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7 years ago
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Trudi Reijnders

This petition is on care2 since 1 year and has only 1348 signatures. Boycott Greece Tourism,and products.(she is exterminating animals) Please sign:
Please sign, animals in Greece are treated in the most cruel way. These pictures say more than words can do.

7 years ago
GREEK ANIMAL CRUELTY: The Street Animals of Greece Marijo Gillis from Welfare for Animals In Greece Interviewed

By Claudette Vaughan

Alive - whimpering and crying for the help and compassion of a human. It didn't come. This dog was seen by thousands of pedestrians and left to suffer alone. This dog after weeks and weeks of suffering in agony was rescued by foreign friend of Marijo's living in Greece and mercifully placed into the arms and heart of God. This dog "existed" in hell and died in hell. Look below at the photos. There are tens of thousand of animals like this in the Cradle of Civilisation on the mainland and on the idyllic Greek islands. Greece is an exquisitely beautiful country that lives by tourism and by tourism alone! Many Greeks are extraordinarily cruel, blind, indifferent and the government is a disgrace. What can you do you ask?  

From Marijo Gills, founder of Welfare for Animals in Greece.

“Please, please. I beg you, send these photos and the film link to every damn person you know and don't know and plead with everyone to never, ever step foot in this slimy black hole of inhumanity called Greece again. I have produced a documentary expose for Greek national TV and am going to Athens next month. If you wish to make the effort, send these photos and the film link via e-mail to the editors of your local papers and local travel agents. Urge them to publicise the atrocities and feel free to make public her personal phone numbers should anyone need confirmation. Send the film link as well. I lived in this God forsaken hole for 14 years. Please, please help me. This precious little soul just about put me over the edge.”   

7 years ago

CV: What disease did the dog in this picture have while he was alive?

Marijo: That dog didn't have any disease. The little pup in the picture with his face gone evidently had either been beaten, maybe attacked by another dog but infection set in and he was just left on the streets to die. He got worse and worse and was seen in the same venue for weeks. His face just started to rot away because nobody who saw him was prepared to help him.

CV: How did you get involved with the street animals of Greece in the first place?

Marijo: Greece is supposingly the cradle of civilisation but it's not. It's the cradle of devastation. I was married and lived there for 14 years and it's one of the most brutal countries that I have traveled to and I have traveled all over the world for animal rights.

Back in 1972 just before I went into my first year of university my parents let me go to Greece with an older cousin of mine. I was absolutely positively horrified. I went for 3 weeks and ended up staying for 9 weeks and my parents almost had to come and collect me. We witnessed so many animals in need we didn't even bother to vacation. What we saw was a nightmare and I vowed I'd return again.

Every summer I went back and then one year I met a fantastic Canadian woman and we became the best of friends and through her I met my former husband on a Greek Island. I married and then moved to Greece and that's how the work for the animals began. This was so amazing. The Universe is in such order and God is so amazing because I realised in retrospect that this was all planned out for me.

My husband and I had a huge out chartering business with jet skis and para sailing etc. I worked 7 days a week, 14 hours a day to become a force in that business in Greece and we achieved it. Little by little everybody on the island where I lived or a tourist would find out that if there was an animal in need the “crazy American” will take care of it. In 14 years I've had thousands of animals on my property and by trade I'm a clinical nurse specialist. I learned how to give IV fluids. I was taking stray dogs with paevo disease and leishmaniasis which is a tropical disease. This disease affects almost all dogs and it manifests with this horrible leukemia type syndrome. They literally bleed from their noses, their rectum, and their eyes. 

What happened was I started seeing the Romanian and Albanian gypsies as they would come through Greece and these gypsies would have horses who were so abused and so neglected that I felt I had to start buying the horses from the gypsies, horses with colic etc, just to get them away from the gypsies! Because of this we had to open up an Equestrian school and boarding stable in order to help with the feed and the care of the horses.

And so all the money I made at our new equestrian school and boarding stable went into the upkeep and food for all my stray animals.

In Greece I lasted for 14 and a half years and I witnessed the poisoning, the shooting, the hangings, the dragging behind motorcycles of animals. I have seen it all in Greece.

