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11 years ago
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Here's the place!

11 years ago
We all are here to coordinate each other, thanx & welcome all my dear friends.
11 years ago



11 years ago

Thanks so much, Bharat!  I'm proud to see that we are developing into a group full of great people, like you, who wish to protect animal rights.

Prosecuting a Hero
11 years ago
StarsButterfliesGold Notes Reva H.

Subject:Prosecuting a Hero

Visit the website above to see the before and after videos. This woman does not deserve to be prosecuted like this - I would have done the same thing. She is a hero, not a criminal.

Here is the background info:

We got a call from Kim Eicher in East Freedom 9/11/06, crying because Doogie hadn't gotten up since Saturday. She had been calling the Central Pennsylvania Humane Society since Saturday to no avail. We told her we aren't law officers, and she needed to call the Humane Officer. We told her to make sure she left a message, very clearly, about the problem. Then we got another call about the same dog, from another person who passes him every day. At that point we called Kim back to see if she'd heard from the Humane Officer. She had not, was very, very upset and we were very worried about him, so we promised her we'd go out and see what we could do.

When we arrived, we took photos and video of Doogie. We initially thought he was dead, as he was not moving and his back was to us. We found out that the people were not home to talk to about him, so I made the decision that I would not leave him lying there on the cold wet ground for one moment longer, and I would accept all consequences of my decision.

Kim Eicher has agreed to testify as to the animal cruelty perpetrated against Doogie. She cried the whole time we were there, you can hear her on the video.
I think once you see the video and pictures, you'll understand why I made this decision.

The vet documented his general negligent condition, low weight, sores, missing fur, and took xrays of his back and hips. He determined that he has very bad back spurs that are causing him a lot of pain and are most likely responsible for his inability to walk. He also saw an undetermined mass near his hip on the xray. He gave him a shot for pain plus some B vitamins for energy, so that perhaps he could have even one good day or a few good hours. He wrote a letter stating his condition.

As we got to the vet, the CPHS Humane Officer Gotshall was just leaving, and he stopped us. He was about to go out to the residence. When he found out we had Doogie with us, he was not happy. I volunteered to take Doogie back and he could pick him up instead. He refused that, and stated that I should get him the vet care he needed, and to call him afterward on his cell.

When I later called him, he did not answer, I left a message asking him what he wanted me to do with Doogie, he never called back.

Shortly after we got Doogie to my home, situated, bathed—had to, the stench was too bad—and fed and watered an Officer Flaig called from the Freedom Township Police Department (Freedom, isn't that ironic?). He wanted me to return Doogie, which I refused to do. I explained that I had video and photos documenting the animal cruelty, and the neighbor was willing to testify; why didn't he pursue that as they were the perpetrators of the crime, and should be charged? He refused, and was not interested in seeing my evidence.

He and three other police vehicles arrived at my home at approximately 9:30 p.m. As I refused to hand Doogie over to be returned to death on a chain, and would not tell them where he was, I was taken into custody, transported to the East Freedom police office, and charged with theft, receiving stolen property, criminal mischief, and criminal trespass. I was released on $50,000 unsecured bond and ordered to appear at a preliminary hearing September 21, 2006.

I was treated like a common criminal, especially by Chief Reilly, who called me a 'freakin' idiot', 'incompetent', and I overheard him telling Officer Flaig that if I ever came near his dog I would have a slug in my a**. Again, there was no interest in any evidence that the dog had been abused or criminally neglected. As far as they were concerned, the dog's safety or condition was not even an issue.

Continue to write the D.A. and ask why he refuses to even look at charges against the Arnolds? Isn't this America, shouldn't all potential charges be examined? We have video, photos, at least 2 eyewitnesses to the abuse, and a veterinarian statement. How much more does he need?

Calling/writing the D.A.s office at:
Blair County District Attorney Richard Consiglio, Esq.: 814.693.3010
423 Allegheny St. Suite 421, Hollidaysburg, PA 16648
To e-mail:

urgent assistance needed.
11 years ago
hi carole ,and naresh,and you animal lovers.animal s rights have to be taken seriously.because of the abuse ,cruelty, and neglect of loveing animals all around the world today.there is far to much of it going on.
11 years ago
The sadness in Doogie's eyes was too much for me! God Bless Tammy for her compassion. I WOULD OF DONE THE SAME THING ALSO, MY NEPHEW HAS!!!!!!
Tammy Grimes Found Guilty
11 years ago
Tammy Grimes Found Guilty: Call on Governor Rendell to Pardon Her for Act of Kindness 9:16 AM

Update December 14, 2007 late afternoon: A Blair County, Pennsylvania jury has found Tammy Grimes guilty of theft and receiving stolen property. Sentencing is set for February 23, 2008.

The judge instructed the jury they must find Tammy guilty if the "ever" intended to deprive the Arnolds of their property, Doogie, the dog.  Ever? The judge also refused to allow the jury to consider the defense of justification.  The judge really forced the verdict with these instructions. It didn't help that the prosecutor repeated throughout his closing argument that anarchy would ensue if the laws weren't enforced. 

What about the animal cruelty laws? Shouldn't they be enforced too? 

One courtroom observer noted, "Tammy should wear this conviction like a badge of honor. She did the right thing for the dog and that's what should have mattered here."

Click here to contact Governor Ed Rendell and urge him to pardon Tammy. For more on this case, read Animal Law Coalition's reports below.

11 years ago

Sent letter/thanks for bringing the latest information to my attention.

Yes, thank you
11 years ago

I agree with the courtroom observer- Tammy was helping the dog, so she should be rewarded instead of punished.

Thanks for the update.

