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Illustraous Heroes
Heroes 4th Season
10 years ago
Heroes' fourth volume namedBy Tim Surette -
August 28, 2008 at 11:54:00 AM | more stories by this author

Series creator Tim Kring lets slip the title of the next chapter of NBC's sci-fi hit, and it signals interesting times for our super friends.

The third chapter of Heroes has yet to begin, but anticipation is already palpable for it ( previewed the excellent first half of the debut), largely in part to its mouthwatering title, "Villains."


The straightforward names of the volumes have always been a good indicator of what's in store for that chapter. Season one gave us "Genesis," which appropriately detailed the beginnings of these "ordinary people with extraordinary abilities." Season two was named "Generations," and focused on the family trees of the superpowered characters.

Everyone loves to hate a good baddie, and "Villains" will go with the flow and examine how people use their newfound powers for evil. But the third season will be more than just one chapter and is going to be split up into separate volumes (just as season two was supposed to before the writers' strike cut things short).

So what's it called? Tighten up your spandex costumes, because it sounds like things may not be looking too good for Claire, Peter, Hiro, and the other freaks of nature. Speaking with UK site Digital Spy (video courtesy of ODI and contains slight spoilers as well as funny accents) at the Edinburgh Television Festival, series creator Tim Kring revealed that "Villains" will run 13 episodes and that the second half of the season will run 12 episodes and be dubbed... "Fugitives." Don't bother pulling out your calculators--that's a 25-episode season three.

Kring shied away from detailing what volume four would be about, saying that even if he explained it, it wouldn't make any sense without having seen season three and would contain major spoilers for what is coming up in the series.

Kring also said that episode 10 is currently being filmed, and the final episode of "Villains" is now in the writers' hands. Season two was supposed to be three volumes, with "Villains" being the last and the second volume--which was axed because of the strike--titled "Exodus."

Among the other tidbits Kring divulged: Echo the mailman from the "Going Postal" webisodes will appear in "Villains," Heroes: Origins isn't completely dead and Kring wants to give it another shot, and Christopher Eccleston--who played the invisible man--may be returning if his schedule allows it.

So let's hear some theories on "Fugitives" in the comments below. Are we looking at an X-Men scenario in which our Heroes are viewed as mutants and threats to society? Is the government going to try to squash them a la Watchmen? Or maybe they're on the wrong side of the law because they're passing bad checks! Theorize!

Heroes WILL return in the fall!
10 years ago
Boxleitner Joining Heroes?

TV Guide Online's Michael Ausiello reported that Babylon 5 star Bruce Boxleitner has won a top-secret recurring role on NBC's Heroes, a role that was originally going to be modeled after Sen. John McCain.

The character has since been reconceived, and Boxleitner will reportedly share the screen with a female series regular. Heroes returns in the fall. (NBC is owned by NBC Universal, which also owns SCIFI.COM.)
11 years ago
looks like sylar made a full recovery. The cheerleader is getting gutsy, and what about her cute flying boyfrined? Mr Muggles had fewer lines this season! What's with that? and Mohinder is too cute to be hidden behind that horrible nose bandage, unless of coarse he REALLY broke his nose.
11 years ago
Sylar is still creepy,,,,poor claire is going nuts in her new town EXCEPT for the new boyfriend that her father infected....The Haitian is back..and some new people,I did not like the Hiro going back in time, but I guess he has to in order to fix the time warp they are in, Peter is in trouble already and his brother is getting nutty, while his mother is hauled off to jail for something she did not do...lots going on.....the cable channel G4 is showing the Heroes reruns of this season already..what is that all about?
11 years ago



11 years ago

Go beyond your television screen and take the next leap forward with Heroes Evolutions.

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11 years ago


11 years ago
As Heroes begins its second season with "Volume Two: Generations," we'll learn who survived and who didn't. Hiro's story in feudal Japan will play out as he meets his own personal hero; Claire lands back in high school, but she's on the lam with HRG and the family; we'll discover what's happened to Niki, D.L. and Micah; and Suresh begins a mission to find more heroes and protect them. In this 11-episode volume, new heroes and villains will be introduced and the threat will be more "global," according to co-executive producer Jeph Lobe. And then while Heroes takes a six-week hiatus, a new series, Heroes: Origins, will tell the story of one new hero each week. Viewers will then vote on their favorite, and that hero will become a new regular character during season three. And then it's back to the Heroes we know and love as they begin "Volume Three."
11 years ago



