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Maple Syrup and Baking Soda Cure March 13, 2008 4:40 AM

Read carefully as this does not work on ALL tumours. It is a quick fix and the whole lifestyle/diet needs to be addressed too to stop recurrence......

Remember Dr. Tullio Simoncini and his treatment of cancer as a fungus? If not, you can reread an article called "Cancer Is A Fungus" in my August 2, 2007 newsletter. It's at:

The story told of Jim Kelmun, a 75-year old former truck driver and his success in helping people heal cancer using -- you guessed it -- baking soda and maple syrup. Seein' as how I'm a 76-year old former airplane driver who has helped a couple thousand people recover from cancer, I figured ol' Jim from Asheville and I had a lot in common and I better pass on his story (and Dr. Mark's reaction to it) to you, my loyal readers, and see what you think.

First, here's a short quote from the story, so you get the drift.

[Kelmun]...has no medical degree and authorities are demanding that he stop dispensing his 'wonder drug' -- or face a prison sentence.

But his loyal patients swear by the man they fondly call 'Dr. Jim' -- and say he's a miracle worker.

'Dr Jim cured me of lung cancer,' declares farmer Ian Rodhouse, 64. 'Those other doctors told me I was a goner ahd had less than six months to live.'

'But the doc put me on his mixture -- and in a couple of months, the cancer was gone. It didn't even show up on X-rays.'

The gentle, silver-haired grandfather -- who has been preparing home remedies since 1954 -- says he first hit upon the miracle cure in the mid-1970's, when he was treating a family plagued by breast cancer.

'There were five sisters in the family and all of them passed away from the big C by age 50 -- except one,' he recalls.

'I asked if there was anything different in her diet. She told me she was partial to sipping maple syrup and baking soda.

'I figured, let me try it out on some of my other patients.'

Since then, 'Dr. Jim' has dispensed his mixture to more than 200 patients diagnosed with terminal cancer. Amazingly, he claims that of that number, 185 lived at least 15 more years -- and nearly half enjoyed a complete remission of their disease."

Well, you get the idea. When Dr. Sircus and I discussed this subject, it was obvious that the "goofy" article on "Dr. Jim" had made him put on his thinking cap (which is quite well worn -- Dr. Mark is one of the "thinkingest" docs I know). In fact, he sent me an article he had written on the subject that should interest any of you "battling" cancer.

You may recall that Dr. Sircus has a regimen for treating cancer which includes magnesium chloride, iodine, selenium and alpha lipoic acid. After reading of Dr. Simoncini's work, he added baking soda to his regimen. But even Dr. Simoncini recognized the limitations of his own baking soda treatment. Here's a quote from Dr. Simoncini:

"The therapeutic treatment of bicarbonate salts [baking soda] can be administered orally, through aerosol, intravenously and through catheter for direct targeting of tumors...[but it] can achieve positive results only in some tumors, while others - such as the serious ones of the brain or the bones - remain unaffected by the treatment."

Dr. Mark's thinking led him to an interesting hypothesis. What if, he said, baking soda and maple syrup worked just like IPT (Insulin Potentiated Therapy)? Here are some quotes from his article:

"IPT treatment consists of giving doses of insulin to a fasting patient sufficient to lower blood sugar into the 50 mg/dl. Then they inject lower doses of toxic chemo drugs [when the cancer cell] receptors are more sensitive and take on medications more rapidly and in higher amounts.

The bicarbonate/maple syrup treatment works in reverse to IPT. Dr. Tullio Simoncini acknowledges that cancer cells gobble up sugar so when you encourage the intake of sugar it's like sending in a Trojan horse. The sugar is not going to encourage the growth of the cancer colonies because the baking soda is going to kill the cells before they have a chance to grow.

The treatment is a combination of pure, 100% maple syrup [bulk Grade B from the health food store] and baking soda and was first reported on the Cancer Tutor site. When mixed and heated together, the maple syrup and baking soda bind together. The maple syrup targets cancer cells (which consume 15 times more glucose than normal cells) and the baking soda, which is dragged into the cancer cell by the maple syrup, being very alkaline forces a rapid shift in pH killing the cell.

The actual formula is to mix one part baking soda with three parts (pure, 100%) maple syrup in a small saucepan. Stir briskly and heat the mixture for 5 minutes. Take one teaspoon daily is what is suggested by Cancer Tutor but one could probably do this several times a day."

