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post a photo
4 years ago

how can i post a pic?

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anyone got pictures of animals in Argentina
8 years ago
post them here please
Pink Flamingos
9 years ago

Argentina has one of the most beautiful large birds in the world. You can find them in lakes and even the ocean.

The shore with Flamingos in the distance

The dots in the water are really pink flamingos, it's true, I took the picture.

Not so wild life
9 years ago

Some not so wild life

Cattle grazing on the property

They don't use feedlots or steroids.

thanks for the photos
10 years ago

Thanks Gabby and everyone for the wonderful pictures of the wildlife of Argentina



10 years ago
thanks for the expressions
10 years ago



10 years ago
Chile -Torres del Paine-Three Guanacos in a row.jpg (8725 byte)Guanaco Feeding its Baby.jpg (6162 byte)Guanaco Resting.jpg (6634 byte)Young Guanacos in the Grass.jpg (8636 byte)
10 years ago

here another relative of the Camel, also living in big part of Southamerica, just like Vicuñas and Guanacos.

10 years ago

Las vicuñas en Cieneguillas y Vilama

this animals are in risk of extintion
10 years ago



Ant eater,

Osos Hormiguero

Ciervo de los pantanos

Ciervo de los Pantanos

Tatú carreta

Tatú Carreta

Aguará guazú

Aguará Guazú

Chancho quimilero

Chancho Quimilero

Gato Onza

Gato Onza

The Big Bird
10 years ago

called Condor, majestic, has Los Andes for habitat, the bigger bird on earth

and now...
10 years ago

Puma, cientific name: felis concolor patagonica, can be 3 mts from the nose to the end of the tail; can weight between 60 to 80 kg and have 4 babies each time, doesnt have natural predators


I continue with birds
10 years ago

And I found this bilingual site

and not only birds, pictures of wild animals in Argentina and a map showing where and when those were taken...because an image can say a lot, is a hard job of Alec Earnshaw, with more of 1000 pictures, a real inspiration for  conservationist

wildlife has to be care
10 years ago

just like the nature, here you have a very nice link of one enthusiastic group of neighboors, in Capital Federal, or Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

The picture's gallery is renew every week

Hello everybody
10 years ago

The wild life here is very rich, pls feel free to ask and Im going to try to help you


A bit of info
10 years ago

Ñandú Grande, or American Rhea : 1.4 mts tall males, 1.2 mts tall females, around 40 eggs by nest. between 20 and 30 kilos weight.

Ñandu Petiso o Lesser Rhea: can have 1.1 mts tall and 20 kilos weight. 

Ñandú de la Puna or Puna Rhea, they live between 3500 and 4500 mts over the sea level.

here a picture of one Puna Rhea

These animals live in groups, with five female or more and one male and this one takes care of the chicks.

They eat herbs and seeds.

Ñandú de la Puna en Bolivia.
10 years ago

A big bunch

Ñandúes Grandes en el Uruguay.

here you have a chick
10 years ago

when the chicks born are yellow and black, then they change colours to grey and  white.

                              El mismo polluelo de la foto anterior. Maldonado, Uruguay. 1999.

our "big bird"
10 years ago

Here you have some pictures of Ñandú, animal you can find from Brasil to Patagonia and in three differents "sizes" Enjoy

Dos ñandúes adultos con uno joven de tres o cuatro meses. Maldonado, Uruguay. 1999.

thanks Dave!!!
10 years ago

your picture of the "kitty" is ust wonderfull!!!


The Beautiful Yaguarete
10 years ago


for being such an informative and dedicated co-host!

Beauty is abundant in Argentina
10 years ago

The land

the animals

and the people

Just three of the reasons I love it

here you have two links related
10 years ago

Fundacion Vida Silvestre, asociated to WWF



10 years ago
thanks Daniel for these pictures
10 years ago

and now a woodpecker


10 years ago

and they share waters with flamingos too


10 years ago

in a lot of lakes and lagoons in all country is possible to find this black neck swam


The following pictures are courtesy of Daniel Semper
10 years ago

this a wild goose, called "abutarda" or "magallanes goose"; is possible to see in Patagonia.


Wildlife pictures
10 years ago

Excellent Gabby.

Im Glad
10 years ago

because you like the pics...

Im going to add more pictures and more explanations next week

Have a very good sunday

10 years ago

They are all so beautiful.

10 years ago
another beautifull picture
10 years ago

our wonderful Yaguarete
10 years ago

Pinguinos Magallanes
10 years ago
 This nice bird nest in summer in the atlantic coast of Argentina
10 years ago
this is a seagal
10 years ago

called "gaviotin", some pictures of this beautifull bird.


10 years ago

more pictures of the same animal

Domestic and wild animals in Argentina
10 years ago

Huemul, our small deer