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STOP smoking easily with Lobelia March 20, 2008 4:59 AM

"This Herb Can Help A Friend Or A Loved One STOP Smoking And It Can SAVE Their Life!"

The #1 Cancer Killer In Men And Women Is Lung Cancer!! Someone, Whom You Know, Probably Has It Growing In Their Lungs Right NOW!

Women get MORE Breast Cancer, but MORE Women DIE from Lung Cancer! Men get MORE Prostate Cancer, but MORE Men DIE from Lung Cancer!

This year 500,000 People will DIE from Cancer, FAST and PAINFULLY! Learn about an Herb, Lobelia Inflata, which can HELP People to STOP Smoking Cigarettes -- after the "Patch" and ALL Willpower have FAILED!

This Herb is VERY POWERFUL, but is VERY UNPOPULAR! You will NOT read about it ANYWHERE else. Herbalists and Medical Officials are convinced, that it's TOXIC, but they're both WRONG!

Lobelia is a GREAT LIFESAVER, and it can HELP People, who have tried and FAILED, and FAILED again, to QUIT Smoking for GOOD! Lobelia is NOT a CURE for Lung Cancer, but it can SURE make you want to QUIT -- before the Cancer does start GROWING!

In America, the Herbalists are SCARED of Lobelia and don't know how to use it, but in England, it's sold in the BIGGEST Pharmacies for Lung PROBLEMS! Even there, NO one knows it can HELP People to STOP smoking for GOOD!

In this EXCLUSIVE Interview with Medical Herbalist and Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Richard Schulze, let's learn how to STOP Tobacco from KILLING 100's of 1000's of Men and Women.

SCHULZE: All of the other Herbalists are AFRAID to touch certain Herbs! We saw it with Chaparral, when Chaparral was politically INCORRECT. And for 5 years, American Herbalists ABANDONED it. Well, Lobelia has been politically INCORRECT for over 20 years.

BISER: What's the PROBLEM, since it's just an Herb?

SCHULZE: Well, it's a STRONG Herb. And see, with Chaparral, the Herbalists COMPLIED and and STOPPED using it, but after a 5 year period, it was realized, that the Herb wasn't HARMFUL, and now it's back in VOGUE again.
But Lobelia is a MUCH STRONGER Herb than Chaparral and in fact, it's one of the STRONGEST Herbs! Now Sam (Biser), we should mention, that the Phytochemicals, which are in Lobelia, are called Alkaloids, which are one of the STRONGEST of all of the 1000's of Plant Chemicals! In fact, Lobelia has Lobeline, which is one of the VERY STONGEST Plant Chemicals and Lobelia has 14 known Alkaloids, making it one of the STRONGEST Plants in the Plant World!

BISER: On the Planet?

SCHULZE: That's RIGHT! Lobelia is one of the MOST POWERFUL Plants! There's only a few Plants, that have MORE Alkaloids, and one of them is the Opium Poppy, from which we get Morphine and Codeine and other EXTREMELY STRONG Alkaloids. Of course, ALL of these are CONTROLLED by our Government.

The Medical People have decided to have a WAR against Lobelia and People have been HASSLED for manufacturing their Formulas with it, eventhough technically, it's LEGAL in America! And so Herbalists are AFRAID to touch it, because they might get SLAMMED by a Medical Group! Lobelia is considered an EXTREMELY POTENT and POWERFUL Herb, meaning that you will FEEL something, when you take it.

BISER: You mean that they would rather sell a MILD Herb, such as Chamomile?

SCHULZE: That's RIGHT! Because what you don't want legally, when you're treating someone, whether it's an Herbal Manufacturer or an Herbalist, is a REACTION. A REACTION means that you could have Legal Exposure and so it's MUCH SAFER to produce Herbs and/or to manufacture Herbal Products for the Public, that they know are NEVER going to do ANYTHING and now the Manufacturers and the Herbalists in America have pretty much decided across the board to NOT touch the STRONG Plants! And at the TOP of this Herb List is Lobelia and so NOW it's considered EXTREMELY politically and herbally INCORRECT!!
Now something, that I find very interesting, is on the other end of the Spectrum, if you go to what's considered the TOP book of Medical Chemistry in the United States, the Merck Index and of course, the Merck Manual. They state that Lobelia is a Respiratory Stimulant and AN Expectorant. In other words, it STIMULATES your ability to breathe EASIER and it HELPS you to expectorate things, like the Tobacco Tar, that's in your Lungs.

sAM, you're the only Publisher, whom I've found, who will touch this Information. EVERY other Publishing House EDITS your Manuscript, and when it comes back, it looks like it had been shot with a Machine Gun!! Legal Staffs at the BIG Publishing Houses also go through your Manuscripts and they REMOVE anything, that they're AFRAID, on which the Publisher could have a Lawsuit.

