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Outrageous....dead buffalo thrown in dumpster..not allowed as bear food source!
1 year ago

* Life and Death on the Madison Arm Road


BFC photo.


Wednesday morning, as one of our patrols was scouting around Gallatin National Forest's Madison Arm Road, looking for buffalo that might be under attack that day, we came across a disturbing scene: a very still buffalo lying in the middle of the road, with a raven nearby. We knew he was dead. We pulled over and looked over the scene: no grizzly bear tracks, no wolf tracks, no four-legged predator tracks of any kind. There were, however, buffalo tracks all around this little bull, spanning the road about 15 feet on either side. From the various sizes of tracks and the way they showed signs of some dancing or scuttling, we could tell that the family group that had known this buffalo had held mourning ceremony. There was a light circle of blood with buffalo tracks surrounding this young bull, and tracks moving out in every direction, every size and step. We called the local FWP game warden, Jim Smolzynski, who arrived quickly. He ran a metal detector over the bull, searching for, but not finding, a bullet. As he moved the bull's body, he discovered his right front leg was shattered and his skull was broken. We all concluded that it must have been a vehicle, late in the night. An odd place for an impact with wildlife, being a gravel road with not too many travelers or high speeds. We asked the game warden if he would move the bull's body away from the road, so that grizzly bears could take sustenance. He seemed disappointed that he was not allowed to, stating the Forest Service discouraged it because it brought grizzly bears around. Nonsensical to all of us, as this is important habitat on the edge of Yellowstone where grizzly bears roam, and buffalo are a prime food source. Sadly, after checking with other places to see if the buffalo could at least feed wildlife, there was no luck and the game warden was required to take him to the dump. It's hard to wrap the mind around our national mammal being discarded in a dumpster like so much trash and rubble. A poignant sacrilege. We followed and watched Jim unload him near a mulch pile. It was barely 9:30 when all of this happened, and a hazing operation was still on the morning's agenda. Needless to say, it turned out to be an incredibly long, sad day. But the ones who suffer the most, the buffalo, are also the ones who lend us the strength and inspiration to carry on and fight for them for as long as it takes.

1 year ago

Do they think by not allowing bears to feed that they will just disappear?  I mean there are other animals that would feed on the carcass, too!   Who makes these stupid decisions?   This is nature and has been going on for millions of years.   Sad to know that the poor bison was just thrown away like garbage!

1 year ago

Just read this,they will rue the day they played with nature

it reminds me of the way the bison were hunted for their skins ,horns and tongues and left to rot by the settlers.,hunters,poachers mostly of the west..

obviously still happening,sadly

1 year ago

Breaks my heart not only the way the poor bison are treated but all animals.   They do no harm...not like humans and yet they (animals) are the ones suffering.

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