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Papabili, Shortlisted. April 07, 2005 1:15 AM

The dead of the charismatic John Paul-2 since late last weekend has stirred hugh interest among all walks of life on this earth, & specially among Catholics. My interest on The Vatican & its inner working was aroused some 14 plus yrs ago, when a classmate's dad gifted me a non-fiction copy of the life/death of Pope John Paul-1 (a laymen's analysis of which i had posted a yr ago in my blog) including 2 other books about IOR (Vatican's Central Bank) & P2 Masonic Lodge of Italy both of which detailed the numerous shenanigans & purported shady deals between Vatican officials & the Italians mobs/Communist Party of Italy. To give C2 members a quick reference of the upcoming Conclave (Vatican's Papal election process), i am posting herewith, eleven of the MOST FAVORED shortlisted (surname, in alphabetical order) papal (frequently mentioned by world media) contenders: The Cardinals** Age*** ***Nationality/Diocess Arinze, Francis; 71 ---Nigeria; Curia-Vatican Carrera, Norberto R; 62 ---Mexico; Mexico Danneels, Godfried; 72 ---Belgium; Brussels Darmaatmadja, JR; 69 ---Indonesia; Jakarta Hummes, Claudio; 70 ---Brazil; Sao Paolo Maradiaga, Oscar AR; 61 ---Honduras; Tegucigalpa Re, Giovanni B; 71 ---Italy, Curia-Vatican Schonborn, Christoph; 60 ---Austria; Vienna Scola, Angelo; 64 ---Italy; Venice Tettamanzi, Dionigi; 71 ---Italy; Milan Toppo, TP; 66 ---India, Ranchi Starting from left to right, the list states the contender's name & age, followed by its nationality & curent diocess of responsibility.  [ send green star]
Webresources on Papabili... April 07, 2005 3:54 AM

An insights to the above shortlisted 'Princes' of the Roman Churce can be found at the url here - Http:// [A much more concise explanations of how that website works is posted on "Web Resources" folder of this board ( Re: That? Those?.. ), with an additional reference link to a different url]. Some related book/s (their title) that aroused my unending interest on Vatican's Affair since the late 80s. The following 2 books in my collection was a gift from my classmate's father while we are in Berkley-CA then: - "In God's Name: An Investigation into the Murder..." ISBN #0553050737; Published 1984; By: David Yallop - "The Politics of Scandal: Power & Process..." ISBN #0841910979; Published: 1988; By: Markovits & Silverstein Other related web urls - ( Related to the inner workings of Vatican's IOR (aka: its Central Bank & relations to the Italian Mobs/CIA ) ( Related to Calvi's , Chairman of the giant Banco Ambrosiano, murder ) ( A Teastise on the mysterious death of John Paul The First; only 33day as pope after the demise of Paul The Fourth ) ========================= *The next posting within this topic, is my simple result of analysis on the 'Most Probable' Contender for the seat of St.Peter. Meanwhile, happy reading.  [ send green star]
ERRATUM on April 07, 2005 3:58 AM

the immediate previous post - 'Teastise' should be TREASTISE; 'Paul The Fourth' should be PAUL THE SIXTH, the predecessor of John Paul the First. Sorry for the snafu.  [ send green star]
My Bet on the Next Pope. April 08, 2005 12:55 AM

from top to bottom, non-chronological ( as of 8th/Apr/05 ):

Top Picks                      Nationality / Diocess   Inclinations...

Hummes, Claudio. 70         Brazil, Sao Paolo       progressive

Schonborn, Christoph. 60   Austria, Vienna         progressive

Carrera, Norberto R. 62      Mexico, Mexico        orthodox conserv

Toppo, T P. 66                 India, Ranchi           orthodox progressiv

The Dark Horses *****

Scola, Angelo. 64              Italy, Venice           orthodox moderate

Danneels, Godfried. 72       Belgium, Brussels      progressive liberal

Arinze, Francis. 71          Nigeria, Curia-Vatican  orthodox progressiv

Maradiaga, Oscar AR. 61  Honduras, Tegucigalpa  orthodox conserv

The Longest Shots *****

Tettamanzi, Dionigi. 71      Italy, Milan               ultraconservative

Darmaatmadja, J R. 69      Indonesia, Jakarta      orthodox moderate

Re, Giovanni B. 71            Italy, Curia-Vatican    orthodox conserv


Any of the four on the roster of "Top Picks" is my BET. My 'compromised' picks are those 3 in the 'Longest Shots'.

Wanna bet, anyone?   ...Sent me a network mail if you do.

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Making a FOOL out of myself April 29, 2005 11:45 PM

for this one!

Guess i may have lost BIG if someone dare to challenge me on it huh! .... LOL*

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ah, but remember... May 03, 2005 7:42 AM

...remember that Christian hymn: 'God moves in a mysterious way His wonders to perform' Greetings from Susila (Buddhist and happy with that)  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
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