BISER: So, is that why we have all of these Wellness Books?

SCHULZE: Wellness Books, which talk about how to make Whole Wheat Muffins with Cranberries, that you can eat for your Kidney Ailments. Because ALL of the GOOD Information, that was ever in there NEVER made it past the Legal Staff and the Editors. They took the GOOD Information RIGHT-OUT and so that's why Lobelia would NEVER be touched!
MOST Herbalists don't want to write about Lobelia, because they haven't used it, having NO experience with it and even if they had a Clinic, they didn't use Lobelia with their Patients. But then MOST Herbalists NEVER worked with the REALLY SICK and the DYING, like I have, because when you're working with the SICK and DYING, you have to use Herbs, that are STRONG ENOUGH to bring People back to LIFE!!

BISER: What do you see with Lobelia?

SCHULZE: Lobelia has 14 Alkaloids and one of them is Lobeline, which is VERY SIMILAR to the Alkaloid, Nicotine, that's found in Tobacco. And so it STIMULATES your Body in a similar way, and it's also NOT HARMFUL to you! And you don't get ANY Tar, because you're NOT smoking a Cigarette.

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 March 20, 2008 5:06 AM

Please post more supportive info. If this is true, many will wish to see the research.

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.. March 20, 2008 5:13 AM

In the Clinic, I would give Lobelia Tincture to People and tell them to start INCREASING their Dosage of the Tincture, while they're TAPERING-OFF their Cigarettes.

Most People, who weren't SUCCESSFUL, STOPPING smoking Cigarettes all at once, were those People, who can put their mind to doing something and do it NO matter what, but that wasn't the VAST MAJORITY of my Patients.

Anybody out there, reading this, who is TOUGH, and who can put their mind to NEVER smoke again, I suggest you STOP smoking Cigarettes IMMEDIATELY and take a STRONG Dosage of Lobelia Tincture (5-10 drops) at anytime, that you're wanting to have a Cigarette. I'm talking about Drops here, NOT Dropperfuls, which you can put in a SMALL amount of water and then drink. These People, who are STRONG-WILLED, can STOP smoking Cigarettes IMMEDIATELY, if they take 5-10 drops of Lobelia Tincture!

BISER: What happens?

SCHULZE: The FIRST thing, that they'll notice, is a SCRATCHY or a BURNING feeling at the back of their Throat, because that's what the Lobeline in the Lobelia does. It's VERY SIMILAR to the feeling that you would get, if you chewed some Tobacco and swallowed it.

BISER: In fact, Lobelia is called Indian Tobacco.

SCHULZE: That's RIGHT! In fact, there's a past history in America of People smoking Lobelia, and noticing, that after they smoked it, that they got a HIGH, such as what you get, when smoking Tobacco, but their Lungs were also OPENED-UP! And if Lobelia is consumed in a Tincture, there's NO HARM to your Lungs whatsoever, since there's NO Tar going into your Lungs. In fact, because Lobelia is an Expectorant, it'll HELP to get RID of the Tar, that's in your Lungs!

BISER: What happens; do you just don't want to smoke?

SCHULZE: You won't have ANY desire to smoke that Cigarette! Of course, for the first couple of days, you'll MISS the usual hand-to-mouth motion, because smoking had become something, that's exotic and sensual. The REALITY is, that Lobelia STOPS the physical urge to want that Cigarette and to want the Nicotine and other Chemicals, that are in the Cigarettes, to which your Body had become ADDICTED, and so the urge DROPS-OFF, after a few days, when taking Lobelia Tincture, and so you'll notice that you don't want to smoke a Cigarette ANYMORE!
BISER: I've noticed, that when you take it, that you get kind of NAUSEOUS.

SCHULZE: YES, in fact, if you still go ahead and smoke a Cigarette anyhow, you'll feel like THROWING-UP! And Lobelia is BETTER, than any of the Drugs, that People are taking, which are supposed to do that very SAME thing.

