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South Dakota passes abortion ban
13 years ago

Wed Feb 22, 10:06 PM ET

SIOUX FALLS, South Dakota (Reuters) - South Dakota became the first U.S. state to pass a law banning abortion in virtually all cases, with the intention of forcing the Supreme Court to reconsider its 1973 decision legalizing the procedure.

The law, which would punish doctors who perform the operation with a five-year prison term and a $5,000 fine, awaits the signature of Republican Gov. Michael Rounds and people on both sides of the issue say he is unlikely to veto it.

The rest of the full story is at the link above^

13 years ago
Saw this in the paper this morning. Broke my heart. Once one State passes something like this, the others are sure to use it as a precident and momentum will speed up.

13 years ago
in the mean time, feminist groups like this one refused for a long time to discuss abortion from lack of courage.
13 years ago
A truly sad day for women in South Dakota and the rest of the US, avery sad day indeed.
13 years ago
Any one who forces a woman to give birth against her will should receive a five-year prison term and a $5,000 fine,
13 years ago
Simona - The reason the abortion topic was tabled wasn't due to lack of courage in talking about the issue, it was an attempt to see where members stood on the issue! This was never about whether we had the courage to discuss the issue or not, this was about trying to bring peace and balance to a very diverse group of people.
13 years ago
and there are a lot of people in your country who refused to talk about abortion in order to not upset others. This is the direct result of their silence.
13 years ago
Any suggestions as to what can be done about this are appreciated. Talk is cheap. If anyone has any petitions or other action alerts which may affect some change in this situation, please do post as many as you find in this thread so that those who wish to act in opposition can do so. Thank you in advance.
As it's been said ...
13 years ago
If men could get pregnant abortion would be a sacrament...
This whole thing has to do w/ controlling women...
Men continue not having to pay for their "sins"...
Send a coat hanger to South Dakota Govenor!!
13 years ago

I'm sending the Governor of South Dakota
a wire coat hanger in the mail.

Hopefully many other women will do so
as well, they're going to need them...

Contact Governor Rounds
Office of the Governor
500 E. Capitol Ave.
Pierre, SD 57501

"South Dakota: Proudly protecting the reproductive rights of rapists since 2006" n/t
13 years ago
"South Dakota: Proudly protecting the reproductive rights of rapists since 2006"
13 years ago
Im gonna go raid the closets and see if we have any crappy old coat hangers I could send
13 years ago
is the south dakota governer a republican? Are governor elections this year as well??
13 years ago
No Simona, this is not about us being silent, this is about a well organized and funded group of people who use God to further their cause. We are not silent on the subject of abortion, this country is not silent on the subject, I hear dialogue all around me. Toni is right, talk is cheap and actions speak louder then words. I think the March for Women's Lives showed what people are willing to do to keep abortion a safe and legal choice!
SD Abortion ban passed
13 years ago
This is sad. What will happen now? are women going to have to go to a different state to get what is there right? Are the going to creat a law next, that holds SD women, accountable for going into a different state? When does this all end? Peace and Love, Gino
13 years ago

This will end up going to the Supreme Court, which was the plan all along. With a more conservative tone, anti-choice supporters are praying that the high court will rule in their favor. It might happen but it might not happen, no one knows for sure what the high court will do. Until the court rules, women will be able to get an abortion at the ONE clinic in SD.

13 years ago
i think one thing needs to be started- reclaiming the "pro life" term. Because the anti abortionists are NOT pro life, they do not care about women and they do not care about the babies once they are born, they care only about men and the men's interests. It is time to call them what they are, not pro life, but anti women.
13 years ago
and you are right, there is no point in arguing. I think it is time for the Democrats to wake up- you guys need to start emailing and writing to the assholes, and tell them that they have failed the women of America, and that you'll be voting the Greens unless the Dems remember what they are about.
13 years ago
What is the statistic of pregnancies due to rape, incest and issues such as that?
There IS a bright side to this though...
13 years ago
because there will be even more pissed off women across the country
who will BE DETERMINED to clean the HOUSE and Senate in 2006!!!
Let's make sure they are ALL registered to VOTE!!!
The call is already going out to overthrow these asshats!!

