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8 years ago
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Shukran Mohammed,

Your group looks very interested but I didn't sleep last night and now it's  almost 1:00 hours. So I cannot read all of it just now.

I put you as present one picture when I found islamic teaching in internet. I wish I can stay in this group...insallah...

Spiritual journey

Salaam alaikum Mohammed

Arctic Princess

P.S. It would be good to have welcome thread. I was waiting some words from you in one topic but no. Then you coud have them all under one topic. 

8 years ago
I'm really sorry my Arctic but i didnt notice that you posted in this group , i have some problems with my care2 email account and i dont recieve emails from my groups
8 years ago

This was too much Mohammed, thank you.  Are you not in the group so that you are tracking E-mails?  If you make a welcome  thread and put there track this topic, so everyone is saying hello there and you would get all of it. That was the old way when I was in at the first time.

Arctic Princess 

8 years ago
yes i know its an old way but i use dial up connection and its so slow so i have to find a short way to reach the last posts
salam everyone!
8 years ago

Shukran for the invite Zahra!  Mohammad this group looks great!  I too, cannot get emails sent to my personal e address to keep up on group posts either-I also have dial up and AOL..but the problem for me-is that AOL keeps hardbouncing the messages back-so i have to inform care2 every month to please reset their auto hardbounce mechanism..a big pain..

but-am so glad u started this group it looks very interesting!

love n bless A'isha

8 years ago
Welcome Sister Aisha for joining this group and i hope you will help to add some new threads here.
Bro Moe
8 years ago
I really love this group, lots of interesting information. What a wonderful way to celebrate Islam. Thanks for your dedication, Zahra
8 years ago
Sister Zahra , first thanks for joining my group and for inviting new members too
and doesnt it deserve it , to show the whole world how we can find some treu facts about our world if we could read and understand Qur'an and Ahadieth of Prophet Mohammed well .
i think its not enough what im doing here but its all what i can do now