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1 year ago

I can't believe how fast we are filling up our threads.  lol   But that's okay....that means we have lots to say and it's a nice meeting place for friends.   It's so hard to believe that looking at the posts in the other thread that there are 107 of them!   It just blows my mind.  Start scrolling down....just doesn't seem possible.  lol  Here is a thread to the old one.




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1 year ago
I have nothing to say to people are full of themselves.
Ciao . . .
I have more to do than to come here to write chapters.
Hi Vicki
1 year ago

Thanks for all you do here and I enjoy reading what everyone is up to also!

lol, Vicky
1 year ago

thanks for the new thread

I have some time on my hands this weekend

the captain is delivering the boat from mexico to san diego

I decided to stay behind,it's a lot of sitting,and dragging fyre around

planes,cars,boat, it's a trip,literally

so,all of a sudden Marie is too busy for us, what a difference a year makes

1 year ago

Marie, who is full of 'themselves'?  I thought we were your friends but it seems you now have 'more to do' than stop in and write 'chapters' as you call it.   Well, I'm glad your life is full now.


TAS, I bet it is a chore to drag poor Frye around; I'm sure he likes to stay put in one place.  I'm glad you're able to kick back and relax this weekend.   How is your toe/foot doing?  I agree, what a difference a year makes.  


Carlene, I love coming here, too and checking out what everyone is up to.  We all have things going on in our lives but we shouldn't forget our friends. 


Well I wonder where the other ladies are?   Probably enjoying their weekend somewhere. 


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1 year ago

Here! Hello to all    I'm fixing to go eat dinner though & relax with a glass of champagne and Pomegrante juice.   Having sliders-mini burgers tonight.  Tomorrow we are taking my son and going to San Antonio Rodeo days.  We don't go in and watch the rodeo, but there is lots and lots of all kinds of things to walk around and see or buy of everything western, foods and beer tents set up, outside.  So that part is fun.

Ooops! The Winter Olympics is on, & I've been watching those.  The opening ceremony replayed last night, and Russia really put on a grand performance.

See ya later.  Hope everyone is doing fine, & you're better Tas. Have a good evening!

1 year ago

Commercial time-had to come back and add-what a nice pic of the buff and horse, Vicky. One of the horses too. Beautiful Paint horse.

Back to the Olympics-Love the ice skating routines especially, but these snowboarders are something else too! USA first so far in that in the men's. Yaaay!

Hi Tas and Vicky
1 year ago

My news is this:  We have rain and lots of it!  Creeks are flowing and it's been raining on and off since yesterday with more expected tomorrow.  It will not stop our drought but definately puts a damper on it, at least for now. Yippee!

Yes, Tas how is your foot/leg doing?   What kind of dog is Frye anyway?  Our little guys liked going places but Schipps are known for being good travelers.  Boy, I miss them and someday we'll get a dog, probably 2 like last time.  They are good company for each other when we are off doing something.

Agree Vicki, nice to check in and see what everyone is up to.  I'd bet Sherry is busy with Tatum and her daughter.  Don't know about the others.  We're having dinner with our daughter and family tomorrow.  It's  a weekly thing that she wanted to start when our grandson, Tycen was born.  Our daughter is pregnant with a second little boy, due April 29th.  We see our son often even though he lives 1.5 hours away. I volunteer in our grand daughter's class about every 3 weeks and she then comes and spends the weekend.  Danielle is 9yrs old and will be here next weekend.  Yesterday we had lunch with neighbors that moved away a while ago. She is East Indian and fixed the most delicious lunch.  I love Indian food, she makes her own Naan and OMG, I was stuffed like a turket when we left.

OK, I've gone on enough.  Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend where ever you are or what ever your doing. 

1 year ago

For all the well wishes, the pain has started to come and go...researching doctors, chiropactors, acupuncture, you name it...I used to take a painkiller, but it has Tylenol in it, worse than the codeine. 

So not taking anything, realized that it was masking my pain enough to be bearable. ..looking forward to learning foundation training, it looks promising. .the guy who invented it had 3 herniated discs while in chiropractic school, and cured them with this exercise. 

Have a peaceful sun day, it's getting warmer here, supposed to hit 80 by the end of the week.

Btw, DRACOS REIGN OF FYRE, is an 85 lb.Irish setter

number five setter for me, I adore the of him on my page

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here he is at one years old
1 year ago

on the boat at 4 years ,he just recently turned 5
1 year ago

1 year ago

TAS, Frye is a handsome dog!  Such a pretty red color...I bet he is a great companion.    OMGosh, I just realized when you wrote Dracos Reign of Fyre that his name is pronounced (FIRE not FRY).  lol   I transposed the letters.   What is Foundation training?   I've never heard of it.   Our weather was really warm today too.  Spring is on the way!


Sherry, I like to walk around fairs, too.   So many games, rides and stands with what nots for sale.   And of course cotton candy, and other foods and sweets.  I'm not sure if the rodeo has all that or not.   I forgot that the olympics were on already.  I used to watch it like crazy back in the 70's.   Back then my husband at the time watched it with me.


Carlene, Praise the Lord you all got rain!   He does answer prayers.   I hpe you get lots more of it.   You probably can actually see green start growing again and I know the animals, trees, flowers are loving it.   What a nice weekly get together your daughter started when Tycen was born and congrats on a new grandbaby on the way.     What is Naan and does it have curry in it?   I love curry. 


Isn't this little guy adorable....fighting his sleep like babies do.  lol


1 year ago

First off, fyre and i thank you

he gets lots of compliments he's actually learned to expect them, he gets upset if not told how beautiful he is, lol

foundation training is a series of exercise, that undo back problems, invented by a chiropractic student who was told he needed surgery for 2 herniated discs....he cured himself. .I took the tutorial, have the book and dvd on the way. 

My favorite alternative doctor, referred this, he is all about natural resources. 

It's been beautiful out the last two days. 

The boat got caught in a nasty storm,30+knot winds,10+ foot waves. .the boat took some damage, it's repairable. worries, except that the captain is worn out, will probably need an extra day to clean up the mess. 

Peace, fyre misses daddy, lol

1 year ago

That's so funny when you say Fyre expects compliments, TAS.  lol   I can just see him preening when he gets one.    Sorry about the damage to the boat but thank goodness its repairable and no one got hurt.  Our last 2 days have been really nice too but I just watched the weather report and the rains and cooler temps are on their way least for a couple of days.  No problem.  My brother has back problems and he doesn't want to go through surgery; I wonder if the dvd would help him without going through the tutorial and book?

if he's seriously hurt
1 year ago

He should see a doctor, but avoid surgery if possible. 

My pinched nerve was so bad I begged for surgery, a big mistake in the long run. Once you cut off a part of your body, you can never (except certain stem cells can) get them back. Pun intended. 

He should listen to what he has, so he knows what to cure, it's all about posture and sitting too much...I also recommend a treadmill. 

Fyre really does react to a compliment with understanding, it's hysterical actually! 