And Simone? YES!! The GOV of SD is a PIG!!!

There's a few Repub lite Dem's included in that too!
Like Liebermman from CT. for starters!

It will go to SCOTUS and be shot down, imho.
Just like all the other times in the last 40 years but
we can't leave that to chance. The same legislation is
pending in at least four more states.
Kentucky, ...etc. I don't have the list in front of me.
Naral has a map you can click on and it tells the pending
legislation for each state...pretty handy!

Send those coat hangers asap!!
13 years ago
vanessa, it is known that one in 4 women will be sexually assaulted in their lives. In the USA, one in 8 women gets raped. A rape happens in your country every half a minute.
SD Abortion ban passed
13 years ago
I think it is very important to try and get this resolved before it gets to the The Supreme Court. We all have a good idea of what is going to happen if it should reach this point. Anyone here think it is just to convenient that Alito was rushed in, on a case he already showed his views in?
13 years ago
nothing convenient about this, smells like a big organized plan
13 years ago

Where does it hurt the most - in the wallet of these idiots.

I say research all of the businesses that are in South Dakota and tell them what you think. I am canceling my CitiBank account and encourage everyone to look at this opportunity to make a statement. Cancel your mortgages with Citi Bank, credit cards, bank accounts, etc.- don't go to South Dakota for tourism

SD Abortion ban passed
13 years ago
So where do we go from here? How are we going to make change?
The second largest oil deposit on earth is not yet ours.
13 years ago

The government is going to try to keep you busy defending your freedom, to keep you distracted from their many evil deeds and their failed persuit of oil inIraq.

13 years ago

When politicians, priests and perverts can tell us what to do with our bodies, then we also havethe right to tell them what to do with theirs.

13 years ago

Linda, Thank-you so much for the link. It assists me greatly as I have bilat carpal tunnel and a torn cartilage in my right hand.

Simona or Simone, (sorry), I don't feel that people are afraid to discuss the topic. I think that we never thought it would be a serious issue to be taken back ever again! I know that I personally didn't even think it would come to this.Mankind has taken a GIANT step backwards this day by several decades!It's mind boggling to me!

I feel that it is a serious issue but never felt that politicians could possibly take the religious right seriously enough to take such a step. I was wrong. As we all were! But, what are all the RED STATERS going to do when their mistresses & girlfriends get pregnant now? Cuz, we all know they've got 'em on the side in spite of what they do in public. I think a few politicians need to be shamed!

13 years ago
they are not going to care, that is for sure. Now, time to organbize and escape North to Canada network
SD Abortion ban passed
13 years ago
I think the ties bettween Canada and the US are a bit to good. It would not be the first time Canada has listened to the US, depite there personal views. Who knows this might reach a global epedemic, just like the fight for against terrorism.
13 years ago


the signs have been there for a long time. It took steps to get to the current situation, steps that have been made one at a time, for some years.

The current situation is a result, partially, of some people not accepting that the Patriarchy can and will fight back even on something that should be a basic human right.

But arguing about should haves and shouldn't haves does not change things. We got a bad blow. Time to fight back

13 years ago
Someone else here (sorry) mentioned this!
Cancelling Citibank accounts, IAMS Dog and Cat Food etc.

I just saw this on Daily Kos and thought I should share it!

[QUOTE]I made a phone call to the Department of Tourism last week
and encourage others to call and email!