In summary, Dr. Sircus says:

"The maple syrup apparently enables and increases penetration of bicarbonate into all compartments of the body, even those which are difficult or impossible to penetrate by other means. These compartments include the central nervous system (CN, through the blood-brain barrier, joints, solid tumors, and perhaps even the eyes. IPT makes cell membranes more permeable, and increases uptake of drugs into cells. The maple syrup will make tissues more permeable, too. It will transport the bicarbonate across the blood-brain barrier and every other barrier in the body for sugar is universally needed by all cells in t

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cont....... March 13, 2008 4:43 AM

the body...Both IPT and bicarbonate/maple syrup treatments use the rabid growth mechanisms of cancer cells against them."

There you have it, folks. Can you imagine this mixture harming you? Two or three teaspoons a day? Would I try it? You bet. It meets all my criteria: simple, effective, inexpensive and available anywhere in the world.

Incidentally, Dr. Sircus has moved baking soda/maple syrup up to Number Three in his regimen -- right behind magnesium chloride and iodine.

Thanks, Dr. Sircus, for your magnificently open mind and flexibility in applying your knowledge to new ideas. Well, according to Jim Kelmun, it's no new idea -- just another suppressed cancer treatment that works.

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anonymous  September 14, 2008 7:21 PM

Wow, I don't know how I missed this one!! I'll have my Dad try it.

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Hi Sandy September 15, 2008 4:05 AM

How is he doing? Send him my love as always.

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Maple Syrup and Baking Soda May 11, 2009 4:32 PM

To everyone,

I have breast cancer stage four to the T-five vertabrae, I started maple syrup and baking soda yesterday, and already I can see a difference.  My back usually hurts everyday.  But today it does not hurt, and that is surprising.  Today, I have taken my three teaspoons, and will be taking it everyday.  It is simple to do, why not?  One of the most important things I have learned having cancer is  to have an open mind, and just because we don't understand something doesn't make it impossible.  I will post once for an update, maybe more if I keep doing so well. 

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Bicarbonate of Soda with Maple Syrup May 15, 2009 2:59 AM

I have matastasized breast cancer with tumors in the breast and under the arm lymph. I have refussed Chemo and a Mastectomy and am dealing with my cancer using my own healing programme including lots of organic veg juice, Organic raw veg, fruit and sprouts, basically a Vegan, I have Zeolite, CoEnzyme Q10 enhanced, plus a variety of herbs in teas tincture, poultice and cream, I have a daily enema and weekly colonics and NLP/Hypnotherapy every weekI have just started taking the Bicarbonate of Soda with Maple syrup, is anyone using Honey instead as this is easier to buy here in Portugal. Thanks for any info

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baking Soda and Maple syrup May 15, 2009 9:19 AM

Good Morning everyone. I am still taking the maple syrup and baking soda. It is amazing I take to teaspoons in the morning and one at night. The one at night allows me to sleep through the night with out back pain. I am a beliver, I will always be taking this remedy, it works, my pain in my T-5 vertabra, my back, is gone. I am so glad I surfed the web to find this !!

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Follow-up June 17, 2009 8:38 PM

Victoria - Please let us know how you are doing with this.

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 October 16, 2009 6:53 AM

Victoria and Helen,you most likely will do well.Good vibes!

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how best can I prepare Maple Syrup and Baking soda October 24, 2009 11:07 PM

Hi, I am new to this group.  My mom is 70years old and she has stage 4 cancer (lungs, liver). The Maple Syrup and Baking soda cure was sent to me by a friend. I got the two ingredient, but I am having trouble preparing it so my mom can eat it. I add 3 tea spoons of Natural Maple syrup and one tea spoon of baking soda (Al free) in to a sauce pan. This is a small quantity. So I mix it up and I heat this for 5 minutes. It turns out that it gets very burned up even at low flame. I think I am doing something wrong... Perhaps there is a better way to mix the two.
Please advice.
thank you.

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 November 16, 2009 10:31 AM

since it sounds like you are using a gas stove, try turning VERY low, and when hot, turning off. It should not start to burn, you just want the two substances to bond. The goal here is to cook it, but keep it below 118 degrees. You may want to consider adding cream of tartar to formula. I am doing that, as cream of tartar is pure potassium, and is alkaline, like baking soda, only it balances it out. the kidneys need that balance. still more research and experimentation to do, i think i remember in Alkalize or Die by Dr. William Broody him saying that, because baking soda does upset mineral balance. make sure you have enuf magnesium too. very important. I also use an eye dropper and put it into empty capsules. it still tastes nasty!

