherry, beautiful Tatum and your daughter too.

Tas, You may have just diagnosed your sciatia by yourself if your toe did not heal properly.  Glad your dog Frye is OK. It's disturning that AZ won't acknowledge they have a problem with VF. The medicine is generic for Diflucan, which is an antifungal.  Docs sometimes precribe it for yeast infections women get.  Canada Drugs may have it cheaper,they usually do, because Canada doesn't pay homage to the lobbyists of the drug companies like the politicans do here. Most of the outrageous costs we have here for drugs are put on by the companies themselves and yes, if there is a need, they raise the price cause it's all about profits to them.  I worked for physicians for over 10+ years and although they do get perks from the drug reps like free lunches and dinners, etc. most of the docs I worked for presribed certain drugs because they would help with a disease or illness.  Don't even get me started on hospital costs, oh my!

Chinese NY here the day before it rained.  We didn't get much but at least we got rain and more is possibly expected on Thurs and next weekend.  We may get up to Tahoe with our friends to ski yet. A large group of Muslims were praying on Friday for rain as is the Pope, don't know what made it happen, just glad it did! I worry about all the wild animals who need water to live so happy to know some of our creeks are again flowing.

Have a good day!

1 year ago

Have a good day, after I said nice weather nice everything.



1 year ago

Hello, everyone.  Glitches?  don't know.  This is my last group.  So funny FS blocked me her especially is J' But I had the last word.  This is me when I am right I am.  After, I don't care what people are talking.  They don't have a lot to do after Care2, oh la la, I can see the difference for me from one year ago and today.  No worry tas, who's paying the bills!  That is all for now I forgot a group, I talk in PM ans in emails especially, better than some groups here I deleted almost all, and I wrote to stop sending me stars. Some really have nothing to do after Care2.





1 year ago

Gabra,did you take my picture of peter tosh?!?!?LOL!!!!hI EVERY ONE. I am getting a promotion....

hugs to all.

1 year ago

I got all the promotions in a year!!

Feeling great

1 year ago

Hello Carlene, Marie, Kaya, Sherry, TAS, Gabra and anyone else who stops in.   Well it was sleeting today but it will clear up in a day or two.  I have to go tomorrow to see if I can get help paying my electric bill.  I hate to see it this month.  sigh.


Marie, I think if you would have clicked on 'Basic Editor' (at the bottom of this box) and then inserted your code and then clicked 'Advanced Editor' to get back to basic editor that your picture would probably show up.   What is FS and why did they block you.  Or am I being nosy?


Carlene, I'm glad the rains came....I'm sure the animals appreciated it.


Kaya, did you get your promotion?  Congratulations!


Well maybe Sherry, TAS and Gabra will stop in later.   TAS, I hope your toe and also Frye are doing better.


 photo American-Bison_JohnClark_zps97136196.jpg

1 year ago

okay dokay vicky.

1 year ago

Thank you Carlene, for the compliments of my daughter and grandbaby.  They were just over again today, and we were enjoying some of baby's funny faces she was making.  She is so tiny she can't even wear 0-3 months clothes, they have to be Newborn, & she looks like she's swimming in some of those. LOL

Brrrrrrrrrrr!  It has been so cold today.  We woke up to ice all over everyone's roofs, and covering the yard. Might have actually been more of a heavy small bits of hail storm, as when I got in my vehicle, it was mass tiny round balls of ice on top of the hood.  It's cold now in here, & our temp inside says 73. It's 33 right  now outside at 6PM. Last night it got down to 29. Supposed to be 29 again tonight.

Kaya, congrats on the promotion.  Marie, glad you are having a good time!

Hello Vicky, Tas & Gabra.  Hope everyone is doing good & staying warm.  I'm thinking of going & getting in my pj's already, and putting a log in the fireplace. I love fireplaces, & since I haven't learned of places where it's really pretty to go camping here yet, where you can have a fire too, it's the next best thing, especially when it's cold!

1 year ago

Hi Sherry!  I'm 5 minutes away from getting into my fuzzy, warm p.j.s   I love fire places, too although I've never had one but camping in the winter?  NO WAY.  lol  It's only 32 degrees now but with the dampness and the sleet we had this morning, if feels much colder.  BRRRR!   Plus I have my central heat (220) on low and using my smaller heater (110) mostly.   Usually when one cuts off the other cuts on except the smaller heater is in the living room and the heat doesn't make it to my room.   (chilly)   If they both happen to run out the same time for a minute or 2, I hate to see how much energy is being used.  Yikes!

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