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re: flame wars and online arguments
13 years ago
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I'm posting this link here for anyone who is not a member of the Care2 Feedback and Suggestions board. Roseflame shared some wonderful information about patterns in online communication, including ways to avoid online arguments and flame wars. I found it to be a wonderful and relevent read; I encourage anyone who hasn't seen it to go check it out:

13 years ago
12 years ago
Fantastic referrence. Thank you.
12 years ago

yes, some don't need reminders, some do, the thread was closed off, but sent Roseflame a . Was surprised to see a few in the thread known for it thou, lol. We all learn and reminders are good.Hi (((Indigo)))can;t gey

12 years ago
3pt/4pt gone, 12 not working and posting problems AGAIN, I need reminder myself especially about seal hunt and way beyond stress levels for human myself, and some know how to push those buttons.

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