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Our Heavenly Dog

North Shore Animal League America is thrilled to give you an update on our heavenly dog, Angel. Though Angel is still recovering from her extremely harrowing ordeal, her progress thus far, is amazing. She has actually surpassed our expectations; and to look at her, you wouldn't believe it's the same dog at all...
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Help End Animal Cruelty

Tragically, innocent animals, who only seek love and companionship, become the unfortunate victims of human cruelty. Whether it's passive cruelty like neglect or active cruelty like abuse, the horrific reality is still the same. Please join North Shore Animal League America in taking a stand against the vicious cycle of animal cruelty. Here are the three simple things you can do to support the Animal League's efforts toward putting an end to this senseless violence...
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 March 25, 2008 12:17 PM

The "Art" of Animal Cruelty

 Tell San Francisco Art Institute to remove snuff video exhibit from gallery

Walk into the Walter and McBean Galleries in San Francisco's posh Russian Hill neighborhood, and you may be shocked to see what passes for contemporary "art" these days. Six televisions display video images of six different animals -- a doe, a goat, a horse, an ox, a pig, and a sheep -- being bludgeoned to death with a large sledgehammer by "artist" Adel Abdessemed of Paris. Entitled "Don't Trust Me," this sick exhibit is Abdessemed's and the Institute's self-serving attempt to pass off the brutal abuse and killing of animals as legitimate artistic creation.

What such "artists" and their patrons overlook is that animals are living beings who feel and  suffer just like we humans -- and we are no more justified in taking their lives at will than we have the right to kill another person. Such abuse of animals may elicit horror and disgust in viewers, but that does not qualify it as art. Far from it -- in fact, "Don't Trust Me" represents the very worst impulses of the human imagination.

It takes no artistic talent or ability to kill animals, and Abdessemed should have never been given a venue for his sickening "work" in the first place. To their great discredit, the San Francisco Art Institute agreed to sponsor this exhibit, lending it an air of credibility, but what makes matters worse are the obscene rationalizations this venerable institution of learning and culture offers in defense of the sleazy snuff films. These include pedantic claims that such killings "regularly take the real world, on a regular basis," and that the installation "(makes) typical moral and cultural constraints seem beside the point."

Such statements betray not only a lack of compassion and basic human decency, but also a fundamental confusion of true artistic creation with the destruction of life. Abdessemed's work is of no artistic value, and rather than raise people's consciousness about the cruelties committed against animals every day, it will encourage them to accept animal abuse as a way of gaining attention and notoriety.

To call someone who murders animals an "artist" is an insult to every real artist who refuses to rely on violence and shallow, sensationalistic gimmicks to express his or her vision. While the work of such murderers will surely not endure, their antics may encourage and incite others to torture and kill animals, so it is crucial that people of conscience voice our outrage over this monstrous display of cruelty.

Please Take Action to urge the San Francisco Art Institute to remove Abdessemed's disgusting exhibit immediately, and implement a policy explicitly prohibiting exhibits for which animals were exploited or killed.

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 March 25, 2008 5:37 PM


Nepal breeding centres for primate exports to US research Labs. Please email,
telephone, write or fax your disgust at the behaviour of the Nepal Government.

For addresses of Nepalese embassies worldwide go to

Sample letter:

Dear Prime Minister, Ambassador,

Since 2003 your government allows the breeding and export of rhesus monkeys for
biomedical. What's more, your government actually provide primate centres with
monkeys from National Parks managed by the Department of National Parks and
Wildlife Conservation.

The primary objectives of your government are to conserve the country's major
representative ecosystems, unique natural and cultural heritage, and give
protection to the valuable and endangered wildlife species. Now that you are
supporting the breeding and exporting of primates for biomedical research,
these objectives are being violated.

Monkeys are considered sacred and an important part of Nepal 's heritage for a
number of reasons. Monkeys are highly intelligent animals and maintain
intricate social structures. They have complex emotional lives, caring for one
another and showing love to their babies as we humans do to our children.
Ethically, using monkeys in experiments that inflict mental and physical pain
is unacceptable and unconscionable.

Research illustrates that primate experimentation is no longer the "gold
standard" for study design. Past experience has demonstrated that
animal-modelled biomedical research yields results that cannot be safely
applied to humans. In addition, there are now many alternative research methods
(methods not using living animals) that are capable of providing clinically
relevant data.

We believe the decision is not in accordance with the Working Policy on
Wildlife Farming, Breeding and Research 2003, as communities living with
monkeys do not benefit from this development at all, and inflicting suffering
to animals goes against the spirit of the Muluki Ain. If the Government is
serious about supporting animal conservation and helping farmer communities it
should implement long term, scientific solutions to monkey overpopulation, such
as birth control and farm land protection.

Nepal will not deserve credit for providing monkeys for biomedical research by
maintaining outdated, unreliable, and unethical methods for conducting studies.
We are now living in an era when ethics as well as state-of-the-art study
design are important considerations when doing research.

