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Ode to Brownie September 26, 2004 3:30 PM

My mom's rat was put to sleep last week. She was a wonderful pet and we loved her very much. Her sister is still with us, but sadly, we have discovered a lump on her side too and it is only a matter of time. This little poem is a tribute to our sweetest little rat friend Brownie: Ode to Brownie-- A quick jab of the needle, a sharp pain and then all she felt was the strange sensation of her essence slipping away. She remembered her life, all three years of it, from the very beginning. Remembered being a baby rat in the pet store along with her litter mates. Remembered the day she and her favorite sister were brought home by their humans. She remembered all the fun she had had, the love both given and received, all the good foods she had eaten and the house and cage that were always warm, clean and dry. She also remembered the lump that began to grow on her side. It had been removed once, but came back almost instantaneously. Now it was very big, and the last few days she could neither eat nor drink. Even sleeping was difficult. With the pain suddenly gone, she felt that maybe, she could finally sleep. She would miss her sister, her humans and the wonderful life that she had lived. But, she also knew it was time to go. And so she slept...  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
Brownie September 26, 2004 6:16 PM

You won't believe this... first off, I am so very very sad about Brownie's passing. Your Ode to Brownie is beautifully written and so sad. I know time will ease the sadness and Brownie's spirit will always be a part of your lives, when you need it the most. Second, my husband is a musician. A long time ago we had a wonderful little Brown rat full of spunk named Brownie. She went everywhere - on top of curtain rods, along bookshelves, into purses, you name it, Brownie went there. We put her down a couple of years ago - because she had tumors, just like yours. Anyway, my husband wrote a piece of music when she died called, "Ode to Brownie" just for his little girl rat. It was so amazing to see someone else had written an Ode to Brownie, too, so I had to write you. I hope your other little rat is okay and not too sad. She'll need lots of love and attention without her sister. God Bless, Cindy  [ send green star]
Hmm September 29, 2004 8:42 AM

My old rats had lots of lumps, but they all got removed. Is the other rat's lump not a mobile one?  [ send green star]
Hmm September 29, 2004 8:44 AM

Oh, I see. Oh, your poem is so sad it's making me sad. And I'm not really an emotional person. It's nice to see a poem that actually moves me for once. Or maybe the only reason that other poems don't is that they're not about rats?  [ send green star]
Hmm September 29, 2004 8:45 AM

Ohh, I really need to cuddle my babies now.  [ send green star]
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