For your readers, who say, "Look, I can't do it, I have to do the Reduction Method", then the BEST way is to look at how many Cigarettes you are smoking per day, and if you smoke 20 Cigarettes per day, then the first day, you would smoke 19 Cigarettes and when you want to smoke, then you would take 1 Dose of Lobelia Tincture. On the next day, you would smoke 18 Cigarettes and when you want to smoke, you would take 2 Doses of Lobelia Tincture to take the place of the MISSING 2 Cigarettes. Be SURE though, that you take the MINIMUM (1 dose per missing cigarette) each day, so that at the end of 20 days you'll be smoking NO Cigarettes! MOST People will find that after they've CUT-DOWN 5-10 Cigarettes, that they'll just STOP smoking Cigarettes altogether and just take the Lobelia Tincture and that's FINE. This is a GOOD plan, upon which a Person can set for his/her self, if he/she has tried to QUIT before and has NOT been VERY SUCCESSFUL!

Another thing, that I'd like to add, is that I'm NOT some VIRGIN Counselor! I had smoked, starting way back, when my Dad died and he had chain-smoked ALL of the time, when he was alive. I couldn't figure-out for MANY years, why I had started smoking at 11 1/2 years old, when my Dad had died and then I realized, that I was having Nicotine WITHDRAWL! I had been breathing 2nd-hand Smoke for 11 years of my life and then all of a sudden, my Dad was GONE! And since I was having these Nicotine WITHDRAWLS, the FIRST thing, that I did, was to start smoking from when I was 11 years old, until I was about 18 years old. But when I became a Vegetarian, and had healed EVERYTHING in my life, I tried to QUIT smoking 8 times, and I couldn't GET-OFF of Cigarettes!

BISER: Why NOT, since MOST People would probably say that you had a LACK of Willpower?

SCHULZE: I have one of the TOUGHEST Willpowers of ANYONE, whom I know! I was ABSOLUTELY ADDICTED to the Nicotine in the Tobacco in the Cigarettes, that I had smoked, and I couldn't SHAKE this Addiction! I had QUIT smoking 7 times and went back to smoking Cigarettes 8 times!

I want People to know, that we're NOT doing this Interview based on some Philosophy or that I'm trying to teach People something, that I've NEVER experienced before. I was a LOSER and I couldn't GET-OFF of the Cigarettes!

BISER: Is Nicotine REALLY that ADDICTIVE and how would you rank it compared to the HARD Drugs?

SCHULZE: In my Clinic, I worked with People, who were SEVERELY ADDICTED to Cocaine in the 70's and the 80's, during the Miami Vice era. I worked with People, who were SO ADDICTED to Heroin, that they used to SHOOT-UP, while they were in their car on the freeway! I could tell you some HORRENDOUS stories, but even then I've NEVER seen ANY Drug, that's HARDER, from which to GET-OFF, than Nicotine!!

BISER: WORSE than Cocaine?

SCHULZE: WORSE than Cocaine!

BISER: WORSE than Heroin?

SCHULZE: WORSE than Heroin! NOTHING comes even CLOSE to Nicotine ADDICTION!! My Patients could hardly GET-OFF of Cigarettes, until they started taking Lobelia!
BISER: So we really shouldn't be judging others?


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.. March 20, 2008 5:15 AM

SCHULZE: NEVER, NEVER, Sam!! I'm telling you, that in the 60's, they had a Drug, which had a mixture of Cocaine and Heroin, that was called Speedballs and that Drug was even EASIER, from which to GET-OFF, than Cigarettes are!! I've NEVER seen ANYTHING like it! I had STRONG-WILLED Patients, who BROKE-DOWN like little Babies, who would wake-up at 3 A.M. and who walk 3 miles to a 7-11 Store to get a pack of Cigarettes!

BISER: How did you find-out that Lobelia could help?

SCHULZE: I had heard from a few old Herbalists, that while the Person was on Lobelia for Asthma or Bronchitis, they noticed that as a Side-Effect, some of these People would STOP smoking Cigarettes and didn't have ANY TROUBLE doing it! And then I thought, "What if we used Lobelia on purpose for getting People to STOP smoking Cigarettes?".

In my first few attempts in my Clinic, I mixed the Lobelia with other Herbs, but after while, I just gave People Lobelia Tincture ONLY and was SHOCKED at how EASY it was for MANY People to STOP IMMEDIATELY!! They didn't even have to WEAN-OFF of Cigarettes and they didn't have the physical CRAVING for Cigarettes either!