I sent Gov an Email, asking for Pardon
11 years ago

On 12/15/07 I sent a lengthy email to the Gov about this and ask him to Pardon Tammy Grimes. Because Pa is a common wealth I asked him to please try and keep an open mind about all of those involved & if a coviction is whats going to happen then he needed to convict "all" involved. He sent me the automated response below.

Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2007 06:55:27 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Automated Response from Pennsylvania Web Server.

Thank you for your interest in Pennsylvania state government.  As your Governor, I am committed to working tirelessly to bring positive change to our Commonwealth, and appreciate your input.
If you are writing about a particular piece of legislation, your comments will be included as I consider each bill that reaches my desk.  Each of your concerns is important to me, and will be distributed to the appropriate state agency after my review.  Thank you again for sharing the thoughts and concerns that are important to you and your family.
By working together, we will improve the lives of all Pennsylvanians.  

Governor Edward G. Rendell

Please check out this share!
11 years ago

Message: Christmas Miracle Needed!

( comments | 0 discussions)—
I have to see if anyone can be of help.I have tried to get help locally but I was told I would have to press charges of neglect and cruelty.It is what it is!My neighbors,who I am friends with,are nice but total idiots about dogs or anything else.I hav...
11 years ago

I'd like to address the Tammy Grimes case.

First to my surprise I wasn't aware that helping a dying animal was a crime. (how america has changed) Second when Tammy did the right thing, the compassionate thing, she was rewarded with an arrest & to ground salt into the wound they hand her a verdict of guitly? Something is very wrong in America right now. And Rendell runs under the democratic ticket, now that right there is a slap in the face. (I told him he needs to change sides since he has done nothing and is betraying himself as the enemy) Big corporate america with the help of the republicans and weak democrats passed a bill against actions to save animals. Dennis Kucinich was the only one who opposed this bill (no surprise I'm voting Kucinich)

House Passes ‘Terrorism’ Act Against Animal Activists

Nov. 15, 2006 – Monday afternoon, the US House of Representatives passed a bill that reclassifies unlawful animal-rights tactics as terrorism under certain conditions, even if they are non-violent.

As reported by The NewStandard just hours before the House took its voice vote on the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA), the bill will classify civil disobedience actions – such as blockades, property destruction, trespassing, and the freeing of captive animals – as terrorism.

The AETA amends current law enabling the government to prosecute activists for intentionally damaging property used by "animal enterprises" – businesses that use or sell animals. The AETA expands those provisions to enhance penalties against activists who "interfere" with animal enterprises by destroying property or engaging in behavior that appears "threatening." It even includes perceive threats to companies that work with animal enterprises and takes into account resulting profit losses.

The House passed the Senate’s version of the bill, which was approved in September. Critics consider that version bad enough, but they had been especially alarmed that a House version of the bill swept in "non-violent physical obstruction of an animal enterprise" as an offense if it causes a loss of profits. While the Senate version does not explicitly ban such activity, critics believe it to be vague enough to encompass civil disobedience in its scope.

The AETA does make specific provisions to safeguard activity protected under the First Amendment, but critics have raised concerns it could have the effect of discouraging even lawful protests.

Because only a voice vote was taken, there is no record of who approved or opposed the AETA bill. Representative Dennis Kucinich (D–Ohio) spoke against the legislation, saying it compromises civil rights and threatens to "chill" free speech.

Kucinich also addressed the animals he fears will be less protected if the legislation scares off protesters. "Just as we need to protect people’s right to conduct their work without fear of assault, so too this Congress has yet to address some fundamental ethical principles with respect to animals. How should animals be treated humanely? This is a debate that hasn't come here."

Dennis was right.

11 years ago
Christmas Miracle needed!! She keeps saying how nice these people are while they starve, breed and mistreat a dog. It appears she does not want to call the law and have something done? What does she expect us to do? If you are the one witnessing cruelty then you must take action. I am sorry but I am very disturbed by her saying over and over what nice people these are, but telling me they will not feed, pet, give water or love to this dog. Good grief, lady call the law, or steal the dog and get it out of there. And please quit calling them nice people, they are monsters pure and simple. Not one damn thing nice about those people, I will be hoping for what goes around comes around for these monsters.
11 years ago


I called the Governor's office, as soon as I read the article and after researching all articles.  I told them, as one who works with rescue groups, that I would have done the same thing, and this woman deserves a medal...not to be prosecuted for her actions and compassion regarding Doogie.

We need to keep calling and letting them know that the eyes of the nation are upon them, and if anyone should be prosecuted, it should be the people who kept Doogie in their care and mistreated him.

We need to institute a formal campaign that focusses on animals as being animal companions and not possessions, under the law...and I told the Governor's assistant that animals are not possessions, but our companions and, often, those who place their innocent lives on the line for us.

Bless all whose compassion extends beyond the boundaries of self...


11 years ago

Hey everyone, I have been contacted by a friend of mine who is concerned for the saftey of some doggies. I am concerned too since there is a history of violence at this home. He told me of a friend of his who pasted away about a month ago whom lived in Arkansas. This woman had 15 dogs, but when I called the sheriff's department to check on the dogs and two horses they told me that there were two dogs and two horses that were being well taken care of. However, one dog died of natural cause but that still leaves 12 unaccounted for and my friend is concerned as to what has happened to them.
I say all this to ask you, do you or anyone of your friends live close to Jonesboro, Arkansas who mght be able to go see or find out what may be going on? I have the number of both the Sheriff's office and the Humane society which I enclose in this e-mail. Sheriff is 1-870-935-5551 and the Humane Society is 1-870-932-5185. The husband and son are the main concerns because both are abusive. The dad's name is Charles William Cook and the son is Robert Russell Cook. I do ask you to be careful should you decide to do it. Both men have a history of violence.
Please pass this one to everyone so we can find someone who might be able to help us out.
Love, Hugs and Thank you.
Glezela (Tammy Tiger Dove)


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