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anonymous Better than the notorius Atkin's Diet! June 09, 2005 11:41 PM

Got this copied from a regional broadsheet... HOW YOUR BODY BENEFITS FROM SEX. (According to R. Glaser MD. of Ohio State U., of Behavioural Medicine Research) It says.. Sexual activity affects us from head to toes! Here is what physicians learned about its positive effects on health: HEART DESEASE- Lovemaking is good aerobic exercises that improves the circulation and works the heart. Sexually active people TEND to have fewer heart attacks, possibly owing to their beter fitness. WEIGHT- Intercourse can BURN around 200 calories, not bad for a few minutes' work and far more entertaining than a 15min churn on treadmill at the gym. PAIN- Endorphine release during orgasm can DULL the chronic pain of backaches and arthritis as well as migraines. DEPRESSIONS- Sexually active poeple appear to be LESS VULNERABLE to depressios and suicide, perhaps because they are more comfortable with their sexuality. ANXIETY= Hormones released during arousal can CALM anxieties, EASE fear and BREAK DOWN inhibitions. IMMUNITY- Frequent intercourse may BOOST levels of key immune cells that help FIGHT OFF colds and other infections. CANCER- studies hints that oxytocin and the hormone DHEA both RELEASED DURING orgasm, may PREVENT breast-cancer cells from developing into tumours. LONGEVITY- Frequent orgasm has been linked to LONGER LIFE; this findings may have something to do with sex's beneficial effects on heart and the immune system. Note: According to the Chinese Medical Compendium (historically in existence for more than 750 years), MOST are true except LONGEVITY, wherein recorded historical prescriptions advised STAGGERED DIMINISHING (monthly & yearly basis) FREQUENCIES starting from age 60 and on. The same advises was also given by Dao De Ching (Taoist Book of Divinity).  [report anonymous abuse]
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