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A handy resource book
11 years ago
I refer often to the "Rat Health Care" book by Debbie "The Rat Lady" Ducommun, and I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about caring for their little rattie friends. It has a ton of information (sometimes more than you'd ever want) and is a great way to read up on things before heading out to your vet. It's also short, so that's nice . You can get them online at
Hi Maggie,
11 years ago
Is this the book you got the information out of for the "excessive coughing..." thread? I really need this book if it is. Actually I guess I need it anyway. We have no vets here who know anything about anything but cats and dogs, and they're not willing to learn. I have actually had a vet kill one of my babies. I finally found a young vet who is willing to admit that he doesn't know and to do what I say. I must know...who are the babies in the picture? The white one has the most beautiful, angelic face I've seen. I hope you don't mind but I publicized this forum on the Rats and Their Reps forum. We need to be on the main list. Lee
Hi Lee!
11 years ago
Yep, the info is from the book. I'm lucky to have vets that know a bit about rats, but they're so overwhelmed with clients that it's hard to get any time with them so this book has really really helped me. The babies in the picture are Rex (the white one) Shiva (the dark brown) and Mogwai (the gremlin looking one). Rex and Shiva had to be put to sleep for advanced respiratory disease and malignant cancer (respectively). Mogwai is our dominant rat and she's still around, keeping us all in line .
11 years ago
Sorry to hear that a vet killed one of your babies! How horrifying! My heart truly goes out to you. It really is so hard to find someone who has the skills and the desire to take good care of rats - I really hope that changes! I am glad you found someone who is at least willing to listen to you. That's a start.
11 years ago
Hi! I'm new here, but I was looking at this thread and wanted to share. My fiancee and I have needed to find lots of information about illnesses/symptoms and found this site to be incredibly helpful. They also have a vet referrals page, which is how we found ours. I hope it helps! ~Heather
11 years ago
Hi Maggie, Kind of spooky how I said Rex had an angelic face... I don't see well, and I'm confused. Is Mogwai the one lying on top of the box or is that Shiva? By the way, have you read Rainbow Bridge? It helps so much when you lose a little one. I'm so grateful to Connie for posting it. If you'd like to read or download it, go to the gerbil forum. Click on view all topics, then on Rainbow Bridge. Thank you, thank you, thank you for joining Animal Fiction Novels. You put us on the main list. It is a wonderful, interesting forum but one of very narrow appeal. There is no way we could grow if no one could see us on that back list. Lee
Thanks Heather
11 years ago
That is a fantastic site. I'll be reading for days. How come it didn't come up the last time I googled? That's the second time in the last week that google missed the best site. I was looking for animal poetry, and somebody gave me a far better site than anything google found. Please, everyone, post good sites. Thanks again, Lee
11 years ago
Welcome Heather! that is a wonderful site. Thanks for posting it! Lee - Mogwai is the one sitting on the box. She's the troublemaker. There's actually another white boy in that picture who you can't see (he always hides) - his name is Axl and he's Mogwai's roommate. I'm avoiding the Rainbow Bridge right now because stuff like that makes me cry and cry and cry, and I'm totally done with crying for a while. But it's on my list, and I did read a really helpful article right after Rex's death that helped, and people in the "Support of Friends" group gave me some amazing support that really helped me through as well. Maybe we should start a thread on helpful resources for grieving?
11 years ago
You're welcome! It has helped us out a lot! My fiancee also recommends 8:>