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Sexual Assault
8 years ago
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Sexual assault can be defined as any type of sexual contact or behavior that occurs without the explicit consent of the recipient of the unwanted sexual activity. Falling under the definition of sexual assault is sexual activity such as forced sexual intercourse, sodomy, child molestation, incest, fondling, and attempted rape. Some more specific examples of sexual assault include:

  • Unwanted vaginal, anal, or oral penetration with any object
  • Forcing an individual to perform or receive oral sex
  • Forcing an individual to masturbate, or to masturbate someone else
  • Forcing an individual to look at sexually explicit material or forcing an individual to pose for sexually explicit pictures
  • Touching, fondling, kissing, and any other unwanted sexual contact with an individual's body
  • Exposure and/or flashing of sexual body parts

In general, state law assumes that a person does not consent to sexual activity if he or she is forced, threatened, unconscious, drugged, a minor, developmentally disabled, chronically mentally ill, or believe they are undergoing a medical procedure.

Perpetrators of sexual assault can be strangers, friends, acquaintances, or family members. Often, perpetrators commit sexual assault by way of violence, threats, coercion, manipulation, pressure, or tricks. In extreme cases, sexual assault may involve the use of force which may include, but is not limited to:

  • Physical violence
  • Use or display of a weapon
  • Immobilization of victim

More often, however, sexual assault involves psychological coercion and taking advantage of an individual who is incapacitated or under duress and, therefore, is incapable of making a decision on his or her own.

Source: Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN)

8 years ago
Thank You for this info, Jakki
8 years ago
Your very welcome my new co-host!
8 years ago
Great!!! I love this ..... Thers nothing worse than any woman ,man or child being forced sexually or harm another for their own pleasures. Brings Domestic Voilence to a level well .....ruining peoples lives physically,mentally and emotionally.Ive dated a woman whose life was haunted and comforting her isnt enough - the dangers of depression, ..."Cut the Madness"!!!!when you love them (((raped of their Joy ,Love and Happiness)))and being told they dont want a relationship left heartbroke to let her free ...... showing her .... being that friend - to listen and love unconditionally "I pray that God might guide her ,heal her shes a proud woman,strong and stuborn at times But I love her still" Love & Blessings Bryan
8 years ago
Thank you Jakki,
I was raped in January by a trible elder. I've been locked up in my house ever since. Today was my first day out side by myself. I went on a job interview. I think I got it! I'm just starting to get my life back. I'm ready to face the world again and find a new job. Wish me luck!
8 years ago
Pam,Not only do I wish you all the luck in the world,but all the peace,joy,and security to know your not alone!Every jurney starts with one small step.You've just taken your first.  JAKKI
8 years ago

You have made tremendous strides in just the short time I've known you.  (I just looked at your post at "Listening." - )

You, dear friend, are a true survivor!


Hi all
8 years ago

ok now this makes me made there is no resaon that any woman should be abused and raped what the law should is put these no good animals  in a cell for the rest of there life and let the person they did this to make there punishment  and the courts should abide by it the same thing as for ananimal that hurts and rapes kids and abuses theym the law should let the family make the law for them and also who ever hurts animals  others that want to stop all this should be able to make the laws thats how,I feel because the laws dont always work and this peole are not people they are animals my fault worse than animals

hi all
8 years ago
I'am happy with your first step please keep up the good work my friend we are all here to help you any way we can my friend may you have peace in your heart and soul my friend my prayers and throughts are with you always
Sexual Assault Survivors
8 years ago
Bryan, I know exactly how you feel, perhaps more so. She is a victim of childhood sexual abuse by her father and grandfather. After two less than healthy relationships, we started dating during my divorce. I was the first "normal" male adult with whom she had been involved. It was  on and off for almost four years, when it was on, it was her call. When it was off, it was her call.
She thinks that she has healed but after 15+ years with the same shrink, it's obvious that she is better but not whole.
I, too, am heartbroken, with the continued hope that one day things will be different. Now, I have had to move 4 hours away to try and rescue my daughter. But, I don't hear anything from my partner except when our two year old son is sick. I don't believe she doesn't want a relationship, she just doesn't know how to be in one, at least one which is healthy. She is strong and proud, too, in so many ways.
I share your prayer. It has been mine, too, for a looooong time.
8 years ago

I have been sexually molested as a child..not by one person, but by several so called "adults", one of whom was my uncle (not blood, married into the family).

Then about 5 years ago, I was raped.  In a vehicle, in a neighborhood, at 9:00 p.m. parked in a car.  I was told if I tried to run...I would be shot in the back.  Didn't want to get shot in the I stayed and was raped.

Still not sure if I am over any of this stuff..really.  I don't dwell on it, but it happened, it is part of my story and it is there.  I got into active addiction about 20 years ago...I am sure the childhood molestation probably prompted the addiction.

