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What are Bird Clubs and Aviculture Societies?
11 years ago

An Introduction to the Pet Bird Community

Bird clubs and aviculture societies usually consist of members who are dedicated to promoting bird ownership, responsible breeding, and spreading education related to birds. Most of these organizations generally share the same purpose -- to further the science and study of birds, and to promote the preservation of bird species.

Bird clubs can come in several different forms. My club, the
Heart of Tennessee Aviculture Society, is open to anyone who is committed to upholding the purpose of the society, and welcomes owners and breeders of all species. Other types of clubs include those specific to certain species and "breeders only" organizations.

Joining a bird club or aviculture society can be a very fun and educational experience. Most hold monthly meetings where you can meet with other members to discuss your pets, share refreshments, and exchange information related to pet bird care. Many also host annual or semi-annual
exotic bird fairs, where breeders and vendors gather to offer their best prices on birds, cages, feed, and accessories. In the same way that many kennel clubs host dog shows, established bird clubs often include a bird show with their fairs, in which birds are judged on conformation within their species. While many breeders and aviaries compete for prestige in these events, most are also open to private owners that would like to show their pets.

One of the best reasons for pet bird owners to join a bird club is to gain access to the collective knowledge of its members. Making friends and connections within your local bird community means having somewhere to turn if you experience problems or have questions about caring for your pet. Many bird club members have worked with birds their entire lives, and can offer sound advice to new bird owners. They know the best local
avian veterinarians, the best breeders, and the best ways to conquer problems with behavior and training. Best of all, most are more than eager to pass their knowledge on to those who are new to aviculture.

If you are interested in joining an exotic bird club, information on
bird clubs in your area can be as close as the click of a mouse. There are bird clubs and aviculture societies just about everywhere, and many have established websites with information on their activities. If you have trouble finding any information on bird clubs near you, try checking around with local pet shops or supply stores. Chances are that you will run into another bird lover that will be happy to introduce you to their organization.

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