Department of Tourism and State Development 711 East Wells Avenue Pierre, SD 57501-3369 (605) 773-3256, fax

Economic Development (605) 773-5032, phone

Tourism (605) 773-3301, phone

South Dakota Arts Council 800 Governor's Drive Pierre, SD 57501-2294 (605) 773-3131, phone

State Historical Society 900 Governor's Drive Pierre, SD 57501-2217 (605) 773-3458, phone

A Madison, Wis.,-based group has formally called for a boycott of South Dakota tourism. In a news release titled "Bypass South Dakota!", the Women's Medical Fund urged supporters to steer clear of South Dakota.

"All kinds of families visit Mount Rushmore every year. It's a favorite of Americans and foreign tourists. But we can do without Mount Rushmore, the Black Hills, the Badlands and the Corn Palace," Anne Gaylor, director of the Fund, wrote. "We are encouraging all groups who care about women's rights to urge their members to bypass South Dakota."

Billie Jo Waara, head of the state office of tourism, said her office has been hearing from people throughout the country.

In an interview Friday afternoon, Gaylor of the Women's Medical Fund compared a South Dakota tourism boycott to the 1990 Idaho potato boycott, which she said was successful in turning back an abortion ban in the state.
The potato boycott never became an actual boycott. The National Organization for Women and other pro-choice groups called for a boycott of Idaho's most famous agricultural product.

Pro-life groups countered with a drive to encourage members
to increase potato consumption if the bill became law.
It isn't clear what effect the potato boycott threat actually had.
Then-Gov. Cecil Andrus vetoed the abortion bill, citing an aversion
to out-of-state pressure.

Tourism is billed as South Dakota's second-largest industry, behind agriculture.
It isn't clear whether the "Bypass South Dakota" movement has broad support. The National Organization for Women Web site posted a statement decrying the South Dakota Legislature's vote.
However, it made no specific mention Friday of a boycott.

South Dakota has seen various tourism boycotts in the past. Most recently, some motorcycle groups vowed to boycott the Sturgis motorcycle rally to protest what they believed was a light sentence for Rep. Bill Janklow's manslaughter conviction. He served 100 days in jail for killing a motorcyclist in an auto accident.

In 2003, American Indian groups called for a South Dakota tourism boycott to protest the treatment of Indian burial grounds and sacred sites.

Neither had a significant effect on visitation.

Bill Honerkamp, head of the Black Hills, Badlands & Lakes Association, said Friday he was not aware of an abortion-rights tourism boycott of South Dakota.

"That's the first I've heard of it," he said. "We're powerless to stop a faction from staging a boycott, but I can't imagine it having much political leverage (on the Legislature)."

Contact Dan Daly at 394-8421 or

I made a phone call to the Department of Tourism last week and encourage others to call and email! [/QUOTE]

WOOHOO!!! KEEP CALLING THEM!!!! Even if you aren't planning on visiting them!!
LIE!!! It's just a little one and maybe you will be going there anyways...someday!

IAM's is OWNED BY Proctor and Gamble!!
13 years ago
Since The Iams Company purchased private label canned pet food manufacturer, Heartland Quality Foods, in May 1991, the canned pet food plant has grown into one of the most important manufacturing operations for the company. The Iams Heartland plant, located in North Sioux City, South Dakota, produces 100 percent of the canned products the company distributes worldwide, manufacturing more than 288 million cans of pet food each year. At the time of the acquisition, Heartland Quality Foods employed 66 people, but now employs more than 200 people, with more than 95 percent hired locally. The Iams Company, a unit of Procter & Gamble Company (P&G) since September 1999, sells Eukanuba® and Iams® premium dog and cat foods (dry and canned) in 77 countries. Iams employs more than 2,000 people, and has annual sales in excess of $1 billion. Iams is the leader in the premium pet food segment in the U.S.

630 North Derby Lane
North Sioux City, SD 57049
BOYCOTT P & G !!!!


You can also contact:
Chris Peterson
Director, Global Investor Relations

Call toll-free:
1-513-983-3034 (outside the U.S. and Canada)

Corporate Headquarters
The Procter & Gamble Company
P.O. Box 599
Cincinnati OH 45201-0599

February 25, 2006
Who We Are

Two billion times a day, P&G brands touch the lives of people around the world. Our corporate tradition is rooted in the principles of personal integrity, respect for the individual, and doing what's right for the long-term.