CV: How is this allowed to go on in Greece?

Marijo: The majority of the people in Greece find animals contemptuous. They find animals repulsive. They don't like to touch them. They don't like to keep animals in their homes. If people do have animals especially the peasants in the villages, they keep them on 3-foot chains summer and winter long. They get flea-infested. They get wounds that are maggot infested. The mindset is so terribly ignorant. A very large portion of what gives these people a soul or a heart is missing. I don't have an explanation because I've never seen a country that has given such culture to the world many, many years ago. The philosophers alone, Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, the ancient writings that culture was so evolved thousands of years ago has devolved in to such an incredibly cruel and uncompassionate society that it is today. 

7 years ago

I know that when I left Greece I left behind 15 horses, 27 cats and 12 dogs and took my 3 animals that I brought back from death, Twinky, Ebony and Perky, and brought them back to the US. I vowed I'd never go back unless I had the chance to get justice for their animals.

The reason I left was I got up one day and I went looking for my four big dogs so I walked into the pine forrest and I found them, legs tied in a circle and they had been shot to death in the night. One of the dogs had a small American flag rammed down his throat. The very next day I packed up my three animals, one piece of luggage and I went to my Canadian friend in Athens for 3 months. The day I was at the airport to go back to the States I said I only pray that one day God would give me the power to get justice for the hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of animals that died in my arms in Greece and also for the suffering that I saw.

In 2002 I was getting calls from friends in Greece saying, “My God, we're finding dogs more than usual poisoned everywhere”. They thought it was because of the Olympics. The government was looking to kill all strays before the onslaught of tourists. From there I started collecting names of people who might be interested in this work and started running campaigns. I ran the Olympic Boycott Campaign and it was carried all over the world. I produced a four-minute documentary expose that showed the cruelty.

CV: What can people do to help you Marijo?

Marijo: Let me tell you that we have done everything. We've had boycott campaigns, we've had over 80,000 signatures brought to Ambassadors in European countries, brought to the Consul-General here in New York. We've had demonstrations in Greece and organized demonstrations all over Europe before the Olympics. The Greek government gives us the third finger salute and basically says “F..You.We're Greece. The cradle of civilization. We don't care what you do”.

Greece lives by tourism alone. Greece's economy and gross national product depends on tourism. It's the only way to get the attention of the government. Hit them in their wallets. The other way is for travel agents to band together and boycott Greece as a vacation venue. They must begin by sending people who want to travel to Italy instead or send people to venues where there's very little animal cruelty. If people need to go to the Mediterranean send them to Italy where there's a much better protection quota than Greece. What we desperately need people to do is boycott Greece as a holiday destination, then boycott Greek restaurants then boycott Greek olive oil. 

7 years ago

he only thing that will make any difference is if the ‘ching ching' of their cash registers from tourists goes down dramaticly. That's the only way we are going to make a difference. That is our bargaining chip because I have been to Greece 5 times in the last 3 years and I negotiated with Greek government officials and am currently working on a Greek documentary exposure. The one I produced previously created havoc. The government scrambled to get together a beautiful display shelter that was only for the eyes of the European press which, by the way, no longer exists. Once the Olympics were over the shelter was dismantled and the dogs were let loose in the streets. We never want to see that happening again.


Marijo Gillis
Welfare for Animals Global
New York City
"a not for profit political lobby and advocacy force reaching the world"
Tel: (212) 427-0587

Mobile: (646) 284-1945
Tel: (813) 907-3847
Fax: (212) 427-6381

Film Links:

IDA - Athens Poisoning IDA President Elliot M. Katz, DVM "Please join me in conveying outrage and shock over ... View footage that was filmed and produced by Marijo Anne Gillis, ...

IDA's response:. Accounts of mass dog poisonings in Greece are nothing new. .. not only in Athens but throughout the nation," said Marijo Gillis, ...


and on a better note...
7 years ago

I know the story is hard core and I still can't shake the images of the dogs I saw in Greece. I went for a 2 week holiday and cried the whole time I was there. I felt helpless

Here's something to help take some of the pain away...Please seeTrudi's share with pictures of her adopted Greek strays:

Bravo, Trudi!!  You are one truly beautiful person!!

