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1 year ago

What kind of drums are those called, TAS?

1 year ago

I don't know if they have a special name, besides tribal drums for chanting and dancing. .they make a very earthly sound, very warm and soothing. .I guess that's why they are used for almost all ceremonies. 

drums and vacation
1 year ago

Love the sound of a quiet drum, when they sound almost muffled.  I guess I mean what Tas said 'very earthly sound, very warm and soothing'. 

We leave this evening for New Orleans, thanks for the names of places to go and try, much appreciated.  Checked the weather and it should be nice until we leave for Ft. Lauderdale on Friday morning.  On the Celebrity Eclipse from Apr 5 to the 19th. Looking forward to some wonderful times with my hubby and our friends and praying our daughter's new baby waits for our return.  He is due Apr 29th!

Take care everyone and I be in contact when we return. 

1 year ago

Have a wonderful time and be safe, we'll be here waiting♥

1 year ago

Okay TAS, I'll refer to them as 'ceremonial' drums.    I love their deep sounds.


Oh Carlene I forgot to post some pics but I'll do it in this thread.   I've forgotten if you've said you'd been to NOLA before or not.   It's beautiful and sunny today 72 degrees and should be up towards the 80's during the week.  You're right...rain later this week, but not sure how much.   I hope our grandbaby waits for your return, too.   How long til you'll be returning home?  Have fun!


A band in the French Market

 photo bandinfrenchmarket_zps66c1eda2.jpg



Beignets & Coffee here:


 photo CafeDuMonde_zpsceac8886.jpg


 photo tourbus_zps01bfc41c.jpg


 photo streetcaroncanalst_zps80843c43.jpg


Not sure what this guy is


 photo frenchquarter1_zpsdc6518aa.jpg

 City Skyline:



 photo cityskyline_zpsc3824023.jpg


Steamboat Natchez (2 hr cruise down the Mississippi with brunch or dinner and music)


 photo Natchez_zps35703201.jpg


You can walk right up to the ticket booths and get an immediate cruise.  Here is the info:


Sorry I didn't take a lot  more pictures but my mom is 86 yrs and couldn't do a lot of walking.

1 year ago

Do I have to say something more?  Hello.  Good for you Carlene going to New Orleans.  The forecast is good these days.  Nice pictures, never been there.  Tas lucky you are.  And I am too.  We are leaving on the 4th for Tahiti, so, Friday early morning flying there for I don't know how long,  enough of cold water and rain.  Isn't April fools, omg.  Not complicated for luggages.  Happy you are still here, I have to talk to others, I deleted many groups, I have 5 from yesterday same for 'friends'  I don't have time to loose with stupidities lol.  Take care all.  Dave told me to Be Happy, don't Worry, this is what I am doing.  Positivism this is my way of life with HOPE PEACE and JUSTICE for all. 



1 year ago

Hi,my friends.I love the New Orleans pics,Vivien.I want to go there some day.

1 year ago

I was there once for only a few days, memorable

would go back, especially to infuse some money back into the area. 

1 year ago

Hello.  I wish you go, Kaya.  I want to go to other countries, before.  Hey sweet y Lady.  Saturday is coming fast, good.  and for me the 3rd and the 4th  Farewell, leaving early morning to Tahiti Islands,  sure of the beautiful weather dear.  Have a special month of April.  It's up to you. 

1 year ago

A cute idea from the TV show "SMILE JAMAICA",I do not know if you can get that show where you are.

Jelly Bean Prayer

Red is for the blood He gave,
Green is for the grass he made.
Yellow is for the sun so bright,
Orange is for the edge of night.

Black is for the sins we made,
White is for the grace he gave.
Purple is for his hour of sorrow.
Pink is for our new tomorrow.

A bag full of jelly beans is yummy to eat,
It’s a picture, a promise, a special treat,
To help us remember Jesus’ work complete,
Gives us hope beyond any earthly sweet.

1 year ago

Actually have a scientific effect on our mind.

not to belittle other beliefs, but they have been studying the art of color and mental attitude. .it seems orange is the happiest color, it was originally thought to be yellow like the sun, but the mind likes to mix in rose colored glasses, lol

hence orange. ..if this interests anyone just Google color and mental health. 

