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Merkaba Arielaris: Using Sacred Geometry for Healing May 20, 2007 12:30 PM

Merkaba Arielaris: 
Using Sacred Geometry for Healing

I will guide you to affirm your inner fire of life in Chariot of Fire.


In the Old Testament of the Bible, the sacred Merkaba is referred to as a chariot or throne of God for ascending through the seven halls of heaven. 

The prophet Ezekiel experienced a consciousness-altering ride through these realms of awareness, meeting angelic presences along the way. 

The mystical Jewish tradition of the Kabbalah explores more deeply how to enter these inner states of consciousness, using the chariot as a meditation tool.

The Merkaba chariot has appeared as different forms since ancient times, including the intersecting tetrahedrons of the Star of David and the flowing infinity symbols of the Flower of Life. Today, I would like to present a unique chariot known as the Merkaba Arielaris, which originated from the Archangel Ariel stream of wisdom, as a tool for meditating on structure and unity. 

The Merkaba Arielaris structure is created by a translucent angelical sphere surrounding a golden celestial pyramid, which holds a downward tetrahedron representing physical existence. The color of the tetrahedron is unique to each person’s spiritual path and purpose. Seven royal purple stars support the base of the pyramid or chariot, as well as forming a central column through the center of the Merkaba structure. These stars represent the dimensional universe of God.

The integrated form of the Merkaba Arielaris represents a path of devotion and unity supported by a structure of love. As a vehicle of spiritual ascension, the Merkaba Arielaris is a means for focusing your awareness inward on inner wisdom, strength, and power. Sacred geometry, such as the Merkaba, reminds us that the underlying purpose of the universe is to create unity and structure from chaos. As human creations of God, we learn how to bring order to our chaotic world through devoted creation based on the power of love.

Breathe deeply, ready to experience the Sacred Merkaba Arielaris Meditation.

When you use the Merkaba Arielaris as a meditation tool, you are accessing wisdom in its purest geometrical form. Throughout time, mystics and seekers have used Merkabas and other devotional icons as focal points during meditation to quiet the conscious mind and guide it into union with the unconscious mind.

The Merkaba Arielaris offers a powerful focal point for uniting your awareness of physical existence with celestial and angelical aspects of your being. We are familiar with the physical body and our conscious perception of the physical world, but many people are not aware of how celestial and angelical energies influence daily life.

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 May 20, 2007 12:33 PM

The physical world is a manifestation of celestial and angelical energies. Celestial energies comprise the natural elements needed for all creation: carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. These are the cosmic building blocks of creation for all life, and they are found in animals, humans, the Earth, other planets, stars, and the entire universe. Angelical energies are expressed through a structure of angelic guidance and truth, which we perceive and interpret through our intuitive senses. Together, physical, celestial, and angelical energies make up our existence and perception of life. The final aspect of the Merkaba Arielaris—the dimensional aspects of devotion—represents the inner path of contemplation and discovery of the vast inner realms of the self in relation to God and the divine world.

When I first used the meditation to focus on the celestial pyramid, I didn’t know what to expect. Breathing deeply, I saw myself standing in this pyramid of pure creational energy. Suddenly I sensed myself losing physical form and my awareness shifted into pure energy. I felt such tremendous freedom, such great possibilities, that I knew that the pain and fears of my life are only momentary experiences within the greater landscape of eternal existence. 

I can move forward with courage knowing that even though I will encounter these momentary experiences, I can pull from my greater inner resource of wisdom to continue living in integrity.

You may have an amazing personal experience using the Merkaba meditation. This is a journey that could change your perception of the world and your purpose in it.


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