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7 years ago

hope you are better now

9 years ago

My bladder surgery didn`t work out for me it did for a short time not for a long time so i am taking bladder pills for a month then going back to see my specialist on May 22th i am keeping my fingers across this time, but i might just have to face this that i am going to have this for the rest of my life. I just found out my family doctor that i have Acute Bronchitis so i am on pills for that..

Hi Paula, where did you go? i thought you are coming back? i hope everything is okay with you.

9 years ago

Hello Paula,


MySpace Missed You Comment: 6 i hope that everything is okay with you!

9 years ago

I had my check up yesterday for my bladder

My specialist check me out and he wanted me cough real hard i leaked so he said before we do anymore surgery he has put me on bladder pills for a month then i go back and see him. I wishing that these pills will work i really don`t want more surgery!! I am disppointment that the surgery didn`t work,

9 years ago


Hope your keeping well

It's nice to be back

Paula x

9 years ago

Arlene and Paula

I'm glad you are both better and back.

And... Angela

9 years ago

Its good to be back. Glad to see your on the mend, bladder surgery must have been quite a scary experiance for you, i hope your getting plenty of rest. My back is okay, i get a little twinge now and again, i have gone back to work on light duties only, which is a bit boring, i only work thursday nights now, i will see how i get on, then mayby do one more night. How is sweetie getting on? my lot are fine, no new chicks lately, i think Joey and Julie are past it now, lol, saying that i will proberly go in the aviary later and find eggs, they love to surprise me like that, lol  I have my mum staying over St Patricks weekend, that means a hangover for me, lol, i have to go into town later and stock up the freezer, hubby has a day off today, so he is helping me with the shopping. I had better go and get ready now, lots of love to sweetie %#&!*%

Take care

 nice_day.gif Have a nice day image by sherrysunflower

Paula %#&!*%

9 years ago

MySpace Funny Hello Comment: 1Paula, so nice to see you again, happy you are back online and that the family is well now. How are you how`s your back? I had bladder surgery done last friday was in and out the sameday, I am feeling fine just relaxing and resting and drinking alot of water. You are very welcome for all I have done in the group and yes I hopeing to all will  be back to normal soon   You can catch up with me anytime I feeling fine. I swtich back to old away for the group care2 trying beta and I have heard from other people that care2 beta is still having problems and losing there postings.

MySpace Hugs Comment: 2Arlene


9 years ago


I wish you a speedy recovery. God bless you and keep you healthy!

9 years ago
 I am now back online, and all is well with the family now. Sorry to see you havent been too well, i hope your okay, i just want to say thanks very much for all you have done in the group and am hoping all will be back to normal now. I will catch up with you when your feeling better, love to sweetie x
9 years ago
 I am doing fine It was a long day for me
yesterday and so grateful to have it done, When I woke up in the
recover room I felt tried but great and it didn`t take  long for the nurse to let me go home
 I am feeling the difference already but my specialist said it
would take up till 6 to 8 weeks to come and back see him for a check
up. I am just going to take it easy and rest for awhile. Thank you for  your prayers and I am strong person I will have a speedy recovery.
9 years ago
I just got a call from the admitting office I will be having my surgery in the afternoon at 1:30 pm!
To all Members
9 years ago
| Blue Label

I won`t be posting for awhile, I am going in for bladder surgery tomrrow morning will be in and out the same day will need time to recover!



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