Purpose, Values, and Principles


Learn More About Our Company
If you have a question about Gillette brands, the newest additions to the P&G family, please click here.

Proctor and Gamble:
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great ideas
13 years ago

I love the action ideas. Keep 'em coming!

I don't think I own a CitiBank card anymore, but I'll be going through my financial records to make sure and to cancel it if I do. The Iams boycott I'm out of since I don't buy their products.

I'd love to hear how many people are successful in their mailings of coat hangers. If you're able to get one through to post office, please post as to how you packaged it so that others inclined to follow suit can do so successfully and safely. My local post office is really picky, and I'm not sure how one could be successfully mailed.

Tear Jerker
13 years ago
It's relly sad when you get a permit to murder for me that's what it is. Maybe the women that do it can get help with birth control but abortin is not the answer what if you want anothr child later and you can't it's something for them to think about.
By the way...
13 years ago

From the original article linked at the top of this thread:

"Proposed amendments to the law to create exceptions to specifically protect the health of the mother, or in cases of rape or incest, were voted down."

A couple of my friends are opposed to abortion, but each of them do support it's practice in cases of rape and incest.

The circumstances surrounding conception are irrelevant as they relate to parental rights. Rapists have full legal parental rights to any child(ren) they their victim(s) conceive and birth as a result of the rape.

Imagine that. First, a woman is forcibly raped. Then, compounding the situation, she learns that she is pregnant. This is followed by approximately 9 months of her carrying her rapist's baby, which he can then sue her for custody of once it's born.

13 years ago
Alesia - Always remember that while abortion might not be your choice, it might be mine and I might feel that it is right. As for having children later, I know many women whom have terminated pregnancies. They have had no problem conceiving and carrying to term later pregnancies.
13 years ago
Toni - Basically women are being raped twice! There should ALWAYS be an exception in any law regarding the health of the mother, as well as rape and incest, which plays into the health of the mother! Even people against abortion should be outraged by this. I have to wonder when is the time when women matter. We must save the fetus at all costs and if the mother loses her life in the process, well that is a real sad story! If a woman is raped, well the government is all set to rape her all over again by not letting her terminate the pregnancy if that is her choice. Women everywhere should be angry as hell.
13 years ago

can we have a list of the companies whose headquarters are in south dakota and who contributed to the campaigns of these assholes?

I am working on setting up a feminist action website, and I am in need of the info.

I am not sure how else can I help from england, but let me know

13 years ago
I think that would be difficult to research. Not real sure but here's a link to:
South Dakota Businesses

I found this for you!

businesses with pro-life founders

October 26, 2005

Midnight pizza runs are a staple of college life,
but those days are over for me. So are the lunchtime treks
to Carl's Jr. and any future spending sprees at Wal-Mart.

Why give up going to places that carry all the pizza, burgers
and batteries a person could need?
Because I'm choosing to not spend money anywhere that
doesn't value my reproductive freedoms.

Anti-abortion groups filled with crazy conservatives aren't a new
phenomenon, and I guess it's obvious they get their funding from
But it wasn't until recently that I realized where somewhere is.

Somewhere is out of my back pocket.

This discovery began after reading an Oct. 9 article
in The Sacramento Bee that detailed campaign funding
for Proposition 73. The proposition would require California teens
to notify a parent before having an abortion.

As a feminist, I'm strongly against the proposition.
I wouldn't dream of donating to the "yes" campaign.

But by ordering a medium cheese pizza from Domino's,
I already have.

Domino's founder Tom Monaghan has donated $150,000
toward Proposition 73.
If the proposition passes, it means those Cinna Stix cost
a lot more than $2.99.
My craving for doughy slices of sugar, flour and grease could
cost scared California girls their privacy and freedom.

