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I hope we can help even more so this new year 2008...TY Everyone
Speaking For The Animals
11 years ago


Monkey.gif Monkey image by cccob

11 years ago
Hello everyone.........I stoped by just to say hello 
Merry Christmas All
11 years ago

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Hi everyone
11 years ago

Just checkin in to say hello and thankyou for all your participation in group!

i am having DSl problems so i wont be on long tonight...Will catch up with you all soon...Hugs

11 years ago

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animal.jpg TOTALLY AGAINST IT image by rocklobsterbabe            thankyou-2-1.gif Dog TY image by sally_anne_

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Good Afternoon All....
11 years ago

Hello there...I am Monalisa your host here @ IPFA!!

Glad to see so many new members!

Thank you for caring about the welfare of our animals.Together we can make a change.Being informed is also very important.The more we know and learn about the laws and there rights the better direction we have in making a change for animals.They cant talk for themselves we have to for them.There are new thread topics i have added that are very informative.Please take a moment and check them out please!Also we have in our redpin topics,(Urgent)petitions that need signed....I would greatly appreciate as many signatures as possible and copy links and pass them on to your friends please!

Your love for animals will come back to you in the good 10 folds!

And for the animals i speak....

Thankyou All, you are so appreciated....

PS...Did you hug an animal today?

Give A home to an unwanted or abused animal today!They are a beautiful gift filled with unconditional love...

Adopt A Pet Today!

Light & Peace...

143-1.gif Merry Christmas image by robingomezMonalisa & The Animals!

11 years ago

Hi everybody!!!*hola* I"m soo glad to see soo much animals lovers. Thank's for my invitation!*greenstars* *grouphug*A great day to you all!*rainbowed**rainbowed**rainbowed*


Hi My Animal Heros
11 years ago

Glad to see so many are signing !!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart...This is awesome for so many to come together to fight for animal rights...

Remember to hug your pets today and if at all possible give a unwanted or neglected or abused animal a home with love and compassion for Christmas...Adopt a pet today!There love is an unconditional love and you will be blessed 10 folds...

Please dont get tired of me repeating how i feel or wanting you all to care and continue in caring...Its my job,my part in this world,a direction and gift from above to protect our wiildlife and all animals that are the children of our great mother earth!You can protect her as well for with out her what would we or the animals have!

Hugs to all,Monalisa...

P.S. Will be posting new petitions soon...

11 years ago

Welcome new members and cohost...

Thank you all for being part of this wonderful group with a great cause!

You will blessed 10 folds for your help...

Remember to save an animals life today and if possible,adopt a pet today!

My best regards,Monalisa

11 years ago

Glad the old fella survived...

Please give him a extra hug from me...

Remember all,animals have rights just like we do...

They are brutally abused,starved,neglected,this is inhumane,so not only are you helping the animals,in doing so you are helping humanity!

Thanx Again,Monalisa & Naresh!

11 years ago
Thanks for the invitiation Naresh.
11 years ago

Wolfbannermomwithcub.bmp Welcome! image by Loner_from_the_east

All New members...Thankyou for taking a moment of your time in coming here and saving our wildlife,and domestic animals!

Without our help they are helpless!I speak for all animals!They were placed on earth as well as we!They have rights as well as we!Do you not stand up and speak out for humanity?Our furry friends cannot speak out,(ONLY CRY OUT)!So please stay with us and help make a change...Again you all are appreciated!


Have you hugged your pet today?

Sincerely Monalisa

11 years ago
*hi* everyone!

*thanks2* to Naresh for the invite! He knows how much I love animals... My *cat* *cat* *cat* know it too. *lol* Actually, they own me, not the other way around...

I may not be around much, because of medical treatments over the next few days, but will try to get by more often in the future, if I ever get caught up... The hurrieder I go, the behinder I get! *laugh2*

*love* Light, Laughter, & *peace*


11 years ago
11 years ago

animals.png animals image by PETSAREUSRESCUE

Thanks for the invitation to this group.

11 years ago

Hello, thank you for inviting me to the group,

looking forward in getting to know you all.

Thank You All..
11 years ago

Welcome New Animal Lovers...

If you would like to add a link to our list,please do!

Make sure you do not duplicate the links...

You all are appreciated for your love for animals and if we work together (WE WILL)make a change!

Adopt A Pet Today Please!

Save An Abused Animal Please!

They Have Rights Just Like You And I!

Have A Blessed Day!Sincerely For The Animals ,

Monalisa & Naresh

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Hi everyone
11 years ago

Thanks Naresh for inviting me.  I'm glad to be here.  Will try to pop-in as time allows.



11 years ago
Hi everyone.Thanks for inviting me Naresh.
hi to all here
11 years ago
11 years ago
Welcome all my respected friends & Monalisa here to manage, great & thanx to all
11 years ago

Welcome Jean -Luc

I am about to checkout of the groups for the night...

Thankyou all for helping in signing petitions for animals...

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11 years ago

Welcome Sharon my friend and welcome Eternal!

Yes this is a great group Naresh has started...And nice of him to have me help him..

Have a glorious night or day...And remember to help protect all animals,rescue and save.

Save or Adopt a pet today...Ty Monalisa

G'day from Australia :)
11 years ago
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Thank you Naresh very much for inviting me to this group. I was delighted to find three new petitions to sign! Hello Monalisa and new friends, I look forward to getting to know you. Love, light and laughter, Marie *grouphug*
Animal Lover Me
11 years ago
Helllo Monalisa....You know how much animals mean to me.  I decided to join this group because you all feel the same.  Animals in my life I could not be without.  It is a shame but I think I prefer animals to people LOL.  Happy to meet you.
11 years ago

Welcome Michele nice to meet you as well...

I love animals and i think Nareshes idea for this is an awesome idea...

I to will be in and out..I host 2 other groups...But will fit all 3 on a schedule ...

I find this to be very important and it will be at my attention...

Ty Again for joinin in our fight to help and protect mother earths children(THE ANIMALS)Hugs Monalisa

11 years ago

Just stopping in to say hello,I am glad to be here,lately I am not always able to spend much time on care2 and do not get to all the groups I have joined regularly,but I will do my best to be a contributing member of this group.

Thank you for inviting me Naresh and nice to meet you Monalisa.

11 years ago

Hello All New Members...

Welcome To Nareshes World Of Saving Animals World Wide!

I am one of your co-host here at (IPFA)

Please be considerate to the fact that this group is a group of people that want to make a change and help in saving animals from cruelty and  saving  animals in general all over the nation!

This Chat was designed to greet eachother and discuss animal issues only...

Thankyou ,Sincerely Nareshes Helper...Monalisa

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Animal Chat~Come In Say Hi~Chat Based On Animal Discussions!
11 years ago
| Hot!

~Welcome To Our Animal Chat~

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