1 year ago

Who do you think is going to be the first to take credit for the rain? 

The pope or the Muslims? 

Same thing happened in Jamaica, they were suffering a drought, Haile Salassie, came for a state visit, and it rained the 3 days he was there, stopping as his plane took off. .one of the reasons Rastafarian is popular there. 

Fyre and misc
1 year ago

Tas - Please tell Fyre that I think he is so very handsome!  See what he does...

I don't see that many Setters any longer.  Our friends had one years ago, a very active dog, named Rex,  who often would escape from their yard when they went somewhere.  How does Fyre do on the boat? Does he get sea sick when it rough?

I had never heard of foundation training and hope it helps your sciatica.  Tylenol not that good for us and we find out after all these years.  

Vicki, Hope your brother checks out all his options before he agrees to surgery.  Although one of our hiker's wife had back surgery after years of suffering back pain and is doing great and pain free now.  I'm not sure exactly what was wrong.  Stretching is a great thing to do for your back too.

I don't know what/who brought our rain but I'm willing to thank whomever it was!  We're still in a very bad way here water-wise and hoping for more rain later in the week.  Maybe it was the silly rain dance my grand daughter and I did?  

1 year ago

He nodded in agreement!!!!!!!

if you said it in person he would be hell bent on nibbling your ears

that's his way of showing affection.

He really loves pulling scrunchies off womens heads,the taller the better

A CHALLENGE FOR HIM, I have a good friend that's 6 feet tall,she always forgets to not wear one,he goes crazy,and she always leaves with him having got it.

we have a rule,no petting till he sits,then he grabs her scrunchy,it's like the marx brothers when she visits,he is almost 6 feet on his hind legs,taller then me!

He's a really BIG dog, the biggest of the five I have had,also the most beautiful in color and personality,really a silver lining to losing my last setter to a brain tumor at the tender age of 2.

1 year ago


A baby was born in hospital
laughing instead of crying, the
more the nurses beat him, the
more he laughed so hard,
suddenly the doctor noticed he
had something in his hands, so
he pulled the tiny hands apart
discovered he was holding 3
abortion pills.
The baby then turned his head
looking at his
mother, laughed again and said
Comment ~AMEN~ if you believe
no weapon fashioned against
you this Month shall
Hit Like and Share ~

my friend post this in another group.I think you might find it amusing.I see the annoying orange drop in a few days back.where is gabra?

1 year ago

Awwwww.....what a beautiful, smiling baby Kaya!   Thank you for sharing her with us.   What is an orange drop?   I'm not sure where Gabra is....I was wondering the same thing.


TAS, so Fyre is an ear nibbler and a scrunchy stealer, huh?   He sounds adorable!  I know you just love him to pieces.  Wow!  6 feet tall standing up?   Big boy!


Carlene, maybe the silly rain dance you and your grandaughter did, did bring the rain.  lol  I will tell my brother about stretching his back...hopefully that will help him....thanks! 


Well, gotta run for now....have a great evening ladies.  Doesn't this cup of brownie look delicious?   Yummy!


 photo hotchocolate_zps36ce84ab.jpg



1 year ago

Hi.Any new petitions?

NYC is predicted to get yet more snow,yuck!Only bad thing here is the weather.But that is a temporary problem.

I just was checking to see if any new actions or petitions were here,and wanted to tell all of you hello.Have a fantastic upcoming weekend,ok.

1 year ago

....oh,and Kaya,ignore the annoying orange.Why does it bother you so much,just pretend it isn't there.Not worththe time or the energy sweetie.

1 year ago

Tas - Nibbling on my ears?  OK!  Haven't had an animal do that since our cat, Fuzzy, was alive.  He was a ear nibbler too along with a neck massager. So sorry to hear you lost a pup at 2 years from a brain tumor and glad this big beautiful boy had eased that pain.

Vicki - Hey, almost anything chocolate will tempt me and that looks delicious.

Kaya and Gabra - OK I don't get the "orange" comment either.  The baby is adorable and I love the little smile. Wait - I just re-read your message and think I "get" it now, annoying orange!

Gabra, Hope your weather doesn't do too much damage or cause too many to lose power, etc.  On the petitions, there is one I signed for the buffalo, can't remember right now what organization had it.  I'll look and if I still have it, will you all know.  It may have been Defenders of Wildlife though.

Have a great evening and Valentine's Day too.   

1 year ago

Carlene, you did and said the same thing as I did.  I was confused about the 'orange' but then I said 'Aha!' cause I think I know what it means.  lol    I love chocolate, too.


Hi Gabra.  Sorry there aren't many petitions recently.  I'm mostly a 'news' person but I will find some petitions and post them.   Thanks for signing.


Hello to TAS, Kaya and Sherry.  Stay warm and dry.


NOTE:   Anybody can post petitions so feel free everyone!


I hope each of you enjoy a day of sweetness and love!


 photo valentineday_zpse194fe9a.gif

Happy Valentine Day,Buffs
1 year ago


happy love day

I don't think it should be restricted to romantic love

wishing all buffs a beautiful day of love

remember to love the earth,and the animals,as well as your fellow "humans"

and significant others,and of course friends!!!!

these little piggies went all the way home
1 year ago

1 year ago

Awwww the piggy's are adorable, TAS.   I must post them on Facebook.  Today was absolutely gorgeous....probably close to 70 degrees and sunny.   Supposed to get warmer in the next few days.


June posted some new petitions to be signed in the PETITION thread.  Please sign everybody....we need all the signatures we can get.  Add your own petitions if you have any.

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a breather
1 year ago

Hi Buffs

been a few days,in which I have started and am already feeling the aha moment from the foundation training,it truly works,out of pain within the first 2 days

I left out half the book because it was about proper diet and weight,already eating the paleothic diet it suggests for years already,and the vitamins he recommends I am already taking,so I went str8 to the exercises after reading the core concept,(core is a pun,lol)

it is very promising,I will not have to see a dr.,I am curing my back,like  cured my gum disease through research ,knowledge and work/will power/discipline

How are my favorite people doing??

1 year ago

By your favorite people,I know that you are referring to me! lol!Tas,it is great that you found something that works for you.I hope that you are able to keep it up long term.That way the benefits can be long term too.Perhaps you have more self discipline than me,lol.Hi everybody here!When y'all chillin',don't take that too literally-you need to keep warm!lol.TTYL.Hugs.