While it would be easy to blame everything on Monaghan,
Domino's isn't the only company trying to control a woman's uterus.

Carl's Jr. and Wal-Mart are just as bad.

Carl's Jr. founder Carl Karcher has donated thousands of dollars
over the years to anti-woman, anti-abortion politicians and political
action committees.
A search of his name on the Federal Election Commission's
Web site yields more than 50 examples of large donations
to Republican causes,including organizations like the
Republican National Coalition for Life.

Wal-Mart stores still refuse to stock Plan B,
the emergency contraceptive that helps women end a pregnancy
so they won't need an abortion. Instead, stores refer customers to other pharmacies, which in rural areas
could be too far away or much more expensive.

Buying a new printer cartridge from Wal-Mart might save a few bucks
up front, but saving $5 isn't worth going against my beliefs.

Picketing and letter-writing campaigns might be the answer
for driven, outgoing people. But I choose to protest with my
pocketbook and refuse to spend money at places I'm upset with.

Which is why all those sexist organizations are off my list.
None of them offer anything I can't get somewhere else.

Young people's influence can be hard to see.
We never donate to legislators, we won't go outside
and protest and more than half of us don't even vote.
Our voices are heard via our debit card receipts.

Without college students buying their products, right-wing CEOs
wouldn't have all the money they have today.
They need us to make a profit.

So while it feels good to get a bargain because of Wal-Mart's
everyday low prices or Domino's "Three for Three" deals,
I know from experience that it feels even better to not support
companies that won't support me.

Stephanie Teague can be reached at

13 years ago
C.G as you said our rights are different I could never do what you and other women have done so yes it is totally up to you but that's why they have birth control. If you read what I saidl closely it's bad when teens use it for birth control. And the reason I stated about some women being messed up is because I have a close friend that it happened to and she could never have children because she used abortion as a from of birth control. I respect you rights and I would expect you to respect mine that other women that feel the same.
13 years ago
To add to what I said earlier no a womem should not be forced to have a baby if she chooses not to especially in a case of incest or rape. But that fact remains what if our mothers choose to have an abortion we wouldn't be here. The other topic is this men should use condoms period if any man or woman is not in a serious relationship the best thing to do is cover up. Because it's not only the fact of an unwanted pregnancy and STD can happen too.
13 years ago

1.) Anyone who usesabortion (surgery) as a birth control method should not be forced to havechildren.

2.) I care about my mammal body. That is what my HUMAN MIND is supposed to do.

3.) When ignorant strangers, who don't even know my name, are given the rightto tell me what to do with my mammal body, then I will have the right to tell them what to do with theirs.

4.) Never sacrifice a HUMAN mother, her HUMAN family, and her HUMAN future just to save an unwanted scrap of accidental mammal meat.

13 years ago

Did my mother invent my alphabet, my language, my nationality or my religion ?

A ''HUMAN'' is not a piece of mammal meat.

A ''HUMAN'' is 1.4 million years of accumulating wisdom (and stupidity) passed from Parent to child, and from generation to generation since the invention of thevery first word of the very first language.

The wisdom is from the accumulating observation of Reality.

The stupidity is from the accumualtion of mere words.

The progress is from correcting the ignorance of the past.

I would be here no matter which body was carrying my HUMANITY.

My Meat is just My Meat and is temporary, but what I, the Human,does with my meat is FOREVER.

LIFE is not a BODY.

13 years ago

Alesia - What is it that you think I did that you could never do? BC is not 100%, it never has been. And many women that terminate pregnancies use BC in one form or another. Not all women have access to BC either, that is something you might want to consider when making such blanket statements.

Yes there are women that have multiple abortions. However I choose not to judge them because I do not know them, their circumstances and I most certainly do not know their most personal thoughts.

As for respecting ones choice, I am not trying to force you to have abortions yet the anti-abortion lobby is most certainly trying to force me to give birth even if I am raped. I have always respected a woman's right NOT to have an abortion but I don't always get that same respect in return.

