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Unknown things about rats. March 15, 2006 8:07 AM

I found this on a websit...I'll look at the adress was on freewebs...

Do you know alot about rats?



Rats are often resented and misunderstood by almost everyone, even those who own one. They are considered disease spreading, hairless tailed, extremely stupid animals that scavenge off food we throw out.

It is true that rats spread disease and can make many people sick.
They infest houses and live off our scraps. To us it may seem like they’re little pests. But to them each day is a challenge to survive, to stay away from traps, cats, rat poison, even people themselves. So many people are afraid of rats…think of how the rats feel. Here is this gigantic thing above them, jumping about to squish them. They have to be very quick to doge them so to stay alive. Their entire lives are spent on survival.

Rats are creatures ranging from the size of your pointer finger to your whole hand and sometimes larger. They have beady red eyes and a hairless tail. At times they will be white, normally as a pet, rare in the wild, they are averagely grey or black.

A common misconception about rats are that they are stupid and annoying. This is averagely a misconception. Rats are actually very intelligent and though their brains are small they hold an extensive amount of information.

Whether you see rats as pests or pets, there are often something’s even you don’t know.

Whoever wrote this knows quite abit about rats...

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Rats and what we know about them March 20, 2006 10:42 AM

Yes, I see this person has some good knowledge about rats and also has great insight into his or her own passion about pet rats. Whoever wrote this could add more to it and use it as a class project or a part of a web site if he or she is not in school. Good information there.

What was written is a good beginning on some of the many things we know about rats and, building on the information there, we can move on to compare rats with many other animals - including humans!

Some traits we share:

Humans also spread disease and are considered hairless (well, most of us!). Lots of us are extremely stupid and, unfortunately, too many humans would be happy to live in some of the small and large houses we complain about, while many others are left to scavenge off of the food others throw out as waste.

I can think of way too many people in my life that I consider pests with beady eyes. I should probably re-evaluate my definition of a pest.

Most of my days are spent running from the traps of the world, hoping not to be squished by a car, or a train, or a person bent on getting revenge because I cut him off in a parking lot. Survival of the fittest for both rats and humans, I guess.

And while non-domestic rats in the city streets can be annoying, so can humans. Just stand at a corner and watch the cars and people interact. Gosh. I'll take a rat any day.

Rats are also social, like humans, and prefer the company of their own kind. (Many people would disagree with me there - preferring their dogs or rats over their husbands, wives or kids.) They grieve when a loved one dies and care for each other when ill. They show excitement and affection for other species, hoard food when they have been denied food for too long, and have nest-building abilities that are quite sophisticated. (How well do YOU make your bed?)

Rats respond to their names, to specific sounds, sights and feelings. They compensate well for disabilities, including blindness and deafness, as well as losing limbs. Rats are affectionate and become attached to their humans. They defend their territory strongly. Rats are clean and prefer to have a clean cage. Many rats can be litter-trained.

There are so many more traits - good and bad - that I could go on and on for a long time!

Thanks for submitting the post! That really got my mind going and was fun to read. I hope you love rats...


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One more thing... March 20, 2006 11:02 AM

There are some errors in the original piece. Contrary to popular belief, rats don't commonly spread disease. The fleas they carry can spread the plague (last outbreak in the early 1900's, I think - some 10-15 cases yearly now). Here's a link to a site that will give more info: - excerpt below:

As with any mammal, rats can have parasites such as fleas, ticks, mites and lice.  Rats can spread Salmonella food poisoning, Weils disease (leptospirosis), trichinosis, and other diseases directly through contamination of food and water with their urine and feces (Source: National Park Service, US Dept of the Interior).  Unless you are directly handling a wild rat, or you have an infestation *inside* your house, the chances of contracting these parasites or diseases is low.

Gotta run.,..

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unknown things about rats April 02, 2006 11:58 AM

Knew lady in Ohio who had rat which attacted out from under the sofa--bit hard! ,but both her & rat were abused and crazy. I doubt if domestic rats are even the same breed as wild ones. A well kept rattie won't have any more bugs or illness than a well kept dog (or child).

Don't let anyone call your hairless sweethearts "naked mole rats". Mole rats are more like termites, live in tunnnels, and function in colonies like termites or ants. 

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