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Another new person April 25, 2005 5:37 AM

Hi everyone, I haven't said anything because when someone asks "what have you been reading lately," I have a hard time answering. I read so much, and there's so much good stuff out there. I just finished "Shadow of the Hegemon" in the Ender's War series by Orson Scott Card. It's science fiction somewhat near future. It includes political maneuvering, kidnaps, etc. involving the graduates of a battle school for child strategic/tactical geniuses. I also just read "Rules of Engagement" by Bruce Alexander. It's the last mystery in the John Fielding series (The author died last year and it was finished by his wife and another writer.) John Fielding was the magistrate in London that founded the Bow Street Runners in the 1700s, the first effective police force in England. It captures the period nicely and if you follow the series, you get to "meet" cool historical personages like Samuel Johnson, or hang out in the first London coffeehouse. Just before that I read "Children at War" by P.W. Singer. He's some sort of political analyst in Washington. It's a pretty grim read about how so many smaller political groups in the current hot spots abduct, recruit, train and use children in their armies. He goes on to deal with how conventional troops that may have to face child soldiers can deal with it. He goes into both the lack of programs their are out there to rehabilitate these kids, and the things that work from the few programs that are out there. Anyway, that's what I've been going through in the last week. I don't want to bore all of you, so I better quit here. Yvette  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
 April 25, 2005 9:57 AM

Hi, Yvette! Those all sound interesting. I'm going to put the John Fielding series on my list for sure. I really like historial fiction.  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
Historicals April 26, 2005 5:03 AM

Hi Michelle, There's a lot of good historical fiction out there. I usally like it if it's researched reasonably well. I used to read Mary Renault a lot. I used to read westerns, too, (I think they're a specialized subset of historical fiction,) but the one's people wrote just to have gunfights in had so much bad history in them that I gave it up. (Okay, that's not strictly true. There's one western writer I'll read, but he includes footnotes.) Didn't you say on some other thread you were going to Library school? I work at a public library doing copy cataloging and acquitions things. (Very cool work. I get to see pallets of new books come in almost every day.) Yvette  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
 April 26, 2005 9:54 AM

I really like Mary Renault a lot. I love, love, love Diana Gabaldon, whom I consider more a writer of historical fiction than of fantasy or romance, even though one could make arguments for those genres. Yep, I'm getting an associates degree in library science and information technology. I'm doing my internship now in a K -12 charter school, setting up a library from scratch with all donated books. Talk about challenging. You must have a time with the cataloging. Pallets of new books every day! How tempting!  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
Library stuff May 03, 2005 4:44 AM

Wow, setting up a library. Okay, even if it's small, that sounds like quite a project. How are you organizing the collection? So what kinds of classes does an Associate's involve? I'm curious because I'm thinking of going for U of Maine's online Bachelor's in LIS.  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
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