1 year ago

Now I can't remember if it was the Natchez, or another one, that we did take a cruise on w/my brother & SIL.  Hope Carlene has an enjoyable time in NO & FT. Lauderdale.

I haven't heard of Smile Jamaica.  Will have to see if we can get it.

Tahiti sounds wonderful Marie.  

We have watched several episodes of People buying islands on HGTV.  There is an island in FIJI, Katafanga, that I don't think anyone has bought yet. It is between Fiji and Tonga.  It is remote but accessible. It was soooo beautiful, that I hope someone does buy it and make a resort out of it.  I would surely, if we can ever do so, look into trying to go there. It was absolutely gorgeous. Everything we have seen of Fiji, the scenery, water, I think that is where we would like to be able to go one day, and that Katafanga island would be awesome. 

1 year ago

Katafanga-One of the last freehold islands in the South Pacific of Fiji.  Also known as The Blue Lagoon.  Someone will be getting a beautiful island.  Had to go look it up. Nice  Maybe someday.

the Tonga islands
1 year ago

Are the last and probably will never leave, islands on my bucket list. 

Voted the best place to live out the rest of your lives by sailors♥

in the virgin islands there were a few islands left for sale, dam if sir Richard Branson DIDN'T pick them up...he bought his island, Necker for only 280$,000 in the sixties, now worth a 100,000 a week just to stay there...probably a good 20 million for it now.

1 year ago


We Are Ready to tale Off on Friday ... see ya
1 year ago

The Brandson Island house destroyed by fire, is rebuilted.  Imagine, I am learning each day.  But the owner of the Island, lol, I would like they say that to me, 'the owner of the Island'.  Nice and thanks tas.  I have to go to bed earlier, doctor tomorrow for med mariJ.  etc;  I will finally have my Compassion card to go around the world with it, in Compassion clubs. 

Everyone looks great.  Be Happy, don't Worry, folks...  for allllllleluia, we are close to the 20, for Easter Parade or eggs or what you want.

Marie with love especially before I leave .  "I will Always Love YouuUUUUUUuuuu, sing by Whitney Houston. wow*

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1 year ago

See you soon.  . . . 

1 year ago

Hi Marie, great photos and of course I love Willie!   The doggy with the sunglasses is so cute and so are the fish.  I hope you have a safe trip to beautiful Tahiti.


Gabra, I don't get 'Smile Jamaica' in my area and I love your jelly beans and especially the poem.   I am going to borrow it if you don't mind.  


I guess Carlene is on her way.   I pray she has a safe and fun time in New Orleans.   Lots of good food there and of course some really strange sites and people.  lol


TAS, I love that song 'Rose Colored Glasses' by John Conley; in fact a couple of years ago when me and my mom visited the Grand Ol Oprey in Nashville, we saw him and he sang that song.   Orange is pretty but yellow is definitely my favorite uplifting to me.


Sherry, whenever you decide to visit the island of Fiji, please call me so I can figure out a way to stowaway on the ship or airplane.  lol   I would love to visit a beautiful island one day but that will probably never happen.   So I will make do with viewing pictures, videos and/or movies.  


Have a great day everyone.  Isn't this little guy cute?


 photo CutepuppyfrmFB.jpg

1 year ago

Vicky it is there for anyone who would like to use it.I don't know if Easter will even be do-able for my kids,but I may be able to do this for them.It is not about the candy anyway,but it is nice to do things for them.Nice when you have physical and emotional wounds healing.Tas,I know that colors are thereputic.When I build up my money again,I really need to get more paint supplies.Have a great day everyone.Keep up the good work.

hey there
1 year ago

yesterday was my anniverary ,our 3rd decade together is starting

and my friend gave birth at about noon,as a present

I will always remember yesterday,the most perfect day I have had in years!!!!!!

1 year ago

Hello again, water some places is that color. so magnificent.

I slept all the way on the flight in first class, I forgot to tell you this is our way to travel, all is first class.  I am a classy one, that is what so many says!! I   have a great sense of humour, so many knows me well and they are saying it so often, they have to laugh with me without any problem.  I laugh and sometimes I have tear drops.  So I wrote fast to tas, with a picture, saying going for a walk and am still here.