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thanks Gabra,I missed you!
1 year ago

long term benefits are good posture,stength!!!!!!!

it is a lifestyle change in all movements,i will build up what little ass I have,and firm up everything else,already feeling the burn

and the skin hanging underneath my arm just a tiny bit has gone firm and is sore.

the Dr who invented this has prophecized that through these movements we elongate the body and will not shrink with age,and more energy and youthful attributes will be attained,I can only hope that the back pain disappears

the rest is just a HUGE BONUS, I highly recomment this to anyone in pain, already post surgery,or proactive training to avoid the whole mess

good morning,showers coming early?
1 year ago

we have been  on a fire alert all week.sooooooooooooooo dry

my ears wax dried up and my ears are cramping up like crazy,trying to cleanse them myself, have had doctors do it throughout my life,especially since moving west..............OUCH

1 year ago

Hi TAS and Gabra!   The past few days have been in the low 80's and mostly bright sunshine.   Absolutely gorgeous.   TAS I would love to tone up but I know me...I have no staying power with anything.   But I especially have no space in my mobile home to do anything.  I hope your back will benefit from some of these excercises.   I don't know if I have gum disease but they are sore when I eat hard food.    Just started doing that.   Oh, cute cartoon, TAS.   However, the animal above the umbrella looks more like a mouse...not a cat or dog.  hahahaha!  Gabra, I can 'chill out' since the chill has left our area.  lol   At least for a while.  How have you been?   Do you have any plans for this weekend?

1 year ago

Been in the 80's here too

my exercises give me new found hope,already feeling the good pain;sore muscles

trying to build up the ass I never had,lol

I hope the weather keeps staying spring like,but the forecast looks

bleak, and next month I head to the boat for awhile,foggy,yuck


1 year ago

'Ass you never had'   You are so funny TAS!   If the weather is nice, do you look forward to heading out in the boat for a while?


I HAVE A QUESTION:  These 2 statements are contradictory.  Can you explain?


From BFC alert = "We also learned that the Nez Perce tribe has just signed a slaughter agreement with Yellowstone, so they, too, will begin to transport wild buffalo from the Stephens Creek trap to Nez Perce slaughter facilities in Idaho, more than a twelve hour drive. While tribal governments are making these drastic decisions to fully participate in slaughtering wild buffalo, there are many within these tribes who strongly oppose such actions and these voices will not go unheard." 


From BFC Alert = Nez Perce tribal member and member of BFC’s board of directors, James Holt remarked, “It is painful to watch these tribal entities take such an approach to what should be the strongest advocacy and voice of protection. It is one thing to treat their own fenced herds in this manner, it is quite another to push that philosophy onto the last free-roaming herds in existence.” 



1 year ago

Remember when I said that there were two kinds of ndns?the ecological ones and the selfish ones thinking that they have the right to  hunt like their ancestors, it's stubborn bs, I cannot stand those people.they will blood on their hands! !!!!

ps, I really have a tiny  bum.

1 year ago

Yep, evidently very so. -ecological ones and selfish ones. The Maca in WA state tried that line of "getting back to their roots" "Hunt like their ancestors," when wanting to kill the whale in WA state.   Sad thing is, it worked.  I wanted to scream so bad that they were liars. You show you want to go back to your roots then, & live then, like your ancestors did, where they depended on hunting, & get rid of your modern day conveniences, or you're not getting "back to your roots," you're using it as an excuse to kill & profit. 

1 year ago

It's bothered me from that day since. I was watching on the tv protesters and the Maca, & one of the Maca rolled up his sleeves & wanted to fight a protester, screaming & yelling in his face, yelling going on, it was a mess. Later learned they kicked out the elder woman because she was protesting it also. That didn't end up working, thank goodness, as they had enough good people who bitched about them doing that.  But I have no respect for those ones who acted in those atrocious manners, or had the audacity to not want her in the tribe, no respect for the elder woman. That made me sick. The elder woman knew it was not necessary to hunt the whale. Later heard they shipped most of the meat to Japan. But the whole thing made me disgust the selfish of the Maca. I don't know, but I heard the Coast Guard had no jurisdiction in those waters, stopping the captain from trying to prevent the whale hunt, but they did anyway.

1 year ago

It is not necassary to hunt any thing.There is so much other choices,we are not cave men.Hello,every one. Those excercises keep you from shrinking,Siouxze?I do not need to get any shorter,or people will start saying,"Get in my belly." lol.I hope that they work for you.Today is a slow day at work,fine with me.Justice is back to working part days again,because she keeps being sick and eating wierd things that make her more sick.Sorry for all of you who are cold.Jamaica is the place to be this time of year. you can come and we will all go swimming and have a party,you all can come.Happy!

a lull
1 year ago

It's been a sad year for the buffs so far, we need to stay vigilant. 

Hope everyone is doing well, I've been engrossed in the foundation training, it really works! !!, out of pain after 3 sessions, MIRACULOUS. 

1 year ago

We all need to do what we can to help.If there is not enough of an outcry,they will not listen.Tell me any way that I can help,ok.I have to go to work soon.I am trying to keep busy,my boyfriend is not happy about a decision I have made.He threatened to cut off my dredlocks,and he said that he is going to leave.If love is real,it also is unconditional as well.Let him leave,I will go after him for child support.Enough of the drama...too cold for ice cream.....who wants pizza??!?!?!?! Go out for pizza with me. TTYL,everyone.

1 year ago

That's weird Gabra,I just finished a 3 day fight with the captain, is it contagious? 

If he threatened my hair I would call the cops, what are we children? NO BUT MEN ARE BABIES, there's a saying"treat your man like a child and it will work out", he seriously needs a chilll pill, my prescription♥

checking in
1 year ago

Just checking in, I've been super busy lately. 

Vicki and Sherry,  I too hate the killing of anything for the thrill of simply slaughtering any innocent animal.  I hope those Native Americans against this will speak up and stand up against the antiquated way of thinking of those who continue to kill the buffalo. Also Vicki, hope your sore gums are better now. 

Tas, So glad to hear that your Foundation Training is working after only 3 sessions. A 3 day fight? Sorry, and hope it's over for now.

Gabra, Oh hell no, if he cuts your hair, that's a outrageous thing to say and he should not be threatening you either IMO. 

Kaya, Oh yes!  Warm Jamiaca and warm water, sea breezes, that's where we should be, let our cares float out with the waves.

We are in the midst of a nice rain storm, been raining on and off all day long and more expected on Friday.  They say we'd need storms like this every day for a month to even make a dent in our drought though.  We'll take what we get and do what we can.  No one I know is complaining about this rain!

Pizza, sure!  Have a good evening everyone! 

1 year ago

Gabra & TAS....when you get threatened by a man, just hold up a bottle of Super Glue and say "What?  I'm sorry I didn't hear you"  They'll get the message!  hahaha!  Gabra, pizza sounds like a winner.     Yep TAS, those @$$e$ do have blood on their disgusting hands!  I'm glad those excercises are helping your back. 


Kaya, be sure to give me your address so I can take you up on your offer of swimming in Jamaica and partying.  teehee!


