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11 years ago
I wanted to check again and see that what I'm feeding my rats is what they need so I did a search for "balanced rat diet". I make homemade food because all the nutriblock I get is corn rich and I have to special order. I came back to the RCMA site and they had great recipes which also confirmed that what I'm feeding is good. However they also had an article on an instance of rats dying of starvation because someone fed a seed based diet and kept "Topping up" the bowl not understanding that it was mostly shells. It brought me to tears to think of a little 6 week old ratty slowly wasting away for two months prior to being euthanized. How cruel can people be? Or maybe just stupid. Anyway, I hugged my four very round, very glossy, very active ratties and stopped worrying about them. Hug your babies.
Thanks so much for bringing that up!
11 years ago
Maybe you should consider marketing a rat food that is corn-free and balanced???  There's definitely a need for it.  When we went xmas shopping for out babies we had to pass up most food products because they were either packed with corn or high in sugar and other odd stuff. 

I'll definitely check out that nutritional info you metioned as I've been wondering if I'm feeding my babies the right nutrients.  I tend to make my babies a mix of stuff like organic oats, dried fruits and veggies, cerals, wasa bread, etc as their regular in-the-cage food and then give them an assortment of things to chomp on for dinner that are perishable, like fruits and veggies.  I'll also occasionally make them a special batch of whatever I make for dinner, like plain chicken or fish without all the sauces and junk we tend to eat on them.  And they get gormet, organic, corn FREE dog cookies too .  They love the peanut butter flavored ones the best.