13 years ago

"But that fact remains what if our mothers choose to have an abortion we wouldn't be here. "


13 years ago
You think what you think and say what you say we all have our own opinions. So you take care alright be very blessed.
13 years ago

we do not have to wait for the disaster to strike

13 years ago
And certinly IF you re raped the decision is up to you so do what you may as for judging no that's for my father in heaven he has the final decision.
no wal-mart shopper
13 years ago
Don't buy P&G products. Don't shop at wal-mart educate youselves people. Take a stand.
13 years ago

Would anyone like to share how to send that hanger in the mail?

13 years ago

The post office will supply card board mailer of the appropriate size.

13 years ago

South Dakota Ban Crosses State Lines

(The following entry was submitted by Christy Agner, Director of the Women's Vote Center at the DNC -- Tim)

Last week, the South Dakota GOP-Controlled Legislature passed legislation specifically to challenge the Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade ruling - a ruling that keeps politicians out of the private health decisions of women. Now GOP 2008 presidential hopefuls are testing the waters - and the patience - of the majority of Americans who support the privacy of individuals to make their own health care decisions. Over the weekend, at a dinner set up to hob-knob with newsmakers in Washington, DC, Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee - who is rumored as a 2008 hopeful - voiced his support for a ban on all abortions except if the women will die. "I've always felt Roe v. Wade was illegitimate," Huckabee said, and in fact, Arkansas has a law on the books which has the same prohibition, but Roe vs. Wade made it illegitimate. No beating around the bush here - if the Supreme Court meddles with Roe v. Wade, politicians - in South Dakota, Arkansas and possibly the state where you live - will be unwelcome third wheels in your bedroom.

Read news coverage for yourself: Huckabee supports S.D. bill restricting abortions.

The DNC knows where it stands - FIRMLY with women and their privacy.

Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean, speaking on South Dakota approval of a ban on abortion:

"Once again, Republican politicians, this time in South Dakota, are injecting themselves into deeply personal and private health care decisions that Americans believe women and families have the right to make for themselves. We can all agree that abortion should be rare, but it should also be safe and legal. This difficult personal health care decision should be made by a woman, in consultation with her physician, and not by politicians."

Too many women died from using hangers or whatever they could
13 years ago
We really can't afford to go back to the dark ages!
Thanks for the activism ideas!
i love the hanger idea
13 years ago
the best thing to do is to organize and hold rallies directly inside the representatives office, the same thing that code pink did when they flooded hilary clinton's office and delivered her a pink slip.

also, pressure the governor to veto, veto, veto this hideous bill and state directly in your letter that what this bill means is that young girls, as young as the age of 7, are now menstruating. what this bill means is that if she is molested and becomes impregnated, this monstrosity of a violation of our civil rights, will force that young child to bear the monster's offspring. in reality, what this bill does is to tell all females, young girls, teens and women, to open her legs wide to any man who demands to demonstrate who is the physically powerful.

another question to ask is how do they view women: do they view women as human or as cattle? because humans are not forced to breed. but cattle are forced to breed.

the passing of this ridiculous is nothing more than a truly disgusting statement about what they honestly think about women.
My Story
13 years ago

Two years ago I made the worst mistake of my life; I got a non-surgical abortion. I was only 19 at the time and I thought that my boyfriend (at the time) and I wouldnt be good parents. Plus I had a very crazy, full life and a baby just wouldnt fit in.

Mainly though, I was just scared. The problem was that no one informed me just how alive my baby was. I thought that at nine weeks he/she was just a bubble of goo, not really alive. I found out the hard way. The day I went to have it done, the clinic gave me 2 pills. One to take there and one at home. I did it alone because of the overwhelming shame I felt.

