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To Women Healers May 31, 2008 9:44 AM

Chakra Mapping

I can't find any books on all chakras, so I was just mapping on my own. I near 100 so far. There is one thing I can't solve, this of the female? So, if any brave soul is willing to give me some maping of certain areas, that be great. Mainly next and blow pelvic(know what I mean. Since women don't have the adem apples, check their is still a chakra above the wind pipe.
You also notice some chakras on chin down in the next area?

All is important in healership and clairsenctience ablities. All you have to do is take the time to feel for circling energies in those certain areas, draw that area and map the spots you feeling them in. Even which way you feel them turning. No one has to be great drawer, I just need the mapping of the location of those chakras/energy gates. Then you can email my the drawings so I can use them to complete my psychic handbook.

This is not New Age,but true psychic nature and psychicship. The old ways are out of date,and we must seek true wisdom to improve out clairsentient ablitites for bother mediumship and healing. Which can help increase your spirituality. Please no ego, and accept the true nature of your ablities.

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Chakras June 04, 2008 7:06 AM

Wolf, I have a book on the chakras which are pointed out by accupressure/accupuncture books.  I would look to Shiatsu massage as well.  The Root chakras is the base is located on women between the vagina and the anus.  There might also be some smaller ones located on or near the seat bones to either side of the main base chakra.  If you look online for chakras you might be surprised at how much information there is online.  Also search under Yoga, Eastern disciplines.  Even under martial arts.  All of these areas contain some knowledge of chakras but may not exactly call them that.  Hope you find what you need.


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 June 04, 2008 2:18 PM

There are chakra on sexual organs too, as I do feel on mine. That is the true sexual chakra, not root nor lunar plex. Though ever culture has their own belief system. I feel them all over too, that why I am mapping them.

Some mistake certain chakras for another. As of throat chakra, some mistakenly think the wind pipe chakra is the throat, but they are different. I trying to correct such misunderstanding in all psychicship. There is too much misunderstood, misleading, and delusional teachings out there, I trying to guide those from that.

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 June 04, 2008 2:21 PM

Oh, thanks! I know Shiatsu has mappings of such for all Shiatsu and Reiki came from Tao healing. I just don't know if they are mappings of chakras too or channels.

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 June 11, 2008 3:42 PM

I read on Yoga Spirituality, and even this book didn't show much. It talks about even more, but no mapping.

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