If I was to put in a side-note of almost guaranteed FAILURE for People, I'd tell People to make SURE that for a couple of weeks during their Wean-Off/Cold-Turkey Period, that they STAY-OFF of Alcohol. When People start consuming Alcohol, the next thing, that they usually want, is a Cigarette. They also have to AVOID Bars, Clubs and Restaurants, where other People are smoking. Usually, when my Patients FAILED, it was usually based around Bars and Alcohol.
A GOOD time to take your Lobelia is after a meal, because after a Meal is when EVERYONE wants to smoke a Cigarette. Or take your Lobelia, when the Phone rings or when someone knocks on your door. In other words, it's usually after a Meal or when there's an interaction with another Person, when a Person usually LIGHTS-UP a Cigarette.

BISER: I did a couple of tests with Lobelia. I gave it to a Painter, who was painting my Kitchen, and to a Yard Man, but neither of them STOPPED smoking Cigarettes, and so I'm wondering, what happened?

SCHULZE: The MAIN reason, that People FAIL, is because they don't want to STOP! Natural Healing, unlike Medicine, depends on the Person taking RESPONSIBILITY! You or I can't FORCE someone to get-on a GOOD Food Program and to CLEANSE their Bowel and their Liver, because that Person has to want to do it themselves! Lobelia is a VERY POWERFUL Herb, but it can't or won't FORCE someone to do something AGAINST their Will!

Some People LOVE smoking and so they have NO reason to QUIT! Sometimes, what's BEST is to CONVINCE them of the DETRIMENTAL effects of smoking, so that you can get them to a point to where they want to QUIT or to where there's just a spark of wanting to QUIT. And then you can get them to take Lobelia and you/they should see SUCCESS!
BISER: Can my Readers just go to a Health Food Store and buy a Bottle of Lobelia Tincture?

SCHULZE: They probably won't find a GOOD Lobelia Tincture there, since MOST of the Tinctures there are VERY WEAK, so that you wouldn't feel ANYTHING, even if you would drink the WHOLE Bottle!

BISER: Is Lobelia HARD-to-find?

SCHULZE: NOT REALLY! ANYBODY can grow Lobelia. It's a Plant, that has inflated Seed Pods, from which it got it's Latin Name, Lobelia Inflata. You can find Lobelia Inflata growing WILD on the Eastern Coast and in the Northeast. Your Readers can ALWAYS make their own Lobelia Tincture, but they must find and use the Seed Pods, which are the STRONGEST part of this Plant, since the Stalk and the Leaves are the WEAKEST part of Lobelia Inflata. You want to find and use the Seed Pods, which are ONLY available once a year, and so if you will make ENOUGH Lobelia Tincture, you will have ENOUGH Lobelia to take for MANY years!

You want Lobelia Seed Pods, which have TINY Black Seeds inside of them. These Seeds are SO SMALL, that they're almost MICROSCOPIC! If you can get a dried Plant, that has a Stalk and few Leaves with the Seed Pods attached to it, then that's OKAY.
You NEED to start with 2/3's 80 proof Vodka (or 40% grain alcohol), when making your Lobelia Tincture, and then you add 1/3 Organic Raw Unlfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar (i.e. - Bragg's, Spectrum Naturals) to make a Mixture, which will be your Liquid Base. Vinegar is also used, because it helps to DRAW-OUT the Lobeline BETTER than using Alcohol ONLY . You then put the Lobelia Seed Pods into a Blender Jar and pour ENOUGH of this Liquid Base to cover it. Blend this combination for about 30 seconds, pour this mixture into another Jar, and shake it twice per day, allowing it to sit for 2 Weeks or MORE (up to 4 months - industrial strength). Lastly, filter your Lobelia Tincture through several layers of Cheesecloth.

BISER: How BAD is Lung Cancer? What is it like?

SCHULZE: I've seen it EAT through the top of the Chest, where the Cancer had METASTASIZED, coming right though the Ribs, and all of a SUDDEN, these Persons develop what looks like BLOODY, PUSSY Boils on their Chests and all of this Fluid starts OOZING right through their Chests!! The Lungs turn into JELLO, and MELT-DOWN, looking like some kind of Aliens, like a Monster BURSTING right through their Chests!!

BISER: What happens in the end? What do their Lungs become?

SCHULZE: They become like Tissue Paper, which won't absorb Oxygen! They become a Cancer Tumor, which isn't like a Lung Cell and so as the Cancer TAKES-OVER their Lungs, that Area becomes UNUSABLE to assimilate Oxygen! It's just like you have LESS and LESS and LESS Lung!

