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The LOVE that You withhold
9 years ago
| Blue Label

The LOVE that You withhold
is the pain that you are carrying

LOVE, it is all about LOVE

There is so much talk of LOVE. What is LOVE?

LOVE is the lifeforce that build us as humans. LOVE
as a force, not a sentiment, not even principally an
emotion. LOVE is the life force. LOVE is the energy.

LOVE and understanding of what LOVE is, is humanitys
only way of getting out of the mess our current
'power systems' and our fears has created.

LOVE is a well, bubbling  up with wonderous gentleness,
kindness, caring, giving, blessing, holding...a current
within,  its' waters blending in with our selves and
changing everything inside and outside of us.

LOVE is what we are built by, and from. LOVE is
another word for GOD, just like 'energy' is another
word for GOD and 'light' is...another word for GOD.
GOD is everything outside and within. We are GOD.

And LOVE, this particular LOVE, changes everything


Jesus said, "If they say to you, 'Where did you come from?',
say to them, 'We came from the light, the place where the light came into being on its own accord and established itself and became manifest through their image.' If they say to you, 'Is it you?', say, 'We are its children, we are the elect of the living father.'
If they ask you, 'What is the sign of your father in you?',
say to them, 'It is movement and repose.'" (Gospel of Thomas)


Where did we - us humans - loose track? I don't know, but long ago it was. When did we replace love with fear, giving with taking, honesty with lies, humility with hollow pride? When did all this happen, and what was it that us, to the shard of God that we all carry, inside ourselves?

What happened was we lost track. We lost LOVE. We lost
our understanding of what we are. We even lost the sight
of our own footsteps, the way to carry us back home to
where we came from.

Have You ever been totally HAPPY. So happy that Your
whole being is filled with...gladness. Yes You have;  back
in time, when You were a child. Remember Your
happiness, the happiness that bubbled up, that filled Your
being, the feeling that changed everything and painted
everything in brighter colors. And that happiness was large enough for You to let everyone share it with You.

That is what LOVE is...the same kind of feeling. When
You were happy...did You think You had better keep Your
happiness for Yourself. Did You  split it up in portions? Did
You ask Yourself if the one sharing Your happiness was...

No You did not. Happiness just spilled out of You, bubbling up from that well inside, that we all have...the well that got hidden, buried within layer upon layer of fear, power, tactics, dishonesty, the gradual selling out of the soul, of God.

LOVE is a well bubbling inside, hidden under layers and
more layers of greed, layers and more layers of theft, layers
and more layers of betrayal, the betrayal of the self, the
soul, the betrayal of LOVE. The utter denial of what GOD
is and what we ourselves are.

And it is we, ourselves, that are constantly paying the
price for that forgetfulness and that greed. The name of
that price being pain. The pain all of us have felt from being
'empty', hollow inside. The pain we are trying to silent,
when buying yet another pair of shoes or a new handbag, or
car, to distract, to throw thios new piece of goods into
that hole, expecting it to be filled.

Consumption will not fill that void. What fills that void inside
is not taking or buying or consuming. What fills that void is
giving. We are built to give, not to take. We don't even like
to take and we will not ever get a lasting happiness that way.
We humans are built to give anything and everything,
but most importantly to give LOVE.

Because in that giving, the well inside will start to flow. From this giving You will truly receive that which Your consumption will not give You. That 'longing' void inside will no longer be empty, as that well of Love will increase in flow, the more You keep on giving.

That well inside You filling You to the brim with Love, which
is giving, Love which is caring, Love which is energy, Love which is Yourself suddenly finding Your own footprints, and thus
the way to come home. To where You come from, to God.

And until this well inside You increases its flow, its sharing
with everyone and everything of the Love that is You...

The LOVE that You withhold will continue
to be the pain that You are carrying

..but for how long?

9 years ago


When I started to read this my heart filled with this warm feeling of LOVE.  Thank you.  As I read on and you wrote about feeling happy when you were child I started to cry because it brought back this memory.  I was a VERY happy child and I laughed a lot as I thought life was so fun.  I was told over and over to stop laughing so much in which over time I did.  What I am just realizing is that how I saw life was shut down by others who did not see it that way.  That was the start of me seeing life like others did...and me stopping to see it like a child would.  I withheld LOVE and LAUGHTER...and no longer saw the world through the eyes of a child.




