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Injection to treat respiratory disease
9 years ago
I thought this one deserved its own thread since it's been really helpful to me and my ratties.
Triple Injection August 09, 2005 9:55 AM

I STRONGLY recommend you give the following information to your vet and ask him or her to give your little ratty this injection. There is some new information out that giving Dexamethisone in conjunction with Enrofloxacin (Baytril) has a more robust effect on rat URIs. The Aminophyllin eases breathing problems.

This information is from a friend on another rat forum to which I belong and it works. Best to you and your ratty.



Hi Cindy. I may be able to help. I've been through this several times. You can save them. My vet, may she rest in peace, recently published a paper in Exotic DVM magazine. She gives the recipe for her rescue shots which have saved the lives of MANY of my sick babies. Take this to your vet and they can make it up for you.

0.2 mg dexamethasone + 5 mg aminophylline + 4.5 mg enrofloxacin + 2-3 ml saline
I give one injection per rat in addition to any antibiotics I'm giving them orally, usually baytril. It usually just takes the one injection.
If your vet wants to see the article, it's Respiratory Disease in Pet Rats by Barbara Deeb, DVM, MS, in Exotic DVM vol 7.2 for May 2005. My best rattie girl in the whole world is on the first page of the article.

8 years ago
Our poor little Dumbo died of an upper respitory infection.  She was taking all of these medicines but not in injectable form.  I am so glad to have this "coctail" in case we ever need it again.  It cost us over $400.00 to try and save Dumbo and in the end we had to put her to sleep because she was suffering so badly.  It broke my heart.  I would have paid so much more to save her if I could have but I could not let her suffer like that any more.