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HELP! Slippery Yoga Mat
14 years ago
Okies, I have a brand name Yoga mat. Wasn't cheap, and yet it's VERY slippery. Others in my class have the same brand mat and don't seem to slip, but they have no advice for me. How do you take care of your mat? How can you make it grippy instead of slippy?
14 years ago
Mats vary quite considerably depending on brand, and thickness, even if they are the same brand. Some thinner mats tend to stick to the floor less readily, and some brands are simply not as good as others - some patterns on the surface work less well than others. Washing them sometimes helps to make them less slippery. Some get less slippery through age and use, some more slippery. Some ashtanga mats have cotton surfaces, which help to absorb sweat, if that is a problem.
14 years ago
I would love a cotton-topped one! Thanks for the suggestion, Phil, maybe I can stop sliding out of down dog in my un-air-conditioned studio this summer!
Washing a mat...
14 years ago
How do you go about this? I've heard some people put them in the washing machine...but that just seems a little nuts for me... I have to go to a laundromat, and they might question me...heheh. I have a Gaiam mat that gets really slippery, and I've been told that washing it would help, but I don't know what to use. I'm actually using a thinner, but NOT slippery mat these days...just to avoid falling on my face. I do like the thickness of the Gaiam mat much better, and if I could trust it in down dog, I'd use it... Any cleaning/de-slipping suggestions would be appreciated.
How to wash a mat
14 years ago
Here is a short "How to" article from
Slipping in dog face down
14 years ago
If you feel unstable in dog face down, you could try folding over the end of your mat, and then holding onto it in the posture. It puts the hands in a different shape (not palms flat against the floor), but it can give more sense of security in the pose.
14 years ago
I put my mat (a standard non-environmentally friendly one, I'm afraid - I don't think that there were any options when I bought it) in the washing machine on a cool cycle, with just a little detergent (environmentally friendly). If you wash it in a washer-dryer machine, DON'T put it on a tumble dry programme!
New Mats
14 years ago
Upon purchacing my last mat it was recommended that I wash it prior to use due to it's initial slippery surface... they didn't elaborate further... I have heard of people using rubbing alcohol and a clean rag but haven't tried it myself...
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