11 years ago
You are right, i do not watch much TV but did enjoy Heroes. I need to go to the website because I began in the middle. What about the detective series with Jeff Goldbaum the one where he see's the victims did that get picked up? Thanks Elizabeth Until Soon in Friendship, Jonathan 
11 years ago
Premiere: Monday, September 24, 9 pm, NBC
Where we left off: Heroes literally ended its first season with a bang when radioactive Peter Petrelli (Milo Ventimiglia) seemingly exploded in the sky above Manhattan.
What's next: Season 2 leaps ahead four months to find Peter presumed dead. Fans will get the final details about that New York day in the eighth episode. We'll also learn that The Company is deeply engrained in the neuro-degrading virus that killed Mohinder's sister Shanti and infected Molly Walker (Adair Tishler), the little girl with the power to locate anybody. Also big this season is the backstory of the old-guard heroes — led by Kaito Nakamura (George Takei), Angela Petrelli (Christine Rose) and the late Mr. Linderman (Malcolm McDowell) — who were once determined to heal the world but splintered due to in-fighting. Plus: A new villain, said to be scarier than Sylar (Zachary Quinto), will be added, and Veronica Mars star Kristen Bell joins the superpowered elite as Elle, a sexy criminal with ties to Peter's "death." Want more? How about Hiro in 17th-century Japan, twin heroes in Central America, and an avenging angel in New Orleans? There's even another plot in Ireland! And as for our favorite cheerleader, Claire finds a new home, new romance and a stunning revelation.

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11 years ago
 Heroes Cheerleader To Test Self

Hayden Panettiere, who plays indestructible cheerleader Claire Bennet on NBC's Heroes, told journalists that the upcoming second season will find her character's pushing the limits of her ability to heal herself.

"I think this season she's really looking to figure out more about her powers, more about what she can do, how far she can push it, what happens when she does it," Panettiere said in a conference call on Aug. 9. "And there's still some unanswered questions for her about her ability, how far her pain tolerance can go or if she can actually die if something happens."

Following the events of the season finale, in which the main characters came together to fend off the villain Sylar (Zachary Quinto) and stop Peter Petrelli (Milo Ventimigila) from becoming a human bomb, Claire and her adoptive family will go into hiding.

"She's trying to be a normal girl," Panettiere said. "I think it's less of a challenge and more fun. It's fun to be in hiding."

But as Claire becomes more used to her powers, she will start to use them unconsciously, which leads to more of the kind of gore that was seen in early episodes of season one.

"The longer she has it and the farther it goes, then the less she really is conscious of it," she said. "The less she thinks about it, the less she notices that she can't do certain things, the less it clicks in her head. So trust me, you will see plenty of blood, plenty of snaps and pops and crackles."

Panettiere also explained that she sees her character's struggles as a metaphor for the issues many teenagers deal with as they test the limits of their freedom.

"[Teens] are constantly trying to push their parents away," she said. "They're constantly trying to test the limits of their freedom and how far they can push things. And that's sort of the same thing with Claire. She's just doing it in a different way, ... not to go to the mall with her friends [but] more to learn more about herself and this ability and what she can do. I think in that way it's definitely a teenage universal message. All teenagers will understand that one. But I think that'll still continue to be a battle for her until she's an adult, and even then, her dad's going to want to protect her."

Although Claire is moving on and growing up, Panettiere assured fans that she won't necessarily be leaving behind her cheerleading persona. "I wouldn't say goodbye to the cheerleading outfit just yet," she said. Heroes returns on Sept. 24 and will air in the same timeslot, Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT. (NBC is owned by NBC Universal, which also owns SCIFI.COM.)
11 years ago

Yeah I love that Hiro is a Hero, his sidekick is ANDO. I think Hiro looks good in the swordsman suit. His father is played by SULU from the Original Star Trek

here's the latest Heroes News.....Heroes Has New Villains

Tim Kring, creator and executive producer of NBC's hit series Heroes, told journalists that the upcoming second season will introduce a few new bad guys. "There's a couple new villains," Kring said in a conference call on Aug. 2. "We're doing 11 episodes in a row that start on Sept. 24. And somewhere in that run of episodes we're going to introduce a very scary villain."

