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* Horror Witnessed: APHIS Tortures Bison, Killing One
1 year ago

Wild is the Way ~ Roam Free!

While watching operations at an Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service (APHI controlled bison trap north of Gardiner on Tuesday, I personally witnessed the horror that is our government's complete mismanagement of America's last wild, migratory bison. What I saw included 20 or so bison being violated, one being injured and one put to death.

The APHIS-run bison trap I speak of is part of a highly controversial bison birth control program. APHIS, the federal livestock overseer, is sterilizing bison stolen from the wild, with the chemical pesticide GonaCon. Some cow bison are having their ovaries removed as well. This is a disastrous birth control experiment that will further push wild, migratory bison towards extinction.

Each of these bison were subjected to a violent intrusion of their body, which included the shoving of two arms up their rear ends, being stuck with one or more big needles, and the harassing manhandling while being forced into a small holding pen that allowed these disgusting violations to happen. One of the bison, while exiting the small trap and running for it's life, had one of it's horns partially ripped from it's head, leaving the horn a bloody mess.

As sad as all this was, it only became more sad. I did not see how or why but one bison ended up on the ground and unable to get up. I saw this beautiful animal struggle to rise several times without success. After the last bison had been violated and ran back to its family, the agents approached the downed bison and ended it's life.

Senseless experimentation is no justification for the captive violation of such a unique population of wildlife that is Yellowstone's bison. Today the results were injuries and death. Tomorrow will be the same. The horrific handling and mismanagement of these animals is an absolute wrong and must not continue.

USDA-APHIS intends to acquire more wild bison from Yellowstone, possibly during capture operations this year, should they occur. Don't let Yellowstone hand over any more wild bison to this dark and dangerous agency.  

For the Buffalo,

Scott Hoeninghausen
Gardiner, Montana



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