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HOW TO CONNECT with the Conference Chats

Here, briefly, is how you can connect with the Real-Time Conference Chats, generally held on Sunday evenings, throughout the year, you can either come in Care2, in this group, or go directly to your Yahoo Messenger zone for the Conference Chat. You need to supply one of the hosts with your Yahoo ID and then one of the hosts will do the initial "INVITE" to a Conference Chat [not using Voice, but you can get the latest Voice version and that is just fine ... and it is free!] and ... WELCOME! If you have any technical difficulties or further questions, please contact one of the HOSTS with a personal message (from the Profile) and we will get back to you. Thanks!

Go to for your free sign-up with Instant Messenger, then another step away!

OUR INTENTION, here in the African Circle, is to have Hosts from all active parts of the continent, and to start the Sunday Evening sessions at 9pm, or whatever time you decide, in each time zone. Join the Conference Chat  in your best time zone connection.


MESSAGE FROM HOST MERRIL G. from Australia. Hi! I find our thoughts and prayers more powerful with more people bringing our feelings, challenges, thoughts, ideas into the Circle. To protect the spontaneity, the creativity, the tender moments of sharing in the group, I'd like to ask participants not to save the conference CHATS please. As an example, I went into and clicked on meeting planner. I used Denver, USA, as the key city, inserted Canberra and there I had it. 2pm on Mondays! I knock off work at 1pm. So it's easy for me. I shared this with another Aussie, who joined last week's Circle. Can you weigh in with what time it is for you? We can adjust the time or create more Healing Circles that meet at different times worldwide. I find it very powerful thinking of someone across the Pacific sharing thoughts and prayers for people close to our hearts, in real time. It's amazing. Please join us in this unique experiment of this 21st Century, using this amazing technology in a good way. Much warmth, Merril



Check your own continental WIHC group site ... there may be hosting opportunites there with which you could help out. Your active participation in this group is very beneficial to many beings and very much appreciated by a worldwide audience!

YOU DO NOT USE THE "" part of the email address when inviting people to your IM list. Contact Sapan Rinpoche if you need any technical assistance in getting connected.  

Make your Healing & Prayer requests and suggessions anytime during the week. They will be acted upon in two ways: 1)by those that check into our group site on a regular basis, and 2) with a worldwide group that takes part in our CONFERENCE CHATS, in Yahoo MESSENGER. Please contact one of the Hosts for any questions, with a Personal Message (PM), about  anything in general about the WIHC processes.

Thank you ... Sapan Rinpoche, Director of the WIHC.

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