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i don't exactly agree,but found a lot of this interesting
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First of all the article glosses over the fact that bison were slaughtered near extinction in order to starve the Native Americans out. Thousands of bison were killed needlessly in massive slaughters, not over hunted by settlers. Native Americans are the first and true Americans who's heritage has been stolen from them over and over. Native Americans respect animals in ways few non native people have never understood, as their brothers and sisters. To have them hunt bison with respect and love for the being itself, in full gratitude for the life given is a huge difference than hunters who kill them out of fear, let them rot, may wound them and leave them to suffer before dying and this for me is unconscionable. Their numbers will be kept down in the park one way or another. To do so out of love and respect for the animal is keeping the natural balance of things. As an animal communicator I have learned that animals don't cling to life as we do but understand the natural order and often given themselves over to keep the balance. Since the continual slaughter of the wolves there really are no natural predators to keep the bison in check. I don't personally hunt or eat meat, however I do respect the balance and we are part of the animal balance. We are not superior, nor do most of us really understand how to keep a balance. The Native people still do and we have much to learn from them and from the creatures that grace this precious earth.

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Interesting bison article TAS although I didn't see where to sign anything.  However I did sign the wolf petition.  Disgusting the way they are being shot from helicopters.   I am glad that no one is allowed to hunt/kill bison in the park.   What are the Nez tribes hunting them for anyway?   For food?   For shelter (teepees)?  I don't understand.   I thought the Native Americans were protecting them, not killing.   Well most tribes are against killing them.  I wish the poor bison would just be left alone to multiply and roam the lands.   The cattle brought brucelliosis to this country when they (cattle) were brought over from England.   It is unfair to blame the bison...especially since there is not one documented case of a bison giving the disease to cattle.

1 year ago

Native Americans love Bison meat, they use every part of the animals though

from the hide,for tipis,rugs,and the sinew,for crafts

However,they (the herds)need time to heal,the wiser of us can understand this

the selfish ndns seem to care not about the future anymore,it's all gimme what u got now!!

1 year ago

Sad but true, TAS...."I want what I want NOW...."

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