Will talk to you later.  Ciao Ciao and biz to all be well.  So happy as you can imagine.  My life turned a full circle from last December. 
Thankfull I am.  Ok my friend is waiting for me. xx

Vicky, thank you for liking my pictures, you are doing a good work here and where you are, I know you from long, I can say it, and you are talking and writing a very good English.  You are an awasome human being..  I am lucky to know you and everyone here at the group.  xx

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the concert is actually tonight
1 year ago

Willie's here in his beautiful native american themed busses

security is so tight,I had to email the marina the names of my guests,and i am allowed only 2...what if we needed crew for an early morning sail?

I am eager to see this sleepy little marina start hopping when the music starts to play.

the dude on the boat next to me said,he met willie last year,as he was parked in the marina overnight,and came walking out of his bus that next morning,and was really friendly,took pictures....

I should be so lucky,lol

1 year ago

Well, too funny tas,   sure I am on your way or maybe it is ended.

I will be happy to know what how great is the concert.  A crowd...

1 year ago

Okay this time I am going for my ritual, meditation and Medical Marijuana.  Was very great yesterday, so it will be better now.  Good Night or good everything at your time!!  I have a very great suntan from Midle of December 2013.  I am really fortunated.  %#&!*%   : )

1 year ago

Gabra, I hope your children get a nice Easter...I know God will provide.  How are you doing otherwise?


Beautiful wolves, TAS.   It's horrible the way their numbers are being decimated.  Contratulations on your anniversary....30 yrs....what a long time.   That is wonderful!  Have fun at the are only allowed 2 guests?   That's sucky.


Marie, I see with all that 'medicine' that someone would be sick for quite a while.  hahaha!  Yes, you certainly did come full circle since December....good for you.   I don't tan easy...I have to burn first.


Well have a great day or evening everybody.


 photo saturdayfrmflorika.gif

1 year ago

so,it turns out the security list is just to get up close by the stage

the boat next to me was covered with crew,they had a race,just left

bent my fishing pole on the way out

I could hear the concert from every cabin on the boat,even better from on deck,we could see the stage light show,but it was blurry

too many people on the dock,so we took a walk,was asked for fyre's service pass,showed it,but got tired of the nonsense,so went back to the boat till the end of the concert...

unfortunately,about an hour after the concert ended,I was just falling asleep when the power boat docked on my right decided to start his,engine,stereo

blue strobe lights,and for about an hour was running things before leaving

thanks a lot((

1 year ago

Glad you got to hear the concert, TAS.   Have fun on your trip to'll continue to post in the group I think you said in the Update from the Field thread.   PLEASE continue to post your links as well in the other thread as sometimes people use your links and not read my threads.  2 ways are better than one.  lol

1 year ago

OMG . . . we have all this funny things anyway, you heard Willie with all that crap, but you can take a lot before falling down.  ; ) sweet tas.  So, you are in AZ... hope to hear from everyone here.  We are preparing to go to shop for healthy food as fruits, and vegies, we found hemp and coconut water for the ones who want to get rid of coffee.  Dear Vicky, not good to have to burn before suntan... but you know what to do.  I feel like the mom I am lol.  But rare that I say to my children what to do.  I love freedom, liberty not the Liberty Statue.  Lol....

Have everyone fantastic time whatever happened.  Keep smiling I love that song.  But I have to go.  chuttt he is waiting for me.  We walk a lot on this wood think like a sidewalk from where we close the door.

1 year ago

Clear Water like that never seen it before.  Back from the buying fuits and vegeies and comestible flowers.  Ciao...xx

1 year ago

I am going to swim with dolphins, maybe only one lol, am not Poutine... saw clips at David Letterman Show there is one picture with a couple of dolphins.  I love it they are so cuty!  Be well, going for my ritual, found a new place only going on the stairs and trying to not fall on water omg... never seen so clear water.  Gorgeous, Magnificent.  Wishing you a fantastic Sunday with a fresh cherry.  We take with us my Juicer.  We bought lot of fruits, and some I never seen them only on internet.  And veggies.  Easy to find here. Ciao Ciao, Marie : )

1 year ago

Those waters are so beautiful Marie.  Is the place with stingrays an area that they have them harbored in for letting people swim with?  Reason I ask is I know they do do that with some, and remove their barb tails.  I have swam with dolphins at Atlantis (didn't get to stay there, but went over there from the cruise ship we were on) At the end, the trainer signals the dolphin & they swim up, put thier nose in the back of your foot and propell you toward shore. 