Sherry, I agree with you.  If people want to live like their ancestors then they should indeed do away with their modern conveniences!   There is too much food nowadays for anyone to hunt endangered species.   Of course money talks and that is what they hear.   GRRRRRR!


 photo 500PUP_zps7d3f360c.gif


1 year ago


1 year ago


1 head cauliflower

1 ½ cup plain Greek yogurt

1 Tbsp Ziggy Marley Cocomon Curry Coconut Oil

1 lime, zested and juiced

1 Tbsp chile powder

1 tsp cumin

1 Tbsp garlic powder

2 Tbsp curry powder

2 tsp kosher salt

1 tsp black pepper



  1. Preheat the oven to 400° and lightly grease a small baking sheet. Set aside.
  2. Trim the base of the cauliflower to remove any green leaves and the woody stem.
  3. In a medium bowl, combine the yogurt, coconut oil, lime zest and juice, chile powder, cumin, garlic powder, curry powder, salt and pepper.
  4. Dunk the cauliflower into the bowl and use a brush or your hands to smear the marinade evenly over its surface. (Excess marinade can be stored in the refrigerator in an airtight container for up to three days and used with meat, fish or other veggies.)
  5. Place the cauliflower on the prepared baking sheet and roast until the surface is dry and lightly browned, 30 to 40 minutes. The marinade will make a crust on the surface of the cauliflower.
  6. Let the cauliflower cool for 10 minutes before cutting it into wedges and serving alongside a big green salad.

One Love … Cedella

1 year ago

How is everyone? I just got back from daughter's house with son. I took a pot of beans w/bacon, onion & jalapenos & cornbread, for lunch. Had family in & out on my BD the other day, then a friend of ours came back in yesterday from Mexico. He'd been gone about a month traversing thru different parts of Mexico on his motorcycle, sometimes sleeping in his little tent. Pics that he took of all the places were just awesome. I want to really bad now, go to this place called Real de Catorce. Sits down surrounded by a range of mountains, and he says it's like you transported yourself back in time a hundred years. He's planning a trip shortly to Spain & Portugal, then I think he may go back to Russia, as I think there may be a gal he's sweet on there, don't know for sure though.  A smart guy, and an adventurous soul, makes friends everywhere he goes.

Gabra, sounds like he threatened to leave, hoping you'd crumble. And threatening to cut off your hair?!  I don't think so!!

1 year ago


I lived in southern Portugal for six months when we crossed the Atlantic, villamoura, is a fantastic place, southern Portugal, Sandy beaches and fishing villages. ..he should have a wonderful time. ..

hi kk, Gabra hope TODAY is better, and too many buffs to list, love you guys♥

1 year ago

Hi.I will be fine.Men are a dime a dozen,if he goes I will find another.To threaten to cut off my dredlocks,I might leave,they were started when I was 6 months old,is he crazy!I have my children,and I have my friends.I was warned against dating Americans,even though I am one.Grrrr......Anyway,pizza does sound good,join me?Hi,Sherry,Carlene,Siouxz,Kaya,Vicky,and whoever else,how are you doing?I really want some grapes,hehehehe......Have a great night,even though it is cold for some of us. Where is the orange?That will warm things up a bit,lol.

1 year ago

It's supposed to be in the 40's tonight. last night it got to 32 here. Right now it's feeling pretty cool, but sunny. 

You want grapes Gabra, & I've been recently having a craving for some good watermelon.

Tasunka, Portugal sounds lovely too!  Heck, where haven't you been?! I want to explore the world!

Hi Vicky & Carlene, Kaya.  Hope you're feeling better Vicky. Carlene, glad you are getting & enjoying the rain you've been needing. Kaya, the forest pic reminds me of some places we've been walking,  up back home in WA state. I do miss the forest and old growth, sun rays filtering thru the trees & ferns, sound of the  rivers, stars at night in the mountains, breezes softly whispering thru the branches, the peacefulness of being there.

need to share
1 year ago

A dialogue from an altercation between me and an Arabic convenience store owner spurred by another customer:

The girl:"it smells like meat and incense in here"

Me"I don't smell the meat, I smell the incense barely, meat would trigger my senses since I don't eat it"


Me"I'm doing it for the animals, don't worry about dying. , I want to save them"

The clerk"you save them, someone else will kill them, YOU'RE wasting your time, besides God put them here for us to kill and eat"

Me"well, I am not sure I believe in that either"


1 year ago

Arabic.  It just reminded me is all, of when I worked in Seattle on the waterfront. The gal I was working with at the front counter (  she was a really cool person & reminded you to an exact T of a reddish-haired Dharma from Dharma & Gregg, the color hair was the only noticable difference), but she saw thru the window an Arabic guy & his wife about to come into the store. The woman was walking behind her husband. My co-worker walked fast to the door, opened it, and said, "Ladies first!" She had this big ol' grin on her face, eyes wide open, & if looks could send daggers, from the guy, oh my. She just kept smiling, and the woman kept her head straight, but gave her a big smile  the husband couldn't see, and walked thru first. It was hilarious. Her, nor I went for that woman walking behind the husband nonsense, since that's not the way it works here.

1 year ago

Well,I am not a lezbo,femi-nazi,man hating bitch,but I am also not the subservient,less than you type.I do believe,however,that the man and the woman have seperate,but equal roles to play,which is why I do not buy into the blurring of the lines between feminine and masculine and all of the unisex bullshit.To say there are not differences is like telling me the grass is orange,it is denying the truth.I will love and respect my man,but I will not tolerate it if it is not reciprocated.And the thing about the meat,it is not necassary for survival,especially with all of the alternatives that are available,right down to the tofu things that taste like meat.A person who does so,it is a choice and not a necessity.Also,if you choose to eat meat,does it really have to be an endangered animal like the bison?This is why the petitions are important,because some people will not do the right thing unless they will be prosecuted or fined otherwise.OK,enough of my persuasive essay,I feel like I am back in college or something.Have a great day,and a great weekend.I know I look forward to it.Still open for pizza. Oh,by the way,you can have your watermelon.Despite the stereotype that I am supposed to love watermelon,I will pass. Later guys!

1 year ago

Gabra you are so funny with the 'orange' and 'watermelon' comments.  teehee!   My goodness, you have grown your dreds since  you were 6 months old without ever having cut them?   That is awesome.  How long are they?  Can you take and post a pic?   You're right about men...they are a dime a dozen.  Abuse and disrespect is intolerable. 


Sherry, that is really funny what you and your coworker did to the man who had his wife walking behind him.   I know it is probably their culture but this is America and we don't play that.   I'm glad his wife saw the humor, too.   Last night it got down to the lower 20's but it didn't feel like least not inside with my ultra warm, fuzzy pajamas on.    Your beans with bacon and jalapeno sounds delicious!  You make the forest and old growth in WA sound so peaceful and beautiful.   Your description of the ferns, breezes, etc sound so poetic.  Your friend on the motorcycle sounds like a free nice.   Sherry, you had a birthday?  When?   I'm so sorry I didn't make a birthday thread for you.   I hope your day was blessed.


Kaya, that photo of the forest with the colorful walkway is beautiful....forests are so soothing to the soul.    The cauliflower recipe looks delicious...I MUST try it....thanks for the recipe.