The main villain of the first season was Sylar, played by Zachary Quinto, a soft-spoken psychopath who could absorb the powers of others with special abilities by slashing open their brains. The show also featured Malcolm McDowell in an adversarial role as Linderman, an eccentric businessman with ambitions for world domination.

Kring said that season two's villians will make last year's look tame. Those who paid attention to the season finale already have a hint about one of them, he said.

"At the end of last season we gave in the season finale a premonition of someone who is a very scary villain out there, who has invaded the dreams and nightmares of this character on our show named Molly Walker, who can locate people just by thinking about them," Kring said. "[We] teased the idea that there was another villain out there. And the audience can expect to see him somewhere in the first run of episodes."

The show returns for its second season on Sept. 24 and will air in the same timeslot, Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT. (NBC is owned by NBC Universal, which also owns SCIFI.COM.)

11 years ago
is my Hero! He's so such a cutie! I love when he shouts "Itai!" Can't remember the name, but his sidekick is a perfect "foil" for his character!!
time-traveling hero Hiro Nakamura
11 years ago
Heroes' Oka Offers Spoilers

Masi Oka, who plays time-traveling hero Hiro Nakamura on NBC's Heroes, told SCI FI Wire that his character will remain in Japan for a while and will have a parallel story separate from the rest of the show when the second season kicks off in the fall.

"Season two is going to begin with two parallel timelines going on," Oka said in an interview at the Television Critics Association press tour in Beverly Hills, Calif., on July 17. "One starting four months after the explosion and another—mainly Hiro's storyline—starting 400 years in the past. And we'll see how they kind of affect each other."

At the end of the first season, Oka's character found himself transported back in time to 16th-century Japan. According to Oka, Hiro will spend at least eight episodes there before returning to the present. There he will encounter some of the characters from the stories of his childhood, including the legendary samurai Takezo Kensei, who will be played by David Anders (Sark from ABC's Alias). The show is currently finishing the third episode of the upcoming season.

"There's a princess," Oka said. "Princess Iako, played by [Japanese pop star] Eriko Tamura, who's going to be in that world, as well as David Anders, who plays Takezo Kensei. That was Hiro's childhood hero that he's always heard about in these stories. But David Anders, last time we checked, he was Caucasian. So there's a mystery there."

Heroes returns for its second season on Sept. 24 and will air in its regular timeslot, Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT. (NBC is owned by NBC Universal, which also owns SCIFI.COM.) —Cindy White
"HEROES" 4th Season ON
11 years ago
| Blue Label
 Heroes' HRG Stays Dark

Jack Coleman, who plays Noah Bennet—also known as HRG (Horn-Rimmed Glasses)— in NBC's Emmy-nominated series Heroes, told SCI FI Wire that his character will still have a dark edge to him at the beginning of the second season.

"It makes it very clear, in the very first episode of this year, he's not defanged," Coleman said in an interview at the Television Critics Association summer press tour in Beverly Hills, Calif., on July 17. "He's still a dangerous guy. I think it's clear that he would move heaven and earth for Claire, but you don't want to cross him. He is a dangerous guy. ... He's a big-picture guy. He's a guy with a plan, and certain things may have to be jettisoned in order to make that plan work."

Coleman revealed that in the second-season premiere, which picks up several months after the events of the season finale, his character has been reunited with his adopted daughter, Claire (Hayden Panettiere), and his wife (Ashley Crow) and son (Randall Bentley).

"The Bennet family has relocated," he said. "I can't tell you exactly where. And it's a new world. The secrets they keep from each other are new secrets. The old secrets have all been divulged. We're not retreading the old ground. But there's old ghosts. Old habits are about to rear their ugly head in a very dramatic way. .. The Bennets are together to start, but in a very difficult, awkward circumstance that they all have to try to deal with. And it gets pretty sticky pretty quickly."

Coleman also said that his character will continue to be one of the few on the show without any superpowers. "I love that I don't have any superpowers, for two reasons," he said. "First of all, less prosthetics and less time in a harness. At my age, there's only so much time in a harness you want to spend. But the other thing, I really like having a character that has to survive by his wits. I mean, every time you see Sylar and HRG face each other, I mean, Sylar flicks him around like he's a bug. So he's not a guy who's going to be able to handle the dangers of the world that he's in physically. He has to do it through his guile and carrying a really big gun."

Heroes returns for its second season on Sept. 24 and will air in its regular timeslot, Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT. (NBC is owned by NBC Universal, which also owns SCIFI.COM.) —Cindy White

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