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A matter of awareness, morality and logic
5 years ago

The evil that I hear of and see everyday is astounding. By simply LIVING, the unaware consumer supports slavery, deforestation and animal cruelty. We all contribute to the destruction of others homes and the lives of whole species. I've come to wonder: How do humans assign worth to other living beings? Do we mass torture our dogs the way we torture beings of greater intelligence, such as pigs? If we find the mistreatment of mentally challenged people morally wrong, what is stopping us from seeing animals as beings of different ability but similar rights? And what's it gonna take before people make the connection between supporting bad companies and supporting the horrific things they do? The task at hand is large and formidable, but I know what to do. It's not about donating a few times to causes in order to relieve one's conscience; it's about habit and spreading awareness. It does not seem fair or logical to eat chocolate if it supports slavery. Everyday I learn more about what to support and not to. Boycotting cruel, unsustainable companies is a crucial part of my fight against immorality and illogic in today's world. But BUYcotting, or supporting progressive, environmental and cruelty free companies is EVEN MORE IMPORTANT. Are you a conflicted consumer overwhelmed by all of the choices that confront you in your day to day life? Or are you unsure about what you can do to help? Your everyday choices make a difference. VOTE with your wallets, people! Do not be a victim to the consumerist society in which we live.

5 years ago

You are sooooooooo right!  Thank you for voicing these concerns, this needed to be said and needs to be said again and again until people finally get it!!!!  Thank you.  We have the power to stop the injustices in this world if only we are wise and use the power we have!

5 years ago

I dare say what you ask is not to gift human rights to animals but to take the mentally challanged and reduce them to having the rights of a non-human.


Mentally challanged can vote, will the non-humans vote?

Mentally challanged are provided specalized services will the cow also get these services?


Humans are superior as a species that was initally powered by hunting meat, there is no doubt we need controls and enforcement but you walk a very slippery slope when you try to say rights equal to animals as compaired to the mentally challanged.


Mentally challanged can marry, own homes, hold full time jobs, go to school, legally make contracts and be very normal in the limits of the condition and its level if impairment.


Mentally challanged humans are not property, I specalized professionally and my focus was homeless mentally ill and challanged; refractory to treatmemt, I know what rights they have.

a comment to Lunaa L.
5 years ago

I have been member here maybe 5-6 years ago-- then I couldnt logg in on Care2 at all and didnt get any help...So I lay it at side--- now my life have change and under the last years its been disaster after disaster.. Sitting on Facebook a friend posted the most cruel pic off a greyhound hanging in the leash dead... I signded and after many years a fferens in here eben if I,amcame back to Care2 -started a new account and I feel I make a differens even if I nowerdays are poor--just the difficuly to get money to the rent-- thats not easy...The last 2 years my man after 35 yers just passed awaye and I had to put our dog to sleep-he became mad off sorrow and he was a resque like 3 dogs we have had since the beginning off -70ties.... But it really didnt feel good when you wrote take your wallets ....Ofcourse I know that money talks... but when I dont have any to give.... What shall I do? Isnt anything I do have any impact? Regards /Ewa

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