I would have never before been afraid to swim with stingrays, but have heard of that one guy dying from getting hit in the heart, & then after that, of a guy who had just pulled about a quarter mile out in his boat, one actually jumped in the boat, they said they will do that sometimes, & yes, he was hit in the heart (do those things have radar to know where a beating heart is?) he barely made it back in, calling for help. He was rushed to hospital, & made it, but he was damned lucky.  Ever since those stories, I don't want to swim w/them unless they were ones that had those barbs removed. It could be too easy to startle one.

We stayed out of trouble this Saturday. Went to (I know some people don't like them) but we went to a gun show, and it was neat seeing some actually rare and old guns for sale.

 Today, we are going with my daughter & her family & my son, to the Strawberry Poteet Festival.  After some rides for the kiddies & walking around,  we're all going to a concert there-the Randy Rodgers Band. Now, I gotta be honest, I don't know anything about them, have heard maybe one song, but my daughter & husband like them, so we're all attending.  I'm just hoping I like it, since we're sitting through it. LOL


Well Vicky, keeps getting closer to the date.


Tas, I forgot what part of AZ you're at.  My Father-in-Law lives in Black Canyon City.  We've been there a couple times, and in Prescott once when my husbands brother was alive, and in Jerome.  We took a one day drive up to Flagstaff. Thought it was pretty there.

1 year ago

You might remember the name of the guy I mentioned that had a fatal hit while swimming w/stingrays. He was the wildlife guy, so he had done this before. Was it Steve something?

1 year ago
Moorea Dolphin Center
Add to trip Added to trip
You added Moorea Dolphin Center to your Saves list
| Intercontinental Moorea Resort & Spa, French Polynesia
689 55 19 48
Update attraction details     
Thank you Sherry. 
1 year ago

Marie, I'm not trying to scare anybody with that info about the stingrays,  but since it has happened with stingrays, I don't want to see it happen to anyone else. Some places like I say, I have heard of, where one can swim with them, they don't have those what can be dangerous,  barbs. The last guy it said went through an operation, that luckily they were able to remove the barb from his heart, but that's a dangerous op too.  One never knows when something like this can happen, especially when you do hear of people swimming with them, & what gentle creatures you hear they are, normally.

1 year ago

Something I would love to swim with, are manatees.  Probably never get that chance, but that would be a dream to be able to swim with these friendly, gentle adorable, lovable, curious, beings.

1 year ago

Manatees Swimming But the manatee, an animal  I think you can still swim with them in Florida, Crystal River

1 year ago

Yes that was Steve Irwin from Australia.  I loved watching his show...he was awesome; doesn't seem like it's been 8 years since his death.   Sherry I too would love to swim with manatees.   Sadly their numbers are declining because of various reasons but mostly because of man.  I, too, am afraid of stingrays and they say Steve Irwin was only in a couple feet of water when it shot him in the heart.  Marie, that is beautiful water and dolphins, too.  Sounds like you are really enjoying the area, as I would, too.   I would love fresh fruit and vegetables.  Today is another dreary, damp day although I did see the sun a few minutes ago.  Gotta run ladies! 


Here is an article on Steve Irwin by the man who witnessed his demise.

1 year ago


1 year ago
This quote from Steve Irwin talks so much.
Have a nice Sunday Evening

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1 year ago

Yes, Steve Irwin was it.  Thanks, Vicky.  It's sad the manatees are disappearing.  They should do everything they can to save them.  We were at the Poteet Strawberry festival today, and they had 3 white tigers there. They said they are getting ready to reintroduce them to the wild. They almost disappeared too. They were letting up to 7 people at once take their pic with one beside the cage, & then feed him too.  We didn't do that, but they were beautiful.  I think it kind of bothered everyone to take a pic in front of the cage bars, knowing the tiger was in a cage.  We don't like zoos.  But at least they have been helping them to renumber, been rarer since 1958, & are returning them to the wild.  