I followed the directions word for word but nothing prepared me for what happened. First off it was the worst pain I have EVER felt in my life. And secondly, I SAW my baby. After I had expelled the sac he or she was in there. It was MY BABY. Words can never describe what I saw. I remember that he/she looked so human already and I hate myself for not knowing that he/she had a heart and eyes. Very blue eyes on the sides of the head and the starting of hands and feet. And I remember that I loved him or her right then. And I remember thinking it was to late. I had no idea that my baby was so big after only 2 months; About the size of an inch maybe more. I will never forget my baby and I want to warn other girls that just because you cant see or feel it inside you doesnt mean its not alive.

Get the facts before you jump into making a decision that either way will affect your life forever.

13 years ago

actually Samantha, this is what a fetus at 9 weeks looks like

Illustration of embryo seven weeks after conception

No one is telling you waht to do with your life. You made a choice. You are free to do so.

However, your choice and circumstances are not the one of all other women. Pro choice means exactly this: the freedom to choose what is best for you.

You had some reasons to have an abortion. Are you very sure those reasons were not valid?

13 years ago

Funny enough: the fact that yu were in a lot of pain is because you choose the non surgical abortion, a result of your own choice.

Now, let us assume that you would have had that baby.

1. Did you have a job at the time? Did your BF?

2. could you afford a pregnancy and brining up a baby?

3. Are you and your BF still together?

13 years ago
Also, you joined exactly today. I have to wonder whether you are authentic and not just a anti woman's straw care2 persona.
13 years ago

I did not search my feelings. I did not look at the facts. The clinic made it look like no big deal.

The media makes it look like no big deal and is just do what you want and not think about the consequences.

Slowly as time has gone by I met other girls and even one of my best friends since 8th grade confessed to me she had an abortion and has night mares ever since.

I feel a victim of my own stupidity, and a victim of this society who just throws away anything that is a "inconvenience" to them.

13 years ago

a friend of mine me about care2. But as I read on about stuff like this I had to respond.

Do and think what you will. I am just one person. You have to live with your concience.

13 years ago

one has to wonder, Samantha ( if that is your name). First, I do not know which clinic would give you that advice- the surgical abortion is safer.

Second, I have to take your word on it. I see you here as having just arived, and it would appear that you are just a straw member- an identity that has been created to serve the purpose of amiing a fake statement.#

And your address is a post office. This smells.

13 years ago
Also: a non sutrgical abortion is only recommended for up to 7 weeks. No clinic would have given you one at 9 weeks. You are a liar.
13 years ago
Week Nine
  • Baby has begun movement - While still too small for you to feel, your little one is wriggling, shifting, and dancing already! Makes you almost wish for a window to peek in whenever you want!
  • Most joints are formed now - and trust that your little one is practicing bending and flexing.
  • Fetus will curve its fingers around an object placed in the palm of its hand - This is amazing to see! At only nine weeks, if you happen to have an ultrasound, you may observe your infant fascinated by everything he or she can lay their fingers on (mainly other fingers, toes, ears and nose!
  • Fingerprints are already evident in the skin
  • Average size this week -- length 0.9 inch (2.3cm), weight 0.07 ounce (2gm)
13 years ago
and pop goes the weasel. You are a clone identity created for the purpose of making a case against pro choice. Which clinic recomemnded you a non surgical abortion? It is illegal in Illinois to give it after 7 weeks.
13 years ago
clone identity? Who did I clone? You are a very strange person
13 years ago

Well Samantha...welcome to Care2!..I see it's your first day here...if you are not a troll I am sorry but the fact that you are spaming this story all over Care2 makes it seem like you are...I did a quick search of your story and it is from a girl named "Amber" at a Pro-life site...that Micheal posted before which you can find here.....

I also always find these story sound a little off it is always at "9 weeks"...maybe because thats when it is first considered a "fetus"...and the "fetus" discribtionis pretty textbook... If there really is a "Amber" I am sorry you are spamming her story across the web.


13 years ago

Yes, I smell lies from a distance.