BISER: What happens, when you try to breathe?
SCHULZE: It's like going from breathing through a GIGANTIC Pipe, to breathing through a Garden

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.. March 20, 2008 5:17 AM

Hose, to breathing through a Straw and then to SUFFOCATING! And then at the END, you SUFFOCATE and DIE!!

BISER: Have you ever had People in front of you, who just couldn't breathe?

SCHULZE: ABSOLUTELY!! Many of them had developed ENLARGED Muscles under the Rib Cage, because they're pulling SO HARD to try to get Air into their Lungs! Even when they get the Air Into their Lungs, they're NOT ABLE to assimilate it, and so the Oxygen in the Air can't get into their Bloodstream! I've also had People, who had Mouth and Tongue Cancer, that were SO BAD, that the Doctors had to CUT-OFF 1/2 of their Head!! They had NO Ear, NO Jaw, NO Tongue, NO Teeth and 1/2 of their Nose was GONE!! You could literally put a Softball, NOT a Baseball, into their Head, where that Hole was!! That's the Area, that was CARVED AWAY, because there was Cancer in that Area!

BISER: You mean that even their Tongues were GONE?

SCHULZE: YES, their Tongues along with their Soft Palates were GONE and some even LOST their Eyes!!

SCHULZE: I've had Patients come in, Sam, that were SO BAD, that I couldn't even look at them in their Face or I would have VOMITED! This is what the Medical Doctors had done with Surgery and Radiation, trying to STOP these RAPIDLY-GROWING Cancers, that were EATING-OFF their Heads!

BISER: It sounds like taking Lobelia is DEFINITELY the BETTER way to go!


Editor's Note: If you would like to buy Dr. Schulze's Industrial-Strength Lobelia Tincture, then please contact his American Botanical Pharmacy (800/437-2362). If you would like to buy Lobelia Seed Pods, so that you can make your own Lobelia Tincture, then contact Pacific Botanicals (541/479-7777).

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anonymous  September 14, 2008 5:32 PM

Wow Alf! Thanks so much for this info.This sounds very promising!! 
I am ashamed to admit that I smoke. I've tried everything to quit. I've lost count on how many times I quit and have failed. My Dad is so afraid for me. He begs me to quit all the time. I am scared too, as I know what I'm doing to myself. I know what its doing, and I'm still smoking! It's insane how addicted I am.
I really want to beat this. It's a terrible feeling to be so dependant on these filthy things.
Anyway, I wanted you guys to know that I just called to order this and they was closed, but I will be calling first thing in the morning! Thanks, and I will keep you guys posted
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anonymous  September 15, 2008 6:26 AM

Hi everyone, I just called that Botanical Pharmacy and they no longer carry Lobelia Tincture. I'll do a search and try and find it somewhere else. Thanks again for all the info. I'm sure I'll find it somewhere else. I'll post it in here when I do find it
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Sandy September 15, 2008 1:35 PM

Ya lil divil ya! I too am looking for this stuff. I'm gonna go to a natural health market soon who will almost certainly have some and I too will be a guinea pig for it as I too am a dirty smoker.
Oh the shame eh?!
We're more alike than we even thought huh?

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Omg i guess i will have to admit to the ranks October 05, 2008 6:56 PM

that i just read this thread ...and i will be on the Lobelia search myself spite of having breast cancer twice I can NOT quit smoking...I have quit so many times and always caved in ..once even after 2 years of not smoking ..I am so ashamed of myself ...but as they say its worse than a heroin addiction....and to top that off ..then I am so afraid that I am going to gain so much weight ...I am sad to say that the media has done this to us women......thin is in ...yeah and dying of lung cancer to stay thin..what a horrible society we live ladies if you have found  a place to order this let me friend from Bulgaria told me that the European way to quit is the 20-1 each day till you are down to 0 as they stated in the interview ...but that was without any Lobelia to help out ...

hugzzzzzzzzz to you ladie and Alf thanks for the info...


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 October 06, 2008 2:05 PM

Terri, have you heard of the E cigarette?  I have one, they are very good at helping you to give up smoking, they are also legal to smoke anywhere!
Look here for more info:

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anonymous Actualy there are several including the Lobelia December 17, 2009 7:29 PM

herbs to stop smoking via  [report anonymous abuse]  [ accepted]
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