  Trudi Reijnders

Here's one of the pics...Look how happy they are now with a great mommy like Trudi who came to their rescue:

France ,The Morvan

Those smiles I'm melting!!

7 years ago
7 years ago
Petition signed!     
7 years ago
Signed the petition.  I also just left a comment at the Greek Embassy in D.C.   I included an excerpt from the article, and told them I'd be more than happy to send them the picture of the rotting dog.  I also demanded an explanation.  If there are any Greeks here, sorry, but I've been appalled by their culture for years.
7 years ago
Signed the petition.  I also just left a comment at the Greek Embassy in D.C.   I included an excerpt from the article, and told them I'd be more than happy to send them the picture of the rotting dog.  I also demanded an explanation.  If there are any Greeks here, sorry, but I've been appalled by their culture for years.
Greek Animal cruelty
7 years ago
Please send emails to the Greek government:
Contact the Greek embassy of your own countrey as well.
Tell them this animal cruelty is unacceptable.Thank you all.
7 years ago

Find your country's Greek Embassy here: 

  • Permanent Mission to the United Nations
    Address: 866 Second Avenue, 13th floor, New York, N.Y.10017-2905
    Tel.: (001212) 8886900 - Fax: 8884440
    E-mail: - Web Site:
    Permanent Representative : Adamandios Vassilakis
  • Consulate General of Greece in New York
    Address: 69, East 79th Street, New York, N.Y. 10021
    Tel.: (001212) 9885500-11 - Fax: 7348492
    E-mail: - Web Site:
    Consul General: Dimitrios Platis

Please don't pay attention to the rest of the US Greek Consulates in other states. Thanks to corruption and nepotism, the Consul representatives in other states are useless (not that the ones in NY aren't) but don't waste time with the others...they're only good for issuing visas and nothing more.

as if we need more proof....
7 years ago

This is another great organization to support. I'll add it to the Org. thread. Picture Gallery from GARCANADA (Greek Animal Rescue-Canada).

 Born Only to Live & Die in Misery.

We MUST continue our fight to help them!
*** WARNING ***
Viewers may find these photos disturbing but they must be shown to demonstrate the urgent need for animal welfare reform in Greece.
7 years ago

I thought I should post their sponsor a stray here too; it's not so bad:

The 'Sponsor a Stray' program supports strays that have been rescued but, for various reasons, are unlikely to be adopted; as well as those who are being cared for in their 'protected neighbourhood'.   Of course being adopted would be their 'wish come true'!
Sponsorship fees will cover such needs as vaccinations, spay/neuter surgery, microchip implant, treating any ongoing or future illnesses, flea/tick maintenance, deworming, dental work, food, litter and bedding for your sponsored animal.
An animal can have multiple sponsors; the number of sponsors registered for a particular animal is indicated under each photo.  Groups or organizations can also participate.
The monthly sponsorship fee for dogs and cats is $12.  You may submit the sponsorship fee on a monthly ($12), quarterly ($36), semi-annual ($72) or annual ($144) basis.  The monthly sponsorship fee for horses and donkeys is $15.  You may submit the sponsorship fee on a monthly ($15), quarterly ($45), semi-annual ($90) or annual ($180) basis. 
...........(please go to above link for more info.) 

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7 years ago
Thanks for sending the embassy info, and the rescue group.  I've decided to focus all my donation giving to these sorts of groups, both here and abroad.  I get so many solicitations to donate to everything imaginable, so I have to focus in on one or two causes.  The stray situation is too urgent to ignore.
7 years ago

OMG words fail me  ...........

petition signed. i'll draft a letter and send some funds. a little goes a long way for them. nads and trudi

7 years ago
Signed and fuming over all of this...Thanks Nadia for posting all of this info....K
Thank you :)
7 years ago

Thank you for this Nadia

Signed and sent

7 years ago
so sad. signed.
7 years ago
  • Signatures: 1,531
  • Goal: 500,000
  • Deadline: 7-25-2007
  • This is expired and no way has even a baby amount of signatures close enough to help at all.  Does anyone know if the date will be updated and if this still needs to be pushed for signatures??