It was rainy this morning, that stopped, then it was overcast, but not really cold the rest of the day.  Late afternoon the sun came out & warmed up.  The grandkids had fun riding rides, and me, my son, and my daughter's boyfriend rode a couple rides too. Food stands, beer stands,  stage music, all the fair games, and tables selling different items. This festival is fun, you're not fighting a crowd of people to walk around and have fun, though there are a lot of people. We had a very pleasant day, & brought home some Poteet strawberry jam & strawberry & pineapple cupcakes. They sell the strawberries from there too, which are really good. 

1 year ago

This is Seth Myers from SNL (Saturday Night Life) He has his own show and no more Craig Ferugsson.   I prefer Seth, the very talented actor and more.

Okay now going to eat

1 year ago

This is what I did today --  yes he was with me, it is not his first time.

1 year ago

Sherry,the stingrays not are aggressive,they only bother you if you startle or anger them.They pay us no mind when we swim.My friend wants to come swimming with us,but she was sick,and just had a baby,so my aunt wont let her come.The baby is early but she is ok.I do not see Gabra in any of the groups,any one hear from her?I am a little worried for her.Siouxze,I hope that you liked your concert.I havent been to one in a few months,I want to go to REGGAE ON THE RIVER,they always have many really good bands.Love you all.Have a nice week.

1 year ago

Just got home from dropping the kiddies off at home after school.  I went shopping this morning for a blouse and slip on canvas deck shoes, and the wonderful was wonderful, sunny. After picking up the grandson, a streak of lightning hit the sky, & in just a few seconds, it started hailing cats and dogs & raining, the water running down the dge of the sidewalks in  no time. I thought it was over, but I jusy heard 3 booms after a roll.  Could be passing though.


I knew stingrays didn't have a reputation for being aggressive. But just like anything, it could have seen just a movement, that didn't take  much, that just in that second, could startle it, & wild instinct/preservation, kick in.  I like the thought of swimming with them, but not now that I have heard of these incidents.

Reggae on the river sounds fun.  Two years ago, we went w/some friends to a music fest in Driftwood, TX--Old Settler's Music Festival. It was a 3 day fest. Our friends had come from AZ, & stayed and camped there. You can imagine the stuff floating in the breeze around there. They had planned on the camping, but we hadn't, so we came home in the evening, but we had a full day of fun. People were sitting by the river that runs through there, or just walking around & looking at the items for sale too. It was nice and relaxing. Driftwood also has one of the best BBQ places around- The Salt Lick, and it was just down the road.  We like to take a ride there once in awhile, scenery is nice, and mill around there.  You can bring your own cooler and alcoholic beverages, or whatever, or buy theirs, and walk all over around there with bottle in hand, and sit and eat and drink inside or out. There's always someone playing and singing.  They also have a little wine tasting store right there by it, & wines and stuff to buy. 

1 year ago

WowOw Raggae on the rivre should be very intreresting, Kaya!!

no more news from Gabra ?? so all if great for me, will make a second juice for the day.  This one is a calming one and so HEALTHY.

Feel your life at the fullest. 


Marie ; )

1 year ago

Don't look now Marie, but a lot of the"chapters"are yours, isn't world travelling exciting enough, I know it feels good to share, just remember that when life isn't going your way.

I too am worried about Gabra, she was supposed to write me over the weekend? 

And I know that if Kaya is concerned, I should be.

finally home, we got stuck an extra day in San Diego, legal, lawsuit filing  problems with the boat. 

1 year ago

Thanks tas. Have to do something important and I thought you were gone for 6 weeks? 

I know you are a brave winky lady.  See you soon.

1 year ago

Gabriella promised she will come on today,she sent a private email.She had to leave her new house because he found her,and tried to get in.She had him arrested again,so she had time to get out,had to go to a shelter because she ran out of money,but she can use the computer at the library.They are trying to take her kids away.

1 year ago

Yes,I did promise that.Hi,people.Thanks,Kaya,for broadcasting my life story.

