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St. Labre Indian School
1 year ago

Here is a link to their website....I'm posting because with a $20.00 donation you will receive a cute little buffalo.   The pictures change so wait til you see it.


 photo 1-buffalo_zps902da461.jpg

1 year ago

Also for a $20.00 donation you can receive one of these lovely fleece blankets.  I bought the one in the upper left.   It's a small blanket but soft and pretty.


 photo blankets_zpsf968bedf.jpg

1 year ago

Now I'm not trying to encourage donations, it's just that the blankets are indian and pretty and of course the buffalo is one of the main animals this group is about so I thought you might want to check it out.   Plus it helps the St. Labre school.  




I'm not sure what this means but it is posted on Charity Navigator.   However, I ordered the blanket anyway and maybe I will the buffalo, too but for future donations I am concerned.   Can anyone explain what all this means.


Charity Navigator has become aware of the following information in connection with this charity:

  • On February 6, 2013, the Billings Gazette reported that “St. Labre Indian School and the Roman Catholic Church have been thrust back into district court to defend themselves against allegations of ‘unjust enrichment’ made by the Northern Cheyenne Tribe. The Montana Supreme Court… partially overturned rulings made in 2009 in favor of the school and church, sending the case back to District Judge Susan Watters of Billings for reconsideration.The tribe sued in 2005, contending that the Catholic school near Ashland exploited the poverty on the Northern Cheyenne in direct-mail fundraising campaigns but did not share the proceeds of the campaigns equitably with the tribe. Watters had ruled against the tribe, reasoning that the Northern Cheyenne had failed to show that St. Labre had ‘done something wrong or taken advantage of the tribe in some way.’ In its decision, the Supreme Court found that the tribe did not have to establish that the school had done anything wrong to prove that St. Labre had been unjustly enriched.” For more information, please see the article in the Billings Gazette as well as prior coverage of this story here and here. See also our Donor Advisory for the affiliated organization, St Labre Home for Indian Children and Youth

Charity Navigator, as an impartial evaluator of publicly reported financial information, takes no position on allegations made or issues raised by third parties, nor does Charity Navigator seek to confirm or verify the accuracy of allegations made or the merits of issues raised by third parties that may be referred to in the Donor Advisory. However, Charity Navigator has determined that the nature of this/these issue(s) warrants making this information available so that donors may determine for themselves whether such information is relevant to their decision whether to contribute to this organization. (See How we decide to post a Donor Advisory).

1 year ago

Vicky, basically the charity navigator is saying that the Catholic school cheated the tribe who make the crafts. .not uncommon. .there are still missionaries out there thinking that God is tradeable for what they take from the"heathens"that take "pity"on...and then cheat money sorry they duped you..why I only give to charity I know well.

1 year ago

Oh wow....I'm sorry they did that.   I have no idea how to donate to the school any other way.   That's a shame.   Thanks for explaining, TAS.

1 year ago

Northern Montana has a bunch of missionaries still.

It is a true shame, and gives them a feeling of false moral superiority. ..a friend who went to a private college near Glacier taught me all about the hypocrisy. 

1 year ago

There are several organizations that ask for donations from people, & then you find out which are cheating the people they say they are helping, and pocketing for themselves.  It's a disgrace & disgusting.  A list of some such, not to do with Indian tribes, but others, was put up a while back in another group.  When you see how much the CEO's and others make, of some of these charities, you just shake your head.  Some are on the up and up, some you think are, are not.

1 year ago

I haven't checked out St. Judes in Seattle, I believe it is. But I hope they are on the up and up, because my older daughter who lives in WA state, is growing her hair so she can go donate it herself, to the children there, & she hopes to meet some of them.  She has it to the middle of her back right now, maybe a little longer, and is waiting till she gets it to her waist.  She called St. Jude, and they told her she could even get money for her hair, but I'm proud of her, because she said she would not feel right at all about accepting money for it, she just wants to do it for the kids, & she wouldn't feel right otherwise.  She hasn't colored it, or done anything to it, just leaving it natural, for this. purpose.

1 year ago

They call that locks of love, great program.

Great of your daughter, Sherry.

1 year ago

It is indeed a great program and how wonderful, Sherry that your daughter is donating her hair.   I would think that St. Jude's is on the up and up.  At least I've always thought so.   I check out on Charity Navigator before I make some of my donations.   If the CEO's take a big chunk for their salary, I do not donate.  I'm not real good on understanding exactly what the graphs and other stuff mean on Charity Navigator but some things I recognize.

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