    The letters go without saying always. What about the petition? It is expired and I know the Author so i am wondering what's going on with the petition.

    It's 7/27 today...


    7 years ago
  • Signatures: 1,581
  • Goal: 500,000
  • Deadline: 7-25-2007

    I'm reading this petition as a Pledge to Boycott Greek products. Like the Canadian seafood for the seals, this should be on-going until they quit their barbaric practice. Like many petitions here, it's just a matter of either the site not functioning properly (unable to edit certain fields--esp. the old petition site) or the author just overlooked it.



  • We have ele petitions authored by the ele lovers group that shows expired even 2 years back but b/c they can't change the deadline date for some reason, we're just told to not mind it. This just expired last month.

    I'll send a feedback to the author, but if you know her personally it would help a lot if you do it too; we'll probably get a speedier response.

    This post was modified from its original form on 24 Aug, 4:05
    7 years ago
    OMG.  Signed.  But the photos of these poor animals are making me feel sick!
    7 years ago

    Here's a flyer graphic from Trudi. Please, if you can do more and send your letter of protest to the email addresses listed. I'll post a sample letter later--I may not have access to a computer for the rest of today. You can post your letter here too if you'd like.

    Stand up for the Greek strays

    This is what really goes on all over Greece.... it's heartbreaking. Help them please!!!! 

    7 years ago

    Sorry Patti, I just added a Warning on the thread title. Sometimes though seeing the pics make me face the reality these poor animals go through-- it drives me to do more.

    thanks for signing!

    7 years ago
    I'm watching BBC world and they just said that Greece suffered one of the worst summers of all time. I'm usually cold than hot but OMG I've been to Greece in August I almost fainted a few times and it was mild for them then. I can't begin to imagine what its like now.
    7 years ago

    1585 signed 8/29 (Very low)

    Nadia ,I have been friends with the Author so many times and then deleted. I wrote 3 times and just now for the 3rd to see if ongoing (which I would assume) and to change the date.

    I have asked at least 10 people in the past week or less to change/update goals and exp dates and they had no problem but then i hear the stories about people that say they cannot remove their petition. JUST the removing part.

    Have you heard anything??  I know the date can be changed .In this past week it's been done so easily and quickly by 10 + people I wrote to you inquiring. It wou;d help to know if it's ongoing and get the date changed. I would still assume it is active BUT wondered if you heard anything. She usually des not write back.


    Trudi Reijnders

    This petition is on care2 since 1 year and has only 1348 signatures. Boycott Greece Tourism,and products.(she is exterminating animals) Please sign:
    Please sign, animals in Greece are treated in the most cruel way. These pictures say more than words can do.

    Signed . ..
    7 years ago
    Thank you, Everyone!
    7 years ago
    Petition signed in July. Letter sent, this is attrocious. There is no way I would by products from Greece nor would I visit a place that tolerates such abuses and attrocities to their animals!!!!!!!!!!!! My son was offered an opportunity to visit Greeace and Italy next summer, I said no Greece-not going to happen. I told him why, and he understood and decided that he would not wish to support a place that does this, nor one that tolerates it.  
    7 years ago

    Petition signed as well (You signed this petition at:
    6:08 AM PDT, Jul 20, 2007).

    7 years ago

    I signed the petition, but haven't seen the PICTURES before!!!  I cannot describe this in words... All I can say now is that I HATE GREEKS AND THEIR COUNTRY!!! I've never been there and for sure I never will! I feel so sorry for all the animals born in this cruel country, with such cruel, heartless people! I'm not proud of my own country (Romania) either, but at least a lot of people CARE here, many people love animals (I know many of them!)...Anyway, I hate all those who don't love animals!

    7 years ago

    I just received this urgent plea from IFAW:


    Nothing can truly prepare you for seeing the magnitude of destruction and despair the wildfires in Greece have burned in their path over the last week.

    A woman sobs in my arms as the few sheep she has left huddle together in an unmoving circle, at risk of starvation because they are too afraid to step onto the blackened land that surrounds them.

    A cat sits on the scorched earth - white on charcoal black - meowing next to its owner, an elderly man who sat watching from his porch as every inch of his land and life’s work went up in flames just a few yards from his chair.  