1 year ago

Kaya,sorry.I am not upset with you,there is more going on than one person should have to deal with,but it's not your fault.I had him arrested when he beat me with his belt,and choked me,which the stupid cops here made downright if having them taking pictures of my backside was not bad enough,they were then interrogating me like I was the perpetrator instead of the victim,asking me what I did to make him angry,and why did I do that.Then having him arrested a second time for breaking the restraining order,they acted the same way.I hate cops,and I am starting to hate people.Is anyone out there who truly cares about people any more?Seriously!!!!!! What kind of world do we live in that would victimize victims further?Just send me home,permanently,this life is too much to deal with .

stay strong
1 year ago

For your own heart and sanity, and for your kids.

men are frightening, and you need to show strength or the battle is over. ..sorry we've all known or known of abusive relationships, it's the survival of the strongest willed...HERE FOR YOU ANYTIME♥

1 year ago

Gabra,I am sorry,I did not use discretion there.As Siouxze sayed,I,too,am here if you want to talk.Have a great day,every one.

1 year ago

Kaya,I am the on who is sorry.I don't need to be a bitch just because I am having a hard time.I also apologise to everyone else for my negativity,ok.I am not normally like that.Sorry.keep up the good work,ok.Thanks , Siouxz and Kaya,for your offer to be a friend.I am not much in the position to be a mutually beneficial friend right now,so dont mind me.

1 year ago



we are here for you,wild horses couldn't keep me away should you need me,and I am TOTz SURE KAYA FEELS THE SAME WAY,you would help us if we needed it,don't for a minute devalue yourself, seek respect,you deserve it,especially now


remember that when times are tough

"ain't it good to know you've got (unconditional)friends?"

1 year ago

Something is strange.   I know I posted (or I think I did) 2 days ago but I don't see it.   Gremblins again or else I'm losing my mind.  (that's  probably the case) lol  Beautiful day today.....I couldn't ask for anything better.   Thank you, Lord!


Gabra, I'm so sorry your ex is continuing to harrass you, and worse.  How disgusting that you are the one being treated like the perpetrator.   Have people lost their minds?   Don't they get it?   I hope you will be able to live where he can't find you but I don't have much hope for that.  Sorry.   I pray all works out with  your children.


Marie, I love the pic of the dolphin kissing the lady.   Such sweet, gentle creatures.  I like the Reggae picture, too.  Looks like they are having a ball!


Kaya, I'm sure Gabra knows that you were worried and only had her safety in mind when you posted.   We are all praying for her safety and are also concerned for her.


TAS, you are so right about friends, we don't pick them for what they can do for us.   Sounds like your trip was shorter than I thought.  Didn't you say six weeks?   Again, I may be losing my mind.  hahaha!


Sherry, isn't it funny how weather can change so quickly?   Did you buy lots of things when you went shopping?   I love barbecue, and wine tasting, too.   Sounds like you all had a great time.


 photo HelloFriendstag_zpsda7e3361.gif

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i am in the desert for six weeks
1 year ago

Head back to th boat in June for 3 months. something on my chest I need to vent

I know a lot of you think cruise ships ,and swimming with wildlife is cool.

as an avid scuba diver,and divemaster,i have swum with them on their own turf

and am saddened when they are imprisoned in tanks for swimming with tourists,

no offense,but this is a copy of a post from today,upon learning of the zoos killing off healthy animals to make room for the awe effect for their visitors

all zoos,aquariums, circuses, hunting,racing,fighting should be history

nature should be observed from a distance with a camera

I am especially upset with tropical resorts where you swim with endangered

marine mammals and rays, this is so wrong, have seen these dispicablly filthy attractions throughout the caribbean,and many times the "highlighted" acts and swims are with very sick mammals, the tank conditions ARE DEPLORABLE

WHO WOULD CONDONE THIS "ATTRACTION",it's just that most people don't know,like that cruise ships are filling the oceans with garbage daily

1 year ago

It's horrible the way cruise ships dump garbage into the oceans.   I have taken 2 cruises before but didn't realize it at that time.   I know I will probably never be able to see a beautiful dolphin, whale, etc. in the wild and yet I would love to see them.  HOWEVER, I do not want them imprisoned.   I know there are zoos that do not pen the wild animals up....there is lots of room with fencing all around.  So there the problem arises.   Just like The Elephant Sanctuary where rescued elephants go...with lots of room to roam and water to play in, and elephant friends, etc.   Can other places like this exist for animals so that children and adults who love animals but will probably never have the opportunity to see them in the wild?   I NEVER want to hurt an animal in any way but it is sad that people can't have access to them for both education and pleasure.   Is there a solution?  