TAS, how awesome that you have lived in so many exotic places.  If I could start my life over I think I, too, would be a traveller and free spirit.   There are so many interesting places in the world I would like to visit.  How is your back doing?  I hope it is continuing to improve.


 photo goodnight.jpg


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remember to enjoy simple pleasures,life is for enjoyment and
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That is such a cute picture, TAS.  Aren't puppies adorable?   And of course butterflies are beautiful.  I hope you are enjoying your Sunday.


Candy anyone?


 photo ReesesSquirrel.jpg

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I'm about to go get in my warm fuzzy pj's too Vicky. We just came back in from covering our orange tree. We were outside earlier, and my husband checked on his phone,  & yep the temps dropped that fast!--9  degrees in 5 seconds. You could feel it.  A cold front coming through again. Dropped 20 degrees in 1/2 hour. I't s breezy & getting colder, & last I heard, will get 28 degrees tonight.

Love the puppy and squirrel pic!

Well, our friend had come back, was here a couple days, and embarked on another journey yesterday. This time to Portugal & Spain. Now, I didn't understand if it is a tradition in one of the places he's going, but anyway, it's some sort of tradition somewhere, to embark upon your journey without assistance, just walking, so he didn't even want a ride to the airport. He just hoisted his back pack, we took his picture, said our goodbyes, told him to be careful, have fun & stay safe, and he set out walking to the airport. 

Tonight is another log on the fire night! Love it!!

Yep, Vicky. WA state is like two different places in one state, depending which side of the mountains. It has a lot of beautiful scenic places.

image of log fire  - Fireplace with wood and fire closeup shoot - JPG

That's just a pic, as our fireplace is brick.  We used to be able to do ones like this when we went camping & at our old home in Port Orchard, WA: foto of log fire  - Big bonfire against bright blue night sky - JPG

Oh. Thought of you today Vicky, when I was on the treadmill, because I was listening to some Windy City Blues, and one was Going to Mississippi  by Magic Slim.  I do love me some good blues, always have. Probably a bit to do with my dad who liked to sing jazz & blues. I never really cared though for jazz so much, as it turned out,  but good blues I really do.

Anyway, fixing to go get in those pj's, relax & watch some tv.  Everyone stay warm & have a good night!

I may not have been Mississippi born & raised, as my Mom & Dad & all my relatives on both sides, but been there a lot throughout my life, & least ways, I can say I was Mississippi bred! LOL Have a good evening!

Magic Slim & the Teardrops - Going to Mississippi - YouTube

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PS.  He starts singing at about 1:16.

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Sherry, how awesome that you thought of me with the Mississippi tune.  Great video and the singer/player is great. Thank you  I love the blues but I love jazz, too.   Jazz when I'm kicked back relaxing and Blues when I'm out kickin' it.   I love the saxophone and clarinet...well all horns. Lovely fireplace...and also lovely campfire.....both romantic....good snuggly tiimes and jazz or blues easy listening.  If you ever visit Mississippi I'd love to meet you.   It's 39 degrees did your orange trees fare?  I hope your friend has a safe journey.  How old is he?  I don't think I could brave the elements. 


This is a long jazz video:



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Kaya, great video (and album cover, too).  What kind of drums?  Love that sound.   Soft music and singing...very relaxing....the flute is awesome too.

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Hey Vicky!  Sent you a message. Could you go read it, & see what you think? It's all good!

Off to Lake Tahoe
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We are leaving shortly for our friends place at Lake Tahoe.  Hope to get in some skiing and snowshoeing.   A bear cub was taken off the slopes at Heavenly yesterday. It was injured and should be OK they said.  Bears are out early this year and should still be in hibernation.  Hope we don't get too close to any while we're there. Wishing you all the good week.  

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skiing,haven't done that in awhile

my first business was a ski lodge in Maine.

it didn't snow for 3 winters and we were declared an economic disaster area by the president,and the sba came and bailed us out,then it didn't snow again

the Mountain in sugarloaf,maine didn't have snow making equipment,it had never needed it,they had "snow farming" stuff to move snow around.

I heard that they finally got snowmaking,as we lit out of that tiny town and never looked back after going bankrupt.

Have a great time,I have skied Tahoe,it's gr8!!!!!!

for us all who are still in the snow,it's cold in az too,in the 60's
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I hope the bear cub is okay. Enjoy your visit, Carlene, and the snow.

My husband wants his flip flop too, Tasunka. Had that cold front come through. Me, I'm loving this weather. 51 right now, 35 tonight, 67 tomorrow, then 71 the next, then 72, then Sat. 68.

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Good afternoon Sherry, TAS, Gabra, Carlene and anyone else who stops in.   It's been rainy today and cool.   Kind of a depressing kind of day.   Carlene, I hope your trip is safe and fun and I hope the bear cub is okay.   TAS, sorry to hear about your bankruptcy....glad you left and didn't look back though.   Sherry, I think I answered your message in an email but I will recheck.  Something may have slipped by me.   Gabra, I love the graphic you posted and that we're all friends! 


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,and I have a bad feeling

and you know I have limited powers,I hope kk can tell us something?????

Nothing from Gabra
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Re: Gabra - Hope she's just busy and that all is OK with her.

Had a great time in Tahoe, the snow was "slow" for those of you who ski.  We had a beautiful day out showshoeing, played dominoes, a new card game, relaxed and the week flew by.  We leave on March 31 for our trip to NOLA then a 14 day cruise, 2 family birthdays in between and lots to do to get ready.  We've never been gone for 19 days before.  Getting a friends daughter to keep our bird feeder full and replace the water in the bird bath too.  We are traveling to NOLA with another couple, none of us has been there, then meeting 3 other couples when we board the ship on Apr 5th.  We get back on the 19th and our new grandson, Treven Chase, is due on Apr 29th.  He just has to wait right?  "please don't arrive early Treven"....

Sherry, et al, yes the bear cub is OK and they plan on releasing it when it's gained some weight and his injuries are all healed.

Gabra, I don't like watermelon either!  Ewe....

Tas, I love Portugal too.  My grandfather was born in Northern Portugal, in Sao Pedro de Torre, on the border with Spain and my grandmother in Machico, Madeira.  Have you been to Maderia?  Beautiful there but no beaches, all rocky.

Vicki, Kaya and everyone, have a most wonderful day today!

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Don't like ice, cold watermelon????  It is so sweet and delicous...I like it seeded and cut up in small pieces in it's juice.   YUM!   Well my final disability hearing is tomorrow.   I pray that the judge will rule in my favor although I probably won't know for a couple more  months.   I have been fighting this for 5 years.


TAS, I must have missed reading about Gabra's hair.   What's wrong with it?   I pray she is okay and that we hear from her soon.   How is your sailing going?