    A Greek gentleman barely manages to save his goats with a fire hose after losing all but one of his 18 sheep -- now badly burned around the ears and mouth after the man used a blanket to try to stamp out the fire that engulfed it.

    My name is Dick Green and I am on the ground in Greece as part of IFAW’s Emergency Relief Team to help feed and treat as many burned or injured animals as we can find. I urge you to step forward today to help me stop this suffering.

    The inferno that swept Greece killed 66 people, destroying more than 4,000 homes in 110 villages and nearly 500,000 acres of countryside and farmland.  Most of the villages I’ve visited are ghost towns – surrounding lands burnt to the ground with only a few empty houses standing.

    Fields of ash look like the blackened surface of the moon as the stray dogs I pass cower and hide.  The villagers have plenty of donated food and clothing for themselves, but desperately need assistance with the long term sustainability of their agricultural community after losing most of their livestock and olive groves. Insurance in Greece is almost nonexistent.

    It takes around 6 months for new grass and crops to grow for feed.  And since most of the animals and herds are free range – there is little land left for food.

    I believe that IFAW, along with local agencies in Greece who are helping to lead the feeding and treatment of injured animals, can assist a great many animals and help rebuild the shattered lives these fires have left behind, but we cannot do it alone. Please give what you can today to help.

    After delivering food for his surviving goats, I pull away from the older gentleman who lost all but one of his sheep as he waves both hands in the air and shouts “I will fight.”  With your help, he can.

    With hope from Greece,

    Dick Green
    Disaster Relief Manager
    IFAW Emergency Relief Team

    P.S.  Despite a break in Greece's prolonged heat wave, there are now fears that heavy rain could cause floods in areas left exposed by the devastating fires. Your gift can help make a difference in rebuilding the lives of Greek fire victims.

    7 years ago
    last week in the new york times (i believe last saturday) there was an article on the fires and described of a school teacher who was seen burned along with her 2 children huddled under her arms. and another of this guy who refused a ride because he didn't want to leave his donkey behind. both he and the donkey perished. my heart goes out to them...especially the animals. i'm certain the humans are getting most of the help. the animals have been victims before the fire, imagine what its like for them now....burned, hurt, hungry and dying a slow painful death? its too much!  i'm glad ifaw's there. thanks for sharing linda! i'll give a little something.
    7 years ago

    Re-opening thread. Isabella!

    ΚΑΛΗ ΜΕΡΑ - Good day in Greek
    7 years ago

    Thank you for re-opening. Boy I feel like I am fianlly heard. I am screaming my head off, crying, whimpering, begging, talking educating ..etc for years now and this is the first time that I get the feeling someone actually listens. About this thread - yes - you can believe everything you read here. I have seen poor animals like this, I have rescued a few myself and I have seen even worse - believe it, but just when you think there could be no more worse - there it is. It tears your heart and soul out and it does change you as a person. Sometimes we have to step back a bit when the phone calls at 3 in the morning calling you a nazi and a killer are taking overhand ... I will post some pictures of the wild fire on Mount Parnitha - a wild life perserve just a short drive from my home. Our house faces the mountain. I also would like to tell a bit more about the "after" as well as the "during" and the "future". And if you think this is too far away to care - then think about migrating birds who rested there before moving on. There is no more place to rest and feed .... So talk to you later - I'll be back - mean time GREAT SITE

    7 years ago

    Thank you Isabella for all you do! I know it's heartwrenching work and it does take a toll on us but we keep on because the animals need us. I don't know how you manage. As I said a couple of days ago, I have lived in New York City for over 20 years and not once did I see a stray dog or cat roaming the streets. I can only imagine what you go through seeing such misery EVERYDAY. Thank you for being an angel!

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    6 years ago

    greek cruelty


    Signed the petition more than a year ago, mailed to the Greek embassy in Belgium and to Greece itself.  Not one of them ever mailed me back.  To this day on, the cruelty is still going on!  So sickening, makes me so damn mad!!


    Greek Petition
    6 years ago

    Thank you, Rose!

    You signed this petition at:
    1:11 PM PDT, May 17, 2007
    Beyond any words....