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Support the PAW Act -- End Alaska's Aerial Hunting Program!
8 years ago
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Rep. George Miller (CA) has introduced the Protect America's Wildlife (PAW) Act, legislation to close a federal loophole and curb Alaska's brutal aerial hunting program -- and prevent programs like it from spreading to places like the Greater Yellowstone region. But he needs your support to win passage of this wolf-saving measure.

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Vote on our next ad to end aerial wolf hunting
7 years ago
Save America's Wolves

My name is Cindy Hoffman, and I head up Defenders of Wildlife’s communications team. Some of the toughest, most important decisions that my team makes are about the advertisements we run to help convince our leaders to stand up for wildlife.

Today, I need your help to make one of these decisions.

Help us turn the spotlight on aerial wolf hunting by choosing the ad we’ll run in The Express -- one of Washington, DC's most widely read publications.

For the last several months, Defenders has been running an all-out campaign to pass the Protect America’s Wildlife (PAW) Act and stop unethical trophy hunters from using aircraft to chase down and kill wolves in Alaska.

Thanks to our Campaign to Save America’s Wolves and the efforts of dedicated wildlife supporters in Alaska and across the country, more than 100 Representatives have already signed on to co-sponsor the PAW Act.

Here’s the next step: When Congress returns to work later this month, we’re going to run an ad in The Express and make sure that Members of Congress, Congressional staffers and hundreds of thousands of other Washingtonians know the awful truth aerial hunting of wolves.

And because you’re so important to the ultimate success of this campaign, I want you to help us select our message.  

Make your voice heard in the next vital step of our campaign to save wolves. Help us choose the best ad.

We only have a short time to decide on the messaging we’ll use in this ad, so please cast your vote today. 

Best Regards,

Cindy Hoffman, CommunicationsCindy Hoffman
Vice President, Communications
Defenders of Wildlife

P.S. We’ll announce the winning ad on Friday, so stay tuned to see whether your selection was chosen!

7 years ago
My god, when is the slaughter and killing of wolves going to stop. Until they are all gone.
7 years ago

I voted but it broke my heart to see the poor dead wolf hanging from the plane.   Maybe that is what it will take to wake people up to this atrocity!   Animals were here long before humans yet they are treated as interlopers and pests!    They are very instrumental in the ecosystem and the sooner those idiots who want to kill everything realize it the better.  Hopefully it won't be too late!

7 years ago
Save America's Wolves

Earlier this week, I asked you to help pick Defenders of Wildlife’s next ad spotlighting the terrible truth about aerial wolf hunting. Thank you for voting! More than 22,000 Defenders supporters like you voted, and an overwhelming 76% chose this ad:

January 2008 PAW Ad (Version 1)

Your vote helped us pick this powerful ad.

7 years ago

Let's pray that that poor wolf's lifeless body will change the way the 'killers' view wolves and their lives.  The picture is very, very powerful indeed.   Thank you for posting the winning ad.

(You cannot currently send a star to Susan because you have done so within the last week.)

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7 years ago

Stop Alaska's Aerial Hunting Program - From Spreading To Yellowstone!

7 years ago
Signed and I will cross post, Susan!   Thank you for the link.   I hate to think that Sarah Palin will become the V.P. if McCain is voted President.  It makes me SICK!
7 years ago

Email a letter to John McCain and upload a photo too!   Tell him what you think about the huntress, Sarah Palin who wears FUR!  Her nickname is 'killa from Wasilla' cause she is from that city.

7 years ago

Susan, I added that link because Sarah Palin is the Governor of Alaska who is an advocate of aerial shooting of wolves in Alaska and I pray no one votes for McCain because it will make her our V.P. and the aerial shooting could definitely spread to Yellowstone if it hasn't already.

7 years ago

Vicki my friend. We can't email McCain and let him know about OUR wolves or OUR buffalo. Palin might be ready to relax and decide this would be great fun to hunt a new area for wolves. Since there are no buffalo in Alaska, they might really peak her interest since she has never killed one of these magnificent animals. We need to hide them from her or she might just go to Yellowstone for the slaughter (or she would call it a "hunt"). In fact, we should hide all our wild animals from this evil bitch as she seems to get great pleasure in advertizing how many and kinds of animals she can kill, stuff, or wear.

7 years ago
Youtube videoSarah Palin’s Aerial War on Wolves

7 years ago
You are right Sandi, hide them all from her!  I cannot bear to watch the video of the wolves being massacred!   God forgive me but I wish it were the human killers being hunted instead of the poor innocent animals!