9 years ago

The happiest, carefree, time in my life,

John Lennons words have always meant a lot to me.

Dear Prudence let me see you smile

Dear Prudence like a little child

The clouds will be a daisy chain
So let me see you smile again
Dear Prudence won't you let me see you smile?

Love to all,


9 years ago

Scott and LA,

What you two wrote just helped me "point the flashlight" even more for someone.  Pretty amazing how everything unfolds and how we get messages from each other isn't it?

Thank you for these messages!

Love to all,


9 years ago

LA, thank you for the answer to the exact question that I am walking around asking myself today, and every day. the question I keep searching for on dozens of spiritual sites and youtube videos, which is 'why all the pain in the world?" why all this pain inside me for the world and the predicament I see us, and all the animals in.

Your simple statement, the love that you withhold is the pain that you carry, answered that. Even though I try to do my best to share this love, it is obviously not pouring out enough.

thank you for such a beautiful and meaningful poem.


9 years ago

Theo sent me this today and said to share it, so I will put it here because here is also a perfect example of love not being withheld. you can see photos of the whale on Theo's group.

The Whale

The Whale
 A female humpback whale had become entangled in a spider web of crab trap
 sand lines.
 She was weighted down by hundreds of pounds of traps that caused her to
 struggle to stay afloat.
 She also had hundreds of yards of line rope wrapped around her body, her
 tail, her torso, as well as a line
 tugging in her mouth.
 A fisherman spotted her just east of the
Faralon Islands (outside the
Golden Gate) and radioed for help.
 Within a few hours, the rescue team arrived and determined that she was
 so bad off,
 the only way to save her was to dive in and untangle her. A very
 dangerous proposition, as
 one slap of the tail could kill a rescuer. 
 They worked for hours with curved knives and eventually freed her.
 When she was free, the divers say she swam in what seemed like joyous
 She then came back to each and every diver, one at a time, nudged them,
 pushed gently, thanking them.
 Some said it was the most incredibly beautiful experience of their lives.
 The guy who cut the rope out of her mouth says her eye was following him
 the whole time, and
 he will never be the same.....
 May you, and all those you love,
 be so fortunate...
 to be surrounded by people
 who will help you get untangled
 from the things that are binding you.
 And, may you always know the joy
 of giving and receiving gratitude.
 I pass this on to you, my friend, in the same spirit. There are 2 photos about this which I downloade to my  photo album Global Oness for friends who may be interested to view  

9 years ago

GA, Scott, Lori...

Your kindness is like waterholes
where thirsty hearts will dwell

9 years ago

LA, can I share your poem with my group at A Mystical Realm? It was very meaningful to me today.


9 years ago

Hi Lori.

Yes, of course You can. I am glad
if it will do some good somewhere.

You say, in another thread here at Contact...

"I guess we dug our own grave, but my spiritual upbringing, which I also left behind, still nags at me as to why did God leave us in this unending disastrous experiment that went wrong?"

...I will try giving You some views to that question
also, but better put that in a new thread?

9 years ago

Yes, please put it wherever it will fit in. My questions like me, may not fit here either. I have been deep into Barbara Marciniak, and Alex Collier, and David Icke, and others, searching for the answers that other people seem to not worry about, but I can't let go of. If you have anything that can help, please do so.

Thanks for letting me share your poem.


9 years ago
This is so very true and incredibly beautiful LaL!

I love this part:

"LOVE is a well, bubbling up with wonderous gentleness,
kindness, caring, giving, blessing, holding...a current
within, its' waters blending in with our selves and
changing everything inside and outside of us.

LOVE is what we are built by, and from. LOVE is
another word for GOD, just like 'energy' is another
word for GOD and 'light' is...another word for GOD.
GOD is everything outside and within. We are GOD.

And LOVE, this particular LOVE, changes everything"

Have you ever noticed how some people can use the word love but the energy of love is not behind the words,
it's like you said... it's just feels and sounds 'hollow'...
I am getting better at distinguishing the energy behind someones words and writings b/c
it's so true, everything is energy, everything has a vibration, a tone...
some energy is harmonious and other energies are just distorted...

And Lori,
I love that humpback whale story, gives me chills all over again just reading it!

Thank you both for sharing with us!

9 years ago

Hi Lori,

You'll never have all the answers.

