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* Tribal Slaughter Agreements Create Rifts; pregnant bison slaughtered!
1 year ago

THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS & PATHETIC!!   Many female bison, pregnant with this year's calves are slaughtered!

This winter has been especially trying for Buffalo Field Campaign and devastating to the last wild buffalo. Particularly heartbreaking has been the direct participation of some tribal governments and organizations--traditionally our strongest allies and greatest sources of hope for the buffalo's future--in the government's buffalo slaughter operations. These tribal entities, for the first time ever, have bought into the Montana livestock industry's notions that Yellowstone has "surplus" buffalo by actively working with Yellowstone National Park to slaughter buffalo.

As I write this, two livestock trailers belonging to the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes (CSKT) are heading west on Interstate 90 hauling dozens of live buffalo to a slaughterhouse on the Flathead Indian Reservation. While we don't yet know the exact number of buffalo in these trailers, we do know that in recent weeks the CSKT have slaughtered 37 buffalo and the Intertribal Buffalo Council (ITBC) has slaughtered 146. The majority of these slaughtered buffalo have been adult females, many of which were pregnant with what should have been this spring's calves.

Native American tribes are the buffalo's oldest human kin with relations going back tens of thousands of years. They are sovereign nations whose laws and customs, like their connections to the buffalo, have evolved over millennia. No one knows the buffalo more intimately than the tribes, whose cultures were nearly destroyed when our European ancestors nearly drove the buffalo extinct.

Buffalo Field Campaign has always believed that tribal involvement in buffalo management decisions would be essential to any effort to earn the buffalo the respect and protection they so desperately need. This is reflected in our mission statement, which commits us to "working with people of all Nations to honor the sacredness of wild buffalo."

To the tribes, reengaging in their sacred relationships with wild buffalo is essential to reestablishing hope or, in the words of the ITBC, to "healing the spirit of both the Indian people and the buffalo." We celebrated when the tribes and the ITBC were finally given a voting seat at the table among the state and federal agencies administering the Interagency Bison Management Plan. When the tribes began exercising their treaty rights to hunt buffalo, we respected those rights, even agreeing to turn off our cameras when requested out of respect for the sacred nature of these hunts.

But our job is to share the buffalo's story with the world and when people begin to act irresponsibly or disrespectfully toward the buffalo it is up to us to speak the truth. The events of recent weeks have been especially difficult as we've found it necessary to express our strong opposition to the tribal slaughter agreements. But backing a trailer up to a cage in Yellowstone where buffalo are confined and transporting them to slaughter has nothing to do with tradition or the sacred or sovereign rights of tribes. By participating in such activities the tribes are actively assisting with the destruction of the Yellowstone herds and providing cover to the shameful actions of the livestock industry and the government agencies preventing the buffalo from accessing and re-inhabiting their native habitat.

Our actions are not motivated by disrespect for the tribes but, rather, by the respect we hold for the buffalo and their right to be wild and free.

1 year ago

Their actions may not be motivated by disrespect for the tribes, but those members of the tribe who do this, deserve disrespect, & they've got mine.

1 year ago

like I said,two kinds of Indians,one doesn't even deserve any other name,native americans seek respect not to live like a savage

thanks Vicky

also,had seen that article about that activist,great story!!!!!!!!

1 year ago

I think I posted the pic of that poor sweet calf dead in another thread.  The angel looked like it was sleeping.   I just can't fathom poor pregnant mama buffaloes being slaughtered.   Sickening.  Good to see you TAS & Sherry...thanks for your comments.

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