1 year ago

yes, if you go out with professional dive boats,they know where to go

I have taken many snorkelers and divers through teeming schools of eagle and manta rays,black tip sharke, turtles, even saw whales mating from the water at a distance,,,it is so much better for all concerned

and really is a much more personal experience, in the right place

not in  an enclosure,or dirty tank.

1 year ago

Hi.Thank you for your support and for being true friends.It is appreciated,and it is reciprocated as well,I am your friend too.I apologise again for my negativity,it is better to focus on what is good instead of what is not.I have much to be thankful for,including you.

I agree about not capturing animals just for the pleasure of humans,how selfish.I will advocate any way I can to prevent their exploitation.

Keep up the good work,everyone.

1 year ago

Gabriella,they are right.Besides,a real friend is always your friend,not just if you behave how they think that you should.As Damien Marley puts it,"unconditional love is scarce." It is scarce,but it do exist.

I think they need to ban cruise ships,there is no purpose except to make money and cater to those who have so much more than what they need,go enjoy the ocean in the way that Almighty intended.

Thanks for petitions.Have a great weekend.hugs,love you all.


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Damien Marley
1 year ago

1 year ago

native american /earth day is everyday
1 year ago

1 year ago

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So many beautiful pictures ladies!  I love the one with the smoke in front of Marley; the butterfly is beautiful.   I agree day is everyday for some and should be for others.   I would love to be able to go out on a dive boat or even a glass bottom boat since I can't swim.   It would be awesome to get that close to the animals.   Today it has been pouring rain (and tonight too) so I'm sure I won't be able to see the red moon, darn it.  I am very tired so I will bid you all a blessed good evening.


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Hey,how would the herb feel in one of those Native American pipes?Wierd stuff pops into my head,sorry.just saying hello,checking for any petitions. hugs.

the answer is fantastic
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the red clay pipes made of catlanite, only found in one place.and forever given to the Natives for pipe making,can be used for the herb,or dried flowers,etc.

I have a collection.I actually have one with a buffalo carved on top,we use them on special occasions,they all are seperate as ordained,stem from pipe, always apart except when in use,  has a single feather wrapped around the ends,and some red trade cloth,might hunt up some pics when I get a chance...

the stems can be made of wood, stone, or whatever , the pipes are usually catlanite ,but I do have some older ones made from soapstone,jade and other gems.......the red catlanite pipes make up 99% of all of them, and came from the catlanite mine,somewhere in the northern mid-west, can't remember the state,but catlanite is the name of the town.

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clay pieces I found for sale( Catlanite)
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just remembered pipestone Minnesota national park is where the mine is

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they look like making me hungry.

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They would really break your teeth for good, poiling wouldn't save them.

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Hello all!  Finally back to Manhattan.  This picture I like from Mother Teresa and Lady Diana.  I was in a small city in BC -- Grand Forks having an apartment and when Lady Di left, Mother Teresa if my memory serves me well left 3 or 4 days after.  Was in September 1997, Well, tas, I would like to see your pipe collection oh la la.  One all in Jade wowowow I love Jade, name of one of my grand'children.  She is 14 now.  I didn't see the phases of the Eclipse Lunar only when it became so bright, this moon talk to me so good.  I watch today from my smart phone all the phases.  Gorgeous Blood Moon!! I have to phone now to the Sisters of Mother Teresa.  Once they asked me if I can help them as voluntary in the kitchen.  I visited their place, and I was unable to go at this time. 
So, maybe I can give some hours there.

It is written on the page for our messages:

"In this life we cannot do great things.  We can only do small things with great love"  Mother Teresa.

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This pipe is for Opium, I don't know if we can smoke medi-mari? Someone told me in China Town I can find it.  Lordy have so many to do.  Aw yes, I'm glad to be that way.  The Missionary of Charity (Mother Teresa) it was too late, will phone tomorrow, at day time.  

Ciao Ciao everyone.   Will meet Dave for a Matcha Tea, he never taste it.  Bye Bye %#&!*%  I am back and forgot what I had to say.  maybe later.  I will have a juice with only organic. . . 

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I am Mother Theresa's height,I think.Siouxze,Ihave enough herb in one of these pipes,i wont care if i break my teeth,lol....No new petitions or actions....a later.

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Oh, didn't know thre were 2 Mother Teresa... 

