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India's Animals(WithLinksToLearnMore)
11 years ago
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The Black Buck

Black BuckBlack Buck, common name for an antelope, mainly of India but with other small populations in Pakistan and Nepal...


CranesThe Sarus crane is the world's tallest flyingbird; a large male may stand six feet tall. There are three recognized subspecies of the sarus crane...

India's Elephant

ElephantThe Asian elephant is one of the largest land mammals on Earth. The trunk of the Asian elephant has two finger-like structures at its tip that allow the animal to perform both delicate and powerful movements..

India's Rhino

RhinoThe Indian rhinoceros ("rhino") has one horn, and it has skin with loose folds which make it appear armored...



These cats have an elongate and muscular body. Their paws are broad and their ears are short. In tropical regions their coats tend to be shorter and sleeker,..

India's Lion


The Asiatic Lion is rated the most endangered large carnivore globally. And India has the distinction of being the last earthly refuge of the Asiatic lion...

White Bangal Tiger

White Bengal Tiger

Bengal tigers are also called as Indian tiger, they are the most numerous in population than any other tiger subspecies...



The dromedary camel is characterized by a long-curved neck, deep-narrow chest, and a single hump...

11 years ago
looked at these sites, quite in lighting

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