Global trends indicate a strong movement towards the abolition of experiments
on primates. This is one of the reasons why it is increasingly difficult for
American research centres to find sufficient research primates. However, an
increasing number of primates are needed by the US , especially for
bio-terrorism research. American centres try to find loopholes in the world's
legal animal rights provisions, and in Nepal (one of the few countries in the
world still largely without such legislation) it has found ideal working

I strongly request your government to demonstrate its commitment to enlightened
and ethical research practices by halting (breeding facilities for) biomedical
research on Nepalese monkeys and implement legislation to prevent such
developments from reoccurring.

Thanking you in advance,

<your name>

Embassy of Nepal
12A Kensington Palace Gardens
London W8 4QU


+44 (0)207 229 1594
+44 (0)207 229 6231
+44 (0)207 229 5352

Fax: +44 (0)207 792 9861

For addresses of Nepalese embassies worldwide go to

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 March 27, 2008 5:57 AM

Help Stop Hunting of Cougars with Hounds in Washington State

 Take Action to urge Governor to veto cruel bill

Pro-hunting lawmakers in Washington State recently succeeded in passing a bill to extend and expand a pilot program allowing the use of hounds to kill cougars. Yet voters overwhelming opposed cougar killing in 1996, and wildlife biologists report that cougar populations in the region are in decline due to indiscriminate killing of the big cats. Please Take Action to urge Governor Chris Gregoire to veto this cruel and destructive proposal. 

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 March 27, 2008 7:27 AM

San Francisco Art Institute Suspends Animal Snuff Video Exhibit

Yesterday, IDA sent an alert to our members about a contemporary "art" exhibit entitled "Don't Trust Me" consisting of six televisions displaying video images of six different animals -- a doe, a goat, a horse, an ox, a pig, and a sheep -- being bludgeoned to death with a large sledgehammer. The alert asked concerned people to contact the president of the San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI), the installation's sponsor, urging him to shut it down immediately on the grounds that animal abuse is not art, but merely a cruel and self-serving bid for attention.

As a result of the overwhelming response from IDA members, IDA founder and president Dr. Elliot Katz commended SFAI for discontinuing the exhibit, and for holding the public forum. "The Institute's initial defense that the animals were going to be killed anyway sends a terrible message, not only to the public, but to the next generation of artists," he noted. "Their official response was at first rather inflexible and defensive. I am pleased that now they are at least willing to hear the public's concerns relating to the ethical and moral ramifications of this exploitive and cruel exhibit."

What you can do

- If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, please attend the public forum and respectfully express your opinion on this exhibit in person. This is a great opportunity to let people know that it is wrong to hurt or kill animals for "art," and to expand the argument: If they found the images of death disturbing, they should realize that all animals killed for meat suffer terribly, and that going vegan is an ethical choice that saves lives.

What: Public forum to discuss art and ethics, and whether killing animals can ever be considered "art."
When: Monday, March 31st at noon
Where: San Francisco Art Institute Main Campus (in the lecture hall), 800 Chestnut Street, San Francisco

- If you cannot attend the public forum, please Take Action to reaffirm your desire to see this exhibit closed down once and for all, and to urge SFAI to implement a policy explicitly prohibiting exhibits for which animals were intentionally exploited or killed.

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 March 27, 2008 7:53 AM

Animal Legal Defense Fund | Free Baby Mendes

Dear Free Baby Mendes Supporter,

Willie NelsonCountry music icon Willie Nelson joined you and over 22,000 other supporters this week in pushing for dairy farm reform.

Stating, "As a cowboy, I must stand up for cows," Nelson signed on to the Free Baby Mendes campaign to warn consumers about the cruel—and illegal—living conditions for calves raised to produce milk for dairy products.

Willie's letters to Land O’Lakes and Challenge Dairy, two of the major corporations that use milk from calves raised at California’s Mendes Calf Ranch, are being delivered this week, along with signatures of more than 22,000 concerned citizens who have taken part in the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s Free Baby Mendes campaign, which aims to stop the intensive confinement of baby cows at Mendes Calf Ranch.

Located in Tipton, Calif., Mendes houses calves for approximately 80 different dairy producers. After birth, baby calves are almost immediately taken away from their mothers and shipped to the Tulare County facility, which houses as many as 12,000 calves at one time. On June 19, 2006, ALDF first filed a complaint in Tulare County Superior Court against Mendes Calf Ranch for isolating and confining newborn calves in crates. This confinement violates state anti-cruelty laws, which require that animals have adequate exercise area. Now, with the country crooner’s help, ALDF has taken the effort straight to consumers.

Thank you once again for your support of the Animal Legal Defense Fund's Free Baby Mendes campaign. With supporters like you, ALDF will continue to win the case against cruelty!


Stephen Wells
Executive Director

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