Going on Good Friday, the 18, to the Catholic Church in Brklyn as we did 4 years or 5 ago, dk and I.  At 21:00 .... Have to go to pharmacy. and?  I wrote in my note pad...

Nice time for all.

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I am back from hospital.  I walk to much with my new Birkenstock sandals for 4 days so it was very time to go to have cleaning and antibiotics, 2 different ones.  I will stay home for a couple and more days to relax.  My 2 big toes and in between with the close ones have to relax, the nurse made good bandages and can walk a lot with this, to big for shoes.  I was to tape Dave, and the last words was, DID YOU  and nothing else i had to turn off my phone.  I wrote it back here how come lol.... Night, will go to a couch to watch my usual program at night. 

Be well     

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to everyone Happy Easter!! Happy 420!!!
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I smell love for this Easter 2014 -- My toes are better, I can't walk like I want.  I had new pansements and it looks great.  New way to celebrate as an OLD HIPPIE, walking naked feet and nice with my left big toe recovered of white gauze.

ghost dance shield,real arrows, and the buffalo pipe on the table,next to a squash blossom necklace,
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an old ghost dance shield from a museum in az
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as you can see they were all centered around the tatanka/bison

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Hi everybody....did you all have a nice Easter?   Mine was very quiet.   I watched 'Jesus of Nazareth' (2 discs) for 7 hours.   I love that movie starring Robert Powell.  All of the pictures are really nice; that sure is a pretty opium pipe, Marie.  Great design on it (and the Easter eggs, too) and I love the quote by Mother Teresa.   I also loved Lady Di.  Good to see you June....I like your Easter bunny. 


I dug a few small trees, and seedling things up today so I am tired.  I will check back later (like tomorrow).   Good night TAS, June, Gabra, Marie and Kaya.


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Hello all!  I ate something very light, and almond milk.  Thank you Vicky for your always nice words about everyone;  happy you had a quiet Easter, I imagined you left for holidays without saying it.  It is not your way to escape without saying nothing!!  Here is Max Gros Louis, Huron Chief, I met him many times, he had a kindof store close to the St. Lawrence River close to where I am from, Riviere-du-Loup.  He bought the big house of one of my uncles in Quebec City.  For long I want to write to him, but I didn't.  One day, I will.  Nice pictures everyone, as say Vicky. tas, sure you look at the picture and will describe what you see on this picture.  Be well all!!  Was sunny and warm here.  If they are right the forecast tomorrow is rainy day.  One day at a time.    Happy Monday evening!!

Hi everyone
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We are back from our vacation.  I see a lot has been going on with everyone as I scanned through the notes. We had a fabulous time both in New Orleans and on the cruise.  Still had "sea legs" yesterday from being on a ship so long but better today.  New Orleans was so much fun, ate at Cafe de Monde every day we were there.  Went on a swamp tour, fantastic.  Walked our legs off around the French Quarter, of course Bourbon Street, music, food and more food.  Our B&B was in Mid City on South Pierce St, a block to the trolley and such a beautiful home with the hosts full of Southern Hospitality.  It's the 1896 O'Malley House and if we ever go back, we'll stay there again.  The cruise was wonderful, we loved being spoiled all day and night by our room stewards and the food was good too. The islands we visited were interesting and the only one we didn't care for was Aruba, too dry and not that pretty to us.  We loved Grenada and St. Lucia and got in some good snorkeling and also took a Segway Tour.  Me and the Segway, well let's just say, that took some time to be able to handle but I did it! Nice to be home, our daughter has not had the baby yet, contractions now daily and due on the 29th so about to make his appearance in this world. I'll try and catch up on the goings on and wishing you all a good day and hope everyone is doing well. 

Hope everyone had a fruitful earth day
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Yes, I do tas, thank you -- 2 emails from dk going to the Ball Game tomorrow...
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How's about we start  new threads, for the cafe, been hoping that you were going to put together a new medicine path thread, so SORRY, still haven't figured out how to set up the links to the older ones. 

THANKS SO MUCH, WE ARE SURE SEEING IMPROVED ACTIVITY (since I joined the group in 2011)♥

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I'll start a new thread, sure to remind me always as I seem to forget to do so.  Yes, our group definitely improved it's activity since you joined.  Thank you.'s been 3 yrs already?   Time flies. 

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