But for me, although it's not 100% accurate,

The Gods of Eden, helped me put the big picture into perspective.I lent the book out, and I forget the author right now, but he studied the Sumerian Tablets, thouroughly,

before the Americans went into Iraq and stole them.

The Gods of Eden, is mostly from them, and other ancient


9 years ago

LA...your poem has me thinking very deeply today.  What I am realizing is that when I stopped withholding LOVE I finally find peace and satisifaction with me and my life.


9 years ago

.. and, you actually fit in,.. its the rest of the world that

needs to figure it all out. As soon as you have a few close friends, that you can talk openly with, about your new real life,

You'll see that you are the "normal" one.

love love love, joy joy joy

9 years ago


Your post made me smile.  I do feel "normal"...more like is SO natural to be me.  It would be unnatural for me to NOT LOVE or be me anymore.

Thank you all for somewhere to finally "fit" in.  It feels really good to be home.

LA...your poem did a lot of GOOD today...see what talking about LOVE can do? 




9 years ago

GA, that is exactly what we need. I remember reading Brian Weiss's book, Only Love is Real. That is also what David Icke says, that everything else is illusion.

Scott, I will look for that book, the God's of Eden. I have always heard about it. I had thought I had it all pretty well figured out by reading stacks of Edgar Casey books on Creation, and Atlantis and Reincarnation, but to my knowledge there were never any intergalactic races mentioned in the Casey books.

Thanks for the recommendation. You are right I can't expect to find all the answers, probably only pieces here and there of the truth.


Hugs EveryOne
9 years ago

A choice for humanity, Love or Fear. What do you choose?

I Choose Love

9 years ago

What a wonderful thread, thankyou all so much.

"When the student is ready, the teacher appears".

9 years ago

LaL beautiful originating posting here... thank you.. and also to everyone else for their marvellous contirbutions.

LaL, can I have your permission to cross post this at Just One grp please?..with your avi as credit of course.

Thanks in advance.

Love is All and All is Love

The Heart Meditation
9 years ago

How many have heard of the Heart Meditation?  I did a blog on that, which should be accessable from my main page.  Give me a couple of days and I can post the blog on here.  Right now my lap top is running on batteries, so I am trying to keep the power up time to a minimum.


I Agree Elizabeth....
9 years ago

  Love is All and All is Love  

9 years ago

Your humility is beautiful.
Of Course You can use my texts, as You like, if You like.

9 years ago

Please correct the typos...TY

9 years ago what I wrote...Your writing
don't have typos

9 years ago
Thanks LaL... will do...
9 years ago

Thank you so much for this loving writing of love La L!  I too love this:

LOVE is a well, bubbling  up with wonderous gentleness,
kindness, caring, giving, blessing, holding...a current
within,  its' waters blending in with our selves and
changing everything inside and outside of us.

LOVE is what we are built by, and from. LOVE is
another word for GOD, just like 'energy' is another
word for GOD and 'light' is...another word for GOD.
GOD is everything outside and within. We are GOD.

And LOVE, this particular LOVE, changes everything

As I look at children so innocent & full of love it always brightens my day then by the age of 5 or so someone steals thier love away.   So true pain is the love we withhold... now got me thinking how I was going to blurt out I love you to someone I was talking to on the phone last night & stopped myself... it felt so heartfelt to me yet I didn't want him to take it the wrong way & now I wish I would have said what was in my heart anyway.   My grandchildren are teaching me to be innocent like a child again.  Love isn't love till it's given away.  Thomas's bible writings are so wonderful too so I thank you for including this. 

I too would love to share this on my blog @ with your permission.

In gratitude, ~ Maria

9 years ago

Please do so, Maria. I would be thankful.

9 years ago

Sweet!  I choose loveeeeeeeeeee!  Love love love, joy & peace to you all.

9 years ago

La, look at how many lives your beautiful poem has touched, and think of all the ones you won't even know about! Thank you for sharing this. Just imagine if you hadn't shared your poetry?

My beautiful mother died at 60 of breast cancer. After she died I found a box of her poems that had been written since high school. They covered events throughout her life. I wish she had shared them, but mostly she kept them hid. I compiled them into a book for friends and family, but actually should have them published.

Once again thanks for the poem, and I shared it in my group and see that others have done the same.


9 years ago

I agree La L, thank you so much help.....I am learning and feeling not so burdened.


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