Carlene, I'm glad you had a good time in Tahoe and yes time does fly by when you're having fun.   What are your plans for New Orleans?  Is it a stopover or are you all doing something specific?  Just reread your post and it seems like you will be leaving for a cruise from the NOLA port.   How many days will you have before boarding?   I can tell you some places to go if you want and our food is delicious!   I hope Treven waits until you get home  before making his arrival.  lol   Sounds like you have had and will have some really fun times.  Glad your bird feeders and bird baths will be taken care of.


Well gotta run for now.  Have a great evening.


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Gabras boyfriend threatened to cut the locks she's been growing all her life, having never cut my hair, I understand the importance of this, and the horrible fear that it must create! 

I hope we hear from her soon. 

1 year ago

I tell ya what. That guy if he was indeed serious, and it's sounding like he was from what I'm hearing anyway, has a problem with a control freak streak. That isn't good whatsoever. I hope we hear from her soon too, & that everything is okay. If he was serious, I'd be saying good riddance.

Carlene, sounds like you are having a great time. If Vicky can help with some good restaurants down there, go for it. Some places are excellent, others not so much. And it's disappointing when one hears that someone tried a southern restaurant where the food really isn't what good southern food is. Just not the same whatsoever.

Vicky, we've been to Corpus Christie here, a little drive, so mostly for the beaches, but they have a pretty small, yet excellent southern food restaurant there, called Craw Daddy's. We've eaten there a couple times, and frankly I was surprised to find real southern food that good here in TX. TX of course being known for their BBQ & brisket, steaks. Of course there are better places here than others for that also, which really makes all the difference, same as in the deep south, of whether you're getting the real good food or not, made properly, and knowing what it's really all about. 

Tasunka, are you feeling better still? How's sailing?  Going on any new adventures?

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thanks for asking,Sherry

leaving early saturday morning for the coast

the captains birthday party,I just finished making his card,and writing a poem

I always make hand made cards, a collage if you will

they're pretty good,I have half a dozen framed throughout the house

and then a long sail,maybe to Catalina,I have never been

my back is fantastic,the 9 sessions,which I did consequetively, equal 3 weeks of training, 2 weeks are supposed to do feeling like a new woman!!!!!!



TYLENOL was killing my liver,was taking milk thistle to counteract it.

I convinced myself that they were made of meat,so I don't touch them, it worked,and they are actually worse than meat,but don't look like animals.

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Hi.I stop in to check for actions and petitions,which I found some current ones that I had not yet completed and did them.I have not heared from Gabra or Justice.Not every one here knows her.She has family down here,she went there for a little bit .Hi sherry,carlene,siouxze,vicky,gabra,and any one I forget,not on purpose.Have a great week end.Hugs to you all.

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Sorry for not being on for a while,I had some family issues to deal with.Our family is a little smaller now,and we had to move,long story that I am sure no one wants to hear,so I will spare you the details.Thank you to those expressing concern,I appreciate it.Do not worry,no one is cutting off my dredlocks,or taking any on my kids.He can have whatever else he wants,stuff does not have feelings.Children do.Anyway,as with most problems,this is temporary.Here is a song....dedicated to my dreds,lol.I am checking for actions,petitions or whatever.Tas,Siouxz,hope you have a fantastic trip.I am doing some trip of my

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Wow,that was wierd.I am listening to"Zion Train",Bob Marley song,and as I read this ,he was singing,"Don't gain the world and lose your soul."Kaya does that to me all the time.She also said something about the beads in my dreds,but I have never posted a self-pic on here,she refused to answer me when I confronted her about it.I was not mad,this stuff just freaks me out ,that is all.Siouxz,don't worry.No one can take your soul unless you let them-not a devil,not a man.God can,but He won't,we have to give it.Anyway,I don't want to talk about religion right now.Thanks again for your concern.Need to sleep now,have to work the night shift again.Stole your pic,vicki.

 photo goodnight.jpg

happy everyone is safe
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Hi,every one.Gabra,I have no special abilities,it was coincidence,that is all.I hope the week end is relaxing for all of you.I don't do holidays,every day is gift of life and worth a celebration,but HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY to all who observe it.Hugs to all of you and praise be to Almighty.Like my lego birds?

1 year ago

Hi group!   Well cool weather is upon us again...down to 38 degrees tonight and with spring 2 days away.  lol   Gabra, so glad you are okay.  I had forgotten about your man threatening to cut off your hair.  Ditch that sucka if possible...unless you love him & want to stay with him...but be careful.   TAS, how awesome that your back is healed or better and I'm sorry you're sad about the loss of your mom (the anniversary).  Wow, you've never cut your hair either?   It must be super you wear it loose or up?   I guess you  have sailed by now....enjoy your trip.  It's always nice to go somewhere you've never been.   Cute Tinkerbell graphic.  Sherry, what restaurants were your favs in NOLA?   Although it's probably not considered down South cooking, I love Copelands and Red Lobster.  As for the homey, southern food restaurants I'm not sure which ones.   Sometimes I might just pass by somewhere I want to eat and stop.  lol   I love my boiled crawfish but they are so expensive now.  I love gumbo....I make it pretty good too.     Of course there's Emeril's Delmonico restaurant on St. Charles Ave., po boy places are on every corner (almost) and we can't forget the muffalatta sandwiches.  I used to love to get them at the Central Grocery on Decatur St. but I find them lacking now.   Oh YES....Port of Call on Esplanade Ave.  Looks like a dump inside but it's food is sooooooo good!   Great steaks and hamburger platters.  Enough of food now....I'm starving.   teehee!  Kaya, I do celebrate St. Patrick's Day so thank your for the well wishes.  What adorable Lego birds....I haven't thought of Lego's in years.  Great toy.   Carlene, where are you now?   I know you must be having a fun time wherever you are. 


 photo hellospring_zpsf1e714da.gif

1 year ago

Kaya,I love those lego birds,that is so creative.My kids love legos.Vicky,I am glad you say that about leaving him,because I have,and I felt bad about it,because children need both a mother and a father.But I had to go.He again threatened to cut off my dreds,he beat me with a belt,bad enough to break skin,he choked me,and he said he will throw the baby from the window.When he was working,I packed my things,took the kids,and went away.I don't like this neighborhood,but I will not tolerate him hurting me or my kids.I dont deserve it,and they deserve to be protected.Anyway,enough of the drama,it will take time to get use to different ways,but we will.I had to put the kids in school here,so he cant go to the school and try to take them.I have the same job,but I work nights most of the time.Anyway,hope those who do it had a good st. patricks day.I think that I will take you up on your swimming party,Kaya.Where do you guys go?I stay away from the tourist spots,they are really annoying.That is why certain places in Manhattan are avoided by me too.Thanks for your care for the parks and wildlife there,and for being fun and good friends.We all need to go to Kaya's party,I bet you guys are great fun.

1 year ago

Vicky,I love that graphic.Did you create it?Gabra,do not feel bad,I though no thing is more humiliation than to cut off your dreds,but to threaten a baby?Do not feel bad.And he should not have hit you,do not let him.No thing hurts more than a belt on bare skin.Dont go back because you get lonely,please.I hope the petitions I posted were not duplicates.Love you guys!