So, which clinic recommended you a non surgical abortion? (note that this is not actually something to be recommended. The risk of these abortions are 5% as opposed to 0.1% as in the case of surgical abortions.

Moreover, a non surgical abortion is recomemnded for up to 7 weeks into the pregnancy.

13 years ago
so she ( assuming that it is a she) copied a story from a website and is peddling it about as her own. Damn, you anti woman activists need to get smarter.
13 years ago

please refrain from using false information on here? It makes our point of view look illegitimate.

13 years ago

This is also a matter of StandupGirls copyright and privacy agreements so I have asked Care2 that it is removed..if you want to discuss the topic that is fine...but if this story is are speading someone's story about something that affected them deeply around for your own agenda and that is not alright.

If you are not a clone and have views of your own on this subject I am sure we would all listen!

Thanks ~Ashley~

13 years ago
Michael we finally agree ...I am really not trying to be mean...I don't like when people do this on any subject...and I hate when one person makesany cause seem bad!
13 years ago
I would be happy to talk more with you. I was 7 weeks preg and used ru-486 in 2003.
I encourage you to check out: I'm also known as "julyaugust" over there and I think you'll realize you are NOT alone!

I do not believe Samantha to be a liar. There are poor doctors in this country that DO perform medical abortions later than approved. I don't know what causes them to do so, and I think that Samantha and I are probably on opposite sides of this "debate", but I do know that her emotional pain is very real.

Regarding Samantha
13 years ago

If it looks like a duck and quacks like a's a DUCK. She's a clone, don't be bamboozled.

Yes..very sad day for S. Dakota's women.

13 years ago

Samantha I would ask you to stick with just posting the link or referencing the source if what they say is true.

Regardless use your own feelings and supported with facts shown on the website.

Whitney.. I am sorry for your loss. My prayers are with you.

It's just not nice
13 years ago
I think I agree with the other ladies here I don;t agree to bortion but that's just me and I am sure that a baby is considered human once the heart forms. If Simone is right at you took this story somewhere ele from somebody that's really isn't nice there are caring people out there and some even contribute there hard earn money. Don't play with people that have giving, and loving hearts and if like she said you are lying it's just wrong to scam people.
13 years ago
Hello Stop Family Violence Activists!

This past week, the South Dakota legislature passed a bill so calloused in its indifference to womens suffering that it makes one wonder if these heartland legislators have any hearts at all.

The bill would criminalize abortion even if the health of the mother is at risk, even when the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest. All it needs now is the Governors signature to become law.

Imagine the profound devastation of a high-school senior, her whole life ahead of her, raped on prom night by her drunken boyfriend, and then forced by the state to abort her dreams instead of the unwanted fetus. Or the suffering of a twelve year old girl, raped by her father and then forced by the state to carry his child to term!

Governor Rounds has 14 more days to review this legislation and to decide whether to sign or veto it.

ACT NOW!!! Visit
to send a fax to Governor Rounds office telling him to VETO this radical legislation.

If you are someone who has been victimized by rape or incest, wed especially like to hear from you
(anonymously of course)
Your words can help Governor Rounds understand

  • how devastating rape and incest is,
  • how cruel and misguided this legislation is, and
  • how important it is for survivors to be able to choose what happens to their body following the assault especially and most fundamentally, choosing whether or not to carry the rapists baby to term.

Well collect your comments into a booklet that we will send to the Governors Office later this week.

Though the majority of people in this country and in South Dakota are opposed to ending abortion in cases of rape or incest, Governor Rounds claims his office has not heard from them.
Lets put an end to that silence right now!

Visit to fax a message to the Governors office, then forward this alert to everyone you can.

In addition, call Governor Rounds office to voice your opposition at 605-773-3212
If you do call please
email us and tell us how it went.
subject = Phone Call to Governor Rounds.

Thanks for your quick action on this.

Together, we can....
Irene Weiser

13 years ago

Mississippi is poised to be next.

13 years ago

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