But I have had intensive outpatient and group therapy and have learned alot.  I am actually getting ready to go back to one on one heal some more.

God bless all survivors....but to be honest, most every one has had to survive some thing.

8 years ago
I was raped and physically hurt by a police officer with a gun at age 15.  I never told anyone until I was in my 30's.  I was too frightened to tell anyone.  I had always been told to respect the police and law enforcement.  I have carried this with me for my entire life and at age 60 I can still relive the experience.  It destoryed my trust in people and I have worked for years to try to regain my balance and believe in people again.  And i have accomplished this to a point.  I still fear for young people and the innocent that cannot defend theirselves.  So my silence just led to more violence but what was I to do.  How do the laws protect against this happeneing now.  Any comments most appreciated.
8 years ago
Pam may you find Peace and Love.  I hope you can find the strength to continue on the right path.  Many blessings to you!
8 years ago
Thank you very much everyone. Guess what? I got the Job. I start training on Friday. I guess rape is not the end of the world. It sure feels like it at first. But with a lot of hard work you can heal. 
8 years ago

WTG  PAM!!I am so happy for you! Yet anouther large step!

Diann-I am so sorry that happened to you!I understand being afraid,how horrible that must have been ,and still is!Healing prayers to you as well!

8 years ago

First to Diana T....I am truly sorry that you or anyone should ever have to go through that. I worked with the Sheriffs Office here in South Florida for 4 years, and the laws have gotten tougher, but I still think they they can get tougher yet.

A lot of the problem is most women, like yourself, do not come forward, so the crime goes unpunished.....for you, I am glad you did eventually speak about it!

Today, thank God for DNA testing, which has put many behind bars, that might have gotten away with the crime if not for testing.

My approach, being a 6th degree black belt, is to teach men/women/children to defend themselves, and it is about positive attitude and confidence. When a person believes that there is nothing that they can do to protect themselves, they have already given up, hence they are not only fighting an attacker, but fighting themselves as well. My philosophy is that if you think like a victem, you are a victem. I have had people tell me they don't need to know self defense because they have never had a physical confrontation, my reply is that it only takes one to cost you your life. I am a passive person and believe in diplomacy in most situations, and I do believe in the 5th commandment, but if it was a matter of him or me or a loved one, rest assured it would be him!!

Anyway, obviously my feelings are very strong about violent and sexual crimes. Being a gentleman, I do not even want to share my feelings on what should be done to perpetrators of sexual crimes......other than one....castration for starters...out of the gene pool...see ya!!

Well, guess I have said enough...once I start thinking about this subject, it really gets to me, as I have 2 grown daughters and 4 grandkids that I always worry about, although, my youngest daughter is a black has had to use it on more than one occasion.

My son was sexually molested and now my sister has abducted him
7 years ago
I am sitting in an Extended stay motel in New hampshire trying to get through to the Us Stae Department for help. I have been living in the Netherlands and my son had come to the US this year to live with family, learn more English, get to ski, get to know his hieces and nephews, etc etc. During this period he was to become more independent while my husband and I ended a 28 year relationship, I sold the farm and found my son and myself a new home. I got an email two weeks ago that y son had been taken out of the home he was living in for safety reasons and that he had been placed in my sisters home on the Cape. First i saw my son while he was here in the motel with his home schooling books and computer. Then my sister came and took him for assessment tests and she was really strange about my not being able to go to the test site with my son or see where some of these schools are. then she announced she was going to pick him up on sunday for his school on Monday and Tuesday but that I would see him Wed in the Museum of Science before my departure Thursday (yesterday) I was not hppy not getting to see more of my son. I already had a ticket to come Feb 21 for his school break but I had not seen my son for more than 6 months because my sister had blocked my visiting in October, for thanksgiving and for Christmas. I arranged a required school visit to the top choice for school for my son and I let my sister and my son's fatehr know by email. I also sent an additional email saying that he woulod come back with me after the museum so that we could go to the school the next morning. She blew a gasket and told me that he was her son , tha I was a bad mother, that she was the only person with the authority to make any decisos about my son's schooling and she could also decide whether he could see me or not. The result was that he could not go to the museum because he would see me. I had made it clear to the family that I would not leave the country without seeing my son. My niece's husband convinced my sister to have dinner with me so that I could see my son to say goodbye. That was in the middle of the Marryott in Quincy Mass where we could discuss nothing nor make a scene about my son. He looked very unhappy when the evening came to an end and it was apparent that these people were under the delusion that they are in fact the parents of my son. My lawyer in the Netherlands had assured me that I am the only pparent with 100% custody of my son. That i must not leave the US with out my son. That that was that. am now dealing with the US dept of state who have a specialist who can't deal with my call yet. Anyone have any bright ideas. I have already lost my flight home. I am running out of meds for myself. My expenses are going through the roof. The stress is terrible and I feel like this is a hostige situaion. Holly T