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Recommended Resources... December 15, 2004 3:02 AM

I am posting usefull web-resources related to this board & posted topics here. My first recommneded one ( just click on its link )- This a FREE & editable 'Wikipedia', a fast growing wiki that contain relevant infos on world & current events. Happy Browsing!  [ send green star]
A Guide To April 07, 2005 4:06 AM

the Roman Catholic Hierarchy's Decision Makers' Mind. Even among dedicated Roman Catholics, most does not have an inkling of their country's/region's diocess leaders' doctrinal preferences until he was elected/assigned via Papal orders for new mission or responsibilities. Here is a related website URL that gave anyone who is interested (either by faith or by opinion) in a particular Vatican Emissary's most current view/s that laid the doctrine/s to decisions that almost always touches the daily life of ordinary masses within its diocess of jurisdictions.. geographically or regionally - When browsing the above URL for a particular cardinal, determine what country of domicile does the cardinal belongs to. Then click the 'By Country' link under 'Cardinals' ( within the right-column side of the page) which shall bring you to the full roster of Cardinals laid out alphabetically by country. View's of a particular Cardinal are culled from latest & most relevant published/reported public media, a major portion of which are also submitted by lesser Roman Catholic clergies. I deem those posted articles for a certain Vatican personality as VERY REVEALING of his 'thinking', which form a permanent portion of his basic doctrine/tenets in managing his diocess, including its effect on localized legislation most profound among nations with a dominant Catholic populace. Another web URL of relevant importance in regards to Vatican's Emissaries is - This one is as comprehensive as the previous, but does not includes individual Emissarie's published view/s.  [ send green star]
2006 Year of The Dog (1/2) January 26, 2006 11:48 PM

Year of The Dog, This 2006
29.Jan.2006 ~ 17.Feb.2007
Born 1922/1934/1946/1958/1970/1982/1994/2006

This Year of the Dog symbolizes Fire and Earth, that is, Yang Red Fire riding over the Earth. Hence the name Year of the Yang Red Fire Dog. In the Productive Cycle of Fengshui, Fire gives birth to Earth. Therefore the basic elemental relationship is positive and pretty strong.

2006 is, in general, a supportive year with a sensible climate of justice, relief, harmony and peace prevailing over the globe, compared to the last few years. Though global turmoil and instability will continue, the scale of civil wars and international conflicts will come down. Initiatives of the previous years will lead to peace talks which in turn could result in amicable settlements. Even the viciousness in political atmosphere will mellow down and become optimistic. On the other hand, many countries will see new claims for secessions based on certain cultural or ethnic origins. Global primary issues for most will continue to revolve around law and order, internal security, defense, border control and deterring terrorists.  Global & national cooperation will become the trend. 2006 would probably conceive the notion of collective effort marching towards an inspiring New World Order. Spiritual and religious following will gather much greater momentum and yearnings to find metaphysical answers shall increase. Discussions and forums on esoteric subjects will open up. Paranormal happenings will increase drastically. Hidden upheavals and unexplainable events will initiate genuine interests in several mystic subjects, new cults will surface.  There will be quite a few windfalls and prosperity not seen for quite some time now. Bitter experiences will give way to optimism and self-confidence and when supported by planned and sustained efforts, will yield excellent progress. Moderate to fast economic recovery will be seen and a general improvement in living conditions may be witnessed. The underprivileged will get to have a lot of attention. 2006 will see a lot more marriages happen than the previous year - also less break-ups or divorces. Marital bliss will in general, be quietly satisfying. Handsome cashflows will also bring in avoidable expenses. Therefore, to save, accumulate or invest in assets will become more difficult. As a general rule, for a change, career will flourish, commerce will expand and pay raise will be satisfactory. There could be a fall in unemployment figures in many countries. Stock and financial markets will skyrocket (and invariably slump) and many shall make their lifetime fortunes. However, the second half of the year could prove to be the undoing for many.


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2006, Year of The Dog (2/2) January 26, 2006 11:55 PM

Industries identified with fire element: airlines, entertainment, electricity, energy, stock market and financial markets will see a lot of investments and massive expansions. All industries related to the wood element, like paper, magazines, books, fashion, textiles and fancy furniture will thrive. Construction industry, real estates and interior designing will flourish. On the other hand in areas like insurance, hotels, mining, chemicals, heavy metal industries etc., could actually be decline, with cut throat competition ruining everything. Industries linked to the water element like shipping, drinks and communications will manage to maintain last year’s tempo. The electronic and petroleum industries shall expand. Entertainment industries will see a lot of troubles by way of legal disputes, lawsuits, high interest loans, untimely deaths of personalities and violent clashes. Educational and constitutional reforms will flourish in many countries. Fields catering to the special needs of women, new-born, education, religions and esoterism will be exceptional. Still, 2006 will be filled with gossips, arguments, disputes and struggles. There will be many cases where frustrations will end up in lawsuits and imprisonments. ― Excerpts from Mr. Yap Cheng Hai, Asia’s Kuala-Lumpur based renowned Feng Shui Grandmaster, previous December interview with broadsheet United Daily News~Taipei.

[With good reason, dogs are dubbed man's best friend. They're playful, lovable and loyal. And according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, it's their year. But beware, 2006--or 4704 on the Chinese calendar--may not be as auspicious as 2005. 2006 will be a beneficial year for development and expansion. the upcoming year will be riddled with fighting, misunderstandings and gossip. 2006 will not be a stable year. The Year of the Dog means good things for Pigs and Snakes in particular, in terms of both their careers and their financial affairs. And with auspicious stars shining above, the Year of the Dog will also prove favorable for Rabbits as well.But 2006 won’t be as positive for Monkeys and Dragons, in which instability and conflict are in store. And danger also lurks for the Roosters.] ~ 25.Jan.06  electronic edition - astrology section/                                                                            

Interesting related URL Links on:~individual web based comprehensive Feng Shui charts with explanation

~individual feng shui/Lunar horoscopes for the 12 animal signs

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