1 year ago

Gabra, you did the right thing-left. That bastard needs his ass whipped! I would sincerely be afraid of anyone who did that to you, and threatened to throw the baby out the window.  You don't have to be a doctor or psychiatrist to see he IS mentally unhinged. If you don't sport protection, I would watch your back. Never open your door to anyone you don't definitely know who is, that type could set you up to get to you, and be waiting behind that person.  If you do have protection and worried about kids, try to get a small finger(only opens to yours) identification safe.  He has a definite loose screw that though may not be telling other than what you went through, makes him a very dangerous life threatening individual. Do what you have to do to try and make sure he stays away from you and the kids, but I'd consider protection. The police are far, far too often,  one hell of a lot more than a few minutes away BS you hear about.  You did ask the school what you need in order to stop him from being able to lie, and come in w/proof of who he is, in order to try and get the kids I hope. The teachers who wait with them outside, need to all be informed as well. I'd get a restraining order, and file a complaint, and try to get it where he can't come near you or the kids, or he may try to beat you to the punch, and file against you, to get the kids, to have something to cause you grief. And he can cause you grief, if you dont' take first steps. He's going to have his suck azz ego pissed, because you had the nerve to leave, & these types will often go after trying to get the kids on false charges, before you get them on real ones first, an ego trip, not because they are really concerned about maybe not being able to see the kids. He's threatened attempted murder. Good for you for leaving, but do what you have to do to protect yourself and your kids.

1 year ago

Sherry,I am so glad you addressed this,I was worried ,that like so many domestic disputes,they simmer down, and keep hot,till they explode and burn any and everyone within a mile's radius


restraining order,absolutely

1 year ago

I've heard stories of how people had to wait for at least an hour, perhaps more, for a cop/s to show up.  I knew someone who had to wait 45 minutes one time. ONE minute, can be too long.  I am not an advocator for those what they call "rape whistles", or trying to outrun your assailant, or acting like you're having a seizure, or saying you are on your monthly, or wetting your pants, or some of the other myriad of what I consider STUPID, STUPID, STUPID! suggestions to do in that kind of category. Yeah, hope you can outrun your assailant, especially if you're nowhere close to get to safety, ones will just laugh at some of this other stuff, and you're had anyway.  I remember hearing how well a rape whistle worked for one gal who was afraid of her ex-boyfriend. She walked out after her job, she had time to blow on her whistle alright. They heard it they said, in her bldg. and across the street, and when they found her, she was dead, blood on the whistle. Whistled herself to death. That worked great. (sarcasm)

Yes, some of the people you figure wouldn't do it, even if they are mean to you in other ways, do do it.  This guy, to me, more than definitely, shows that capability.

1 year ago

Hi.I apologize for unloading all of my drama on here yesterday.I shouldn't do  it,that is not what this is for,and I am sorry.It will be fine,I have it taken care of,at least for now.Life happens.Thanks for letting me vent,though.Have a good rest of the week.Hugs.Need to get some sleep.

Checking in again
1 year ago

Tas, Such good news about your back pain. Hope you are enjoying your travels, did you like Catalina?

Vicky and Sherry, Yes, we would like to eat some real southern food while in NOLA. We arrive Apr 1st in the a.m. and fly to Ft. Lauderdale Apr 5th to board the ship for the cruise. Sounds like one of the main attractions in NOLA is the food!  We plan on going to the Barataria Preserve, WWII Museum, and check out a cemetery tour and plantations too.  In between, we'll be eating!

Vicky, Hope your disability hearing went in your favor. Five years to get an answer is way too long.   On watermelon, as a kid I got very sick after eating it, probably had the stomach flu, but since then I just can't eat it or any melon for that matter.

Kaya, Love the Lego Birds.  Recently took our grand daughter, Danielle, to the Lego Movie. 

Gabra, Wow, what a horrible situation you were in and what a smart lady you are to leave the POS! He made the decision all by himself with the horrible things he did to you and to threaten your children. Did you report him for the abuse? I understand how you feel about kids needing both parents but as he wasn't acting like a parent in any way, your kids only need you and your love not him.  Take care and be proud, you did the right thing by leaving!

Have a good rest of the week everyone! 

1 year ago

Totally agree. It is much better on the kids to be with one loving parent, than have two when one of them is bad for the kids to have to be around.

Hey, I gotta share. My husband just showed me a text message my daughter just sent to him. My grandkids think my husband came from a BBQ heaven. Haha  He really does cook up some mean BBQ and great ribs though. I think he could go on one of those BBQ & rib cookoffs.  Here it is:

So I thought I'd share with you where your grand kids think you come from haha. We were eating dinner last night when your BBQ came up. Cory was saying that if he keeps making BBQ then one day he'll be as good as you. Terrence shut him down very quickly and said "no ones BBQ is as good as papas" Hailey agreed and added "yea it's like papa was made from the BBQ gods and sent down here to make us food" Terrence agreed with her. Hahahaha it was pretty funny.

Apparently you come from a BBQ heaven and you were sent to earth hahaha.

1 year ago

cant sleep!anyway,thanks for the support, i said,men are a dime a dozen.its just hard when you have feelings for someone to let it go.but it is necassary.i will probably go to the club with some friends this weekend,get my mind off things.anyway,signed the petition in the other usually not on this much.

it could always be worse,that helps me
1 year ago

I think of all the things that could be,and count myself lucky to have my life and my loves,do that Gabra,but watch your back....

1 year ago

Hi everybody.   Today was a beautiful spring day....soooo lovely.  


Carlene, sounds like you have some interesting stuff to do while in NOLA.   There are also swamp tours,  tours of the French Quarter and this you might interesting, a Marie Laveau musuem and/or a cemetery and walking tour.  She is the reigning Voodoo queen of New Orleans.   Here is the link to check it out:


TAS, I'm sorry your last picture didn't show up.   Maybe you can post it again and I will delete the old post.   How are you enjoying your sail?


Kaya, yes I made the spring graphic and you are welcome to use it.  Just be sure to save it to your Photobucket or other editing program so it doesn't use my monthly allocations.  


Sherry, you told Gabra some good info although I would try saying or doing anything (including using whistles) to try and fend off an attacker or abuser.   The methods will be different for each situation maybe but you try whatever you have at your disposal.  I've been in a couple of abusive situations and what works for one may not work for another.   Unfortunately, none may work but you just try what you can.  How are your grandbabies?  Oh, Preston is selling off all of Aunt Hilda's things....didn't even offer anything to the family, including heirloom quilts.   He's a real piece of work.


Gabra, one last thing and I'll say no more.   Like the others said, notify others (police, family, friends) about his threats so it will be on record.    Anybody that would threaten his children is either/or trying to put the fear of God in you or he will do it, and I wouldn't chance it.   With the threat of cutting your dreds and dropping the baby out the window, he sounds like he's trying to scare the heck out of you but he's both crazy AND dangerous.  If you can't carry a weapon at least carry mace.   However I know from personal experience that sometimes you won't have a chance to grab it or use it.  Just watch your back....we all love you and want you safe. 


