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The Arabian Peninsula
8 years ago
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The Arabian Peninsula underwent lots of geological mutations. In the Conference of Geology held in the College of Geology, University of King Abudulaziz, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, I met one of the well-known geologists in the world; this is Professor Alfred Coroz.
While discussing the Arabian peninsula, I asked him, “ Do you have any idea of how the Arabian peninsula was before being a desert as you may have seen it now. I mean did you have any factual evidence that Arabia – the Arabian Peninsula–had gardens, orchards, and rivers before turning to a desert-like area?”
He replied, “Yes, this is a well-known fact. Geologists do know this as a scientific fact. Actually, if one digs anywhere in this area, he would definitely find traces of the orchards, streams and gardens affirming that this area was covered by greenery sites and landscapes. There is a lot of evidence in this respect. An example is the Fawo village, which was discovered under the sands of Al-Ruba’e Al-Khali Desert (literally translated as the Empty Quarter Desert).
“Further, do you have,” I inquired, “ any idea of the fact that Arabia may in the future restore its greenery sites, gardens, and streams?”
“Of course,” he implied, “ we have. As geologists, we have carried out certain calculations and measurements, which indicate that this is very close to being a reality in the near future. ”
I said, “ How?”
He replied, “Studies and researches on the earth’s composition, formation and history have shown that the earth undergoes various eras. One is the Ice Age or Glacier Era means that seawater turns to ice and gathers at the North Pole and then moves towards the South. As the water moves it covers whatever comes in its way and hence changes the climate of the Earth by being colder. The Arabian Peninsula gets affected and becomes one of the most rainy and watery place on earth.” While he was explaining that, I was linking the floods and rains of Abha area with those happening currently in North Europe. Meditating on his talk, I said, “That is it.” He replied, “yes, it is. It is an inescapable fact. I, then, told him, “ Do you know who told Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) fourteen hundred years ago about all that. I mean what you have been talking about is stated in the Hadeeth of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH). He said, ‘The last hour will not occur unless the land of Arabs turns once again into orchards and rivers.’*
Professor, who do you think informed the Prophet (PBUH) that the Arab land was covered with orchards and gardens and full of rivers?”
He thought for a while and then said, “the Romans.” I therefore asked him, “Who then told the Prophet that it will once again turn to have orchards and rivers.” He thought again and again, and said, “From above (the heavens)!”
Then I asked him to kindly write down what we had arrived at and what we just experienced. In his own handwriting he wrote: “I was amazed by the scientific facts mentioned in the Quran and Sunna. It is only in the previous years that these facts were discovered and proved through modern scientific methods. What is astonishing is that these facts were known to the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) definitely through Divine Revelation.
I would conclude this by saying: “O dear brothers and sisters, the opinion of this non-Muslim German geologist is only an example of many other great world leaders and scientists who as soon as realizing and comprehending the great facts in the Holy Quran and Sunna embrace Islam. Not only that, they compose books about and preach bluntly for Islam. All of that made me think deeply and realize the great yet noble responsibility of the Islamic Nation towards their Religion. I though if the Nation of Islam works hard and earnestly, then in not more than ten to fifteen years one third of the world’s great scientists would embrace Islam. I swear to Allah that this German scientist and I talked for only two and half hours, and he then wrote admitting that Islam is a Divine Revelation. In fact, this confession, especially by a great and well-known scientist, affirms one fact; that is, there is one Knowledge, one Truth and one God.
As Muslims, we do have the Absolute Truth in our hands. It is Allah’s Truth that “No falsehood can approach it from before or behind it”(41:42). Pragmatically speaking, besides being the age of science in which everything is subject to scientific interpretation, this is the beginning of science itself being subject to Islam and the Holy Quran. As being the Absolute Truth and stating that its revelation of signs and miracles will continue, the Holy Quran affirms this in: “Soon will We show them Our Signs in the (furthest) Regions (of the earth), and in their own souls, until It becomes manifest to them That this is the Truth. Is it not enough that Thy Lord doth witness All things?” [41:53]. Actually science itself will show that the Holy Quran is the Truth and Islam is the most proper method of life.
(El Zindani, Abdel Majeed, Science is the Path of Faith)
8 years ago
More over, Abi Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) narrated that the Prophet (PBUH) said, “ The Last Hour will not take place unless wealth becomes abundant and overflows; unless a Muslim gives the Zakat of his wealth, which no body accepts it and it comes back to him; and unless the Arab land turns once again into orchards and rivers” [“Al-Zakat*” Sahih Musslem. 157). In the Prophet’s “and unless the Arab land turns once again into orchards and rivers,” there are two scientific facts related to the Arab land. The first one is that the Arab land was an extremely fertile and greenery region, a fact which is affirmed by the Holy Quran. This is intermingled with the story of Prophet Hood’s (Allah’s Peace and Prayers be upon him) preaching his people A’ad who lived in the southern part of the Arab land. Allah Almighty states this clearly in: “Now fear Allah and obey me. [131] Yea, fear Him Who Has bestowed on you Freely all that ye know. [132] Freely has He bestowed On you cattle and sons, [133] And Gardens and Springs [134] Truly I fear for you The Chastisement of a Great Day [135].” (26:131-135). Further more, recent scientific researches and studies have approved this fact. In an article entitled “Traces In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Disclose a 10 thousand year Vagueness,” the author states, “There are many evidences confirming that in the past the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula had a more suitable and convenient environment for living than any subsequent time. Around ten thousand years ago, the Ruba’e Al-Khali Desert, being now regarded as one of the most drought deserts in the world, was a habitat for wildlife. Many species of wild animals like lions, reindeers, seahorse, and the like were of large numbers as those in Africa nowadays. (Ahalen Wa Sahlen Magazine: January Edition, 1988).
The other fact in the Hadeeth is that the Arab land will turn into a fertile land as it had been ten thousand years ago. Beyond the shadow of doubt, it has begun to restore its fertile and greenery nature; big fertile and green farms have spread out extending long tunnels carrying water like streams. Numerous dams have been built as well. In addition, sometime ago, I had the opportunity to take a tour in Saudi Arabia; while moving along the road on the sides of Ruba’e Al-Khali connecting Najran to Riyadh, I saw very wide and vast farms spread out on the sides of the road. Also in the heart of the Kingdom is Al-Qasseem Province, which is now regarded as one of agriculturally richest regions. What is happening in Arabia is strongly bound to the Prophet’s words “the Arab land turns once again into orchards and rivers” as if he (PBUH) had seen all of that by his own eyes.

Reference: Tihmaz, Abdulhameed Mahmoud. The Forty Scientific Miracles. Dar Al-Qalem.

*Translator’s Note: Al-Zakat (h) is the fourth pillar of Islam. It means to support the needy, misfortune, the poor etc.