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Disolving the Maple Syrup with Baking Soda December 17, 2009 6:15 PM

You could probably put it in a double boiler type kettle.  Water at the bottom kettle, and another kettle on top with the mixture.  It shouldn't burn. 

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maple syrup and baking soda January 29, 2010 3:39 PM

Victoria H. - how are you doing, Please?

Thank you - Bruce

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 February 17, 2010 2:38 AM

I have just come across an article about this that is taped to the door of our local health shop. After describing some instances of remission from cancer after using this method, it gives instructions on how to prepare the mixture of 1 level teaspoon of (aluminium-free) baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) and 3 teaspoons of 100% pure maple syrup: put ingredients into saucepan and heat on very low heat while stirring continuously for 2 - or 3 minutes, until the mixture becomes slightly frothy. When it does, remove immediately from heat because if burned, the mixture tastes horrible. 

In New Zealand, the Hansell's brand of baking soda is recommended, as it is free of aluminium.

All the best!  

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Bicarbonate of soda March 02, 2010 6:37 AM

This stuff rots your  bones away I won't use it in products or as a cleaning agent 

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 January 13, 2011 7:07 PM

I cooked up a batch of maple syrup and bicarbobate of soda started taking swig out of the bottle twice a day. After the first thirty days I was able to sleep all night without having to get up to go for the first time almost fifty years. After six weeks I no longer have a need for viagra which never worked very well for me. Words I like to hear from my date. PROVE IT, 80 doesn't seem old when you're looking back at it. I do solemly swear this is a true story. OldAxe (I use 1/3 maple syrup 2/3 honey)

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Must it be maple syrup? February 05, 2011 3:41 AM

Real maple syrup is pricey.  Will honey do the same thing?  Is there something special about maple syrup?  Thanks.

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Ideal ph for cancer fighting April 17, 2011 2:12 PM

I have looked at every internet article I can find on the subject of the maple syrup/sodium bicarbonate treatment for cancer and was surprised to find not one author mentioning what the safest and most effective ph level ( 6.5,7.0,7.5 ?) is.Only general statements about the value of alkalizing one's body ph but nothing specific. Can anyone tell me what an effective ph level should be in fighting lung cancer?Thank you.

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Ideal ph for cancer fighting April 17, 2011 2:12 PM

I have looked at every internet article I can find on the subject of the maple syrup/sodium bicarbonate treatment for cancer and was surprised to find not one author mentioning what the safest and most effective ph level ( 6.5,7.0,7.5 ?) is.Only general statements about the value of alkalizing one's body ph but nothing specific. Can anyone tell me what an effective ph level should be in fighting lung cancer?Thank you.

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Maple Syrup and Baking Soda April 18, 2011 6:05 AM

Hi Edward,

You must be careful with the baking soda. Using baking soda can cause more problems. It can eat away at your bones. It also takes away your Vitamin D. Not to mention maple syrup if bought at the grocery store most likely has high fructose corn syrup in it. And high fructose corn syrup is not good on any level of consumption by anyone!

What I know about cancer, any cancer, from the research I have done, is that cancer cells cannot live in an oxygenated body. There are many natural ways to reverse cancer. The one that makes the most sense to me is the Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide mixed with water, milk or Aloe Vera Juice. You will use as many drops of the Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide as you can tolerate mixed with your choice of a glass of water, milk or Aloe Vera Juice. Please purchase the Hydrogen Peroxide at your nearest Health Food Store. The milk should be Raw Milk, and your water should be filtered from all pesticides, and other harmful chemicals including chlorine and fluoride.

Even if you have well water it should be filtered, as studies are showing that well water is now being contaminated. City tap water has 35+ known toxic chemicals in it.

It's no wonder so many people have some type of Catastrophic Illness. I offer you my Free E-Book also. You can go here to download it. Prevent Catastrophic Illness in 7 Steps

To Your Health,

Nutrition Gal (Linda)

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Hydrogen peroxide April 18, 2011 8:00 AM

Hello - I have inflammatory breast cancer, stage 4. I did the hydrogen peroxide treatment for several months, and my cancer kept growing. Don't know if the type of cancer would make a difference, but just so you know, it is NOT a cure-all!

