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Valentine's Day Exotic Bird Safety Tips
11 years ago
| Blue Label
Valentine's Day is a holiday that's all about you and the ones you love -- and your bird is no exception! Use this handy list of safety tips to make sure that your pet stays safe during your Valentine's Day festivities, and you'll be helping to make sure that the holiday is a safe and happy one for the whole family.

  • Chocolate and birds don't mix. Chocolate and Valentine's Day go hand in hand, and the pretty packages that chocolate comes in this time of year can be especially appealing to those of the feathered persuasion. Since chocolate is known to be toxic to birds, it only makes sense to keep it out of your pet's reach.

  • Keep an eye on ribbons and bows. While we're on the subject of pretty chocolate boxes, it's worth mentioning that other types of wrapping material, such as printed paper, bows, and tape, can pose a threat to your bird's safety.
  • Inks or dyes used on any of these items can be potentially toxic, and packages decorated with ribbons or wire can become tangled in a bird's feet or wrapped around their necks. Some types of adhesives and glues also contain zinc, which can be harmful to a bird's health.

  • Don't leave drinks unattended. Birds are every bit as curious as cats are, and they have been known to sneak drinks from abandoned glasses if they aren't properly supervised. Make sure that any alcoholic beverages are kept out of your bird's reach -- alcohol slows down organ function in birds, and is potentially fatal to your pet.

  • Keep your roses secured. Most floral arrangements, whether or not they include Oliver a spoonful of chocolate pudding at a gathering I hosted. I now avoid such issues by relocating my birds to a spare bedroom when I am expecting a fair amount of visitors.
  • Put these tips into practice, and you will greatly reduce the risk of harm to your bird during your celebrations. I wish a very safe and happy Valentine's Day to you and all of the ones you love -- and especially to the little feathered cupids that steal our hearts every day of the year.

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