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EXPERIMENTS ON RABBITS Ongoing Help Needed! March 19, 2008 7:18 AM

Below is a letter we have sent to the Australian University involved in unnecessary experiments on rabbits. Below that are the links to introduce you to this horrible subject, including a base letter addressed to three professors to get you started.

Please send an e-mail letter, if you also feel moved to do so.,,

Professor Richard Larkins AO
Vice Chancellor and President
Monash University

Re: PHY 3171 - Clinical and Experimental Cardiovascular Physiology - Leader: Dr Kate Denton

Dear Professor Larkins,

Please read our letter, as we are deeply concerned with the facts we have learned and witnessed today. Please also understand that we are writing with huge restraint as we have ourselves been painfully wounded by this horrible new awareness.

The undercover footage obtained by Animal Liberation Victoria of classroom experiments on live, anaesthetized rabbits as part of Monash Physiology class 3171 is being circulated throughout the world. It has reached New Zealand and we intend to further distribute this very distressing footage to those people on our e-mail database.

We are disgusted that sentient animals are being used in this way when students have the option of watching a video of the procedure instead. Why would you offer live experiments when this is clearly not necessary? This cruel waste of life must stop, and we ask that you remove these procedures from your syllabus immediately. How it has gone on this long is incomprehensible to any compassionate person. How many times and with how many students does this same experiment have to be carried out on rabbits to prove the same results each time?

Please respond to our letter so that we can advise our friends and family that this barbaric practice has been stopped. Unfortunately this issue will always be a shameful part of the history of Monash University – hopefully in time your students and the rest of the world will be able to forgive this callousness as you progress into the ways of a more enlightened 21st century. Sadly the misused, sacrificed rabbits have no comeback…

We await your response in the sincere hope that pride will not stop you making the only humane decision – to stop using rabbits as playthings for students. If the inhumane decision is made, we can only imagine the issue escalating and Monash University facing ongoing embarrassment and humiliation as it tries to provide ‘scientific’ reasons for experiments that have well passed their usefulness. We look to you, Richard, for leadership in this appalling matter. Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

Sent: Wednesday, 19 March 2008 2:55 p.m.
To: New Zealand Animal Rights List

Animal Liberation Victoria held a loud protest at Monash University yesterday afternoon against the annual cutting and killing of the rabbits in physiology class

A three minute video of the protest is on youtube:

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