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Maple Syrup and Baking Soda April 18, 2011 8:43 AM

Hi Naomi,

Sorry to hear this. But, at the same time it seems that because you did not see results after several months you stopped this treatment and decided it doesn't work. Part of our Illnesses comes from our Toxic Negative Thinking and not just our foods and environment.

Also, one treatment may work for one person but that same treatment may not work for another person. My opinion is, try it, it may work, and if it doesn't work you're no worse off than what you were, there are many different natural remedies for cancer. All one has to do is Google Natural Remedies for Cancer and read, read, read, and decide what resonates with you. Then try it and believe it will work. I am not a affiliate for the one minute cure by the way. So it matters not to me. I'm here to only suggest. One might try just Vitamin D and find it works for them.

Studies show that Vitamin D deficiency proves havoc with your body in many ways, cancer being just one. 1,000 IU to 5,000 IU per day of Vitamin D is crucial. One natural way to get Vitamin D is spending 15 - 20 minutes in the sun, or until your skin turns a light pink, and supplementing with Vitamin D. You must get your blood tested to find out what your Vitamin D level is, then go from there. The average Americans' Vitamin D levels are 25 IU or less. This is not enough.

Our body will use as much Vitamin D as we give it. 5,000 IU is maximum amounts from the research I have done so far.

And again, I will repeat what did not work for one may indeed work for another and Vice Versa.

To Your Health,

Nutrition Gal (Linda)

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maple syrup and baking soda August 15, 2011 1:25 PM

You can also try blackstrap molasses (unsulphurated) and baking soda cure, make sure you are not getting baking soda with aluminum in it.

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Mik?!! August 29, 2011 12:04 PM

I wouldn't recommend mixing anything with milk especially with cancer. Avoid milk at all costs!!

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MY MOTHER 73 IS DIAGNOSED WITH Breast Ca . While surfing the internet I found this alternative medicine . So I want to check out anybody who has used this combination and active in this group

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I have Morgellon's Disease January 21, 2013 8:21 PM

Hi everyone!

  I read and liked and will try the baking sode, I have grade A maple syrup, corn starch and as the one lady said: "I will be careful as too much of this causes bone discruction.  I will try her Hytrogen Proxide Food Grade, I have heard alot about this, but have not tried it yet, will now! 

   If anyone can help me, I am still seeking an attorney, expert witness and a law (or I should say a law to be ENFORCED AND OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS TO NOT HAVE CHEMICALS SPRAYED ON US WHICH CREATES ANOTHER MAN MADE DEADLY ILLNESS WITH NO CURE LIKE AIDS, BUT THIS EFFECTS ALL HUMANS AND PETS AN WILL EVENTUALLY BE IN WATER AND IN ALL FOODS, ITS IN GMO FOODS NOW TOO!  I have so much info. to share and save lives, but I am a whistleblower and the government continues to spay over my house nightly to kill me fast!!  Send or call me with all your remedy suggestions, I am taking the 2 on natralpathic site and they are making a huge difference in my diet and keeping me alive--thank you God for Michael Sicon's site and Mel's (he choses not to list his last name) it is along of what you guys talk about..but you also need magnets to stop some of the Morgellons deadly self replicating man made bioware fair (nano tech--just means very small created at ASU research center) and the military uses it to impliment their depopulation program.  Call me at home if you can hellp, I am too sick to work, I have had other covert harassment and torture from the government too: see my story under my name on YouTube and  Ms. Kris Durschmidt...I protest weekly now at the Az. District Court (Sandra Day O'Connor) Court.  Befriend me on if anyone wants to or call me to network together, I am trying to set up my own sites and Skype free internet phone anywhere anytime!!  for now: 480-786-8883..if you know of an attorney who can take my case to get Disability, they (the gover.) will not even classify it as a Disease!!  The fibers that come out are Silicone!!!  They cause frequency for the government to track me and "us." it is NOT cloth fibers this is a lie!!   Get a hair or blood test for Silicone!!  See I am telling the trueth!!  If I die, I want my money to go to victim's for a Non Profit of this group--NONE TO THE GOVERNMENT, I ALSO WANT A REAL AUTOPSY NOT A STATE SPONSORED ONE, I NEED SOMEONE WHO WILL EXPOSE THE CRAP AND MASS MURDERS THEGOVERNMENT AND  CONTRACTORS ARE INFLICTING ON ME AND OTHERS AND ALL OF US.ALLEGED.....CALL ME IF I AN HELP!!

MS. KRIS DURSCHMIDT  ........              

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