I took this pic about 9 years ago...aren't they precious?


goats at Miss Joel's house photo TwinKids.jpg

1 year ago

Hi. Cute little kids (baby goats).  Yes, carry mace, but also I would suggest if you can, have someone teach you, like a martial arts person, some techniques that are good for a woman to use, because too often, a man is stronger than a woman, but they can really give you some great techniques to use for various situations, how to get out of different holds, and what to quickly do. I do not know, but I have heard that wasp spray is more accurate than mace.  Of course one has to use whatever is at their disposal, be it a bat, lamp, whatever is there.  But there are situations one, anyone, can find themselves in, where none of that is going to get you out of trouble. I very strongly suggest that if one does get a gun, have a safe that opens quickly to only your finger on it, or whoever else you may want to set it up for that way, and most definitely, go take a lesson. They have women only courses, if that makes one more comfortable. There are situations where more than one person breaks into a home, 2, 3, 4, and people so drugged up even, that a gun can be emptied into them, and still walk out to an ambulence, or in 1 case like that, walked themselves downstairs, outside, got in a car & drove a ways before crashing. At least it stopped them from being able to do the other person harm, but that's one reason I'm personally not just for other methods being the only way to go, because they get through me, then there's still others to worry about. Woman in the last scenario had her son w/her & they were hiding in the attic when found.  One teen w/his sister at home, knew how to use a rifle, and had someone coming in the front and back door. Thankfully he was trained, his dad was a cop. It's up to everyone to decide for themselves, & yes, if nothing else, use whatever is at hand, & like you said, all we want is for someone to be safe. 

getting psyched to see an 80 year old version on the 5th
1 year ago

1 year ago

Hard to do in brooklyn,lol.should I go to haiti ,grow my own food,and give it to my needy neighbors?Lots of poverty there.start a co-op or something.go to jamaica and do the same.There is a program during the spring and summer months where my kids participated in gardening and planting trees in the neighborhood and stuff.I hope I can find a program like that in this new neighborhood,because they enjoyed bringing home what they had grown,and we made dinner with it.

1 year ago

Good for Willie!  If we can get places like USDA & EPA to stop sticking it to people, making up excuses where there is none, making it hard on farmers, with controlling water, food and land rights, people could more freely grow who wanted to. Unncecessarily, foods and crops have been destroyed by these agencies, or land tried to be stolen from people under lies.

1 year ago

Hi everybody.  I have been off Care2 for 2 days.  I went to a barbecue yesterday and the day/night before I just didn't feel like getting on the computer.  I get like that sometimes as I belong to or host/own a few groups and it takes me a long time to finish posting and sometimes I'm just too tired or it gets too late.   Sherry, you brought up some good points about self defense.   You're right, there are so many various scenarios.  TAS, enjoy Willie when you go see him.   I love his music; I like the graphic you posted.   Farm Aid....what a great thing!   Gabra, wouldn't that be awesome to start co-ops in areas where there is lots of poverty?   I don't blame your children for getting getting so much enjoyment from growing their own vegetables.  I do, too.   Where is our dear Kaya?   Maybe she is recuperating from her birthday festivities.  lol   Kaya Rose....what a lovely name.   Well I'll talk to you ladies later..have a great evening.


 photo hello_zpsaa3dcf3c.jpg

1 year ago

Hi everyone. Willie?  Oh, you will enjoy Willie!  We went and saw him in May, and then an outside venue (that one it poured cats and dogs, lightning, soaked to the bone) in Old Helotes in October. Love him. I bought his book,  Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die,   when he played at The Majestic in San Antonio.  

Hope everyone is doing well. I've just been babysitting off & on, & just starting to get back in the swing of things of getting involved with things going on in the area, like ACT, and going to a convention, getting ready to go to a bigger one in June.  Going target practicing tomorrow. 

I love the pics. I hope you are adjusting well, Gabra, to the new area. Take your time on meeting someone else, & try not to rebound. I'd made that mistake before without realizing it till too late.  If they are meant to be, they will be, no matter how long you take, you choose the time you know it's right. Don't let any guy make you feel like it's hurried.  Wish you and your family well.

Well, it looks like dinner is calling, so going for the evening. -LOL- Biscuits and gravy and bacon.  Take care everyone!

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Hello everyone
1 year ago

Kaya Rose, Such a beautiful name and what you said about our little group is so true.  We may not always agree but it's nice to know we're here and it doesn't really matter in the big scheme of things.  I like what you did to Lorenzo too!

I like Willie Nelson too.  He sings some beautiful songs with such meaninful words. We've never seen him in person though.  We are going to a Pasty Cline music tribute when we get back from our cruise.  I love her songs also, she led such a tragic life at the end.

Gabra,  I agree with Sherry, take your time, heal those wounds and don't settle, us gals should NEVER settle for someone who isn't right.  I hope you and your kids feel safe and are adjusting to your new life without that POS.

Tas, Thanks for sharing info about The Captain, I simply thought you worked on a boat...dumb of me or what!

Sherry, Will look up the website you posted.  I did want to do a cemetery tour and this sounds perfect, thank you!  Sounds like this Preston fellow is selling things he should give to others, funny what money brings out in people.  Just remember, the memories you have of your Aunt, he can't sell those! 

I've started to pack, getting things set out and picking out what clothes to take.

We leave Monday, the 31st, and think I told you guys, we've never been gone this long before so it's taking me more time than usual.  My hubby doesn't pack, I couldn't trust what he'd put together!  My friends hubby told her he'd put some things together and she looked in his suitcase and he'd put in 3 pair of shorts!   Really???  You all take care, have a nice evening, it rained here today, yippee!  We still need more but the rain poured down and it was a welcome sound on our roof.  

just love this .gif horse ...said the trojans,lol
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Hi Sherry, Carlene, Kaya, Gabra and TAS.  Yesterday was my mom's bday and I took her (my brother and SIL went to), on a 2 hr cruise up the Mississippi, then we all went to the French Market and then my brother took her (all of us went) to Harrah's Casino.   We had a great time but were pooped out at the end of the day.  I am going to open a thread for Carlene with pictures of New Orleans since I'm not sure (can't remember) if she's been here before.


Kaya, beautiful pink flowers...they look so delicate.


Carlene, are you getting tired of travelling by now?   I know it can be very tiring.  I hope you have a great time in New Orleans and that the weather will be nice.


Sherry, you must have your hands full with babysitting.  How many (I assume your grandchildren) are you watching?  


Gabra, I hope things are going okay for you and that you don't have your ex harrassing you.


TAS, I love your graphic.....truly beautiful.  I like it's slight movement.  How is our trip going? 


Well it's pouring rain (for about 12 hours) so I am going to close and go watch t.v. for a bit.


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parking my drums here,till we get a new m,path thread
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